Kairos adds Windows Phone 8.1 support to their mechanical hybrid smartwatch

Kairos adds Windows Phone 8.1 support to their mechanical hybrid smartwatch

The Kairos startup has been turning heads due to its unique and rather ambitious designs. The company's smartwatch fuses together traditional mechanical functionality we've all come to know and love from a standard watch with a transparent display layered on top. The website only mentions support for Android and iOS, but due to overwhelming demand, the Kairos team have added Windows Phone 8.1 to its supported list.

While not listed on the website, Mobility Minded got in touch with Kairos and received a response noting plans to cover Microsoft's mobile platform. The watches are currently available for pre-order and now Windows Phone owners can get in on the action since Windows Phone will be supported by the OS. Pricing starts at $499 and are early bird special deals (ending July 1st).

It's a huge move for Windows Phone, especially if this smartwatch becomes reality (which we surely hope it will!). What are your thoughts on the watch concept?

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Kairos adds Windows Phone 8.1 support to their mechanical hybrid smartwatch


Last cheap watch I bought cost me $1.09 with tax. Most expensive watch I bought cost me $29.95 before tax. Glad someone thinks this is cheap. LoL

Yeah but, too hard for me to drop 5 bills and not get anything until MAYBE December!   If it were available now, I'd be on their site buying it now instead of posting here.  :)

So wait until after July 1st so that you can pay a lot more for it and then get it immediately.  (assuming they have the inventory)

How about truly smart watch? E.g. watch that doesn't need some external device to function like in the old days? Last watch that came close to that was the Timex DataLink USB. Sadly has been discontinued.

That'll be something I'll look for. Add some heart pulse reading, weather temperature. (the stuff I need the second I look at the watch) and a reasonable price. That. I'll be buying.

No, I'm saying that he shouldn't speak for everyone.. He should speak for himself..... I personally want a Lumia watch.

He's talking about your other previous comment..........................................

When you said you don't think we need smartwatches. But since you said that it was you who didn't think we needed it I guess you weren't talking for the rest of us after all since you were clear it was your opinion, even though it was an opinion about everybody.

Motorolas smartphone has a much more accecible price point, and probably more features than this. The mechanical/smartwatch hybrid is cool but there is a reason no one has done it before, its prohibitly expensive.

In december it turns out WP support has been dropped and the you can only read the screen if you hold your hand over it because otherwise the sun or even a regular lamp is to bright for it since the screen is transparent.

Also, the screen will turn out to not have as high dpi as it seems to have on that cgi video you just watch(ed).

I do hope that the watch is great and supports WP. I will have buy it then and wear a watch that looks nice and not like a toy but it will have some cool capabilities. But I will only buy it when it has actually been made, not just promised.

Tried to go to their website to preorder but doesn't seem to be working.  Anyone else?

Smart watches' should just link through Bluetooth and call it day. That way they cam support any system with Bluetooth. Although I don't particularly know how they all work I won't look into one until its thinner like skagen watch's and guaranteed 24 hr battery life.

But isn't Bluetooth universal? I don't understand why something that's Bluetooth can't support other Bluetooth devices out the gate.

As per what i understand...Bluetooth is just a medium to carry data... Even if it is not WinPhone compatible, the watch will transfer the data... But it will not function as desired bcoz the commands will not be understood by either phone or the watch as the OS is not compatible...

It's the OS between the phone and the watch. It can probably connect to anything, but can't display info correctly if not configured right. They've recently configured it for WP8.1, so that's why this article is up.

I get why the article is up. I just don't get it really. If Bluetooth is a coding ina sense then companies should write there code to comply to Bluetooth. So basically it all funnels into the same path type. So anyone can make a new non OS product to support whatever os the consumer wants. Its like apple crap, everything is made for them. Think of how much money is lost potentially because of that. It just sucks the way business is done.

Think of bluetooth this way...  You have a USB cable  On one end you have a PC, on the other end you have gadget X.  Bluetooth is the cable along with a VERY basic (relative) set of standard instructions that both sides are expected to understand.  That's enough for the PC to know something is on the other end but doesn't guarantee that it will know what to do with that something on the other end.  For that you need software that knows what the specific instructions that other device is supposed to understand are.  On a pc that's normally a driver on that end and on the device its the code that says behave this way when you get the correct requests and send the correct information when this type of device is connected me.


Replace the PC with phone and the cable with bluetooth. Just think for instance that keyboards aren't (or at least weren't last I checked) compatible with WP, it's not because bluetooth doesn't support it or even that WP couldn't possibly detect it, it's that it doesn't have the knowledge of what to do with it once it finds it.  Kinda like putting a baby in the driver seat of a car and telling the baby to drive you somewhere.

Looks cool.  I haven't worn a watch since I started carrying cell phone a long time ago now.  If I need to see the time, I look at my phone.  I like the idea of a smartwatch, but it has to be compelling enough for me to want to wear one.  The price has to be right too.  Not sure that I want to pay as much for the smartwatch and I would for a smartphone.  Still, I hope this sells and performs well.  Glad to see support for WP.

You read my mind... I stopped using wrist watch because of mobile phone... Now they are selling smartwath to avoid the hassle of looking at smart phone... I am more inclined towards smart glasses... It should be equipped with camera, mic and headphones... Connect that to my phone... Just say "Cortana call mom"... "Cortana check in" "Cortana click a picture" And many more options... That would be convenient... Just saying bit of a fiction involved here... So spare me the are you crazy comments...

You are crazy! Smart glasses are interesting, but not something that I would see me wearing as often as a smartwatch. They would have to look like regular glasses (sun or prescription), not like I have been assimilated into the Borg!

WOOOOOOHA!!! What's amazing is that I just literally finished reading an article about this watch on The Verge,and was thinking that I should write the makers and ask for Windows Phone support,then as soon as I get off of The Verge.. I see this!! I liked this watch concept since I first saw it,and now I must have one!! I sure hope that they can successfully pull this off!

Can anyone help me? I cannot see the wpcentral app in my start screen and even the app list. I had rebooted my phone and had kept it for scanning SD card. I cannot find wp central app. Only can open through bing

At first I thought you meant the Sepultura album! Then I remembered that this was WPCentral! :D

Not really my thing, but glad to see more support for WP!

I'm not all that interested in the smartwatch fad all the tech companies are trying to push on us. That being said, this one at least looks good. All the others I have seen have been incredibly ugly.

Lot's of adults still wear watches. I have 5 different watches to wear in different situations, formal, casual, work, etc. Watches have always been tied to fashion. That's why smartwatches probably won't catch on to the masses until they look a lot better and offer way more choices. They're just too confined right now for most to consider. Why pay $199-$249 for a smartwatch that my lose compatibility when I change my smartphone OS? That's just crazy.

That's why I REALLY like this watch.  High fashion form, useable on any current Devices, and uses really mechanica function.  THIS will be the watch to beat.

On their website, they even state that for a nominal fee of $99.00 you can upgrade your watch when the internals become obsolete.  I was blown away by this because I love the way they think of making the watch modular so that all future upgrades will fit in the case.

Just cant justify $500 bones on a watch that displays info my $500 dollar Lumia already does. Crazy cool but unrealistic.

Watch Model / Early Bird Pricing / MSRP

MSW 115 Metal / $499 / $1199

MSW 115 Gold / $649 / $1399

SSW 158 Metal / $989 / $1989

SSW 158 Gold/ $1199 / $2149

Early bird is the way to go for these. However, I think they will suffer once that promotion ends. The MSRP for these is extremely prohibitive, especially once more companies start churning out smartwatches and the average price for these devices drops.


A gold watch for $2000?!?!?!? I could get the SP3 i7 512GB with that money.... AND STILL GET THE TYPE COVER!!! this is ridiculous......

The point that is being missed is that this is a mechancal watch with a "smart" component added on.  It is not just an electronic smart watch which can be produced very inexpensively.

This, and also it's a watch that a stockbroker would feel comfortable wearing with his Armani suit. The existing wearables on the market would mostly look tacky in that environment.

But how many of these conservative, image-conscious, technophiles, are there? Enough to stake your business on? For such a niche product? This could be a bestseller, with a more humane price point, but those are boutique prices, and virtually assure niche sales. These guys aren't going to outsell, or even come close to the profit of even the original Galaxy Gear, or Pebble. The limited info you can display on a watch, coupled with competition from other wearable factors (glasses, wristbands, fobs, etc...) will ensure that such an expensive product stays small batch.

There is certainly a market for a niche product such as this.  Quite obviously, it doesn't include you.  Products developed for a specific niche have no intention of outselling the versions targeted at the commodity (mass) markets.

I have the Lumia 1520 and the size makes it difficult to keep and my pants. Lol so I like a smartwatch trend. Price does seem steep! Maybe they will lower it if you sign up for a 2 year contract.

Not mad at em. Rich folk spend 500 bucks like spend 5 dollars.  I'm waiting for the first hands on review of a product and how 8.1 is supported.

Nice . Kairos its Greek word(καιρός =weather) ! Very nice watch but 499$ too much for that!!

Price aside, I can't see putting off wearing my $120 G-shock to wear any kind of smartwatch. Not that this or other smartwatches aren't nice, but for a watch that connects to your cell phone, I don't find it compelling enough. That watch needs to be as sturdy as my current, for me to consider wearing it on a regular. Since I'm in uniform 90% of the time, this wouldn't work for me. Oh well. Maybe, next year there will be a sports version.

Maybe if my Timex ever dies and I can no longer reach my pocket and my Bluetooth stops working and ..., well you get the idea. Nope.

So tired of people always complaining about something being too expensive. I get that some things may not be in one's current level of affordability. Myself included at times,but quality demands more expense.

Because of the Swiss movement, pricing is expected to cost $1,100 when the Kairos launches this December. However, starting on May 15, the watch is said to be made available for pre-orders starting at just $500. Even at the $1,100, the asking price doesn't seem too unreasonable given that many Swiss-made automatic movement watches hover around that price range, and that's without the OLED display and Bluetooth connectivity to connect to your smartphone.
So tired of people always complaining about something being too expensive. I get that some things may not be in one's current level of affordability. Myself included at times,but quality demands more expense.

From another article:
"According to the company, the watch will be made available through high-end watch shops, rather than gadget stores, which suggests that Kairos will be aiming at a more luxury demographic."

exactly...you have to think about it like adding a smart component on top of a Tag Heur or Rolex. Of course its going to be more expensive than a motorola, pebble,or equivalent smart watch. I dont think these guys are looking to sell millions of these. just create a cool nitche watch for those that are interested in automatic watches. just like rolex isnt trying to put their watches on the wrists of every person in the world...they are just trying to hit a luxury segment.

I love the melding of design philosophy here. Most smart watches I've seen look like toys. Even as someone who works in the trades and almost never has caused to wear formal clothing, I look at devices like the Pebble and think "I could never wear that worth a suit..."

I do. I have a nice bracelet watch, another gold necklace watch, divers watch, black leather watch, and a silver chrome I usually wear. I prefer traditional watched over smart watched though.

Why would anyone really see the need to purchase such a device when you can spend that money on an Xbox One or DSLR or something else? Well, anyway, at least I wouldn't.

$300 plus and get yourself a Surface Pro 3. I never got why these smartwatches have to be so bloody expensive.

Never heard of this smartwatch, but if this picture is anything to go by, it'll look really sleek! A bit expensive, though.

Only for a niche market. Value doesn't justify for an average tech consumer who will rather spend on a more productive product. The business rich prefer higher luxury brands for their value and status.

Love the look, finally there is a good looking smartwatch...wont even think about buying it till I can see it in person. Even then $500 or even $1200 is too much. Of course if money was no object, I would get one in every color but you know :(

Have to wonder what the level of WP support will be. The current architecture kind of precludes doing too much, Technically the Pebble supports WP. Check out Pebble Watch Pro in the store. Note that only works when the app is in the foreground. Clearly pointed out in the descrtion. That's an OS limitation, not a developer or watch limitation. These guys, who haven't delivered a device yet, are promising WP support, and will probably generate some pre-orders basēd on that. I have no doubt in their intentions, but wonder if they can deliver anything miraculous.

This hypothetical watch and the MetaWatch are the two best designed smartwatches, I've seen to date. A smartwatch should first be a watch. The design of these often offered "watches" are considerably lazy. Don't get me wrong there's effort but the essential construct of what's needed in the design is missing. Watches ARE AN ANTIQUATED TECHNOLOGY, thus to design them without at least the appearance of a mechanical nature, is the strongest form of fallacy. The Pebble is okay but it still rides too closely to the Samsung and LG design principle.

Finally this is what a SMART"WATCH" is supposed to be, a watch as opposed to another iPod mini type device.
Now, if only Microsoft can get behind design and companies like this. This is the first company to get the "smartwatch" right, in my opinion.

Folks, normal watches can run anywhere from less than ten bucks, to thousands, and some of those really expensive ones do nothing but just tell time. $300-$500 for a very good quality watch from a jeweler (Citizen, etc) is normal.

The point of a watch like this, which is damn good looking, and looks like a very nice NORMAL watch (definitely desireable from a smartwatch) isn't just convenience, although that's a good part of it. It's a hell of a lot easier to look at a watch for the time than it is to pull out your cell phone and wake it up. I just bought my daughter a Cogito Classic watch to go with her iPhone 5s. Why? Because it may be ok for her to be constantly looking at the damn phone when she's with her friends (they all do that), but not other times. With the watch, she can get a vibrating alert and in 2 seconds see what it is and who it's from. She doesn't have to have the damn phone out all the way through dinner, or in a class or meeting, etc. People don't get pissed off at you for checking your watch (unless you're doing it with that "How long to I have to listen to this idiot" look), but they get pretty pissed if you're paying more attention to your phone than you are to them.

How many of you are business types? I mean, how many of you have to go sit in meetings at work? Does your boss like it if you take your phone out of your pocket to check it? Probably not. Would your boss even have any idea what you're doing if you just look at your watch? Probably not.

There are plenty of excellent reasons for a watch like this.