LinkedIn gets a rare update to better match the web experience

If you’re a professional or semiprofessional…something, then you may be a user of LinkedIn and its companion app for Windows Phone. The popular social-networking site for your work history and resume is an important tool for many looking to network with others in their field. It’s like Facebook but without all the annoying baby photos.

Windows Phone users have had a decent LinkedIn app experience for a while now, but the last update was for version 1.5 back in April. Today, version 1.6 is on the Store  and with comes a few new changes to help mirror what you get on the web for features.


LinkedIn 1.6

  • Build your reputation: Add and edit your profile picture
  • Leverage your network: Easily grow your network from people in your address book
  • Increase your knowledge: More easily see who's viewed your profile and join groups

So the big new feature appears to be letting the app dive into your address book. Running the app it brought up a bunch of people we know and suggested we contact them to add them to our network. Of course, you can skip this ‘feature’ if you don’t trust them, so no worries there.

It’s been a while since we’ve run the app, but the You section may be related to the “who’s viewed your profile” feature, which is a tad creepy but one of the more focused areas of the network these days (it also helps push you into the paid version of the service).

Overall, not a crazy update and you still can’t edit your profile (although you can change the photo). Still, if you think of this more as a companion app, which allows you to view your LinkedIn account, get messages, post updates and see who’s checking you out, it’s not too bad at all. Of course, we'll probably see version 1.7 sometime in spring 2014 at this rate.

Pick up LinkedIn version 1.6 here in the Store—all Windows Phones. Do you see anything else that’s better now? Sound off in comments and let others know!

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Reader comments

LinkedIn gets a rare update to better match the web experience


I second that. very nice form, with no function. i think the optimal is the other way around.

Yeah...wtf? Just noticed that too. Mehn I work with this app, can't just hit me like that. They got to fix ASAP

Nice - at last, an update from them! BTW, "It’s been awhile" since your last typo, Daniel ;) LOL

Nice mini update... though who viewed your profile was always there (even without a paid account) but eventually stopped working. 

The app is DEFINITELY much smoother (it was jumpy/laggy before) and the initial prompt to see people is nice.

One HUGE gripe though is the giant logo at the top now has an ADDITIONAL 1/2 inch above it, making it almost an inch and a half of wasted space at the top.  (Lumia 920)

It's still missing a lot of things such as editing your profile, showing connection circles, endorsements, the ability to delete status updates, etc.

Looks like the app is broken. I am unable to launch the app after latest update. I have tried uninstalling it and installed once again but no luck.

It certainly has been a while since we've seen this app updated, I've been using it often since it was released.

I would really like to see Flickr updated. How long since THAT was last updated? :)