Keek launches on Windows Phone; makes it easier to record and share videos

Keek WP8

Keek has released an app for Windows Phone. If you're not familiar with the name, Keek (www.keek.com) is essentially a social video sharing service, already available on other platforms. It's an easy way to meet people, stay up to date with friends and show followers what you're up to. The feature that will please consumers is the ability to capture, record and share a video update in seconds.

The free Windows Phone app not only allows users to upload and share footage recorded on their smartphones, but also to view and share other people's work on the service too. The interface and layout is quite nice, considering it's not strictly following the Modern UI. While we'd like to see more elements implemented to bring the app up to speed with better looking apps on the Windows Phone Store, Keek's off to a strong start indeed.

Keek App

Text and video comments can be published on other videos, and yes you can "like" everything you want! Subscriptions can be added should you find a cat video that you just can't stop watching, but you can also follow other users so it's a slight mix between Twitter and YouTube in a weird way. That said, it's a service that many will come to love and enjoy - especially if you're one to share short clips with friends and strangers.

The app is completely free and there's no cap on how many uploads you can process and publish, which is nice. If you're more into instant messaging rather than full video, fear not as Keek has you covered with built-in instant messaging. Verified accounts are also a feature to ensure you know that people are who they say they are. It's a neat service with some interesting social features, well worth checking out.

You can download Keek from the Windows Phone Store (listed for Windows Phone 8 only). Thanks everyone who tipped us!



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Keek launches on Windows Phone; makes it easier to record and share videos


Yess keek is getting very popular, it is gonna get big like instagram, it has 50 million users already. This is BIG

Considering that about 8 months ago WP7 were still the latest devices available on the shelves I find this kind of comments obstruse and offensive, and that despite me being a WP8 user.

Well if you find that offensive, you're definitely gonna find me saying people bitching in every thread about 7.5 in every thread is annoying as shit completey disgusting.  Why don't you pay these people for these free apps to have them make it compatible with 7.5.  7.5 is dead in the water.  In 8 months new phone and new upgrades happened.  That's like hearing someone bitch about not having an app compatible with Android Froyo.  MS has framgmentation.  LIfe goes on.

Oh man, please shut up, I have WP7.8 (samsung omnia W) and my dad has WP7.8 too (nokia lumia 710) and we bought it this year (on february), so please dont say that WP7.X users are disgusting because your comment is disgusting, I wanna have Keek, Viber updates, Walgreens and many others apps that were launched only for WP8, I bought it and I think if WindowsPhone is getting better and growing market share this is explained because some users believed in WindowsPhone when it was on version 7.x 
So please dont be ugly and ridiculous, android 2.2 still has many apps supported today, and I wanna it for WP7.5 too! 

Need to be able to trim for shits sake! Absolutely unbelievable WP doesn't have an app that can at the very least trim a video.

Well, it's what you might refer to as a (sometimes anonymous) lady friend that you spend time with 'hugging'. Sweaty, sweaty 'hugging'.

Keek is a mix of facebook (status updates), Twitter/Vine (Tweet based short videos), Youtube (Lenghtier than vine videos) Its very popular and has more users than instagram,so Kevin (owner of instagram) can take a glass of suck it!!!

Keek has been around for a while, but it just started gettin really popular. I remember when it only allowed 15 secs of video and was only an iOS app. before vine definately before instaram video. 

I've been waiting for keek! So glad an official app is here :) And, tbh, I love the way the app looks. It's one of the smoothest out there.