Lumia Black now available for the Nokia Lumia 920 on AT&T (Update: Lumia 820 too!)

It’s finally here. Lumia Black is now available for the Nokia Lumia 920 on AT&T. It’s no secret how much love there is out there for the Lumia 920. Just the other day we asked you guys and gals how it’s holding up. The response was overwhelming, there’s just so much right about the Lumia 920. Well now it gets even better with the Lumia Black update.

Lumia Black is a firmware update for Nokia Lumia smartphones that brings a host of new features. Things like new colors on the glance screen for night mode, new notifications in glance screen, Bluetooth 4.0 LE and much more. In addition, you get Microsoft's latest version of Windows Phone 8, with Update 3 (full changelog).

Reports are pouring in that the upgrade is ready for you. On AT&T here in the United States with a Lumia 920 and you want to check if you’ve got the update? Head to:

  • Settings
  • Phone update
  • Check for update. (It should begin downloading momentarily.)

We’ve seen Lumia Black rolling out globally across various handsets and carriers. To check your individual status go to the support page Nokia set up. There you can narrow down your search by region and carrier to see the status of the rollout for your handset.

Enjoy everyone! Don’t forget to head to the forums for the Lumia 920 to talk amongst each other if you run into any issues.

Update: Our friends at Nokia Care (US) tweeted out that the Lumia 820 on AT&T is also getting the Lumia Black update! Enjoy!


Reader comments

Lumia Black now available for the Nokia Lumia 920 on AT&T (Update: Lumia 820 too!)



Now people can stop randomly mentioning it in unrelated topics. Whoo! Congrats to 920 owners! I hope att doesn't screw us 1520 owners over too bad for WP 8.1...who am I kidding, of course they will haha.

They should notify Verizon of this...lol. Ours still says waiting for approval so I don't expect it tomorrow. Oh well.

"Nearly all will have it..."

So certainly possible (and probably likely) that it won't be out for 928 users. Good thing I have my 1020 with me as well, so not a total loss.

EE (or as I believe it stands for Eurgah Eeumbpt). At last, hooray, about time and all that blah blah etc etc

I asked them on twitter last Friday and I got this reply - we are still testing this on the network. It shouldn't be much longer :) >CC
- not sure how much testing is required???!!!

What difference does that make? It's our right as tech blog readers to bitch about anything and everything!

Hmm, maybe it was GDR2 that skipped them, I seem to remember everyone on ATT complaining about not getting one of the updates and then WPCentral mentioning something on the lines of it being rolled into the next update? 

Yeah, I flashed my 920 with Rogers' firmware as they were some of the first to amber this side of the world, but now they're too slow :'(

I'm in the US with a Rogers 920 on T-Mobile. It feels weird to wait on a Canadian carrier I've never used in my life for a phone update. They pushed out Amber pretty quick though. Wonder why Black is taking so long.

Its been "Waiting for approval" forever on the Nokia updates page. I think they're just ignoring 920 users since they got the 1020. They dont even sell the 920 anymore!

Comon Rogers, support the early adopters of this wonderful piece of tech!

T-Mobile employee here. I asked someone in my internal community about this and they said it's currently being tested and is planned to be available. How true this is or the time frame, I don't know.

I'm staying hopeful.

Ur best bet is to do what I did and trade n your 810 for a 925 (or upgrade) cause there not getting the black update says so on the Nokia website

It won't happen for the 810. Personally I think it should, but it won't. My advice would be to upgrade to a 925 or see what comes our way in the future (which at a retail level we have no idea of just yet).

I bet neither the 810 nor the HTC 8X will get GDR 3 OTA on T-Mobile.    I left T-Mobile and got a AT&T 920 two weeks ago for the simple reason that I expected the 920 would get GDR 3 and Black whereas neither my 810 or 8X would ever get GDR 3 with firmware on T-Mobile.   ANYONE WHO HAS BEEN WITH T-MOBILE FOR ANY LENGTH OF TIME KNOWS THEY ABANDON THEIR WINDOWS PHONES DEVICES LEFT AND RIGHT.   I was tired of that....

Yes the 925 and the 521 will get updates, but only because T-Mobile is still selling the phone and HAVENT YET SCREWED YOU.   But later, they will......

(P.S. my 920 is now migrating my data to GDR 3/Black!!)

to be fair, it is not only their WP devices that get left behind. T-Mo is in the game for providing cheap service, not supporting phones. If you are on T-Mo it is probably better to get an unlocked device that will get support from the manufacturer rather than getting a branded T-Mo device. Either way you are paying full price for the phone, but at least with one you get some support.

That's not "fair" in any sense of the word, that is simply rationalizing away shitty support of phones that they sold to their customers.   Two, the updating of Android devices is widely known to be an issue across all carriers.   Three, that "cheap service" they are providing is slipping away beneath their feet and T-Mobile is no longer alone in offering good prices for service.  I am not just talking about MVNO's but rather AT&T itself.    The plan I am on now is five dollars less than T-Mobile's equivalent plan, and the only difference is 200mb less data per month.

I reject the idea that poor phone support can be excused via "lower" costs and I have voted with my dollars and moved to AT&T.   And you know what, I have been rewarded for my move.   Thank you AT&T for GDR 3 and Black on my 920!!!

Thank you AT&T for supporting a phone that came out in late 2012, while T-Mobile has abandoned their phones which came out at the same time.   I also expect that AT&T will release 8.1 in a few months time.   I have no hesitation about my move and I will support with my cash those companies that give their customers the support that is reasonably due them.

The Nokia website says "not available" instead of "waiting for approval" like the others so the 810 will never get Lumia Black officially.

Hopefully TMo will be on the ball with the 8.1 update, like they were for the Amber update.

Thanks for the glimmer of hope friend :) The next wait is 8.1, I just hope by then it doesn't take this long for T-Mo to relase it like they are with Black.

Installing in Orlando here... Stuck on the gears for quite a while though, I'm worried it's going to stay this way.

Mine won't work either. It stops at approximately 10% on the stays bar. No movement for an hour. Did a hard reset, same thing. I'm getting worried!

Installing now....

Oh hey... is this the update that allows for custom notification (SMS, email) tones?

Yep... my install finsished, sure enough I can set custom tones to the SMS.  Excellent.


NO, that was not available in Amber.  Its new for GDR3/Black.

Wow so so late, ... At&t (The rest of this comment has been deleted due to low level language usage)... It has been transcribed to say "Better late than never."

Yeah, It's for the 820 too. Just updated mine. Ya know us 820 owners always get left out of the big headlines cuz we're not important like the 920 people :)


Good lord guys I think unstoppable is the only person who even MIGHT have caught it. I'm not even on AT&T :p

I can't believe how long it took for that to come. Pretty much when you but a phone buy it for what it is, not what it's going to be. Especially windows. . .

Do you have any grounds for windows specifically, or are you just ignoring the time it takes for android phones on any carrier bar the nexus line to be updated?

Worst comment ever!   So when I buy a motherboard for my computer I should not expect firmware updates to resolve problems and bugs.   My Sony Blu-Ray player was still getting firmware updates for probably about three years after I bought it.   So the XBox 360 or Xbox One, or PS 3/4 should not expect updates....

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

It is one of the strengths of iOS and Windows Phone that they receive updates.  It is a weakness of the Android system that their OS is fragmented between versions.

Finally ATT decided to let 920 users to have fun. I Have been waiting for this update for a long time. Glance screen is the main reason for me :)

Edit: did anyone notice the status bar, while installing black update. Never saw this while installing amber. Now i can know the progress of the installation. :)

I noticed that too...much better than just spinning gears not knowing the status. although my bar is hardly moving. My updates normally take a couple of hours, so I just have to be patient. I have a lot of apps installed.


Didn't Nokia say black would be available by the end of the month for most handsets? Isn't that tomorrow? My TMo 925 is waiting patiently......

Tap the screen 3 times while covering up the USB port and headset opening with your middle finger and thumb.  This should start the download.

I hope you were not serious about thanking that absurd comment.   I you were serious I have some fascinating investing opportunities for you to consider....

Installing now. This better fix the reception issue I've been having (some claimed it's due to GDR3 beta).

I knew, I knew it. I was looking at my backup L920 This morning, thinking that I should bring it to work just in case the update is released. I'll have my backup phone and my wife's 920 to do tonight, when I get home. Yee Haa

It seems like it was just yesterday that us 920 user's received the Amber update...well I guess it was actually the day before yesterday. Lol Good to see at&t didn't forget about us this time around.

Verizon is doing with this update what ATT did with gdr2. This is a disgrace. Maybe they think we have no idea what the update is and would be happy with their bug fix update for the 928 that they pushed through -_-

Im from South Africa and the update is available for every Lumia besides the L620. Anyone know how and why is the 620 being jumped?

wwwoow, I am not even excited. I guess I already have windows phone 8.1 in my mind and a new device. Don't get me wrong, it is great that we are getting it that early but I have mmy eyes on bigger stuff aka WP8.1 and shinning new device.

Now 15 minutes in still in gears mode. Task bar us barely moving. Have feeling this going to be all day thing. :/

omg same here. and as soon as i wrote this the progress bar started to go. cant wait to try this.

I downloaded the Black update a few weeks ago now, and trust me everyone, you won't regret a thing. It's definitely a small but equally great step forward!

How much free space should I have available before I install the update?  I'm running low on space, and don't want the update to fail in the middle because of low space.

As long as you have enough space to plug in the charger and lay the phone on a flat surface, you should be fine.  I'd say a few sq feet should do it.  Your welcome.

I'll have to download that when I'm home from work. Hopefully it's worth the wait. Between this and 8.1, Microsoft better impress me, because I'm fairly set on going back to android after over a year of frustration with windows phone.

L928. Guess its coming soon then. Tmo, att, now Verizon your turn.. I hope sprint doesn't have WP, so we don't have to wait for another carrier first)))