Lumia 800 Windows Phone on sale at TELUS for just $25

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The Canadian carrier TELUS currently have a relatively large sale going on on their latest smartphone offerings. The special offers, that will run until the end of March, includes a Windows Phone - the Nokia Lumia 800. Should you be interested in purchasing the handset on TELUS, you'll be pleased to know that its price has been knocked down to just $25 (from $50).

Unfortunately all the eligible handsets require a 3-year ($50 /mo minimum) contract, but for $25 the Lumia 800 is a bargain. You can -of course- buy the 800 contract free for $529.

Source: TELUS; thanks @jonnybravo_ for the heads up!


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Lumia 800 Windows Phone on sale at TELUS for just $25


Oh and hope that your phone doesn't screw up because Telus doesn't have replacement windows phones while yours goes for fixing. Yes Telus is that stupid and then you need to jump through hoops to even get a replacement android phone. Those uneducated bastards over at Telus. Oh and ask them about their Android Windows Phone LMFAO. Microsoft you need to educate this company in a massive way.

All of the people working at telus in my experiences are the most uneducated salespeople on the planet when it comes to Windows phones

Lumia 800 does not have internet sharing; We know 900 will go to Rogers. If you buy an unlocked wp7 device you can not configure MMS. So I guess if you want internet sharing and wp7 you need to switch to Rogers. After 1 year I was hoping we would get internet sharing.

Three year contracts should be illegal!! Unless they gove you a free upgrade in the middle. Then that would be okay.

Canadians pay more for everything... My bill is 80 per month..and all I get for data is 500mb. Has anyone noticed how all the major cdn telecom companies are buying up all the media/entertainment services? Coincidence? I think not.

I like my wp7 and I love my telus plan 1 gig unlimited calling in Canada after 5 pm. 200 daytime min favorite 10 unlimited nation wide calling... Cid vmail 80 a month

We pay too much for Data on Telus. But mine is 200 minutes, free voicemail, 5GB data, unlimited picture & video messaging. Got my HTC Surround from them, as well as one for my wife. Around September 2011. I ggot a while before I can get off my 2 year contract.

Yes Telus has its weak (very) points. But they finally released 8107 upgrade and how many American carriers have still to do that? As for sales reps, two of the people I spoke to about the 800 were rather knowledgeable, but 1 person couldn't tell me the difference between android and  WP7 OS.
My plan is $55/ month. Not bad.