Live From Microsoft's MWC 2010 Keynote


We'll be live from Microsoft's press event. It starts at 9 Eastern / 3 CET. We're Ready.Set. - no need to refresh the page, just watch the excitement, live after the break!

Update: That's all folks. Feel free to read the liveblog or check out some of the new posts on the front page - plenty is here now and plenty more to come!



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Live From Microsoft's MWC 2010 Keynote


Nice Tapas bar after the show
Euskal Etxea
Placeta Montcada 1-3
08003 Barcelona

Does anyone know if this is steaming video anywhere? Or possibly is the video posted anywhere to see afterwards?

Windows Phone 7 Series will have an impact on the market. People and developers will flock to the platform because of the consistent design they are pushing which we all know is the most consistent complaint others have for the OS. This will be a great phone for alot of people and if you like the Zune HD then they'll love this that much more.

As for me I can already tell that Microsoft is going to continue investing in WM 6.5.x and give the hardware manufacturers room to have devices carrying their custom UIs.

I am liking this. I just got a Zune HD Friday and that thing is quick, responsive, and snappy. If Series7 can do that, I am sold.