Jack of Tools Pro currently free to use

jack of tools pro

Jack of Tools Pro, a popular Windows Phone 8 app that offers a number of different tools and utilities in one place, is now currently free to access, although there's no word on how long this situation will last.

The app, which normally costs $1.99 to unlock all of its features, combines a compass, a flashlight, a virtual level, a caliper, a sound meter, and several utilities to help determine your current position. If you have need of those kinds of features, this app is certainly something to look into grabbing for your Windows Phone device.

The app has been available for free for a 24 hour period in the past, so this current situation might not last long. You can download the Jack of Tools Pro app right now in the Windows Phone Store:

Thanks to akoj for the tip!

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Reader comments

Jack of Tools Pro currently free to use


Yeah, those full screen ads are ridiculous. It's even hard to press the little 'X' to get rid of them so I end up opening the ads a lot. I don't mind ads in a free app, but they have to get rid of those.

I don't know. #1 toolkit is full of bugs. The ruler is doesn't take the resolution of my Lumia Icon screen into account, so the distances are just plain wrong. Adjusting the compas is slow and laggy making it unusable. It also seems the #1 toolkit "updates" just put more nag ads into the app making it unusable.

Hopefully I can uninstall #1 toolkit and replace with Jack of all Tools.

#1 Toolkit sucks, the dev stole the codes from both Hardware Tests & Jack Of Tools Pro then changed the UI. Pathetic dev.

I emailed #1 toolkit dev about the removal yesterday. He said the app is coming back in a couple of days with multi-language support.

Supposedly the code was stolen by an assistant programmer (who was then fired) without the knowledge of Toolkit's publisher and it only affected the hardware tests section, which were quickly rewritten. It appears the situation between the publishers of the two programs was resolved. Unless I'm missing something.

Took advantage of the free offer some time ago, but a really useful app which was updated yesterday, so happy to see others also sharing in the goodness.

Like the rest of you I've uninstalled #1 toolkit cause of the ads & installed Jack of all Trade Pro. Why keep an app with awful full page ads when you can have a 'pro' app for free!! Thanks to WPC & all you guys (& girls) too.

jack tools pro is not free. u can still see some ads they are advertising for their other apps. #1 toolkit has better and clean interface, easy to use.

agreed.....me too !! #1 toolkit used to be a great app but not after the update........the ads sucks !!!


The developer of #1 Toolkit stole the code from 'Jack of tools Pro' & Hardware Tests (from the creator of Pocket File Manager). He just changed the UI. I am glad it's been removed from the Windows Phone Store.
Anyways I bought Jack Of Tools Pro 3 days ago.... now I am sad. But whatever.

I tip my hat to you WPCentral folks! Thanks for all of these notices of flash sales and when apps go free. I'll take anything I can for free, and without such posts as these, I wouldn't know of this at all.

Just downloaded a few minutes ago, still free... however i tried the lantern on my 820 and it didn't work...