Owned a Nokia Lumia 920 since the beginning? Tell us how it’s holding up

The Nokia Lumia 920 launched in early November in 2012. That’s over a year ago. The phone was heralded as the flagship phone to showcase Windows Phone 8, which launched alongside the Lumia 920. It’s an awesome phone and laid the foundation for devices like the Lumia 925, Lumia 928 and Lumia 1020. Let’s talk about the Lumia 920 and see how it’s holding up.

The device        

The Lumia 920 was a pretty groundbreaking device. Not just for Windows Phone or Nokia, but for the smartphone space as a whole. It was a smartphone that really helped elevate mobile photography. Sure, the iPhone 4 helped mobile photography gain a little more credibility, but that’s mostly because of what app developers were able to do with those photos.

The Lumia 920 really made a lot of us think seriously about mobile photography. It wasn’t afraid of low-light situations. In fact, it was quite the opposite. The Lumia 920 performed excellent (and still does) when there aren’t a lot of photons around thanks to the optical-image stabilization found inside the camera module. You’ll also find an 8.7 MP BSI sensor with f/2.0 Carl Zeiss optics.

Outside of photography the Lumia 920 had some other impressive specs for a smartphone. It was one of the first smartphones to embrace wireless charging with its support for the Qi standard. We were also big fans of the NFC support, Super Sensitive Touch, display and build quality. At the time it was definitely the pinnacle of Nokia engineering.

Since launch

A lot has happened since the Lumia 920 launched. Believe it or not, I wasn’t yet with Windows Phone Central when Windows Phone 8 or the Lumia 920 were released. In fact, it was at Build 2012 at Microsoft where I met Daniel. The rest, as they say, is history.

Quite a bit has transpired with Windows Phone since the Lumia 920 launched.

First was Update 1, also known as either GDR1 or Portico that was a minor update that came in December 2012. It gave us more efficient Bluetooth connections and an option for Wi-Fi to stay on even when the screen was off. Next was Update 2 (GDR2) that addressed the other storage bug, brought FM radio back, Driving Mode was introduced, bug fixes for Xbox Music, and more. Update 3 was the most recent change for Windows Phone and introduced 1080p support, an extra column of Live tiles, Snapdragon 800 support, rotation lock and more.

We’ve also seen numerous Windows Phone handsets released. Most were companions to the Lumia 920 and not direct replacements. We’ve seen eleven new Windows Phone handsets from Nokia and six from other OEMs since the launch of the Lumia 920.

Apps! 2013 was the biggest year ever for the Windows Phone Store. A large number of high quality apps from both indie developers and large publishing houses came to Windows Phone. We gained Instagram, Mint.com, Digitally Imported, Wells Fargo, and many more. The app situation on your Lumia 920 is much better today than it was when you first picked it up.

Lumia 920 Camera

Long story short. A lot has happened since the Lumia 920 was released. So we want to know your Lumia 920 is holding up? Still snappy? Still loving it? Upgraded to something else? Let us know below in the comments how the Lumia 920 has treated you since launch. 

Sam Sabri
  • I think the Lumia 920 will go down as one of the pinnacle devices for Windows Phone 8. The one we all remember with fond memories. Even shooting those photos I was like 'damn, I miss using this phone'. 
  • I whipped out my 920 the other day to test an app and i was surprised at how poor the screen is (coming from a 1020) which is not what i remembered! The whites are all tinged with a kind of yellow color. I'm sure it wasn't like that before, or maybe I've been spoiled by the 1020s screen. :/
  • Do you mean 1520?
  • GO VOTE❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕
  • I'm surprised (and glad) to see Nokia/Microsoft leading the poll. Never expected that, especially coming from those pricks (editors and readers) at Phone Arena. They hate WP over there.
  • Yes, the staff is seriously biased.. Except for AlanF.. He's the "Daniel R." over there... But, not as sexy.. LOL!
  • Thanks for the link. My honest vote went to Nokia/Microsoft. I plan on another year with my 8X before I even consider an upgrade so I'm hoping that they convince me otherwise.
  • You're welcome, and will HTC every make a new WP device?
  • I really hope so. The 8X made me pull the trigger and the same attention to detail on their next device could be legend...wait for it... and I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is...dairy! Legendary!
  • Thanks Rodneye, just voted and good results for Microsoft/Nokia there.
  • You're welcome❕❕❕
  • LOL, 44% of the vote is for Nokia/MS. We have taken the lead!
  • I know its kinda childish but, I pinned that PA page, with the poll, to my start screen, so anytime I see someone hating on WP I can reply with a link back to the poll.. Lol❕
  • :D
  • HAHAHA We are creaming the competition! 2014/2015 may well be when WP takes down the mighty IOS
  • Or 2015/2016 might be the year when WP finally gets that recognition, and new found popularity by the average consumer.. It starts with things like this... Nevertheless, MS must continue to inform the public that WP has the apps that the other platforms do, and they must also make sure that WP indeed does have the apps... That's the only thing that's keeping store associates from recommending WP to consumers...
  • I'm seeing more WPs everyday. 1020 with a pink case here, yellow 920 there, even a 1520 on public transportation.
  • I was seeing them everyday here at DFW airport, but it's been awhile since I've seen one.. I've seen a lot of 520's.. A few, 920's.. But, that store associates here in Arlington Texas like to get the 1520 for themselves... Funny though.. The other day I went to att to get my 1520 serviced, and I the associate was showing me his black one, and this lady was buying a yellow 1020... That was a lot of WP going on that day... Well, its sad that that's even exciting... Oh well, we'll get there one day.
  • Hopefully they'll really pick up in a couple years and get even more refined services onboard.
  • Hey thanks just voted! Still in love with my 920, can't wait to see what Microsoft/Nokia has down the line!
  • No problem..
  • I prefer the IPS screens (920, 1520) to the AMOLED in the 1020. My 920 is still going strong, I gave it to my wife when I got the 1520. It's still a great phone, a good size with a good camera, 32 GB, IPS, and Qi built in. Goes down as an all time classic in my book.
  • I agree. I had the 928 and when I got the nexus 5 I realized that the amoled is not as good as the ips of the nexus 5. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Me too!
  • Yup, much prefer the IPS screens. AMOLED is over rated and I think suffers due to the fact that they're missing 33% of thier sub-pixels. When they go back to full RGB then I'll consider them 
  • Ha ha, same here! There is a yellow screen issue with 920s though. A lot of people have had it.
  • IPS LCD vs AMOLED. I actually like both, but I'll admit they're different sides of a coin.
  • My first and last AMOLED device was over 4 years ago. Oversaturation of colors, temperature issues with white and that PenTile matrix manufacturers are overly fond of have totally put me off of them. It's the main reason I chose the 8X over the Trophy and 928 (I'm on Verizon and had been holding out on upgrading at the time) I'm missing out on some things, but honestly, I'd like to see Nokia launch an aluminum device (anodized, in colors) with IPS display and some variation of their best camera tech. That's what I'm waiting for.
  • Huh, the screen is why I chose the 920 over the 1020 despite wanting the 1020's camera. I can't stomach PenTile at that resolution. I've not noticed the yellow tinge, and I came from an AMOLED L900. Does the 1020 have whiter whites or just a cooler screen color temperature?
  • All of this
  • Comming from the 920 to the 1020 I can honesty say that the 1020's screen is better. No issues whatsoever with it being pentile and with regards to screen color temperature it is adjustable at will together with saturation, so its a non issue.
  • 920 screen poorer? Seriously... I would swap my 1020's screen for 920's any day.
  • My missus has my 920 now as i upgraded to a 1020, i still think the 1020 has the yellow tint compared to the 920
  • I dnot know if you use Nokia Color Profile, but there you can adjust the colors to be cooler or warmer. So its all about settings ;)
  • The amber update allowed for you to change the color tones it may have been set to warm and vivid making the whites seem yellowish. I have a 1520 now but I will use my 920 to play games sometimes, been with windows phone since the HTC HD7 won't switch back. Bought my 920 release day and its still going strong, I have high hopes for my 1520.
  • I started noticing that too on mine
  • Pop in a SIM and relive those exciting days of late 2012...you must have three or four floating around :)    
  • Definitely! Mine is still going strong, and I'm a tradie so it gets put to the test! It's by far my favorite phone to date, it'll be sad when it finally kicks the bucket :(
  • By the specifications I'm thinking to change my L920 by a L1520V or Lumia Icon. But, in terms of design none of them beats the beautiful Lumia 920.Thanks for the post, Sam! <3
  • + 920 times the 920!!! Love the legendary design ;-)
  • +2520
  • I agree! The color choices, the round body that just fits your hand, and how the screen slightly "pops" out like on the Lumia 900.
  • I have to agree with you, Daniel.  While I got the 1020 as soon as it came out, I keep my 920 fully updated (including GDR3 Preview while we wait FOREVER for AT&T) and at the ready as my backup.  My cyan 920 is in tip top shape, still performs well and while the camera isn't in the same league as my 1020, with the latest version of Nokia's Camer app, it's still very impressive. I think you're right, that the 920 will be recognized as a key point for the gradual climb of Windows Phone.
  • We have to give Windows Phone 8, and gdr updates, some credit for that to.. Would the 920 had been so great if it ran 7.5❔
  • There actually was a 920 running 7.5. It was 800. Another epic phone many still love.
  • I get your humor,,,, but NO❕... Lol.
    That's not gonna do.
  • I'm so jealous of the early WP8 phones... I mean, they have effectively created limited editions with that color scheme and also the fact that they STILL haven't recreated the same. Black, white and yellow seem to be the norm now. I'm all for the nod to 4-color printing. Didn't you write a piece on that awhile back Daniel?
  • Nokia red is my favorite. Hope they keep the colors including cyan for future generations of WPs. Grey would be nice also.
  • +1020
  • The 920 was my first Windows phone and what a great phone it is. Mine has since been relieved of duty and sits ready as a spare in case I damage my 1020. I remember everyone bitching about the weight but that was probably the thing I liked most about it.  
  • Yes.. I actually like the weight of the device as well.. Feels like quality..
  • I agree. It didn't just fly out of my hand like my GS3. It also helped my nerdy hands not shake for photos.
  • I am still loving my Yellow L920 that I got on launch day. I had waited 5 months for it to release. Although I have had one warranty replacement due to earpiece being not working. I have had it on insurance since day one as I wanted a replacement option if ever anything happened to my favorite device.
  • It was amazing.. But every single one i got (i owned 5) had some type of hardware issue and had to be returned back. Until they saw i kept having the same issuses. So they sent me a 1020 free. Where i have not had any problems
  • I think my Lumia 920 is better today than when I bought it :) and thats 1 year and 3 months ago :)
  • What is the % of the LUMIA 920 compare to the others Lumia phones???
  • Don't think so. Crappy seals Dust getting into FFC Ghost touch screen issue Bad customer service All rolled into one. Even after repairs, the above mentioned issues are still there. I have just given up. My next device may not be a nokia. To tell you the truth, my work cellphone BBZ10 is holding up better in terms of sheer build quality.
  • Bad luck. I hear that the dust problem can be resolved with compressed air. With the otterbox defender, I (so far) (march 2013) have not had any of the aforementioned problems.
  • Weird, I don't have any of those issues. I have also dropped my phone in the gym (onto metal equipment!) more times than I can remeber. Off the roof of the car. The kitchen worktop. Phone still work perfectly, albeit with a few chunks missing. And it still looks good! Made out of granite the L920.
  • It will go down as the single best WP8 phone. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • I'm still using my 920, I wanted the 1020 and the 1520, but really, I just cant justify changing it... It would be nice if it was a little lighter and the wireless charging actually worked without needing to be at a strange angle (Nokia car charger is useless on mine without a bit of bluetac to keep it at a strange angle. And battery life has always been dire (not helped by the constant on/off charging when using wireless, but other than those things I really cant fault it. Still no scratches! (Even after letting friends try to break the screen in the pub!)
  • Same boat here, pretty hard to justify to wifey that I need to upgrade to the 1020/1520. Ended up buying wifey the 1020!:)
  • Ditto
  • Ditto.
  • I have the L920 red and use the Nokia charger every day,.for long periods. I just pop it in and charge. No issues/blue tack etc.
  • Fyi I've had 920 since day 1 and recently I noticed my battery life going to hell too (4 hours or less). Then I let battery run all the way down until it shut off and recharged. That seemed to "reset" battery and since I've been averaging 8-12 hours.
  • Mine runs down to turning off every day, then i fully charge it overnight with a cable, sometimes its flat again by 3pm and needs topping up in the car with the wireless charger, it never makes it from 7am to 12pm in one charge. Even on very light usage.
  • So true but I hated the fact that it got released very late in India so I was pissed with nokia about it. What do I say about this phone it is just amazing. The build quality is solid and no scratch so far and also the screen is brilliant as I love lcd display as it is less saturated and also the screen is warm in dark compared to led which is too bright. I have more to say but I will keep it short brillliant phone... Proud owner of lumia 920(Red).
  • Bought mine with the express intention of keeping it for at least two years, in Dec 2012. Of all the Nokia Windows 8 handsets, it ticked most of the boxes from a spec perspective - 720p resolution, 32Gb RAM built in, NFC, Qi charging, awesome camera - however, I'd have welcomed a removable battery and SD card. Have been tempted by a 925 or 1020, but this is more than enough to last until WP8.1 native handsets come out with potentially much greater specs. The only downside for me has been wayward battery drainage - given the weight it would have been nice to know a days use could be reasonably expected of it, instead of having to recharge at 3 or 4pm when using WhatsApp ;)
  • Have you got the offical twitter app installes. That caused me to loose battery like no ones business. Uninstalled it and get a day comfortably on 920
  • I agree with you Daniel, and even my Lumia 920 is still going strong. I love it as this is my 1st smartphone ever.
  • So far so good, my wife is using it as her daily driver now, I've been using a 1020 since it's launch.   This 920 is a dev device from Build.// Dust under the front facing lense, and spinning gears of death at every hard-reset, but it's still kicking. It even goes two to three days between charges. When I used it every day it wouldn't make it through the workday without a session on the wireless charger. Now my 1020 does this and I know it's me not the phone draining it like this.
  • My 920 is still going strong. I passed it on to one of my kids because I just got the 1520. But the only reason I changed to the 1520 was because I got an offer I couldn't refuse, my 920 was/is still awesome!
  • Like
  • +920 too
  • Same here! I picked up the 1520 but my 920 could have lasted me another year at least. I love that phone.
  • Yeah had Nokia not introduced this 6in display, my 920 would still be the best phone ever. Not to mention cyan is still my favorite phone color.
  • I wish I had this option. Mine started acting out right around the time my one year warranty ran up this past December. Tried to deal with warranty and AT&T and got absolutely nowhere. Now I've had to make the deep downgrade to a Lumia 520. Just not even close to what I was used to.
  • The 920 still remains as my 2nd phone after I had gotten the 1520. Still won't let it rest cos the low light photos really is much better than the 1520 and the size for doing sports is still optimal. Anything else the 1520 still outshone the 920. However, after getting the 1520, did really find the display on the 920 is with a yellow tinge on the white.
  • The 920 is the best phone ever, until the utterly amazing 1520. I bemoan the loss of QI, but the 1080p is a can't live without feature. My 920 runs Pandora now and is ready for service should duty call.
  • Nokia Lumia 920 here...
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeldwfOwuL8 ;)
  • Im thinking about the 1520. Is it that awesome? Screen to big?
  • Still brand new not a scratch. Cyan L920, bought December 20th 2012
  • Bought mine in December 2012 too. Still looking good and functions perfectly. No reason or intentions to change phone yet.
  • I'm waiting on wp8.1 before I decide what will be my next phone!
  • That's what i was doing too! Until, you know, wpcentral announced you could get it on ebay for 200... which I obviously did. Lookig forward to phase out my 620!
  • Will 920 or other wp could run 8.1 update? I hope so.
  • Yep.
  • +920
  • Got it since April and im loving it. Only problem is that the screen for some reason registers multiple fingers and messes up the screen, everything starts jumping up and down. And for some reason the vibrator is bi-polar, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But those are just glitches, the phone in general is amazing, just waiting for a v2 because its weight it annoying sometimes.
  • There is a v2, its called 925.
  • What else is new in the 925? Im looking for a quad core phone with new 2014-class specs.
  • Amoled display, 6 lens camera, performs amazingly in low light, thinner, lighter and its partially built from aluminum. 1520 is the only Lumia with quad core right now, and Lumia Icon(929) will be too, but WP is already super fast and fluid on dual core. Specs don't matter for WP as much as they do for android.
  • You don't need Quad Core with WP8. The only thing you will get is battery drain!
  • nope its more like a v1.2 the loss of Qi and half the memory in most models while being very similar under the hood. OK, it had an extra lense and AMOLED. And metal too! but i dont think it counts as a full blown v2
  • That's not v2, that's just the extra mobile version, smaller but with worse specs. 16 GB, PenTile, and loss of Qi are not the stuff v2s are made of.
  • I still own a Lumia 920!
  • I love my Lumia still to this day, hardware and software running perfectly and have dropped quite a few times but it still holds up. I only have one problem, sometimes the phone says that its on charge when its not even plugged in and it doesn't have water damage but other than that 100% still love it
  • I still have a HTC Surround that I let my little girl play with and it does that as well. Used to annoy me when I was still using it and the dam icon would be lit up as charging.
  • Its great had it since day 1 and its fast as ever. It gets all the updates and keeps improving. Photos and videos are excellent. All in all the best device I've ever had.
  • Like.
  • +920 here...exact same experience.  That said, as AT&T had the 1020 for $49 with a contract renewal this past weekend I ordered one...couldn't resist.
  • Got it one day before release in Sweden and I still love it, but going from an N8 to the 920 made me hate the camera, so it is now replaced with a 1020. But stays in the living room for second screen to my Xboxes :)
  • And didn't like the glossy finish, but didn't cared that much :)
  • Is the camera on the N8 that good?
  • Oh yeah! Much bigger sensor :)
  • On a scale of 2000s feature phone- Noki 808, how good is it?
  • N8 was the second best camera phone after 808 on pre-Lumia times. And yes, the camera on N8 is still very good in today's times.
  • Yes... I opened up old N8 photos that I took 2 years ago... Comparing it, L920 lost the fight a little bit... But it's still a good one
  • To this date I think it's the third best camera in a phone
  • I haven't found any camera phone that matches the 808. The 1020 comes close, but tends to get the colors wrong and has oversharpening. Without a xenon flash, the 920 won't compete with indoors photography. Of course the problem with the 808 is that it doesn't have any of the new apps, but there are good apps available for Twitter, Facebook, Evernote, SoundCloud, Spotify.  The big advantages that the 808 still has over the 1020 is an SD slot that can handle up to 64GB of extra storage, and sound profiles that you can automate with the Situations app.  The 808 is also incredibly well built and has a really vibrant AMOLED screen. It's easily legible outdoors. Battery life easily gets through two days of moderate use. The 808 also has a dedicated graphics processor, so it snaps its photos and processes them almost instantly. The flash is stronger than on the 1020, too. I love taking photos of people with my 808. They invariably ask "what kind of phone is THAT!?," especially when they see the quality of the results. I'm still very happy with my 808 in terms of every day use. I do miss some of the recent apps or those that never made it to Symbian, like Netflix, ESPN, BridgeBaron, Sibley's bird guide, and Reddit. But those apps aren't enough to make me trade in the 808's camera for a lesser one. Maybe the 1820 will convince me.
  • Still snappy! The polycarbonate on the right side is starting to peel away, leaving me fearful of the buttons not working one day. Other than that its a tank and I love it!
  • I still have one just some slight body damage other than that its perfect
  • It It's perfect.. Bright glossy red, and not a scratch. It just stays in my car now, and is only used for music.. What an awesome 32gb XBM player it is... No, seriously.. I wiped all of the apps, and only use my 920 for music.. My 1520 get's no love on the music side...
  • I've got the same setup except my 920 is my driver and my 520 is my music machine. Still waiting to upgrade to the 1520. I'm stuck with ATT and I really want Qi. I'm planning on snagging an RM-938 1520 when they become more readily available.
  • So you got a SD card in that 520❓
  • Yep...32GB Class 10 card. So for $75 ($60 for the 520 & $15 for the card), I've got a fantastic music player/beater phone for when I don't want to risk my 920. 
  • Sounds like me..... Cool❕❕
  • Me too, some scratch one the edge and some even got chipped off... Covering it with nokia's Case but now thinking of buying new housing... Wonder why but I can feel something in my L920 moving if I shake it (maybe the battery) worry me a little bit
  • That's why you gotta get a case on that biach ASAP... Mines a year only and it has maybe one teensy tiny little faint scratch on the back.. In other words it's in excellent condition.
  • I too can feel something slightly loose inside my L920 when I lightly shake it. Its never shown even the slightest sign of an issue as a result, but it's nice to know I'm not the only one.
  • I also have something that shifts in my 920 when I move it around. Like the other poster said, I don't seem to have any issues with it. Though I wonder what it is. I have to say, my FFC is pretty much worthless because of the dust, which is probably my biggest grip against mine. Otherwise, I would say, even though I closely follow all the Lumia news, I can't really see a reason to upgrade. My wife actually wants me to get a 1020 just because she likes the photos I take of the kids, but I'm not sure if I should wait until WP8.1. I've got a couple more months before I can upgrade, so I'll see how stuff goes.  But 920 rocks! It gets a little hot sometimes, too much dust in the FFC, and seems to struggle getting a GPS lock in some buildings. Otherwise, I got my sister and my dad to get one because it's so solid. If I do upgrade to a 1020, I'll give my wife the 920. 
  • Beautifully.
  • Top 3 best phone I ever owned. You come across a phone that sets a certain standard and this by far was one for me. I use it as a media player now since I'm on 1520 but I miss it sometimes
  • Yep.. I would say it's the best device I've ever owned, even beating my 1520 quality wise... What's up with the off white, dull, speckled, capacitive buttons? Are yours like that?
  • It is holding up, but the battery life definitely has been sub-par. With minimal use it is only lasting until the afternoon before going to battery saver. No background apps running, strong wi-fi and cell signal. No BT, no NFC, no music playing, no using camera. Just emails, checking FB, and some NBCNEWS/Weave reader usage.
  • Run down battery until it shuts off and then recharge. This will "reset" battery and should get you better life. Worked for me as I had same issue.
  • we have 5 920s here and 3 are still running strong a few drop dings, 1 was repalced last week due to the middle button no longer functioning.  the last one though has been a POS, 3 broken screen, and bad usb connector.   great phone though, just wish the screens were better. :)  
  • It was going very well until yesterday. I dropped it and since then, the vibration motor has lost like 3/4 of its power.
  • I wish the vibration motor on my 920 would loose most of its power. That way it would be usable. Mine sounds like a chainsaw.
    Other than that, my 920 is great. And as I still have the L800 in use, l suppose the 920 will be around for a long time too.
  • My Lumia 920 is still holding strong. I still love it. Only thing that bothers me slightly is its WiFi connectivity. If I leave home/ work, where I am connected to WiFi, and come back, the WiFi doesn't connect on its own. I have to turn it off and turn it back on again to be able to re-connect. Even clicking on the WiFi connection name (to connect to it) doesn't work, I *HAVE* to turn WiFi off and back on again. This happens every single time, and yes, under advanced settings I've set it to remain enabled when screen times out and to automatically connect to WiFi hotspots (not sure if the second option needs to be necessarily turned on though). I'll take it to my local MSFT store some weekend and have them check it out. But other than that, I love everything about it, from its screen size, to its wireless charging capability to its camera performance.
  • Same thing happens to me ocasionally - not always but enough to detect a pattern.  It started recently, so I'm thinking it may related to the Black update.
  • I don't have the Black update (still on Amber + GDR3 Preview).
  • Happens to me every day, put it in flight mode, then back out to fix. Still a pain. I've had a similar issue with 3 other L920s.
  • There is a slight possibility that it's actually a router problem, make sure your firmware is up to date! Sometimes those problems will stay dormant for a long time before they pop up and make a WiFi setup buggy.
  • It's not a router problem. Happens to me on every wifi connection - at home, work, friends' place, everywhere.
  • Ah! I missed the part with the WiFi hotspots, sorry! Hopefully the MSFT has some ideas. If they suggest a full reset, sometimes those things get stuck on the spinning gears, and it was through the forums here where I found the software and downloads to hook it up to a computer and get it out of that state. Good Luck!
  • I had to factory default my 928 as my compass stopped working after a bad drop and the factory reset fixed my WiFi problem as well as compass.
  • I've had my black L920 since day one. I prefer not to use the mammoth otter box but with only minor damage I can say this a tough phone. Can't beat the qi wireless charging and all the other things "ahead of its time" that came with this device. Only downside has been AT&T. :(
  • Got mine in January 2013.  It is still going strong. I can't upgrade it until January 2015, so hopefully it will keep ticking until then. :)
  • Are u with att? I also got it on Jan 2013 2 yr contract but on my att account it says I can renew 9/22/14...or maybe im reading something wrong
  • Yes. I'm with AT&T. Let me check my account and see if the date has changed. This is what my upgrade status says: AT&T Upgrade Status:
    • Congratulations! You are upgrade eligible today for a new smartphone with $0 down on AT&T Next; a new way to upgrade every year and get our new lower rate plans.
    • You are eligible to upgrade to a new phone at full price today. This line may be eligible for an upgrade on 01/30/2015
  • I love my Lumia 920.
  • Everything is great except for the battery life, and my update to lumia black just make it worse.
  • Have you tried disabling features that you don't use?
  • I've had mine since the beginning, and it's still chugging along like a champ. I have a weird screen glitch that happens every once and a while, and the vibration is weak/sometimes non-existent, but nothing major...the one time it fell :/ Best phone I've ever had, hands down. Now I'm just waiting to see what's next up for WP8(.1) phones. I don't want to make the switch to a Lumia 925 or 1020 because I still think the 920 is better. It's also one hell of an upgrade from my old WP7 LG Quantum. Couldn't be happier with it.
  • Great phone, awesome quality.
    Huge problem i can't stress this enough: Dust
  • Agree. I'm on my second 920 since Nov 2012. Only major hardware complaint is the dust on the front face camera. But overall awesome phone
  • That is the only thing I hate about my 920(3 devices so far)...my wife's white one is the only one that doesn't have that problem.
  • I still love mine. I have a 1520 now, but my Lumia 920 has now been repurposed to run my Bluetooth sound system and be my GPS in my car to save my phone battery.
  • I still use mine daily, one complaint is that the speaker crackles when the volume is high.
  • Mine started getting crappy sounding after the 8th drop or so.
  • Haven't had it a year yet and about to go away for its third repair... Display flicker, then flash stopped working..
    then flash stopped working again one week after it was repaired. Not great! But I do love the pho e otherwise...
  • After lumia 800 this model 920 was a big step up overall. Lumia 1020 it's nice but I wait for Snapdragon 805 cpu in other phones from Nokia.
  • Been a user since release. Like my 3210, this phone have had its share of drops and fall. Still in one piece, still going strong. Only difference is, I can now shoot some cracking shot of the floors I've cracked in the night club where my phone landed.
  • Its holding up just fine, no battery problems no screen problems. I didn't think its will be last like that
  • I have my yellow 920 since November 2012, and I still love it as if it was the first day. I used to buy new phones every six months, but there is something about the 920, the feel, the touch, I don't know, that makes it unique ! And the camera is still amazing, most of my friends can't take as good pictures/video with their newer phones. Adding that Nokia is updating it regularly, I honnestly think it's one of the best phones I've ever had !
  • I got the yellow Lumia 920 on day 1 of release from AT&T. It's holding pretty well. Actually, I had a broken screen just last month (happened after 3 drops in a span of 2 days [holidays and drinking...]). Anyway, I got a glass+digitizer for $45 and replaced it myself (it was kind of hard) and I'm back in the game. I agree it's a pinnacle device, to the point that I have not been highly motivated to upgrade to any other WP to this day (the 1020 was a close call). I will happily wait for the 1020 successor. The 920 remains a speedy handset with enough memory and features, and the camera got much, much better after fw and sw updates. The app support is fantastic. Battery life is good if you manage it well. Very happy with my 920 to this day.
  • Does anyone actually own a Windows Phone that became less snappy after a while? Because I haven't encountered or heared anyone with such a problem. We all know about Android breaking down after a while and Apple nerfing their own devices but WP devices keep going strong as far as I know. My 920 is no exception.
  • +920
  • I have a 8X on VZW and i notice some lag when i get low on memory, sub 500 MB.  I should have waited for the 928 but I was impatient.  But overall, WP typically doesn't lag at all.
  • Yeah I notice lag from time to time on my 8X, but as you said, that's only because I have low storage. But apart from that, my year old 8X is still going strong.
  • I have had some issues with mine and had to swap it twice under warranty.  I have it in an incipio case but the corners have gotten quite dirty.  I have the blue one.  Overall, I have been happy with it but I can't wait til December; I am hoping to see a nice MS WP at that point (wishful thinking)
  • I did the same. Then the 928 came out and I couldn't help my self. I was ready to pay full price and the rep said if I get a jet pack on my account they will do the upgrade price. I was looking for a mobile hotspot anyways so it worked out got my 928 for $99 :D
    Also Verizon asked if I would sell back my old 8X for $149
  • That is a sweet deal; I have been looking on Ebay and just haven't pulled the trigger.  Its a great phone
  • Love my 920.. been using a note 3 for just over a month and can honestly say I'm switching back to my 920. I miss the camera, miss the durability, I miss my apps NOT crashing, I miss my exchange search actually working. After using Android for over a month, I can see all the things that Windows Phone got right, right out of the box.. my note 3 wouldn't open a text doc by default.. I had to download a third party app.. anyways.. Love my 920.
  • Still solid like a brick with chips here and there, still my daily phone since dec 2012
  • I've had my 920 since December 2012 and it is great shape still. I sometimes stare it and admire its beauty. My only (and very recent) issue is that the screen rotation locks up, which is likely due to the gyroscope going bad. It will happen occassionally or if the phone takes some impact, like tossing it on the bed. I'm hoping this phone lasts until the next holiday season.
  • I have the 928 and had a problem with the compass after a bad drop. NOKIA said a factory default would fix and it did. Maybe worth trying.
  • My lumia 920 works just like the first day that I got it.
  • My Lumia 920 had a faulty battery but has been sorted and all ok since. Cracking phone and the camera was great. So weird when I pick it up after holding my 1020. The weight difference is quite astonishing. Both feel tiny after using the 1520 for a while.  Always remember first going out with friends and taking photos of the nights out over Christmas and New Year. They all mentioned how good the photos were. Was quite chuffed with it :)
  • I owned Lumia 820 on First January on 2013.. 
  • I still have my Rogers Nokia Lumia 920 and I'm not looking to change it soon. It's the first time I like a phone that much
  • Got mine on release date and its still going strong batterys still holding out and awaiting the Nokia Black update from EE, if anything since Amber the phone seems quicker Camera still takes fantastic Photos never used the USB Charger though always the charging plate and it still Wirelessly Charges perfect, I'll be honest i'm going to miss the device when i do upgrade
  • Bought mine in Jan 2013 and used it for about a year. Now i'm using the mighty Lumia 1020. Love both phones to the max. What i wish it has are 1) fm transmitter, 2) sd card slot, 3) built in Qi charger (for the 1020).
  • The screen is shattered, the microphone broken, the battery is loose, and now it won't turn on. (It had a nasty fall)
  • What fall makes the tank behaves like that? A 3rd story building fall?
  • Actually just off the bar at buffalo wild wings. I was very surprised at how badly it was damaged for only falling about 4 feet.
  • It's really an awesome device. Just a tip: GDR2 doesn't fixed other storage bug. Stop saying this please.
  • Launch device and mine actually saved my life the other day. I'm the video dad for my daughter's cheer academy and I usually use a Panasonic Camcorder.  Well this last even was smaller and I wasn't thinking about filming it but when I got there partents where asking if I was going to film it.  I mentioned I hadn't thought about it but I would with my phone.  So it came in handy!!  The Videos of course looked amazing.  The Image Stabilization is a very helpful feature and I remember hearing it was a gimmick!  Nonsense!  The 3 mics also a godsend as the audio recording is stellar on the videos.  I got thanked and got compliments that the videos looked great.  I do wish for the 1020 sometimes but I'm really waiting to see whats on the horizon. I have a few drop dents but it's been pretty resilliant.  I don't drop my phone often so mine isn't a great candidate for drop test. The bad?  Internet Explorer is my biggest gripe.  I'm not one of those Internet Explorer is terrible people as I constantly rotate that, Opera and FF on the desktop side. On my WP though it constantly crash and sends me to the Start Screen or crashes the phone and reboots.  IE was PERFECT in WP7 outside of the lack of flash but getting by with HTML supported video sites took the sting off of that.  IE needs to be fixed.   
  • Still works great. Except there is so much dust in the front camera so its basically useless.
  • Oct 2012, still and absolutely mint phone. Decided to change the housing today just to change it up first time, ready for an upgrade though hopefully something new at MWC. 
  • Muhahaha i got my 710 :P
    My two brothers and mother have Nokia lumia 920. Its a perfect phone which can run everything. When i shot a video with it , everyone was surprised of its quality . Not only the video but voice too!
    It runs all games up till now .
  • Still got my 920! Been working like a dream since day one! (well after I got it replaced twice due to gdr1 bricking it and then overheating with another) Screen is still scratchless although the back has some weird shiny marks on the back that I just cant get rid of (black version)... And not getting much love from three for the back update :( BUT ITS STILL THE BEST PHONE IVE EVER OWNED!!!
  • Had it since At&t launch date. -Screen is still intact. The rear black body is all scratched from drops and pocket wear.
    -After GDR 2 update I lost ability to sync to my primary MS account, so no more text backup or email downloads for that account. and for the past month I've lost ability to receive MMS's which sucks. Reading on the forums it has to do with the text backup function but I'd rather not delete my threads.
    -The phone does hangup quite a bit. Especially on the messaging app. - Hoping WP8.1 fixes most these bugs. Other than that, the phone has been great.
  • I've had the same problem with MMS as well, but don't want to delete threads and risk losing them for good.
  • Try resetting it (reinstall) or at least remove some stuff to free space. Seems TRIM is not run often enough and SSD slows down quite a lot in time.
  • SSD is the main memory?   That cannot be right.
  • sorry let me correct that, yes the memory is solid state, but it is hardwired to the board and not a separate drive like a computer SSD.
  • Still it is called SSD. Although they refer it as Memory in the specifications, which is ambiguous, but for regular Joe it sounds better. 
  • I had an issue with my MS account not syncing as well, but the easy fix for me was to re-add my outlook stuff using a "new account". Basically added the same account as a 2nd outlook account and asked the original one to stop syncing. After that I was getting emails again on the 2nd account. Not sure if that fix will work with the MMS issues too though, since my sync issues didn't come with never had that problem.
  • I'm actually getting my 1020 tomorrow. (finally) I've had the 920 since January of last year, which was a few months after launch, but pretty much since the beginning. No flaws whatsoever. It's been nothing but wonderful. It's just time for an upgrade.
  • Tank of course.
  • Mine is doing well "mostly", but I had a battery drain problem for the first time yesterday, but it seems to be ok now. Battery life in general isn't what it used to be though. I also have been having problems receiving MMS pics and group texts since around September/October. Not sure if that's the phone's fault though.
  • I've also has the MMS problem since then as well!
  • I wonder if it's a known issue that can be fixed by Nokia/Microsoft without having to delete text messages?
  • I've been having MMS problems too
  • I just installed the Lumia Black update this morning and it "seems" like it might have fixed what the last update (probably) broke. Can't be for sure just yet...
  • Feeling great holding it, I never got bored of it ... (read what I wrote in Jonny eve's voice )
  • The Nokia lumia 920 well what can i say... It is a phone that i have embraced from the day it was launched. It has had quite a journey and has been tested time and time again. After all that it is still going. One of the best purchases i have ever made. Yeah they had bugs like with people having issues with easily scratching screens and how hot it gets but it was a stepping stone in the windows phone ecosystem for OEMS to refine and introduce even better smart phones. I am proud to be a lumia 920 owner. :P
  • Well, HTC One, which have same screen glass, after 4 months will get scratched as hell instead of L920. Mine is not that scratched after more than year.
  • Mine is hanging in there - still a great phone.  Battery life is decent although I need to recharge to ensure I last the day if I spend a couple hours reading news or articles.  The only big disappointment is the front-facing camera.  It's completely unusable at this point from all the dust accumulated on its lens.
  • Picked mine up day one. Still fast, responsive and amazing. I'm due for an upgrade in November and it'll be bittersweet putting this to rest. Long live the 920!
  • After just over a year I finally managed to crack the screen on my 920. It was seriously the first smartphone that I ever loved. I have a 1520 now and I use both on a daily basis. However I damaged the SIM door on the 920,and just recently (yesterday) it wouldn't read it. No issues so far today. I still love it. My gf as one in mint condition (she uses a case,I don't). We both have 1520's and both still use our 920s. Mine is out of memory though,so it slows a tad bit now and then,but that's to be expected because its full. Great investment.
  • Had mine since last May, not a scratch on it and performs brilliantly. Love the camera and all the Nokia apps just keep adding little improvements in functionality. Easily the best smart phone I've had to date.
  • Still using my white 920 from day one. Still working and looking like new. I have had some phones in my time and I have to say the 920 is one of the very best. Me and the wife still have a year to wait for an upgrade, then I think its going to be the 1520.
  • I just upgraded today from my 920 to a 1520. My 920 was fast but this is faster. My 920 survived me getting hit by a car while it was in my back pocket with no physical damage (can't say the same for me) it finally got a cracked digitizer on new years eve but luckily it was a small crack. Love my black beauty 920 but my super corsa red 1520 is beautiful.
  • That car probably left a 920 shaped dent in the bumper, driver was lucky to survive that. (seriously though, glad the running-over wasn't fatal.)
  • I picked my Nokia Lumia 920 White No Brand Italy on 9 December of 2012.. And I still fUcKiNg LoVe this Phone!! I never had in my life a smartphone which can give me a lot of satisfation!.. I love WindowsPhone, the Keyboard, the Sounds when i block/unblock the screen.. All little things that i like :) .. I reccomend it to all! It's very Beautiful!
  • Just locked and unlocked my phone to hear that noise. Music to my ears.
  • I'm still happily using my 920. The 1020 didn't seem like enough of an upgrade to move and the 1520 isn't easily available in my "home and native land". I'm starting to keep an eye out for my next former device now but need to be wowed to move as the 920 still gets the job done.
  • Had my black 920 since launch day in UK. I recently had a Nokia store replace the body to the yellow. Fantastic design in every aspect. Only gripe is similar to dustyn that it thinks its charging when it isn't. This occurs mostly when the back gets hot, using Here Drive in the CR200 car charger. Photos are sublime. Fast, 32Gb, super display. Only a 1520 will be considered to replace it.
  • 920 is a great device! I recently upgraded to a 1520 but my 920 is still in use because I lovē the phone. It is now my media player when working out and chores, like mowing the lawn. Great xbox music device not to mention my workout app. I still laugh when i remember the critics claiming it was too big and heavy, This device is as solid as they get.
  • My only problem is the dust in the Front Camera u.u
  • I love my 920, still going strong! Though I get to upgrade soon, and I can't lie that I'm excited for Nokia's better products ;)
  • Mine was great for 8 months than screen got yellow spots and in month 9 vibrator doesnt work correctly (has a low vibrate). So now I'm owning a HTC 8X. Quit happy with the HTC 8X.
  • My Cyan 920 still holds up incredibly well. I've noticed a few things over the last year: Compared to other phone like the 1020, 1520, and iPhone, the 920 is noticeably heavier. It also feels more solid in my hand. I dropped it several times (without a case, I know, I'm a fool) and barely a dent. Unfortunately, the last time I dropped it, it landed perfectly flat on a rough concrete surface and the screen shattered. I got it fixed for a pretty penny through a third party company. The software still performs both beautifully and smoothly. Minimal performance loss since upgrading to Update 2. Hopefully Update 3 (c'mon AT&T) will continue that trend. I figured I'd hold on to my 920 until WP8.1 hardware rolls around. The 1520 was really the only other phone since the 920 that I really had to stop myself from buying. Hopefully this "Goldfinger" device will perform as admirably at my 920. I plan on giving my 920 to a family member that is running WP7 whenever I finally do make the upgrade. The phone still has plenty of life in it.
  • Bought my NL920 on november 13 2012 and it rocks... Still, in spring I will change it for Lumia 1820, but it will allways be remembered, I bought a Lumia when noone else did(acctually my phone was the first phone which came in Romania and I paid about 850$ for it) but it was worth every penny ;)
  • The launch here in UK was a complete farce, with exclusively being offered on network locked EE and for them failing to market the phone properly. Their staff wasn't properly trained as some refused to sell the phone off contract. I'll never forget the horrible experience that I went through to get the phone. Btw as being a exclusive phone on EE, we are always the last to get any updates as EE are always slow to pushing out updates. Thanks EE. Next time I'll buy Sim-free network unlocked no matter what it costs.
  • Just use the dev preview program!
  • That doesn't get you Black or other firmware updates. You need to flash to another ROM to get that. EE is crap with WP. Biggest mistake Nokia and MS made was teaming up with them for their initial WP8 launch. They did a piss poor job. I'm waiting for the L920 replacement with WP8.1 I sure hope they have something good. I like my L920 but it hasn't been all roses.
  • Firmware updates are important but be glad that de dev preview gives you OS upgrades at least, which is no small thing. However, carrier control has nothing to do with Nokia/MS, they didn't choose this, they had to. Carriers have A LOT of power and they basically told Nokia/MS, either you let us do this or we're not selling your WPs. So, their hand was forced. It's bad for everyone: Nokia/MS and the user, but it's great for the carriers since they block updates and users end up buying a new phone when they're sick of waiting for updates. It's disgusting. The ONLY company who bypasses carriers is Apple, and they're the lucky ones because they were essentially the 1st modern smartphone, which was so good at the time that they had leverage to tell ATT "we handle the updates and you have no control over it, either that or get lost". ATT had to cave in and the rest is history. Once this smartphone market exploded, carriers learned the lesson and nobody else has been able to enjoy the same benefits as Apple does. The only hope for the future is that MS will release WP devices like it does now but adds a Nexus-like line that gets everything directly from MS. This is doable and it seems logical MS will do this, but time will tell.
  • I love mine even though I still have the bluetooth issue that reboots my phone, Phone heating up and kiling the battery life and now randomly I have to use airplane mode to soemtimes get a signal..
  • 1st 920: Pre-orderd and in my hands a week after launch - Bricked by the first OS update. 2nd 920: Refurb - dead pixel eventually took out a whole column of pixels. 3rd 920: Refurb - so far so good.
  • Got mine in December and is holding up like new, battery still going strong, still snappy and works perfectly, the only thing are some scratches on the side from putting the case, and that im filling up the memory (only jace 2.5 GB left), but other than that is perfect.
    By far the BEST phone I ever had, I absolutely love it and don't have intentions of changing it, gonna wait for the 8.1 phones to make a decision of either staying or upgrading, but right now I wouldn't change it for anything, I LOVE this phone
  • I start use l920 from the day, when it appeared in my country. It is awesome smartphone even after 3 updates and a year of use. Today there are only two problems: battery life and yellow tone on photos (Nokia, why don't you fix this? Maby we should write a petition to the company :) But this problems are not so big. So I will not switch up till that moment, when Microsoft stop all support for l920.
  • I still own mine to date, still loving it. have never felt a lag in the OS. Although am considering a switch later when WP 8.1 rolls out, but its mostly for personal reasons (I want to be "updated" lol). I have never put a cover on it and it still looks brand new! 
  • I'm on my second one, first got replaced after the usb connector got loose. Althought I have a 1020, my sim card keeps going back into my 920.
  • Recently updated to lumia 1520, but my lumia 920 was a hell of a device, never had any problems with it, so i've nothing bad to say about it ........
  • Got my Red 920 the first day of sales.  Still holding strong, despite being dropped a few times onto asphalt parking lots.  A few dings and scratches on the case, but the screen is still beautiful and the battery life is fine.  I continue to lust after the 1020 and when ATT finally allows me to upgrade in November (I wish they would quit sending me emails begging me to get a new phone when they know I am trapped by my contract!).  Until then, I am very happy with my still Amber 920.
  • I still have mine. Only hope some upgrade could solve the temperature problem. Some edges have been melted. But in general I love this phone. The picture quality is awesome!
  • Had mine since February. It was originally matte black, now its cyan. Never liked cases and its still looks like new. Still snappy and I'm loving it!
  • I was just thinking the other day the 920 is the longest I've ever had a phone an kept enjoying it (since launch).  It seems to be able to do everything I need. and the camera is still one of the best out there.  I was thinking of upgrading, but since I haven't had any issues besides the quick drain battery on occassion, I think I'll be just fine until WP8.1 phones are released.
  • I am still loving the 920. Recieved mine the 1rst December 2012. It has been working flawless and I have never thru the months felt, that I have missed anything. The only reason to change it today, is the wish for WiFi with ac protocol. The next Lumia must have built in Qi wireless charging as the 920 and a Nokia leather cover as I fitted to the phone from the start.
  • I have had the Lumia 920 since launch. I recently unlocked it but I still went ahead and got a LG G2 with tmobile for zero down. I really like the LG G2 because the apps are better (Facebook..and plus many games) but when it comes to text, group messaging, email and contacts I found windows phone and my Lumia 920 to be superior. I am back with my 920, and use my G2 at home as a mini tablet. (mostly to play games). My battery life and the wireless charging is great. The best part about my Lumia 920, everything that I want to do on my Lumia 920, it does it faster than Android and iOS. I could go on and on about it. Best thing is my At&t Lumia 920, gets 30 plus down on Tmobiles LTE network. Much faster than the 15 down I was getting on at&t. I am looking forward to the next version. I wish they would keep everything about ot the same except for a faster processor and slightly better camera. The IPS screen is much better than AMOLED
  • I have the Lumia920 for almost a year now, got it as a my birthday gift from my wife.. Its an awesome phone with great features.. And I really love it, but I know that Microsoft and Nokia need to work more and more to improve the platform...
  • except the battery life - everything is fine
  • Still going strong!! Just hate how long AT&T takes to push OS updates!!!
  • Use the dev preview program, it's free and this way you don't have to wait for ATT!
  • From India, Have been using it for exact 12 months and still loving it. Had my 920 screen replaced due to flickering issue under warranty. Before replacement the screen whites were yellowish but after screen replacement screen is really good with no yellowish tint. I am still in love with the camera takes great pics for a 1 year old phone.
  • Damn! I wish that said 620.. cause i was looking forward to venting my frustrations about it.
  • Have several 920s in the family with no issues, I upgraded mine to the 1520
  • Got mine December 2012. I use it a lot every day, mostly on my hour-long commute to and from work. The screen has started to yellow at the top and the center but you really only see that when on a white screen. Everything still works (installing GTA:San Adreas right now) and I see no reason to upgrade to any of the newer phones. Bigger screen is a no-go for me and while the 1020's camera is awesome (my girlfriend has one) it's not enough of a reason to upgrade. Maybe there'll be a Lumia worthy of an upgrade by the end of this year, if not I'll stick with the 920.
  • Had mine since launch... very happy with it... but now a days mine seems acting up a bit. so waiting to decide what to upgrade to.....
  • I've had my 920 since November of last year.  Well, two.  The first one was defect where bluetooth would crash the phone when used.   Otherwise, it's a great device; solid, fast, pleasant.  In fact, the biggest drawback has been Windows Phone 8!  Not in the interface or the features, but in the stability of the phone. Aside from the bluetooth issue which forced a phone replacement, before and following Portico my phone would hard freeze daily.  Sometimes several times a day.  Kind of a dangerous scenario when this is your own phone and comm device (outside of the PC).  I never knew when it would fail.  It would be working and then, literally, 5 seconds later - frozen completely.  The update after Portico fixed the freezing problem and it's been nifty ever since.  So while I've had the phone since November, it's only really been functional since March 2013. I wish MS was able to implement an update system like Apple.  For me, it's really the only benefit to the iPhone.
  • I got tha 920 n it tha best phone I ever had. I enjoyed it. Now I'm about tu get tha 1520 I'm really going tu enjoy that
  • The 920 is the best phone I've ever owned. It was the kitchen sink phone when it was released, and I think that's part of its longevity. I also think they made some great material decisions (ceramic keys) that helped. Most upgrades from Nokia have focused on camera and increased size, but with enough drawbacks to not make them worth the upgrade (No Qi, 16GB, Size, OLED). As long as my screen continues to hold up, I don't see buying a new phone off contract. Something I've never done since the pre-iPhone era. Even with GDR3, it's been rock solid and just as fast as the day I bought it.
  • Got mine since day 1, a few scratches here and there but other then that its a great phone.
  • I got it in December 2012 and still works great. I love my phone
  • Had mine since day one. All the processing and camera work great. This IS my fourth one though. Screen malfunction. Then battery malfunction. Then malfunctioning audio jack. Fourth try has been working great for about six months. I LOVE this phone...just wish it loved me back.
  • Picked a used red 920 as a stop gap since my contract doesn't expire until June. A great upgrade to my 900, which i managed to sell for the EXACT same price I grabbed my 920 for!
  • that's impressive!
  • Driving mode came in update 3, not 2?
  • I was gonna comment the same, and noticed you have already said it.
  • I love my 920!!! The only thing I wish was better was the battery, but its a small price to pay for an otherwise fantastic phone.
  • Lumia 920 is by far (and I'm not even exaggerating) the best phone I've ever had and ever saw actually and that's for many reasons. 4.5' screen is fucking perfect for the hand. The curved back is superb for helping me type for long hours without getting rest because "the edge is so sharp". I'm not gonna mention the camera because its SO GOOD that I'm sure everyone wrote love poems about it. Coming the software, its WP8. That is, unlimited potential great experience (specially after gdr3/black). Amazing multitasking skills and helps me alot with replying to quick emails. Wp8 is beyond perfect, although it lacks some things but it gives WAY more than it takes. I just wanna stress thank Microsoft sooooo much for such a keyboard on such a screen. Thank you. You made a perfect keyboard that neither google nor apple can surpass (and that's based on the opinions of my friends not just me)
    To sum up this long ass message. I believe im not gonna change 920 any time soon and that it truly got me closer to everyone and everything around.
  • Wifes 920 great since the 920 release, however my dads 920 after 9 months completely died. 2nd one is ok so far
  • My 920 is going strong. It's like brand new.
  • The screen broke a few days ago, dam it. Does anyone know if I have to replace the glass screen itself or the digitizer as well? Apart from that the phone has dropped every now and then and has lived up to its name.
  • You can order a new screen digitizer. Just look around online. You can also look at instructions on the interenet on how to replace it that do a good job of showing the steps with video. It isn't easy but I have heard others who tackle it seem to get through it just fine. Just Bing around and you will find everything you need.
  • Got mine on release day. Love it! Best phone I've ever owned. I can't wait to see what happens this fall with the imminent release of Microsoft's/Nokia next flagship phone. Hopefully windows 8.1. So many great things from Redmond, great job! Lumia 920 + Xbox One.
  • After the underwhelming HTC HD7 and Titan and Lumia 900. It was the only phone that I never want to get rid of. I buy and sell every phone I have. It is the only WP I didn't sell and I even sold my 1020.
  • My developer unlocked 920 still works great. Bought it off some dude Nov 2012. Not gonna upgrade till WP8.1 with Cortana comes out.
  • Still got it!  Christmas 2012 was a good one.  I am still in love with it.  Even to this day, when ever I have an iPhone 5s user watch a video I took on my phone, they are floored by how well it is.  No matter what they are amazed.  I've had a few issues with the battery life, but I just do what you do with all other Windows. Restart.  I have dropped it many times, sometimes screen down.  A few dings, but still looking dang good.   With my upgrade coming up this holiday season, I am anxiously waiting for news about the next big phone with AT&T.  I really really want to stick with WP and Lumia, but none of the phones have appealed to me yet.  The 1020 has,but it will almost be 2 years old by the time I get it.  I want the latest and greatest.  So Sam, If you hear anything at all about what is being released this fall, PLEASE let us know ASAP.  
  • I recently replaced the lcd display, battery and swapped the battery case from black to grey. Love having a grey at&t rm-820 since none were produced. Still going strong since December 2012. I keep having to take advantage of the skydrive upgrades due to the fascination with the 8.7MP camera with 10,000 photos taken and 1,000 office documents uploaded. Hope the black update will keep it fresh, kind of like the amber. It does take at&t a while to stop fornicating with it and release. Took five month wait for amber. So, should see black update for at&t general release in June. The update process is my only complaint. My next device will be windows also. Amazed at forty seven features from google android devices like MHL, and now wireless link, with true multiple display. You have a lumia 1520, but, it is like going to a windows desktop and changing display settings to huge. No, real added function. Quad, 20MP, yes hardware is sweet. But, same OS, same limited software apps
  • just use the dev preview program and you won't have to wait!
  • My L920 is a champ. I've been using it since October 2012 and it's never let me down.
  • how'd you get it before release?
  • Rogers (Canada) officially released it on October 29th, I was amongst the first to get it from my preorder some days before the official date.
  • Still rocking mine since launch. Lacking only in the app dept.
  • Pulled out my old red Lumia 920. Did all the upgrades and Microsoft as well as Nokia software releases. Phone is still amazing. This was a groundbreaking phone for Windows. And though I have upgraded to a yellow, Lumia 1020, I'd still be happy and proud to pull out my trusty classic!
  • It held up well. Just sold it for $150
  • I've had mine since December 2012 so a month after the launch and I still love it its amazing except im sad to say that amber kinda ruined a lot of photography for me, it made the pictures not very sharp but I heard Lumia black addresses that and also I STILL have 11gbs of other storage in my phone but im hoping gdr3 will fix it, still I love the 920
  • Use my 920 every day for music, photos, apps. Its still agreat phone, hope it gets a few more updates as i still have 1 year left on contract. I probably take more photos now because of the 920.
  • Given how many times I had to take my L920 to the Nokia Care Centre for the spinning gears issue, quite frankly it wasn't such a pleasant experience. But now that I have learnt a few tricks to work my around this and my phone didn't brick as often after Update 2 and the fact that I am now riding on a L1520, things are looking up.
  • What can I say about the 920, its an awesome phone.  I have one that I got at the 2012 Microsoft Build conference, and my family has two other 920s.  They have held up incredibly well, no problems, and we enjoy using them.  We have no intentions of replacing them, with the possible exception of getting a 1020 for the awesome camera. 
  • Nice finally this is one of the things I requested on the survey so yea I want to know or we want to know what happened after the buzz.
  • My wife and I both have 920s and even though I want to upgrade they just keep working beautifully. I just love wireless charging, especially in the car. I keep smashing all my friends with photos and videos. They quickly put away the iPhones and GS4 when we look at the photos, especially when we use the two 920s to take the photos remotely for group shots. City Lens is also another super app. They also search in vain for something similiar on there devices. Really looking forward to the next chapter in the Lumia WP experience.
  • I bought mine over a year ago for $850 from a local smartphone shop. Definitely the best camera phone of the time. Damn though, some 6 months later, the display "bled out" to black. No Nokia service centre in my country, so i tried nearby countries (india n sri lanka) to no avail. Finally, I got it fixed myself, with a screen assembly I got of eBay for $90.
    Oh, and in the process I must've damaged the antennae cuz the signal is unusably low.
    so, I continued using a temporary Lumia 620 I bought to use until i get this fixed. Still trying. In the meantime, I still keep both phones, one for phone calls and one for everything else.
  • Lololol I'm on Lumia 920 #6 . They are crap but I love it. I also own the LG G2 (android) but use the 920 95% of the time. my #6 is in pretty mint condition, occasionally the screen will look like its only producing 8bit colors and everything is all rainbow. But if I turn it off and back on it clears it self up. Other than that all is well.
  • you have horrible luck! seems as if the defective 920's just gravitate towards you!
  • Not a 920 issue. Almost any company will give you a referb if you bring in a defective device... and they don't exactly have the time to test the referbs very well. Oh it turned on once, must be working fine! So they give it to you only to find some major overlooked flaw. It can take several trade-ins before you get a good one. WP, Android, iOS, and any brand under the sun, it does not matter.
  • I'm on #2, but that's because I messed up my screen trying to get a scratch out which was also my fault. They're not crap at all. People just treat them poorly.
  • I also have an LG G2. I use it for apps and games when I am at home and use my Lumia 920 as my phone, email, and text. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Battery life is better on LTE after it was put in my area a few weeks ago, which is nice... I still think it's the best all-around design for a WP. It's a beautiful, glossy tank. Patiently waiting to see how it is replaced. (So far, the 925, 1020, and 1520 haven't really done justice to the all-around epic that is the 920. Not forgetting that each is better in their own ways.)
  • Still use it every day. Minor scratch on the top left corner after I dropped it. No complains will continue to use untill a worthy successor comes out.
  • Hey Daniel and Sam,
    Y'all say this is a pinnacle device, have y'all ever had the dead tile situation? If so, is there a fix for it? Gdr2(amber)
  • Speaker quality has worsened, Bluetooth doesn't always work properly, picture quality down (focus issues), wireless charging inexplicably stops working from time to time, and live tiles frequently stop working unless I uninstall and reinstall everything (OS issue, I suppose). Everything else is fine.
  • Should do a post for the 8X. That's the pinnacle of windows phone, my 920 has become my stationary music device for the home, my ATIV S has become my gaming phone, and my L925 which I upgraded to a week ago has become a portable media and gaming phone, but my 8x is STILL my daily driver. I love it and its survived numerous concrete hits and even falling out of my hoodie while biking down a mountain! Its taken so many great FFC memory pictures, and has been updated and reset more than any other phone due to other storage issue, but I still love it. HTC 8X is the true Windows Phone! ( in my opinion and I'm ready for the war on Nokia fanboys )
  • +8X
  • Friend of mine had a blue 8X, pretty cool WP, but he switched to an iPhone when his 8x went through the wash or something irrevocable.
    (coming from a 920 owner)
  • I wanted to get a yellow one but they only sold them at at&t yet i had tmobile at the time. I remember at one point htc did a survey before the release and the yellow version was the top choice but it was only sold from one company.
  • Preordered here and received it last December 2012. Dropped, slammed, stomped, took some pukes and drools from my son. Yet it still going and going. It looks bad, but no creak or wobble at all, even after some brutal punishment. It did "dual save" me on build quality and OS experience. L920 was a revelation.
  • Still looks brand new and performs great with BLACK UPDATE.
  • Bought mine on December 20th 2012. The phone still looks good and is working perfectly. I love it. 
  • Got mine at Build 2012, love it, expect to continue with it for a long time (unless Build 2014 has better presents)
  • I picked up my 920 on November 9, 2012. After downloading 150 apps, 20 games, all the updates and hard use it still runs perfectly. Best phone I ever had and will continue keep until the successor to 1020 comes out.
  • Mine Still looks brand new tbh the updates just made it more epic
  • Still using my Lumia 920 from day one. Love it. Im waiting for a newer quad core and 2 gig ram phone to come out. Not a big fan of how big the 1520 is. But love the phone never had problems with it.
  • Mine was replaced in the first month because the battery was terrible. Since then I havnt had any issues other than the front camera having a bit of dust in it.
    The mrs just sent hers back because it booted to a windows boot manager and wouldn't go any further.
  • Taken a beat'n and still solid. Also still looks great and super fast :)
  • A friend also bought one on my recommendation and has had to have it replaced three times in 8-months. Take this from someone who has only ever owned Nokia phones - this is the worst made Nokia I have ever used.
  • Red 920 1 month after launch. Still My daily and only phone. Runs better than ever thanks to updates and a greater app pool.
  • It's holding up like a champ. No problems whatsoever. 
  • I still having Lumia 920, and I don't change by now. This change my vision about of the smartphones.
    Here can see a phone that have a simply hardware and beat the Android Phones where have a Great Hardware... I mean a monstrous hardware. Windows Phone know manage processes, that is reason why I like my Lumia 920.
  • About my 920, well, I got mine November 2012, and I still use it, haven't upgraded yet. I've been through a few 920s because some were defective and one shattered. But I really like my 920. It performs well still, and glad I got it. I'll probably upgrade to a 5 inch Lumia when it comes to AT&T. :)
  • Mine is still going strong but battery life is suffering. I also have a series of cracks over the back button and a few dings on the plastic. Not bad considering the number of times I've dropped it!
  • My 920 that I got in February of 2013 broke in early August. That phone survived being dropped in the snow, traveling through Brazil, and sand from some beaches. The touch screen stopped responding and the phone would not be restarted. I brought it to an AT&T store and we tried several different methods to get the phone to restart, reset, or anything but nothing worked. It also would not connect to a computer. Interestingly, the Bing lock screen of the day would update. I had it broken for 3 days total before truly giving up. At&t express shipped me a cyan replacement and this one has been holding up. the refurbished one At&t gave me has a battery that seems to wiggle a little bit, but other than that it seems fine. My data speeds at time are a little slow, but not always. I'm mostly on LTE in Champaign and WiFi in my apartment. My 920 has a really hard time dealing with University of Illinois WiFi network, especially when outside buildings. Overall I am very happy with my 920 experience.
  • I just upgraded to the Nokia Lumia 1520 this past Sunday. My Lumia 920, I've had since November 2012. And it is still in mint condition. Like new. No scratches, no dents, bumps or bruises.
  • I still own my 920 and I think it is still the best windows phone! I'm holding out for a good replacement with built in Qi wireless charging.
  • Same here. Qi is practically a must for me. I just set it down at work, plug it in at night and I never have battery issues.
  • I've had mine since 1/2013 and it's still going strong. After *multiple* drops on hard surfaces, the only damage I have is some scuffed corners. I love my phone!
  • I've only had mine since Nov '13 so far it survived me but it has gotten scratches and I,put a couple holes into the glass, was welding with fluxcored wire and I had the phone in my shirt pocket the splatter jumped up there good thing it didn't go all the way through.
  • ..or you. The 920: A great grandson of the 3310.
  • Mine is the FASTER TANK out of there...
  • Beautifully! I never use cases and this gorgeous phone still looks as good as the day I unboxed it. I'm sitting here just months away from fulfilling my contract and I am not sure I will move to another phone. Only the 1020 even tempts me.
  • Battery life went from mediocre to terrible, satisfied otherwise. Don't like Nokia's modern non replaceable battery approach.
  • Still rocking the 920 and have had it since it came out in sept of 2012. Battery still going as I get a day out of it easily before going to battery saver around 11pm. Will be tough to switch as I love the wireless charging that AT&T now seems hell bent on removing from all new models requiring a case which I hate. Still snappy and all I have is one slight scratch on the glass from an overzealous ticket agent at Delta slamming by phone down on the scanner glass and swishing it around until my airline ticket was read. I am interested in what will be available when 8.1 appears but going back to a burn in prone AMOLED and losing native wireless charging is going to sting.  
  • This phone has so much respect despite some small quirks. I did have to replace it at least 3x due to bricking but all under warranty. The last worked perfect no matter what I do. I did pass it on though. I told my son, take care of it. Its a relic.
  • I love my 920. I honestly haven't felt like I'm missing out on much and am still kinda waiting for that WOW device to make me want to upgrade.
  • Mine did ok overall. Just gave it up to my mom as a hand-me-down last month. I kept mine in literally mint condition. But still I encountered some major issues. I experienced the screen slowly changing to a now permanent yellow-brown tinge. It started from the bottom (a la Drake) and slowly moved across the whole screen. So the whites no longer looked white, now they're a light brown. The camera had a lot of dust in the front lens as well. And I recalled having to do a couple hard resets for odd issues. One was my Xbox avatar became corrupt (weird I know) and one day any thumbnail pics pulled off the net or within apps were extremely low res. Even webpages with pictures rendered sorta like 8 bit. Hard resets resolved both those issues. 
  • That's weird. Haven't experienced that at all on mine. Whites are white!
  • Screen has some microscratches; the polycarbonate body has some wear especially near the edges, likely from dust getting into the CC-1043 case. I've dropped this phone several times onto wood floor and concrete from about 2-3 feet, but still no major damage. Front facing camera has dust in the lens, as usual.
  • Absolutely loving it.
    I moved from Android to W8 Phone when the Lumia 920 was released, and I have not had 1 reason why I need to or should upgrade my phone. I have never had an issue and it works just as good today as the day I got it.
    Way to go Nokia & Microsoft great job.
  • Had my white 920 from November 2012. A few drops, one down a flight of wooden stairs, another across a concrete kitchen floor (failed catch that turned into a throw). A few scratches but works as well as it did on day one. Will keep it till the next killer windows phone arrives.
  • haha failed catch that turned into a throw...been there my friend!
  • I still have my launch week Lumia 920.  It works well enough runs the latest software no performance lag that would be improved by a newer device.  The camera is still good the power on-to-shot time is still slow for me but that is a thing of Windows Phone OS I think more then the hardware.  Battery was poor for a while but the Amber update showed a marked imrpovement to the battery lifetime though an app still gets stuck somewhere in the background and I have to occasionally reboot the phone to kick it out; I expect little different would occur on Android and iOS users are still whining about their decreased OS7 battery life.  Love the wireless charging which I figured was gimmicky when I heard about it. If I had to complain it would be that I find the screen still too small for my tastes, bigger then my iPhone for sure but I want bigger yet.  The 6" 1520 is perhaps too big though a nice 5" would be just right I think. No scratches or cracks.  I do wish I had a different color one though.
  • a few minor scratches on the back and invisible scratches on the screen, my 920 is "like new." this is after over a year with no case. still love it. still is and forever will be my first smart phone. wirelessly charging right now. barely used up half the storage. it's great! very fast, smooth, responsive.
  • Rock'n the white 920 since launch day. Love it. However, I can't wait to upgrade when the time is right. I'm happy, I still love it, and can't imagine life without wireless charging!
  • Although I am getting a bit tired of the OS, I must say that the phone is rock solid! Performance and camera is still awesome. Screen is still powerful to look at, and the yellow color of the phone is still very vibrant even though ive never had it in a cover or anything. Yet to try a phone that has convinced me to switch OS in terms of build quality and design combined. But gosh, WP needs a serious boost in quality apps.
  • Came from an N9 and while I love my yellow 920, it just doesn't have the same feeling to it. It is starting to feel quite bulky especially after using a 925 for a couple if days, and the big bezels are starting to annoy me. It has survived more than a few drops on tile and concrete with only a few scratches and one small dent in the corner. The camera is still great but the front facer has a layer of dust on the inside of the glass, not sure why but happens to all my phones, and only captures foggy low res crud. The top and bottom of the screen has started to develop a yellow tinge that is extremely off putting, especially with light themes and watching movies. Lastly in the past week the USB port has become extremely lose and I have woken up a few times to find the battery empty because it wasn't plugged in properly. Other than that it is perfect. The right screen size for my hands, the right size for my pockets. The camera was used to film most of my YR12 Grad video and the offline GPS still works perfectly. I have few regrets signing onto a 2yr contract with this phone.
  • I'm on my technically 3rd Lumia. The 1st randomly shut off and only turned on with a soft reboot. The replacement was delivered to the wrong house and was basically lost. I got the third one then a day or 2 later the lost phone was brought to my porch but was no good since I called att and they flagged the iemi #. I really like this phone but now kinda miss my cyan 920 although I do like the white one. When my contract is up this Nov, if I don't see a phone out I like I'll be using this until I find a replacement. Looking for a 5 inch or bigger screen and a SD card slot so I can move my PDF files over to that phone and finally put my dell streak to rest.
  • Mine was being serviced 2 times, first was because the signal reception was very weak, the second was due to vibrator, GPS, and I've brick my phone. Recently, the headset jack got broken (along with my Purity in-ear headset). Beside all of that, my phone was working better then when I bought it, thanks to all new apps that coming.
    Waiting for a Lumia 1020, with Snapdragon 805, 1080p screen, upgraded battery (always nice to have those) as well as the same or similar shape and dimension, matte yellow with metal black accents. It would be instant purchase for me.
  • Still happy. Still love it. It is in almost perfect condition since all that time, thought I was not careful really. Very good phone... It's kinda hurts that's that not flagman anymore. I really get attached to it.
    But, it's clearly to see it is old now compared to 1020, and what's coming soon after it...
    I plan to switch to Nokia phone that they promised long time ago - with solar charging built in. Yeah, that's my dream. And lytro (or what it is called) camera.
    I really like taking photos and videos with my 920
  • Mine has taken flights from shelves, bed, car and few other idiotic drops, while the damage does show, you'd still have to look for it. While I do look forward to the new generation model (simply so I can update and have latest hardware and OS) I still love this phone just as much as the day I bought it. This is one of those phones that defines Nokia.
  • Got mine a week after launch in Nov 2012. Still going strong. Thinking back, so much has been improved and the whole ecosystem feels a lot more polished. The phone has officially replaced all my digital cameras on my trips. Only a little sad(or bittersweet?) when I realize even 1020 with the bulky cam-hump is lighter than my phone haha, I gues technology improves everyday. Waiting for the next 4.5-5inch flagship to be announced. Then it'd probably will also be about time for my contract to end, so it's perfect. 
  • Got mine for free in May after my 900 died. Eligible for an upgrade a month later. This is a solid device, but I am excited to upgrade in April/May.
  • My 920 was working great and I was SO happy with it until the last day. I received my new 1020 and went to reset the 920 to give it to my wife, and now it wont boot up. Sent it to Rogers for repair and they took a month to send it back to me saying they couldn't repair it now because i wasn't a customer anymore and told me to contact Nokia. Hopefully i don't get stuck between them now. Ugh.
  • Everything about my device works as if it were new and I have never once wiped it. The only damage I have is a dog eared corner which happened when I accidentally SLAMMED it into the pavement. If I owned any other phone I know for a fact that the entire screen would have shattered. Because of the polycarbonate its only a small dent. Love this device!
  • I still have my L920 and looks brand new! Battery is starting not to hold its charge as well.
  • Still got mine! Purchased launch day after waiting in line at an AT&T store. No case, no screen cracks, much love. Looking forward to the Lumia Black update.
  • My L920 is still my daily driver. Unfortunately there are some issues:
    -The left edge is blurry of all of my pictures.
    -All live tiles no longer update, except for system apps like messaging, email, and calendar.
    -Other storage is not fixed after GDR2, currently holding strong at 12.83GB in the 'other' category.
    -Battery will die in 5 hours if I don't monitor it. Seems like either Xbox Music or here maps background tasks drain. But it is solid and has survived drops. Most of my issues could probably be fixed via software, still just... Waiting for them to fix it.
  • Glad its not just me then. Something is jamming cpu. Would also be better to charge when its off, which i thought was in gdr3
  • My girlfriend drops her phone multiple times a week on solid surfaces & it has one scratch in all of this time
  • I am wondering what phone is going to follow the 900's line, 925 is a top notch as well.
  • Still loving it! I wish that ATT had better service where I worked but that's not the phones fault. I've plunged this thing into 3 feet of water ... Taken it apart to dry it and haven't had any trouble since. Although, I occasionally wake it from sleep and only a quarter of the screen works but a lock and unlock fixes that. No groundbreaking problems what so ever! My favorite phone to date without a doubt.
  • I have it for more than a year and half. It is still going good. However, I am tempted at times to change to a new phone but I don't want to lose my 920. I love the phone. I would appreciate if MS releases updates frequently.
  • Still using mine with no real compaints other than the lack of SD.  I will upgrade eventually, when something compelling enough comes along to make it worth while.  So far, that phone does not exist.  
  • Got mine in 11/12 and had a problem with it freezing up. Finally had it replaced under warranty in 5/13 and haven't had any problems since.
  • What about the 8X? Wasn't it the Signature Device? Lol, just joking. Im still frustrated to this exact day because I was forced into getting the 8X due to the fact that Nokia wanted to have the only Lumias at the time on AT&T.
    I still have the 8X at the moment and once November hits I will most likely be switching to AT&T.
    I would get the Lumia 920 right now just for the yellow color.
  • Picked up one of the first handsets in Australia and haven't looked back, after having an iPhone and Android phone I love the build quality and interface plus always showing up my friends with the camera and its awesome low light shots. Now the app store is filling up I can't see myself changing to another OS phone. My girlfriend is getting a 1020 after years with android and I'll upgrade to a 929 if it ever sees an Aussie release
  • I am still a proud owner of my 920. I don't think there is phone out there that can make me feel what the 920 did the first day I had it: taking pictures like crazy, downloading apps I formerly used on my 900, making the start screen the way I wanted it, etc. Overall I am still in love with my phone, the only one that I might replace it with right now is the 1020.
  • .
  • I got mine November 2012. No case or screen protector, I've dropped it on hardwood and concrete. It has a few dings, but it still functions like a brand new phone. I have yet to see a phone that can replace it.
  • I love my 920 and my wife loves hers. Have had them except launch except two issues. 1) I kept randomly dropping signal completely and wouldn't restore until rebooting phone. Replaced the next day, replacement has been great. 2) A few months ago my wife dropped hers at the doctors office, face down on the floor. Shattered! Replaced with another 920.   The only thing i would have liked in it is a micro SD card. I am always out of space. Lookinf forward to next gen of Microsoft/Nokia phones. But Qi charging is a must! I have so many of those chargers now!
  • My 920 is still doing okay, but its running slower. I guess its due to the amount of apps I have. I still use it daily, but am upgrading to the L1520 for its bigger screen and resolution
  • I still have a red 920, but after three of them, att gave me a yellow 1020 free of charge. The 920 has a nasty habit of not staying connected to any 4G signal.
  • I still love my 920!!! The only phone that's worth upgrading is the 920's sucessor!!! Love wireless charging, i love the design, i love the pureview camera who is still one of the best camera's out there, i'm still in love with my color choice -> Cyan *_*, just a gorgeous device, i own it for a very looooooong time and i never let it drop, just one word, the best phone i've owned in my life. So excited to share my thoughts with you guys :D Lets all wait for the successor of this phone and put the 920 in a place where it will shine for the rest of it's life, it deserves it ;-) Don't you dare to sell this peace of beautyness people, it's legendary ;-)
  • Lumia 920 is my first windows phone. Got it on day one. Got some bad models unfortunately but ATT always gave me a new one. My current one is flawless except for a small ding on a corner but I love this phone. Waiting on a successor with 1520 specs and 920 size and hopefully design too which I think is the best and most iconic although the rest are good too.
  • Its too heavy I got hand cramps. Had to get rid of it.
  • I purchased two 920s (red and yellow) in Jan 2013 for me and my son.  I had to give him mine in November because his was stolen.  After getting a new SIM card from AT&T, he had problems resetting the phone to transfer all his settings--the black screen of unending turning gears.  After 9 hours of doing some online research and talking to Nokia and AT&T support, he finally got it "revived".  He loves the phone.  So do his schoolmates.  When I had the phone, I loved it--wouldn't trade it for anything else despite less available apps.  I've missed my 920 since, especially the quick-to-activate camera.  Am temporarily using a 520 (Not a bad phone for the price--$68).  Just ordered my yellow 16gb 1520 today online with additional 64 gb microSD.  Don't like the black 32gb even if it's only $30 more.  AT&T store guy(s) didn't know how to operate the Lumias--so disappointing.  I ordered online only because AT&T store won't match online promo price--$49 (I got $50 instant rebate for premier account) vs $199 in store.  Can't wait to get my yellow 1520 in a couple of days!
  • I preordered my 920 on AT&T and got it the day it came out. From the moment I took it out of the box it was a kind of love story. 14 months in, I still never get tired of the comments on how "futuristic" or "stylish" my phone looks. When I show people pictures, even if they were just snapped with no effort, they always comment on their quality. I never thought I had an eye for photography until I could break out my 920 and take gorgeous shots that are worth showing (and can be shown thanks to 6tag). Here and there there, it's been gaining little quirks, but just the kind I like to call "personality." For instance sometimes when I hold the period key on the keyboard and try to sweep over to the question mark, something weird happens and I can't swipe over, or sometimes when I double tap and swipe up to unlock the phone, just a fifth of the screen comes on in inverted colors and I have to lock it again for the screen to come on fully. But neither of those are a problem. I've never been one who switches phones a lot, but when my contract ends and it's time for an upgrade, I think it's going to be hard for me to find a new Windows Phone that lives up to and breaks my expectations the way my 920 did.
  • Same thing happens with the lock screen on my 920 too. Still, great phone nonetheless!
  • Same problem on mine once a month or so.
  • My family purchased 3 Lumia 920s and 1 HTC 8X in December 2012. Within the first three months, my son broke his screen when it was hit by a basketball. $200 later it was good as new. By June 2013 my wife's was determined to be a lemon and was replaced. Within a month she dropped the replacement three feet and cracked the corner of the screen. November this year, my son tried to pair his phone after the amber update with a Bluetooth device and it sent the phone into a continuous reboot cycle. Attempts to reset to factory failed so att sent him a new one. Still has issues with Bluetooth. Mine has held up ok, but there is a lot of dust in the earpiece and ff camera. Speaker sounds very shrill sometimes, afraid it might be due to cleaning it out with canned air. What I assume is the battery rattles a lot. Whenever I tilt my phone, it clunks from side to side. Overall our experience has been less than positive. Most likely my son will never choose another Windows Phone. I wish there was more competition. All of us enjoyed our HD7s and feel let down by the promise of Nokia. My daughter's 8x hasn't had any issues like we have had with the 920s.
  • Still going strong. Mine has hit the floor a couple times, and not a mark. Decent battery life. I'm pleased with it. Never ran into the memory issues some people complain about either.
  • Was great until latest updates now battery is draining so bad i have to leave plugged in until I'm ready to go out. And i take charger and 3 backup battery units.
  • I was lucky enough to.win my Lumia 920 from you guys and I'm still loving it. I dropped it once (in my Beyondcell Duo case) and it did get scuffed, but you wouldn't know that by looking at it. Internet Explorer acts weird sometimes, but overall this phone gets better and better.
  • You guys making it sound like an obituary. Its just over a year old. If a phone can't last 4 years and hold its own there is something wrong.
  • Odd you should day that, seems a lot of customer returned refurbs being sold in recent weeks.
  • I still use mine everyday even though i have a 1520. It actually performs better than when i first had it in SEPTEMBER 2012
  • Bought it December 2012. It still runs as smooth as when it was new. Battery life is excellent. With regular email, Facebook, twitter, and Instagram checking, I would come home at 0630pm with about 60-70% left. Using the camera has always been a pleasure. No other phones, not even the recently launched Lumias has enticed me enough to switch away from this phone :)
  • Dropped my Lumia920 a couple of weeks ago, since then I've repaired it with duct tape and am hoping that the Lumia(microsoft)1820 arrives in time to replace it. 
  • After getting 5 replacement units when I first bought the phone the one that I have now is holding up. But it was a pain in the ass to have to request 5 replacements... 3 from Rogers and when they said no more I contacted Elop.
  • I've had mine since December 2012, battery life has been sometimes good sometimes (mostly) bad, the camera is super slow to save and be ready for the next shot, the double tap to wake feature keeps turning on the phone while it's in my pocket, and it heats up like a hot water bag when I have the 3G on for too long. To it's credit, the photos it doesn't mess up are amazing and I've dropped it on concrete many times by accident and there are barely any scratches, the thing is a tank.   Still, I can't wait to get a new phone, still holding out for Nokia to release a phone as powerful as the 1520 but just an inch or so smaller, otherwise I'll get the replacement for the HTC One if its camera is good or the Xperia Z1
  • unfortunately the phone was smashed to bits.
  • Mine is holding pretty good... Not planning to change, until the next Nokia with integrated wireless charge.
  • It's still my daily driver, even though I also have the L1020. While this later has those 41mp, I don't find it comfortable to handle with that monstrous hump in the back. The lack of built-in Qi just ended its chances of replacing my 920.   The 920 still looks brand new and God knows it has fallen two or three times. I have no problems with it being bulkier than those that came after and for all it does and the awesome design, I would still take it over a L925 or L1520. There's a reason the phone is still Nokia's flagship (because it's their best most complete phone) So yeah, it's doing good. The only problem is the "other" storage that Microsoft didn't fix at all. On the contrary, GDR2 doubled that and it never got fixed. And I'm not going to reset the phone to solve the problem 'cause I have too many games installed that don't save to the cloud.   As for its replacement...well we'll see what MWC brings us and if Nokia will still release a L930 before they go away or if I'll have to get the 929 sent from the US or if I'll just put an end to it once and for all with the Z1C. MWC will dictate the future.
    Until then, it's going to remain my daily driver with the 1020 relegated to the place where it belongs: the replacement of my old DSLR.
  • Still use my 920 since December 2012 and it's working quite well, except for the odd bug now and then...
    Of course I dropped it (not for the first time!) earlier today, smack down on the floor, screen first! Not a scratch on it (hooray for sturdy Nokia phones!), though it's been bugging out a bit since (screen keeping turning on after I turn it off, apps not starting - but worked again after a restart of the phone) ... I'm really hoping it is just the phone growling a bit at me for dropping it, as I really can't afford a new one until my contract expires this December!
  • I'm still very happy with mine. The battery tends to run down a little quicker, but I have no other complaints. My biggest complaint is a general Windows Phone complaint: too many iPhone and Android apps still haven't been ported to Windows Phone, including my main bank's and Toyota Entune.
  • still in good shape but feeling a little dated
  • I'm on my third 920. The first one did perfect from launch for about 8 months until a soft reset to clear up some ghost files in my music folder gave me the dreaded gears for the rest of its sad life. Second one lasted all of 2 weeks before the phone stopped making any sound from its speakers. Current one has lasted me since August and still going strong. The only issue I've seen on this one was a glitch with the microphone where it did not register any sound for voice commands or music recognition but that hasn't happened for several months now. All devices were replaced free of charge by at&t and in spite of these obvious problems I still love the phone (though I'd leave it for the 1520 in an instant). Previous phone was a Samsung Focus I had since launch of Windows phone so all in all Windows Phones are serving me well in terms of longevity. I don't think I'll stray from Nokia any time in the near future. Too much killer hardware and app support.
  • I just barely switched my 920 out for a 1520. Had it for just over a year and it was a great phone! The OS worked just as fast and flawlessly as it did the first day I got it. The clearcoat started peeling off near the camera on the original shell, but I switched the shell out for cyan anyways. I did drop the phone a lot, mostly onto pavement, and all I ever got a tiny scratch on the screen from when I dropped it onto some jagged rocks. Amazing phone! I still use it!
  • Hei.
    I have own my 920 since December 2012.
    at the start it was many problems. It get fixed bay update little bye little. Today I sitting and write this with my 920 so I still have it I think it is a good phone.
    but thing that isn't good is that the important thing like Facebook and the plays that is there example candy crush. On this phone we can't play. That's crazy because it's those things we think is important there is many things we been told can't go on this phone because it don't allow flash player. Here is it important that to do something.
    I like the phone elsewhere good to write with an nice mail and many things . But I tired of always wait for apps long after android is getting it, I have always had Nokia phone but the next will be a Samsung s 5 . Mvh Rolf Stokken
  • ha, i just bought one 2 months ago
  • I still use my 920.  I bought it when it first available in my country.  and I love every aspect of it.  the hardware, the features, and the OS.  it the best experience I had so far.  and with each update from Portico, Amber, and than Black.  there is alway something new to keep me happy.  and now, I'm looking forward to 8.1 update.  The condition still very good also.  Once, I got the problem with LCD, but Nokia Care Center took a great job in change it.  other than that, not much problem what so ever.  I'm thingking to upgrade to 1520, but because of various reasons, I guess I will keep it at the moment.
  • Just broke the f$#%Ing screen two weeks ago. Still my favorite device. Stacked with storage, wireless charging has changed my life, best look phone on the market!
  • I can fix it for you.
  • I use my 920 just for music at home since I bought the 1520. It still works perfectly, but, after the 100th time I dropped it, it finally cracked.
  • They hate being held don't they!?
  • I can fix it.
  • Still got it. Still using it. Its a beast. I have a (slight) flickering screen sometimes. Could be to do with the fact that it is the 'most droppable' phone I've ever owned. Time for an upgrade though. Bit too thick. Waiting for the 1820 or 1525 in a few months.
  • I should also say that it has been to -40 degrees, and to 7000m above sea level twice, dropped about 30 times, kicked down a street and trodden on and its never skipped a beat.
  • Upgraded to a 1020 because the weight of the 920 really annoyed me, but keeping the old phone around as a spare, even though my brother asked me for it. Don't want to give it away.
  • I still experience it as a great phone. The only things I noticed after a lot of use is that sometimes tiles take a millisecond to appear in some situations when scrolling fast. The other thing is recent and it's an annoying thing it does with my WiFi where it's connected but it doesn't work. It's fixed by turning it on and off again. Anyone get this?
    Still overall I'm really satisfied, to the point that I'm not really considering changing it for a 1020, or rather I can wait for the next generation.
  • My launch day Cyan 920 went into a non-recoverable state from the first update shortly after getting the phone....The gears on the screen just went on forever and no matter how many resets I did there was no bringing my Cyan 920 back to life....AT&T ended up giving me a brand new White 920 that I still have to this day and is developer unlocked so the update cycle is pretty nice...My battery is still fantastic unless I'm playing games a lot but that's to be expected...I'm still loving my 920 14 months later but I'm wanting a thinner and lighter phone, 1080p larger screen (5" - 5.5"), 1020 camera (or better), micro sd slot and quad-core (or better) processor....That might be asking a lot but I think we'll get pretty close to that in the 4th quarter of 2014........Hopefully!
  • In Nov. '12, I upgraded from the Lumia 900 to the 920. I loved it, but after upgrading to the 1020 and having my 920 sent to Nokia for repair, they replaced it with a new one. I think mine may have been defective in the camera and some other problems. The replacement unit I tested for a few days last month definitely worked better. Maybe I got one too early off the factory line??? Anyway, the 1020 has definitely been an improvement, but I loved my 920 despite it's faults and I miss the built in wireless charging and cyan color.
  • I still happy with it. My Sister and Brother in Law came last week with a GS3 and Nexus and they lov the phone and the quality of pictures... I don't see a lot of problems with missing apps anymore.... This phone is Tank.. :)
  • My darling red 920 is still the best phone I've ever owned! Previous owner of numerous flip phones by Motorola, Nokia, LG and iPhone 3, 3GS,4 then Lumia 900. I am still not tempted to upgrade until there's a 64GB, 1080p, 20 MP cam, first-gen, Microsoft owned Lumia device.
  • Yes and went through 6 on att before switching to Verizon, I live up in them thar hills.
  • 50 bucks, built in wireless charging, 32GB, free wireless charger, 8.7 megapixels of awesome sauce optically image stabilizationess, and a design that just DOES NOT STOP! Loving every minute of my ergonomic Darth Maulness. This may be a small thing to really enjoy but it might be a deal breaker if my next phone can't stand up on its own like the 920 and 1020. Really excited to see the next 920 but also gonna be super sad.
  • I bought my 920 on windows phone 8 launch day. All of the sales staff were in blue Windows phone shirts. Its been my daily carry device since. It is still a great phone. I had a little trouble with it and had to crack it open once to fix it, it was my fault. But it feels snappy and responsive. I'd buy another one today if this one broke.
  • Mine is running strong but I think the earpiece speaker is blown because voice calls used to be great and now they sound awful. That's really the only issue I have had.
  • I love my 920, just got my 32 GB 1520 which I love also but my 920 was my favorite phone. Letting my son use it with a stern warning that he better return it the way he got it. Scratchless and crackless
  • Got mine within a month of release. Still works like day one.
  • Still a top notch performer IMO. First phone I have ever been completely satisfied with and still loving it. Will I upgrade down the road.... Sure, if AT&T gets a 5" WP.. I may, but this phone has been durable, fast, fluid, and it looks great. Screen is beautiful. Love it still.
  • My wife has my 920 now that I have the 1020. She loves the phone and it still looks and works like it is brand new.
  • Red 920 here. Got it December 2012 and am still using it. Happy to say that everything is still great, except for the haptic feedback on the buttons. It'll go through 1-2 day periods where the vibration is really weak or nonexistant. Always fixes itself though. It'll be hard for a phone to take its place.
  • Mine is great but the proximity sensor doesn't work from dust
  • No problems here but I'm soooo techie I'm itching for a new device. Already bored .something a bit bigger would be perfect but aside of random battery drain .....all is good!! First WP too!!
  • Had my 920 since day one. Went through 3 repairs within 3 months when i first got it. I had to tell them what to fix in the end because they kept just flashing the software and sending it back (it was a dodgy connection between screen and motherboard)... After that third repair when it got a new screen its been rock solid since. I realise i was just unlucky but i am glad i persevered and stuck with it. I've since managed to convince most of my family to switch to wp as well, including my hugely technophobic mum! :) Seems the ease of use is what attracts people
    While wp still has its teething problems, I'm willing to wait until wp 8.1 before making my mind up because the hardware is so solid. Forgot to add that i had the other storage bug which gdr3 didn't fix. It was over 8gb. After a hard reset it now sits at a constant 1.8gb :) bit of a drastic measure but it worked.
  • Using now and still in love.. And the bitches said it wouldn't last... Boner strong
  • I water damaged my 920 six months in. At the time it was devastating but not long after getting a 1020 and despite the cost, I was glad I was forced to upgrade because I didn't know the 1020 was such a big upgrade
    over the 920. I was really happy with my 920 before I got 1020 though.
  • My wife's 920 (day 1) has problems with the headphone jack, which is a PoS. Otherwise, it's a great, iconic phone.
  • Love it...cant wait to upgrade to a better model like the 1020, but I know for sure a new model for that one is coming out.....for sure.
  • I am still using beautiful 920. It is truly an iconic phone. Luckily I never had any common problems faced by other users. I had Omnia 7 and Omnia HD before this. Amoled screens were really good. But the day I took the brand new 920 out of the box, wow it was just lovely. Since that day I never used any screen guard as it will spoil its gorgeous screen. Still love this phone.
  • I've got a cyan 920 bought as soon as it was available.  I've got a crack on the upper left of the screen about an inch big.  It's not too bad, the device still runs great and looks great.  If it died right now, I would get a 925 as I'd only want this to be thinner and lighter.  Hopefully the next one I purchase is available in cyan, it's pretty wicked.
  • Mine is broken! I think something broke on the GPU (Adreno 225) as the screen would freeze and turn off when I open something graphic intensive. Either way I loved it, I just send it to repair and got myself a new Nokia Lumia 1520 (a bit big but it's awesome).
  • can this phone run on tmobiles  LTE network
  • I got mine in February of last year and have been enjoying it ever since! I started out with an iPhone 4s for my work phone but was never satisfied with the style/look/and durability from the android and iOS phones. Stumbled upon WPcentral, read reviews on the windows OS, and it was history from there. Now, my personal phone is the 920 and I got the 925 for my work phone! Was able to convince some co-workers to use the 925 and they have been enjoying it ever since. Really proud of the quality that Nokia puts in their products (dropped my 920 down a flight of stairs from my apt, and no brake whatsoever lol) and have been equally satisfied with the OS Microsoft has put out. Hopefully more users will join and make it a force in the business world!
  • I've been through two 920's I own a 620 which I still rock due to its nice small size. My 920 still holds up just as well as the day I bought it. Might not have the specs of the 1020 or 1520 but still packs a punch. Camera is still amazing. Battery life has decreased ever so slightly than when it was brand new but that's expected. Still a great phone and in my opinion a great introduction for any first timer looking to get his/her first WP8 phone.
  • Had my 920 since July last year, and it still amazes me to this very day. I've dropped it several times and it has been in rain and snow, still functions great. I've played games that have heated this phone to boiling point, and it cools down quickly and still runs great. I had to have it reset on one occasion, where I wanted my new Microsoft account setup, but those damned cogs kept spinning lol.. After Vodafone repaired it, it was in tip top condition once again and performed greatly. One problem though is where it tends to freeze every couple of weeks for a length of time (up to a day!) before it suddenly starts again. And the lock screen sometimes goes a funny colour and doesn't display properly. Other than that, it's two thumbs up from me, and has become the single best smartphone I have ever ever used. I hadn't owned a Nokia since the 3210 lmao, but now after Samsungs, Sony Ericssons and HTCs, Nokia is my favourite smartphone company, period. Everything from the display, camera, and sturdiness, to the colours, wireless charging and storage space, it all comes together to become the greatest smartphone marvel since the year dot. Next up: the 1020! THANK YOU NOKIA.
  • My only let downs are the vibration rattle (still need to send it to Nokia for that) and the poor button quality compared to my lumia 800. They are much more wobbly :(. But that aside, very happy with the device! Though I think WP is not used to its full extent or intent. Thinking of writing a full blog post about that much like the one done about W8 a while ago.
  • I purchase mine a year ago full price from the Microsoft store. I was using an iPhone 4s and have not look back. Sadly I'm with AT&T so I guess I'll get Lumia Black and GDR3 3 months after everyone else, but I'll get it... Someday. I've never consider the 1020 or any other Lumia since the wireless charging is missing from such devices. To be completely honest the only Lumia that I will consider is the 929 if it will ever came to AT&T.
  • Got it since the release day at Rogers. I had 3 battery drains during the first two months, where I would wake up in the morning to find the L920 burning hot. But through out the updates, I have to say that my L920 is as solid as ever. I love this phone, the wireless charging and the sensitive screen during winter makes the difference.
  • Loved it since they day I got it. Just the right size, perfect design, and a fast fluid screen. Dropped it numerous times, and changed out the housing a few times, still working great!
  • Love my Lumia 920. I am gonna stay with it for a long time share every single second with it!!!!
  • Got mine back in January of last year. Dropped it, stepped on it, kicked it (some of it accidental) and only one chip on the screen from a (hazy) night out. Also a column of dead pixels that materialized when I pulled it out of my pocket on leave last July. So hardware wise, It's fantastic. Software on the other hand... I love wp8, but have random app crashes (including native ones like email) where the icon will swing like it's going to open then goes back to the home screen, preventing that app from working until I reboot. Other apps crash randomly but will work afterwards. Also over Christmas it locked up and went into a boot loop forcing me to do a complete wipe with Nokia care suite. Lost a bunch of stuff I hadn't backed up in a while, silly me. Only thing that bugs me though is it still has the same random reboot and app crashes it had before. Oh well.
  • To fix that without restarting open it then hold back and close it before the loading screen stops that way when u reopen it thinks of it as a new app instead of trying to resume a crashed app.... My settings app use to do it alot when I try to internet share with bad signal
  • I still use my 920 which i got at launch in the UK. It has to be one of the best Windows Phone devices I've had since the Samsung Omnia 7 first-gen WP7 devices I owned. As a developer, the Lumia 920 & 820 are the best to test on and I don't intend on upgrading for at least another year. This phone still has a lot of life in it!
  • Preordered (2). Both going strong. My wife still has hers (white). I gave mine to my cousin (Red), and she still uses it. I grabbed a 1020 as soon as I saw the yellow ♡.♡
  • My ex gf has the 920 yellow...
  • The Lumia 920 is still a great phone to use and has been my faithful companion since May last year when I first bought it. No hanging, or shutting off and the speed while changing apps and task has been smooth. Such a lovely, elegant and smart looking phone to me. 
  • I love mine. I've had it foe about a year no,. I got it later, and my upgrade is later this year. Still snappy as day one and not damage to screen or back shell other than a couple of dings. I truly believe that this is the best windows device to date. My only gripe is the lack of apps and the time taken for apps to get to windows phone.
    I am also waiting for black which I am annoyingly still waiting for on my atnt 920.
  • I bought my red 920 off craigslist for $200 in May '13. Unlocked it the next day and popped in my T-Mobile SIM card.
    It worked flawlessly until December when it overheated and LCD got damaged. I got sad cause I really loved the phone. I lost hope for a warranty repair because bought the device privately off another person nor I'm an at&t customer. Also, I installed gdr3 developer preview.
    However, I still contacted Nokia care as a hail Mary pass. They were really forthcoming with my issue and happily took the device and repaired it free and two day shipping included. They have certainly won me as a customer for life. I hope the spirit of the company carries on when Microsoft absorbs it. Not currently using it but I take it out every now and then and put my SIM card in. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • It has been around a year since I got mine and it has worked perfectly, not even battery issues and have got away with the screen unscratched from two falls to the pavement from a 1.5 meters height  (after the second fall I got a case... I'm not that lucky to risk a next time). My wife has a 1020 and sometimes I get the feeling of wanting more MPs but what I love of WPs is that I still don't have an urgency to upgrade because obsolescence.
  • Let's see: First one rebooted repeatedly during setup, and I wasn't even able to finish. Tried hard resets, etc. Replaced. Second one got crazy-hot, and burned through battery life like crazy. Tried hard resets, etc. Replaced. Third one got stuck at the gears during a reset. This was before the trick to force-load was discovered, so it was replaced. Too bad, since it had great battery life and otherwise seemed solid. Replaced. Fourth one suffered from proximity-sensor failed. Required blowing out at least once a day. Sent in for repair. Nokia said that it couldn't be fixed, so they sent a replacement. Fifth one had the LED die. Sent in for repair. Was returned with a functional LED. The LED repair worked, but the proximity sensor failed. Sent to Nokia for repair. Was returned "fixed." The the front-facing camera filled up with junk. And then the proximity sensor failed again. Sent to Nokia for repair. They declared it unfixable, and sent a new one. The new one seems to be working, for now. Been about a week. I like the features of the phone, but not its reliablity. When my contract comes up in a year, I'll carefully read reviews of the latest Nokia products before buying from them again.
  • Had 800, 920..waiting for next proper flagship!
  • White 920. Have a deep cut in the back (knocked it into some desk edge), otherwise it looks brand new! Loving it, love the photos quality, friends are amazed with how well the photos look! Got all the apps I need few months back. Still missing Flipboard a little bit though! :)
  • Got my yellow 920 at launch and kept it mint condition with no case until I dropped it in cement screen flat when I was running. The screen cracked and att replaced my beauty with a beautiful 1020. I really miss built in wireless charging :'(
  • My 920 has been far kinder to me than I have to it. I dropped it many times and only once it was stepped on in high heels at a party did it crack. After repairing it worked fine but issues with the touch screen have happened for a while now.
  • i love my red 920! i got it when i traded my Galaxy S3 for this magnificient smartphone a year ago! i got all the apps i want! the only thing i want for this device is the 3 medium tiles like the 1520:-) hope its coming to HD+ devices!
  • I never got the 920 but I sure wanted the grey version!!!
  • Still babying it like its November 2012! I went from 2009-2011 with an iPhone I started hating by mid 2010, then 2011-2012 with HTC and needed to upgrade ASAP because of how bad the battery got. My 920 is over a year old but it still feels as smooth and snappy as a new phone, and that's why I love windows phone. The only thing I don't like is the earpiece that attracts dust and the yellow tint of the backlit hardware buttons.
  • I should not really write anything here because I only got my 920 two weeks ago.   I have to say that I love it and that it is my favorite WP device so far.   I've had a HTC HD 7, and a Lumia 810 and a HTC 8X both for a short time.    I love my Red 920.    I like the heft, and I love having 32gb of memory.   I love the color.  I like having the wireless charging, but sometimes the battery acts weird after I've charged it wirelessly (a soft reboot solves that if it happens). I am very happy with the phone and I see no reason why I won't use it for at least a year.  I've had no real indications of any problem and see no sign of dust in the front camera.   I usually baby my phone and I already have a full Zagg on it front and back with a Incipio Feather case on it. I often tend to buy technology well after launch and just as it is tending towards being semi-obsolete. My ideal phone does not exist yet, but I  will be interested in a Lumia with a five inch screen at 1080 resolution.   I will want 32gb of internal memory and a SD Card slot.  It will have QI charging and I am torn about an AMOLED display or not.   When that phone comes out I will want to get it six to twelve months after launch.... +920
  • I've had mine since early 2013 and still love it. Its my second Windows Phone since the Lumia 900. I have the red one, so when I pull it out I get a lot of compliments since it stands out so much. I love having a phone that stands out from the crowd and has an awesome camera, even though its not a Lumia 1020. The Windows Phone OS is great, it still needs a little work but thats a different story.
  • The 920 is the flagship of 2012, and if att released updates. It would live up to that name
  • Loving my 920.Only disappointed with the apps availability.
  • I've been using my "broken" Lumia 920 for a while now. And I'm tired of complaining. None of my sensors work, cannot change my brightness. Some of my stock applications don't work, that includes my camera. 
    And I haven't been able to upgrade to Amber nor Black.  Other than that, its holing up pretty great. Still strong, still sturdy. 
    I've been eying a Lumia 1520 but pretty expensive here in Nepal. With all the Taxes and stuff. :(
  • Still going strong with 920.  Dropped a few times... still no scratches.  Some dust gathered in front camera, had an issue with the proximity sensor once.  It gone away after I used a vaccum clean. Very pleased with it. Would probably move to the next updated 1020.
  • Got my 920 on Day 1 and love it.  I've never had a case for it and it has a few micro-scratches picked up early on but it doesn't affect the picture.  You can only see it in reflection on a dark screen.  I have quite a bit of dust in the front camera but I don't use it so it doesn't matter to me.  I've only had random battery drain a couple of times--solved by a soft reset.  I actually like the added weight other than it's a bit bulky to take on a run.  Nevertheless, it is more svelte than the iPhone+Otterbox bricks people carry around.  I'll probably continue to use it as my daily driver until November and then upgrade.  I never dreamed of a 6" screen until I tested out the 1520, and since I have big hands, big feet, and a big dictionary, my eyes might enjoy the upgrade to a larger screen. All in all, a fantastic phone still going strong.
  • My ATT launch 920 literally fried it's battery in Feb, chewing down the battery, with no ability to charge, getting really hot, until it was dead forever. Really pissed me off that I had a 3 month old phone that I had to trade in for a refurb... Other than that, it was fine except for chronic and unstoppable lint pickup in the front facing camera, making that non-functional.
  • Mine just died this weekend. The headphone jack thinks something is plugged in even though it isn't :/
  • Going from 900 to 920, the 920 never felt as 'solid' as the 900. The 920 twists and creaks. The front facing camera/lint trap is a real let down. That rear camera though! And the built in qi is phenomenal. I cracked my screen a while back and replaced it myself, losing the att branding :) Both the 900 and 920 were relatively easy to repair. Going from the 920 to 1020, the 1020 has that 900 solid feel again. Really miss the built in qi. I think the 920 has better speakers/sound with the two bottom grills. The "zoom" on the 1020 is good, but I miss the speed and macro capabilities of the 920 and I sometimes feel like the color saturation, low light quality, and auto focus are better on the 920.
  • I have had this my L920 since day one and it looks like new, acts like new, it feels like new, all great things must come to an end the Lumia 1020 is here to take over but from time to time I will switch Lumias
  • Broken screen and dropped in water twice... Still works absolutely perfectly. I love it.
  • I had the 920 since the beginning - works just as well as the day I bought it. It may crash sometimes, but it rarely happens. I have no problems with it honestly. It's by far the best phone I've ever had
  • I bought a cyan Lumia 920 last February, upgrading from the original Samsung Focus. I absolutely loved pretty much everything about the phone. Unfortunately toward the beginning of December, I pulled the phone out of my pocket and it slipped out of my hand, hitting the ground. I'd dropped the thing a million times before and besides a few dings on the corners, it had always survived. Not this time... It landed flat on the glass. Imagine the horror when I picked it up and turned it around to see the entire screen shattered. I got a lot of crap from my friends after touting that the 920 was indestructable for so long!   The phone still worked great, but it definitely needed replaced. Unfortunately AT&T wasn't selling cyan anymore, which really ticked me off. My next choice was yellow, but I figured that if I was going yellow, I may as well pick up a 1020 or 1520 instead. I had been so excited for the 1520, but after handling it at the AT&T store, I decided it was too big for me and opted for the 1020.   I'm loving the 1020 even more than the 920. I really, really like the yellow casing now and am not too upset about having to ditch cyan (even though I have cyan charging plates, earbuds and a Luna headset...). And though it did suck having to buy the wireless charging case, I don't even notice that it's on there anymore because it blends in so well with the phone itself.   I do keep the 920 around as a second music player, just as I'll probably keep the 1020 as a camera when I upgrade to my next!
  • All these people talking about the last phone that was a 920. I got mine when they came out and still 9 months from being able to upgrade. Did all of you just buy new Nokia phones outright? I must be the only person that can't afford too. ;)
  • Buying phones outright ends up cheaper for me as opposed to getting a new data contract. That's why I bought one off contract :P
  • I'll have to look into that when my contract is up in October.I'll have to look into that when my contract is up in October.
  • I'm still on my family's plan and my mom had an upgrade, so she let me use it. It sucks that I had to drop $200 when I wasn't planning on it, but it beat having to be stuck with a broken screen for another year!
  • I LOVE my red Lumia 920. It's the perfect phone for me. The only thing that could make me buy a new phone is if it had better specs than the 920 but look essentially the same (similar screen size and no huge camera bulge). Honestly, Nokia needs to release an update for this device
  • i had 920 since 17th jan last yr ...i gkt it on launch day...india the phone is holding up great...i did drop it once so it has some scratches but others its going great
  • Still using 920 since des 2012
  • I love my 920, I just can't be without the wireless charging and the camera
    I got my Lumia 2520 and I think it work perfectly!
  • I still have and love mine.  I'm tempted by the 1520 and the upcoming Verizon flagship, but I think I'm going to wait to see what phones get announced with/after WP 8.1 If I have only one complaint about my 920, it's that I have these three verticle blue lines on my screen that slowly appeared over time. Nokia offered to fix it for me under warranty, but I would have to send the phone in for an unspecified amount of time and I didn't want to do without it.  So, I will just have to hold on till my next phone.
  • Loved my 920! Want a top of the line replacement. 5" qi, NFC, big battery, 1080p, Google now replacement, quad core processor. Everything! I'm on a nexus 5 now on T-Mobile, hoping we get a good phone so I can JUMP on it. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Love my 920. Easily my favorite phone. Here is a shameless plug to my review of it at epinions.com http://m.epinions.com/review/nokia-lumia-920-mobile-phone/131733442/6277...
  • My 920 is a powerhouse. The phone does everything for me without a glitch. It's still fresh and clean and wouldn't like to see anything happen to it. Hope it sees all the updates and lasts with support. It's still a great phone that can't be ignored. It still competes with the 1020 and 1520.
  • I still have my original L920. I got it in December of 2012 and I used it till December 2013. My girlfriend bought me both as Christmas gifts. Great phone, a classic wp8 device. I'll probably give it to my mom or a relative. Great phone but it feels tiny now next to my L1520.
  • All 4 of our 920's are doing very well. 2 see day to day combat via our teens at High School with my wife and I taking a little better care of ours. We have 1 yellow, 1 cyan, 1 black and 1 red with matching wireless charging plates. It's a fantastic phone, great battery life, 32gb's is awesome and of course wireless charging without an additional shell. Best phone I have ever owned. Period.
  • Have a 920, a little bit more reliable then my old 800 replaced by Telstra 5 times under warranty they finally. Upgraded me to a 920 for free because of all the faults i had
    ... 920 was faulty out of the box droping most calls on Telstra best coverage in Aus, but i stuck with it because i didn't want to hav to give back a new phone an wait 2weeks for new stock the day that i got my new phone waited for a phone update hoping it would fix it which it did few months later...Australia was low on stock when i got mine...the 920 died completely 6months later, got a replacement from Nokia, new 920 has screen flickering issues... Brought a L625 been sweet since i got it, but has started the same screen flicker thing not as much as 920... Though one of my 800 was replaced because of screen flicker so im guessing its a Nokia thing the flicker....?
  • Still have mine. Not thrilled with it, it heats up a LOT when playing modern releases. Every game I play must be unloaded from memory somehow after I stop playing, or else it will just keep heating until it dies. Typically that means turning off the phone and resetting. But it's surely better than the Samsung Focus I used to rock. :)
  • I bought my 920 in Jan 2013 after getting bored of iOS, and have loved it ever since. Still just as fast as when I bought it. I've dropped it many times and splashed with with water, and nothing seems to faze it. They only way I'd give it up would be for whatever succeeds the 1020.
  • I've had the Lumia 920 since it first came out. I loved it then and I love it now. Best phone I have ever had. Everyone I know was giving me crap for not going Apple. But time and time again the Lumia 920 has proven itself to be the better phone. Now I have been able to talk quite a few of the people who gave me crap in the beginning, into buying Lumia phones for themselves now.
  • I had a string of issues with my 920, battery & heat issues, bricked after reset, front camera dust. When the 1020 came out I managed to sell my 920 and bought the 1020 outright. Still on the original, it's had no issues either. Although I do prefer the LCD screen of the 920 to the AMOLED screen of the 1020, mostly because AMOLED displays have a weird ghosting & refresh issue that I find distracting. There must've been a design & manufacturing issue with the 920 in my opinion.
  • I'm on to my third replacement 920. One got so hot when using that the plastic case actually cracked! The battery life on all of them were/is abysmally short and the phone always does the random getting hot and chewing through the battery thing. I've had a battery (which is just double sided taped to the case) dislodge from the tap and flap around in tge unit, 2 of the three units leak light from between the screen and the casing, I've had an ear piece speaker go really quiet and the dust under the front camera lens. Nokia however were generally prompt in shipping me a refurb unit when I've had to send problem handset in. Nokia have to their defense looked after me and never told me anything is out of warranty or tried any of that crap on which is good. Hopefully the next best thing that comes out that is the same size as the 920 is an improvement!
  • It's interesting to hear all the stories.  Some of you must be using your phones to hammer nails or something.  My phone goes with me everywhere and still seems in mint condition.  Screen colors are great and the battery is holding up really well.  I haven't seen any compelling reason to upgrade as of yet. 
  • Still rocking my 920, fully functional. I plan to upgrade to the 1020 soon, but this phone has exceeded my standards. I look at iPhones and laugh at their interface, camera, and durability. It is a great phone and gave Microsoft and Nokia a great kick start. I hope to see them grow in the future, as we need a decent competitor for apple (sorry android) and I believe Microsoft can make it happen.
  • I still have mine and still going strong! I haven't gotten a newer windows phone because the newer AT&T phones don't have built in wireless chargeing, plus there is absolutely nothing wrong with my 920. Not to mention, I have GDDR3 on it and has zero issues. I'll probably have this for another year. I am also holding out to see what kind of phone comes out of the Microsoft/Nokia merger.
  • My third Cyan 920 is holding up great...lol.
  • 1st overheated using GPS & became unstable/unreliable at random moments. 2nd still overheats using GPS & the right speaker volume is lower than the left. But I still love WP & the Lumia.
  • I've had mine since Nov 2012. Red and still going. Few scratches on the back, probably from my wedding band. I spray the dust from the camera and prox sensor in the front once in a while. Also my vibrate isn't quite the same as before.. I've taken this overseas and works great! Camera is still kicking great pics.
  • I loved my 920 always did, got the cyan ATT one and convinced all of my friends to get one, or a device similar. But it was starting, recently, to get a little buggy. The contrast would skyrocket sometimes, screen would flash, and the ultimate failure was recently when the USB charger (one time I don't wireless charge lol) and the USB port on the phone FUSED TOGETHER. Yes you read that right, at some point they reached melting temperature and the polycarbonate and USB cable melted together. Now the phone still worked, but I couldn't live with my 920 looking this way as I am a perfectionist lol, so I took it to the microsoft store and for just the price of the Microsoft complete they gave me a 925, as they no longer carry 920's. Still cheaper then my insurance and makes me love Microsoft even more. I bought it from that same store the day it came out too. And I loved every second of using it.
  • I still love my lumia 920!! although it gets hot easily and the srceen will sometimes twikle like stars, but it still a good smartphone. 
  • I've had my 920 for a year now and even though I snapped up a 1020 back in September after the screen cracked (the sidewalk is ok) I still love it. Admittedly, it's slowing down and glitches occasionally, but nevertheless it still manages to turn heads. After switching to the 1020 though, it is shocking just how hefty the 920 really is; it didn't make sense to me when I first heard about it or used it, but it's noticeable now.
  • I just replaced the phone with a 1520. On the one hand I loved it but I also experienced a lot of problems since the release:
    - the image quality was very disappointing in the beginning until several updates had been released, later it was my replacement for a compact camera
    - battery life was never really exciting, most of time you had to be aware of that
    - there was this random reboot problem, very annoying
    - the vibration was so loud and sounding like it's broken that friends made jokes of it
    I like windows phone and that's the reason I guess, why I'm not feeling so disappointed overall. Also the images were so great in the end that I forgot already those complaints...
  • The 920 is hands down my favorite and I always referred it to friends just because it had everything a WP could have. I just now ordered the 1520 because I wanted to give it a shot, but ill probably never let go of the 920.
  • Had mine since march 2013, its holding up great. Sound is loud but clear, just got the JBL powerup speaker, which works well. Qi charging is awesome, most phones I see still don't have it ( or built in), so I don't feel rushed to upgrade. The camera still shocks me with its detail. Fm radio is a plus too. Great battery :-) it feels like the "classic" WP to me, not camera or screen size centric, but an all-around phone.
  • I got mine on Black Friday 2012. My first experiences were mixed. I needed two replacements to get one that worked. My first restarted itself a dozen times per day, my second eventually wouldn't accept a charge, and my third wouldn't launch any non-Rogers apps (even after a hard reset). But my fourth one works very well. I enjoy the phone, but I think I liked my Focus better when I was using it than I do my 920 now. The build quality is greatly exaggerated; it's good, sure, but not legendary. I like the weight. I've learned that I prefer AMOLED screens to IPS. I'm excited to see what MS releases by way of a 920 successor, but I would probably buy a Focus 3 (counting the S as #2) over a 930. Although I still do like the camera. I don't bring a p&s on trips anymore.
  • I love my 920! Its the only phone that I feel has held up and doesn't make feel like I've made a bad purchase two weeks after. I got it on launch day too. Best phone ever for me.
  • I had 920 now I have 1020 love em both
  • Having a Nokia Lumia 920 since the beginning has mostly been a positive experience. I love this phone because Nokia put their soul into making and updating this phone. I feel that microsoft is putting in way less effort than nokia and that is where most of my negative experience comes from.
  • Loving my L920. Still going strong. I have dropped it few times, but no damages to be seen. :) I love the design. Not likely to be replaced anytime soon because of the new updates. More likely wait for another year before moving on to the next generation of Lumia flagships. By the way, I have suggested the Lumia 920 to three of my friends. They all have the black Lumia 920 and loving it.
  • I did not buy my 920. I got it for free as a prize from Microsoft courtesy of Windows Developer Show. The phone has "Developer device" "Not for Sale" written on it. As a dedicated lifelong Microsoft fanboy, this is one of my dearest treasure.
  • There are two 920s alive and well in my household, along with a 925 and 1520 - the 1020 died tragically. Granted, I'm spoiled by the speed and real estate of the 1520, ,but I miss the ease of charging and using the accessories I got before at&t pulled the plug on supporting Qi. Jerks.
    Anyway, the 920 is still a fantastic device, even if its not a flagship device, or my daily driver.
  • The 920s bulletproof, so much so I'm prepping it to give to my Dad. Just wiped it with the Nokia retail app (Amber flash), so its like a trip down memory lane seeing the original layout, color, and default apps. Battery life has held up good, I've tried my best not to abuse the battery by draining it repeatedly or overheating it. These phones seem to keep more battery life than others I've had. The case/skin and screen protector have worked amazingly, just some screen cleaner and it looks brand new.  The 920 holds its own against my 1520 pretty well.
  • Bought 2 at launch and a third a month later. All beautiful and going strong. After replacing the digitizers on 2 of them. ;) I was going to get the 1520 but after what AT$T did it I'm waiting.
  • My Lumia Brick 920 is still going strong. no sign of slowing or anything. It's been dropped, flung onto roadways etc and has a couple of scratches in the casing.   It shocks people when I slap it face first on table edges (wooden) to show how tough it is :) The Front facing camera is full of dust but I've not bothered to go get that fixed under warranty (day one purchase) as I rarely do selfies. :P (yet) I'm happy to have this but will like to get a next get one at the end of the year (1030 maybe)  
  • My Lumia 920 is my love. It's very fast, smooth and all apps that I need I have on it. I will change it when Nokia/Microsoft launch a Smartphone with WP 8.1. it may be the Lumia 1520V
  • I have owned my white 920 since launch day. Love it soo much! Only thing was back in March/April I dropped it on my tile floor from waist level and cracked screen. Had screen cover and case just came in mail that I didnt get to yet. Couldnt believe it cracked. Been using it since then and still love it. The tiles dont really update and such but still awesome camera. Dont really want to spend 200$+ to get it fixed and didnt want to fix myself. I have been wanting 1020 so badly but thinking about waiting for next flagship in Spring. Come on Cortana!
  • WHAAAAT? I own a Lumia 920 with GRD3 and it definitely doesn't have the ability to do the fourth column you mentioned in this post.. What did I missed ?
  • I've had my Black 920 since day one. Battery drain problem was fixed with an update early on and i never had the random reboot issue. It has worked flawlessly since. The body is pristine; always kept in a case (switched to an Incipio a few weeks ago). The Gorillia glass has a few micro scratches you have to hunt for to see. My Surface RT gets most of my attention these days, but I'll echo fpostrow's sentiments above.  It's still the "best phone I've ever owned. Period."  
  • Got mine in dec of 12 and still looks like it did then and works even better now AT&T just sent me a notification that I can renew but there is nothing better at the moment 1520 to big 1020 wont charge wieless by itself i guess I just love the best phone!  
  • I love my 920! I love the design and IQ. It's my first WP. Running GDR3 waiting for Black.  My first 920 brick when resetting to factory default to reset wallet password. It had a lot of dirt in speaker and front camera. The replacement phone was not a refurbish. It has less dirt in front camera.
    Both 920 had battery heat and drain issue but it’s better. Screen flash/refresh fast sometime for a few minutes. I hope it’s not the end of it... I’m waiting for end of contract (November 2014) to move out of ATT network. I love IQ and hope to find a replacement. 
  • the phone is great actually.. especially Camera and the touchscreen. However the battery life is the biggest drawback & overheat problem. other than that, the top of the body casing begin to 'loose', there is a cliping sound when pressing at the top part of the phone (at the earphone jack).
  • I use Lumia 920 everyday. I love it very much. It's pretty good and quietly durable. Sure! I love wireless charging and the phone storage. Today, I have a little Lumia family. Such as Lumia 920, Lumia 925 and the latest member like Lumia 1520.
  • The 920 has been my daily driver for a long time now, probably about a yr+. Definitely love this guy and definitely had issues. First one didn't work right so had to exchange it. Second, screen crapped out and I’m now on my third which is a year old this month. And wouldn't you know it, recently my LED/flash only works when it wants to or when applying pressure to the chassis which is really annoying. Especially with so much great camera apps but other than that and some heating issues, this guy has handle himself admirably.
    If anyone knows how to fix the led issue, please point me in the right direction. Thanks
  • Finally got rid of mine last week in a switch to Tmobile. Was the first one sold at the Times square AT&T store on the day they came out. Held up really well and will definitely live on as one of my favorite phone purchases ever.
  • I've had my 920 since the beginning. It is holding up very very well. It is solid, buy I'm ready for a nice upgrade. T-Mobile, I'm talking to you. I'd even take an unlocked new Nokia device.
  • I've just used this phone for about 2 month. I really love it! The screen, 32gb internal, screen size, the back curvature, just about everything in this phone is nice. even 1 of my friends who uses a galaxy s4 said that this phone's screen is really good. The back curvature of this phone and glossy finish makes it easier to hold this phone in one hand even though I have small hands. The camera really wowed me when my family and I went to a vacation, and I really love to take photographs because of this phone. overall, this phone is the best one I had ever used personally.
  • The 920 will probably remain the model windows phone. It packs everything, and is nicely balanced. Now. Even new devices have all the features this model has which I find sad because its obvious it was a carrier decision (lack of Qi charging).
    My first 920 was around July. Nice cyan. Lasted three months, then the touch digitizer died. Had to warranty it for a white... They didn't have cyan. My dad has had his since launch and its taken a beating from what I can tell. The corner looks mauled, like a nasty fall that should have shattered the screen, but thankfully it didn't. Its still holding up as well aside from its war scars.
    Before the 920 I had a 900, ATT screwed up the sim pin, thus I was able to get the 920 virtually free. But before that, my 900 fell out of my scrubs pocket and cracked a tile, all the 900 got as a blunted corner! (it was one of those cheap tiles you find in all work places.)
  • My day one 920 from Australia was rubbish kept rebooting locking up bad sound,sent back several times. My replacement has been a very solid phone
  • I got my 920 since March 2013, it is holding up pretty fine. No dents or scratches. The performance has been snappy as always, it never got slower. I'm still amazed when I find a feature or detail I didn't knew about. I love the camera and the photo editors. I love the simplicity to plug it to my PC and transfer anything back and forth. While at the beginning I was disappointed because the lack of apps, now I don't feel like that anymore. I have convinced some people to buy a WP because I was convinced first that this phone was so good! It has survived some drops unscathed. The screen sometimes flickers weirdly under sunlight, and sometimes when I unlock the phone, it displays like, 16 colors and I have to wait until everything is okay again. I have no other issues with it, am very content with the device and plan to have a new WP only next year. ;D
  • My 920 got pushed off a table while vacationing in Mexico in November. It took a lot of drops, but that was the one that finally cracked the screen. I was going to just deal with it, but managed to get a 1020 for nothing from Rogers.
  • I still adore mine! Only jealous of my when I'm using the camera (she has the 1020).
  • Got my last March, on Good Friday. Excellent phone, the camera still astounds. I have a DSLR, of course the pictures is not on the same level BUT my 920 is always by my side. Quick and competent. Those camera apps, especially Nokia Camera with the amount of control it has,... damn, this phone is good...and bloody tough.
    Downside, is the known battery issues. The 3G/LTE carrier signal is patchy in my area, it sucks the battery fast. Turn on the WiFi or GPS, same thing happens. Remember those power draining apps... Facebook beta, Whatsapp, Drive+.... that the dirty little word "notification" LOL
    Its still runs as fast as when I got it all those months ago. My screen now has developed brown patches. Took it to the dealer, and it will be replaced FOC
    Will I upgrade to a new? Sure, but it better have wireless charging, a slightly bigger 5inch screen (don't need a 6-in her), better camera and built like a tough son of a birch.... I want to see nails, knives, car rolling over and those 10foot drop tests on you tube all over again !!!!
  • I bought the first Windows Phone 8 in Baton Rouge, LA. I got a ATT Windows Phone Shirt and a balloon and some funny looks for my Purchase but hey still very proud of my Lumia 920. The problem is this past Friday I had to retire my Lumia 920 because I dropped my phone and Screen shattered on a sheet of ice. :( still trying to find a fixit place to repair my screen but none of the stores have the replacement screens and i don't trust any reviews on amazon to buy a replacement and fix it myself :( so if you are reading this and have a extra 920 lying around would love to replace my favorite phone of all time!!! 
  • My 920 is still going strong, though did have to send it to Nokia care once because it just stop working one day. I want to try that nexus 5 out to.
  • Upgrated to Lumia 1020, still use the 920 sometime......
  • Does Anyone know how long the 920 is supported?
  • I've had an otterbox on it since i can remember and it has help up incredibly well considering i drop it on almost a weekly basis. I am running GDR3 and it seems to be not running as efficently as before. The rear camera also has difficulties sometimes focusing even with the focus assist light on. All and all though this phone was a welcome upgrade from the iPhone 4s and I have been a satisfied customer ever since. Hopefully this new Nokia/microsoft partnership/buyout can produce a new phone which combines the best of the current windows phone lineup into one device... Windows Phone One perhaps? one phone for everything in your life? 
  • Got a red one on AT&T in December 2012. Needed to RMA it in December 2013 due to dust in front facing camera and column of pixels getting stuck on blue toward left side of screen. (dust in FFC showed up after a 2-3 months, but the stuck pixels after ~11 months was enough to complain).
    The screen got very superficial scratches (called sleeks or speaks, I think) from being in my pocket with keys, but I consider that normal wear and tear.
    Like every smartphone before it (Focus, Titan), it's the best phone I've ever had, but it still bothers me that the phone is physically larger than the Titan but has a 0.2" smaller screen because of the huge bezel at the bottom.
    I still don't like the hollowness when tapping the phone below the camera bezel, but I got used to it.
    For slowness, the only issue I've seen is that Internet Explorer's cache needs to be cleared every month or so in order for autocomplete to populate in a useful amount of time.
    Really, though, best phone I've ever had, and I'm still taken aback by the quality of the pictures it takes.
  • Loved my 920, definitely made me adopt the windows phone platform. Today, I have upgraded to the 1520, have given my iPad away and bought a surface pro, I don't miss both my old iPhone and iPad!
  • I bought my yellow 920 on the day one of release and it still stands out amongst the crowd of iPhones and Samsung's. The stand out feature for me is its built; robust, sleek and far superior to its counterparts.
    Its true L920 would go down as the phone which started the revolution of mobile photography.
    My only drawback with 920 or rather with any windows phone has been the software. I feel the software did not push 920 to its full potential.
    Will change it only after WP8.1 release..and treasure it as one of my most liked WP.
  • I still have mine and won't be replacing it until we get a 1020 successor with a Snapdragon 805, which I am hoping will be announced at the launch of WP 8.1 in April/May (meaning released months afterwards here in Australia) Appearance wise its holding up pretty well, both the screen and case have a few scratches but for a phone that I've had for 13-14 months its doing better than any phone I've had before. I did have massive problems with the proximity sensor and can still see dust in the front facing camera, although I never use it and GDR2 fixed the proximity sensor issue. The LED flash is also a bit temperamental, sometimes it just won't turn on so can't take flash photos at night if its playing up.
  • My wife and I are still using our 920's we bought at launch and loving them!
  • Had my 920 since day 1 in Oz, was still performing well at the 12 month mark, but did send it back under warranty when the flash stopped working. Btw, Nokia's around time for warranty returns is outstanding.
    also, my wife who's a diehard android fan has asked if she can keep my phone when I replace it, for her camera.
  • I was running full speed across a parking lot the Black Friday after the 920 was released, and the phone bounced out of my pocket and tumbled 4 car lengths on the cold, hard parking lot pavement.  A few scuffs on the solid casing, but still using the phone today and works like a charm.  Any other phone I had would have fallin' apart after taking that spill... Oh yeah, and I was able to sell the 1080p Camcorder I bought when my son was born since I had a great 1080p video camera with my all the time, AND thanks to the great low light performance, I could capture living room memories at home with the greatest of ease and clarify ;)
  • Love my 920. Absolutely the best phone I have ever had to date. Later this year I will be able to upgrade again. Not going anywhere anytime soon so definitely getting a new Windows phone. Hopefully Microsoft buying Nokia/devices makes Windows Phone even better!
  • Well lets see, I'm on my 3rd Lumia 920. Flash broke on one and I think the 2nd was replaced for sim/mms issues. My front camera has so much dust I don't bother to use it to take photos. Every GDR update has fixed bugs and introduced its own. The most obnoxious bug in GDR2 is that sometimes when I view something rotated, like a video, when I back out it doesn't unrotate my app (usually in BaconIt).
    Oh and sometimes when I forward an email through Gmail it turns it into gibberish full.of email headers and html in the body. I love this phone. The screen is beautiful. The camera was ground breaking (although I feel like I liked how my iPhone possessed photos better and they never stay as sharp as they are on the preview). The battery is even sufficient. I haven't even found myself wanting a faster device, which says a lot after a year and few months. But all the damned bugs,and having to replace it a few times has really soured me on recommending it to friends.
  • I still use my 920 everyday. I LOVE this phone. In fact I had a 900, and when the 920 came out I upgraded to it....at full price (wasn't ready for an upgrade) and have not regretted it. I want a 1520 for its size but I want wireless charging so....but my screen is perfect, I have a ding in the corner of the case from when I dropped it in a parking lot. Other than that...flawless.
  • lol broke 4 screens... one of them while trying to do a DIY screen replacement. Love it! Gonna update to the 1020, might frame my 920 to expose it on my desk lol!
  • I got the 920 a week after it came out (free wireless charger bundle) still using it and still kicking. Battery still lasting a full day with everyday use, (Pandora, Facebook, weave reader) I need to switch carriers but waiting till this phone falls apart which I don't see happening any time soon
  • Near one year later for me with my white Lumia 920 and I still fawn over it. Love it very much. My biggest complaint is with the front facing camera...the image is off color and a lot of dirt found its way to the lens. But, as I rarely use it, it's not a big factor to sway my love for my Lumia 920. It's been a fantastic phone and has become an integral part of my every day living. Long live Lumia 920!
  • I love my 920. The phone is a beast. Survives any reasonable bump you can throw at it, and 32GB is perfect. It's also rock-solid stability-wise, unlike my old HTC Surround. That thing had some hardware heat issue that caused it to perpetually reboot. Grabbed my 920 and never looked back...no regrets.
  • A beast indeed. I've dropped mine plenty of times love the 920 and being a person that needs the latest tech, I find myself upgrading everything but my phone.
  • Even having to upgrade to a Lumia 1520, I still think that the Lumia 920 is the best looking Lumia ever. I miss my 920, no thanks to that person who robbed my 920 from me.
  • Always had my eye on these since they are announced ( Zune HD supporter here), held out, finally got it June 2013 (black, very first smartphone) and I love the crap outta this thing... Latest updates, dropped a few times and it's a trooper... Am happy and proud, love the heft.... Might get another just for when this one dies, which seemingly won't be any time soon. long live Lumia 920!!1!
  • Mine is slowly dimming away. Front camera is covered in dust and sometimes the proximity sensor refuses to work without a reboot. Capacitive buttons don't give a feedback anymore. Planning to switch from yellow to red shell.
  • I love the phone and the operating system! I bought the 920 on day one and since that time I have had two replacements! THE BATTERY SUCKS! Keeps getting hot and then once gets hot it hardly hold a charge for half the day. I am out of my one year warranty so I will not be getting a replacement 920, BUT I am sticking with WP
  • Still have my 920 ..bought it when it first came out...still working perfectly..love the built in wireless charging..the only phone to have this feature..also..love the feel of my phone...solid like a rock....will upgrade one day..maybe if the 1520 would become available up here in Canada....but for now..still suits me fine
  • Mine has a bit of screen wear: patches of scratches in the corners of the display. Overall, the batter life is not as good as before (it used to be amaaaazing), but it's still around a day of work time. The build quality is perfect, I've used it with no case for over a year and its dealt some blows that would've destroyed the iPhone.
  • My first l920 was black and traded it to my friend who bought yellow, got stolen, now i am using red.
  • I love stuff like this. Revisiting "old" tech a couple years later. I'm very curious as to how my 8X will hold up when 8.1 and whatever else comes after it are released.
  • funny.  i just got my L920.  tennis ball yellow of course.  upgrading from a L620. i picked it up on eBay for $125(?!) shipped from one of those big-box used electronics resellers. cosmetically it's got some dings but in terms of functionality, it's all flawless.  right around the time the Lumia 920 and HTC 8X came out, i picked up the One X about 4 months prior.  and as soon as the WP8 phones came out, i had all sorts of buyers remorse.  patiently waiting for AT&T to do the OTA Black update.  i know they'll release it. they just won't do it in a timely manner.  could always be worse though, so i'm not all that impatient.   as far as the phone goes, i'm impressed with the camera.  it's as good if not better than the camera that's on the One X.  i say better because of the lens and OIS.  there is very little that i don't like about the phone.  except for maybe the AT&T branding and the fact that it doesn't have Data Sense or SIM Apps or the fact that i could save multiple carrier profiles like my unbranded L620 does.  but i suppose that's to do with being a subsidized device.  
  • Its been a year since i've owned Lumia 920. I m still loving it, but the problem I faced is, vibration stopped after using for 11 months, same problem for my friend too. First we thought it was software glich, and hope GDR3 might fix it, but it didn't..so thats the only thing dissapointing..and also the front facing camera has dust around it.
  • My 920 is just fine. I would like a 1520 though. My daughter has 1020 and my other has a 521. Lol my 3 yr old even plays games on my old Focus that I had before my 900. 920 still good but I do want the 1520.
  • Only one thing could (and did) drag me away from my 920...   the 1520.   I still have my 920, and still love it... I set it up to teach my kids how how to write apps for it.
  • Mine still works like it did day one and looks like too.  Which is why I worry that it won't get 8.1 because of how stable this flagship is. Meaning AT&T can't make new phone money from me. So I think it will wither on the vine like waiting on LTE to come to Vegas from Sprint.
  • I switched last December to the 920 and I'm loving it. I moved from Android and don't have a reason to go back to that platform.
  • I still have my Lumia 920, never had any problems. WP ecosystem is ever-expanding and the patience is paying off. Thanks you Nokia and MS.
  • Still as snappy as on day 1. I don't know how, but it's the truth.
  • Oh the memories! My first and only windows phone to date, I switched from android after a year of having it I was desperate it lagged most of the time and at that point it was almost useless (it lagged bringing up the numerical pad to make calls). App situation was bad to be honest but as the year progressed its no longer a problem, some updates to some apps here and there wouldnt hurt but Im loving it. after a year is still fast with no lag. like any other electronic it has had its quirks here and there but nothing major. I know this year it will get better with updates so I am defenetely loving Nokia/windows phone and if I change it, it  would be for another windows phone :)
  • I still have it. I still use it on a daily basis. Thinking to upgrade for the 1020, though.
  • Got mine in November 2012. Still holding up great, smooth, camera works wonderfully, and battery still holds a decent charge -- I can go all day on a single charge. The first one that I got had some severe battery issues. Turned it in about a week after getting it. This one has been problem-free since!
  • My ffl is one dusty mofo. Other than that, good as new. Will be sad to say goodbye one day...
  • We bought ours in Dec. 2012. I have a white one and my wife's is red. Still going strong.
  • Love my 920. Its built solid like a tank. After numerous drops (nasty ones) still looks as good as new. Black update has somehow helped the improve the battery life marginally. Only wish it had come with a AMOLED screen and an extra filter in the camera. Other than that, I really cannot think any major issues faced with the phone, have had it for a yr now. Going great ;)
  • I wish I'D got my hands on a 920. Sad to say i didn't. Still rocking a 900 :'( due to the fact I got it the first day it came out. Using my upgrade meaning I was on contract for another 2 years. Who knew that the 920 would be out just a few months later. I felt bamboozled because the 900 became obsolete in the blink of an eye. I wish I had money to blow but I don't. So here I am waiting until April for my upgrade. Windows 8 here I come. Can't wait to get better apps and all that good stuff. I just wanna feel relevant. Love Nokia as a brand love my 900 even though it's giving me the blues. Tell you what technology has taught me a lesson. Patience is a virtue...well I'll just have to be content with the 1520....never getting to experience the 920. Since I'm Nokia's #1fangirl Lumia's is all I'm rocking....until the wheels fall off ;-) lol.
  • Doing fine, but lonely since I got my 1020. Mind you, its a refurb since the last update irreversibly bricked my original 920. That was my only bad experience with it.
  • Nokia/WP8 was my dream hardware/software combo. I was an early adopter of Windows mobile with an Compaq iPaq, and soon thereafter moved to windows phone on an Audivox then a HTC StarTac. In 2008 I moved to Nokia and the amazing build of the E71. While being a reluctant Symbian fan, I loved the Nokia and when touch became the game, I got a N8. Long story of how I got my 920, but it made sense to go to the one option that wasn't like everything else. After a year, happy with the increase in apps. The phone is business friendly. Like my two other Nokia phones, the 920 is a tank. Hardware wise, the biggest negative is the battery life. Software wise the negatives are the live tiles that don't update, and the apps that are developed, then not supported or updated. If an app is going to be in the store, then Microsoft needs to make sure it works.
  • Still rocking my day 1 Lumia 920 when I went to store I was coming from 900 with glossy finish was a little on edge not having that on my black 920.  Still rock solid, I had a 1520 returned it simply because I am very use to the wireless charging and with my work schedule not fumbling for a charging cable is worth it for me.  It still takes great pictures my battery life is still a day on good use so until I can get an unlocked 1520 or wait on 8.1 I am good with my 920 and 2520 combo :)
  • I was on Sprint service, had a Palm Pre that I thought was the tops at the time... I thought I was so cool with that phone.  I kept it through my whole 2 year agreement, and when it was up as of March I believe in 2012, I went searching for a new phone.  I eventually some time later started hearing about a Nokia phone called the Lumia 920.  I started looking up info about it, reading tech sites with the latest breaking rumors.  One thing I knew, I would never go Apple, can't explain why, I just don't like the iphone.  I also didn't really care for Android either, hence the Palm Pre.  I instantly decided I wanted to go Windows Phone and get the Lumia 920.  I held out all year until November 2012 with my Pre, then switched from Sprint to AT&T specifically to get the 920.  I still have it and use it daily now.  It still is my only phone, and I still love every minute of it.  I have never had a case for it and it still looks as beautiful as the day I got it.  When my 2 year agreement is up, I will probably upgrade to a new phone... but i guarantee it will be another Windows Phone, and almost certainly another Nokia.
  • I've had my 920 since we got them at BUILD. The only issue I have is the vibration doesn't work properly so I miss notifications when it's on silent. Other than that the battery is great, it's fast, but I do wish I had more storage. I love built-in Qi charging and I hope Nokia/MS return to having it integrated rather than with a case.
  • Awesome! unlike an android based device, I only reboot this phone because I want to! dropped twice (OUCH) face down on cement, not even a scratch! (lucky?) the Nokia Lumia 920 was truly the end ofthe smartphone beta test! nothing but greatness! I have had android, BB and iOS, the Lumia 920 WP8 has been the best! keep making "official" apps a priority however... 
  • Loved my 920 until it stoped recognizing that I had a SIM card in.  Sent it off to Nokia and it was returned. They stated there was internal damage and was not fixable..hmm not sure how that happened.  Anyways it was returned minus the sim tray.  I use it as a paper weight now and occasianly use it to surf the web while my iPhone is on the charger.  Was not happy with the Nokia customer service.  Would have liked to atleast have had the phone returned to me the way I sent it.  Anyways it was a good phone while it lasted.
  • Still rocking my 920 daily and love it. Wife got a 1020 and while its very cool, the lack of built-in wireless charging makes it a no-go. I'm actually a bit upset that I've yet to see another Lumia with wireless built in, but I guess I'm one of the few that don't mind the added heft. My work gave me a Samsung Galaxy S4 a few months ago. After a week of use I set it to forward all calls to my 920. The GS4 is a joke and Blanddroid is a travesty.
  • Loved my 920, but dropped it face down on a city bus and spider webbed the screen after having it only 5 months. (I got 2 during Black Friday weekend 2012 for $50 each plus free chargers and $25 app gift cards) I was able to use for about 2 more months before it crapped out on me, but took it on a cruise that April and took some outstanding pics with it. I truly loved that phone, but really happy with my red Lumia 1520 now! Just wish it had 32 gigs, and Qi wireless charging as I have 2 plates just collecting dust! My wife managed to spider web her screen last October, but hers still works. I took advantage of another Black Friday weekend and got myself that 1520, and I got her a Lumia 1020 and now she is in pictorial heaven now!
  • I have 5.2gb of "other" storage so iv noticed my get laggy. I dropped my phone once and now i keep getting some ghosting like if an imaginary finger is touching the screen. Luckily im insured and dont plan to switch the 920 for any phone on the market
  • I am going to be honest as much as I love my 920 it's not holding out at all. The screen keeps on flickering when I am using it, it does stop after a few seconds of use. The screen has gotten a yellow tinge at the bottom of it so anything white comes up a little bit yellow. The front facing camera has so much dust in it that I can't use it any more. On the back of the phone the case has started to crack all around the camera. When i try to take photos a lot of them come out blurry and I have to re-take the photo again I can have my phone sit on a desk and all of a sudden the phone pops up with "Slide down to power off" The volume keeps on turning it self to 0/30 and no matter how I struggle it doesn't go back up until I restart the phone When ever I run applications on my phone it heats up so much I can't hold the phone any more. While my phone is charging via the wireless charging station it heats up so much I can't touch it or put it into my pocket after charging. I have to turn my phone off after charging as it keeps staying warm and drains the power very fast. I get about 5hours of use out of this phone in a day if I am lucky. I always have to have a charging cable with me due to constant battery issues. In saying all of that I love this phone any way. I have looked at upgrading but not sure if I want to just yet.
  • My l920 black It is awesome but battery drains fast on 3g network they should develop some app or software to conserve battery.Lumia battery should have been 2300mah or 3000mah.
  • 920 now only $320 on Indonesia
  • Can we replace only battery.i am facing only battery issues other then everything is fine.
  • Probably better today than when I bought it over a year ago. Still looks brand new too.
  • I'm saving money so I could get a 1520 by March or April. Getting it via a carrier is not that easy here in my country. But, if I get too excited and can no longer wait, 920 is the best next option for me. :D
  • Ordered mine online and received it two days before Launch Day. Cyan. Still going strong. Corners a little dented due to a drop or two. Had to perform minor surgery on it to fix the wobbling battery issue, but otherwise it has performed well. People are still impressed with the quality of pictures that I take. Still very satisfied with the performance and battery life.
  • Love my 920! The Good:
    In the year that I have had it the battery has gotten longer and much more predictable, backlight insanity has calmed down, bluetooth works with most devices now, the OS got much faster with the latest GDR3 patch when it was already pretty awesome. That is all on top of everything that I enjoyed about it when I first purchased it. Great front facing camera, enough stabilization to run while videoing my kiddos and still have watchable content, wireless charging, great call and audio recording quality, a surprisingly clean headphone jack... just a solid quality product all around!
    Lastly, I have dropped this phone so many times on the concrete floor at work, and a time or two on asphalt, and there is nothing more than a few barely noticeable dings around the edges. The 920 truly is the invincible phone! The Bad:
    I was really looking forward to having radio on the phone... but reception is pretty awful to the point of useless so that feature turned out to be a bust.
    Wallet was billed (lol) to be a great NFC payment option, but now it is pretty much never talked about. If someone else gets a solid NFC payment solution going that will work with my bank then they will get my business, but it seems like even google wallet is on the down low these days.
    Opening apps continues to be slower than I would like. I understand that it is no desktop, but when my desktop can open a AAA game in the time my phone can open a flashlight app... that's just a little sad. Moving to higher core clocks, DDR3, and faster storage in newer devices will hopefully remedy this.
    Lots of little annoyances that are easy to fix seem to persist, though I understand the focus on making OS changes will be later this year as last year was a focus on hardware support. The Ugly:
    The only physical issue I take with the phone itself is the front facing camera. In the last year that poor thing has picked up so much pocket lint that it is absolutely useless. Why it was not sealed is beyond me. Now that my warranty is up I am considering dismantling it to clean out the camera and seal it, and I might swap out the shell for a cyan or orange one while I am at it. I am a pretty picky customer. I avoided getting a smartphone for a few years because the tech simply was not good enough or reliable enough. The L920 however has been pretty awesome overall, and I look forward to what is coming next.
  • I love my 920. I've had it since Dec. 2012. Been looking to upgrade to the lovely 1520, though. The 920 has faired well so far. Some scratches here and there but still solid and no noticeable lag or studder in performance. Lord knows I would not be able to say the same for many Android phones. Look forward to continue using my 920 for a good while...at least until I can get my hands on a 1520
  • I bought my 920 when they first came out. It was my first Windows phone and my second Nokia. I was already on ATT with no contract so I called and negotiated a 920 for$50. I was blown away with the phone. Great photos, video and snappy performance. While I recently bought a 1020 I still have the 920 as my backup phone and camera. I keep it connected by WIFI so it stays up to date. It looks as new as the day I bought and it has never been cased.
  • 920 was the phone which made my wife come out of the iOS scrap and improved to keep her views open she has it from the launch month and is in mood to change it any soon. I though have quickly moved from Mozart to NL 800 to NL1520
  • My 920 has been absolutely perfect.  I have been happy with the pace of updates and I eagerly await 8.1 which will likely be my next phone purchase.  The camera is great, the ability to survive falls is awesome, Here services have served me well and luckily I don't have any app gaps. 
  • Technically this is my 2nd 920, since the original I got at launch fell and shattered. Sold the shattered one on eBay and paid full retail for a replacement. I intend to hang onto this until there is a MAJOR new hardware release. Most of what we've seem are just variations really. I'm also sticking with this and seeing where WP goes. I really want to see some major advancements in the OS before buying into another phone. I feel I made a couple of concessions for a Nokia... Things I must have in the next phone. SD card support, swappable battery, others. Things I thought I could do without, but find an increasing need for as time goes by. before this I had Dell VP which I grew to hate. Oddly enough, I really miss my old HD2. I'm also curious if a Sony WP means getting PS games. I love my 920, but definitely keeping an open mind about the future.
  • Most beautiful phone created. It's like a piece of art! Sold my red Lumia 920 on eBay today. Was the hardest thing to do, even after upgrading to the Lumia 1020.
  • Well, Nokia sent me my 5th replacement 920 last June. And while that one was finally a solid reliable device, the phone left a bad taste in mouth. Between its weight, the extra bezel around the screen, the LCD screen (not AMOLED), and the reliability issues I was ready to move on. So I bought a used 1020 with camera grip. And love it. I've had/have the HTC Surround, Lumia 800, 920, 1020, and 520. And to be honest, the Lumia 920 was the worst WP phone I've owned. Especially being the flagship launch device of WP8, it just didn't live up in my book.
  • Another one from India. I bought Lumia 920 on Launch date. Its been 1yr and am loving it . Recently past 1 week am facing issues it suddenly goes dead and then reappears after sometym. May b the warranty is over . Anyone else have the same probs ?Otherwise luvng it ...  Am having a black (expected a Yelow or Cyan) .
  • +920
  • my Lumia 920 from launch is a little bit less stable now. multiple times i had to hard reset the phone. and once it even freezed using Nokia Drive. storage space has already been an issue, now especially with my Xbox Music subscription. i am looking forward to upgrade to the next flagship Lumia soon.
  • The Lumia 920 (I got it in matte black) was my first Windows Phone. Coming from a BlackBerry 9900, I admit that I struggled with the virtual keyboard. I absolutely love the design, build quality and form factor of the 920. Of course, apart from the 1020, the 920 has the best camera performance out there. My only gripe is the terrible battery life (I'm on a 3G network in Singapore) - 4 hour battery life when using mobile data networks extensively is no laughing matter - then again, this applies to all modern phones today. Love the wireless charging feature as well. Probably the best Lumia ever made.
  • Love my 920 although it goes down as the most Bricked phone in Windows Phone history. I think I've replaced it about 4 times and had to unlock it every time. Nokia owes me money. Even though I love my 1020 for photos I have to admit that the 920 is probably the better camera overall. The processing time on the 1020 is a killer sometimes where my 920 dances around it. Memory is also much better on my 920 because the photos aren't hogging my memory. I've literally turned of upload to SkyDrive on my 1020 because it makes no sense. Back to the camera, those software updates have made this camera on the 920 even better.
  • I don't know if this counts but I bought an 820 around the first week of Jan. Just over one year later I have had no problems at all. Updates and everything were smooth too! 
  • Proud owner of L920. Except for 1520 i don't think the other Lumia devices have it in them to make a switch. L920 is the best. All hail the beast.
  • I still get laughs about how large and 'heavy" my 920 is, but it's ok cause I know that I've dropped mine about 100 times and there's hardly a scratch on it. Yet every one in my family has had to replace their Iphones at least once from drops. It's nice being able to say "Yea I don't need a case case this thing is a beast, and who would want to cover up this beautiful looking phone." Haha
  • JUST broke my Lumia 920 today ;(
    So sad... Its like my heart broke with the screen...
  • I had the 920 since it was released here in switzerland, now changed to the 1520 last week. I was always happy with the 920 and i could have gone further with it.
  • Cyan since launch,had it replaced twice cause of battery drain. Held up ok physically besides a very noticeable screen scratch and the corners look "melted" or like bent or smudged like play-doh. Haven't been able to sync my Microsoft account/twitter for over a year now. 3 or 4 days a week the battery drains like its race. And yes,I tried everything (stop background programs, manual email retrieving, nfc/BT off, glance off,auto brightness, NO live tiles). Browser gets stuck in landscape after viewing any videos. Sometimes no sound plays for video or music. Sometimes wont play music I've bought thats in the cloud (just loads it then skips it) a good 35 seconds to load YouTube,Wikipedia and most manually entered websites or searching via the browser address bar (and during this time if u let the screen timeout or go HOME,the browser crashes). BT car call turn off 50% of the time during the call (had no issues w Titans in same car) Camera is very tough to use, quick pictures come out awful. Always having to hold the phone both hands very steady making sure to touch to focus. Which is fine if u have the time to set up a shot,but on the fly its near impossible. Been my weakest WP device yet, had no issues w HD2,Titan 1 or 2. I love the color, it matches my surface keyboard too. I get asked all the time about the phone in public but my contract is up in March,would like to see what they have to offer at that time.
  • Got it around Jan 2013'...so I guess you can say I was there since the beginning. Its still the BEST Windows Phone out there, other than the 1020. I dont care what all those bloggers say about the weight. It is NOT too heavy...it feels sturdy. If you seriously cant stand the extra few ounces, then you seriously got a problem.
  • Got the black 920 when it came out over a year ago. Got a massive graze down the side but its held up well considering how much I drop the thing. Loving all of it until I dropped it last night and can't find it. Hopefully it and last nights pictures show up ( hadnt synced to skydrive when I lost it). That phone brought the WP8 generation and will forever be imprinted into my memory as THE NOKIA WP. Hopefully I find it soon!!!
  • i love my lumia 920, goo camera, build quality is supereb, gr8 screen. but it hangs and restarts most of the times.
  • For me the phone it's working very well without problems. The only issue is that the battery last very short compared to the beginning of his life. I do more or less 6-7 hours now compared to the 10 before.
  • Phone is getting heated...wot to do??
  • Still using my black 920 as my daily driver, its got scuffs and scratches, but still runs smooth as silk. I'm holding out for a 929-like phone on AT&T. The 1520 is just too big. I actually wish the 929 had a 4.7 inch @ 1080P, but doesn't seem like that is going to happen.
  • Mine is holding up well. I once had to replace the screen after a bad fall, but apart from that, no problems at all. I never had any of the issues, my 920 is still running as smoothly as on the first day, even with dozens of apps installed. I will keep it till my contract is up (April) or longer. Leaning towards the 1020, buuuut would miss the built-in ability to load it wirelessly l. Also leaning towards the 1520, but the low light photos of the 920 is something I would miss. Sigh.
  • Phone is getting heated....wot to do??
  • Check you apps because one or more is the cause of your heat problem.
  • Which apps??
    I dint get you...
  • You need to uninstall all your apps that you added and find out which one is making your phone heat up. I ran into the same problem, and it's not easy but now I don't have any heating or battery draining, and all my live tiles are working smoothly. one or more of your apps is constantly running like a loop that causes your phone to heat up.
  • For me the phone it's working very well without problems. The only issue is that the battery last very short compared to the beginning of his life. I do more or less 6-7 hours now compared to the 10 before.
  • I still have mine to I love it!!!. The only gripes I have are. Every time I put it in my pocket I get that annoying message we've all heard before. Sorry Couldn't hear anything try saying Call Mom, Order Pizza, Call Randy. And after the Amber Update my phone Dings on the Qi after it's fully charged :( and it happens multiple time in the night.  
  • My 920 is still working perferctly. I took care of it and there are w even scratches in my screen. I still use it every day and I love it
  • Still doing great. Had mine since November 2012. Nothing on the phone market that will make me get a new phone at the moment.
  • Holding strong since launch and still think it's still the best all-around phone. Size, weight, camera, form, Qi is all a perfect blend.  I'm envious of all the users here that upgrade once a year though. But then 2 years is a good span i think.
  • I had 7 920's and tons of issues. My first one was pre-ordered, but the experience was disappointing. At&t let me exchange it for a 1020 this past October. I do miss wireless charging.
  • Had mine since April 2013 and was at first disappointed in the supposedly awesome camera. It took out of focus pics, but I loved everything else about it including WP8. It has only ever rebooted on me once, after which I had to take it in to get them to repair it. Soon after that I dropped it in 3" of water for about 3 secs with no ill effect. After the amber update my camera has really shinned. Everyone i have shown it to has been in awe of it. On a trip to Disney world my apple loving iP5 toting friends were disappointed when my 920 blew the doors off their cameras in nearly every shot. That same trip I dropped it from 5' onto a tile floor and not a thing happened to it. I was trying to figure out how iPhone loving people press the camera button on the screen using one hand, turns out it is not easy. Since then I just use my trusty camera button ;-). I love Qi charging, use it every night. Will have this phone for the another couple years and I am just hoping Microsoft can properly take over from Nokia and provide me with my next phone then!
  • Had the 920 from jump and still converting iPhone and Android users with it. It is still a great device. Will become a full time GPS when I get the 1520 if it ever comes to Germany
  • It's still a beautiful phone. It doesn't feel a year old.
  • Luv my lumia 920 using it for a long time alongside my recent office provided note 3 fone, I came across some bugs like the light sensor haphazard response when calling and after battery is charged (Wirelessly) the battery display remains empty until you restart the fone apart from that solid build with no scrathes (No need for screen protectors) even after I dropped it on pavement.
  • I still love it. A little scrape here-or-there hasn't stopped it from being a device I love to show off. I've even used it to convince co-workers to #MakeTheSwitch! That said, the only complaint I have is that my front-facing camera tends to take yellowed pictures. That's seriously the only thing I have a gripe with. :D
  • I still have mine. Am using it right now. She is awesome. Almost considered getting a new one...but I don't know. It is pretty much perfect. First time I recognized that it was "older" hardware was today, when playing GTA San Andreas.
  • Let's see, got my first smartphone in early January 2012. A Black Nokia Lumia 920. Before that, I had broken five phones in two years, all non smart phones. My mother really wanted me to get an iPhone but I went for Windows only cuz of Nokia. And while my habit of dropping my phone considerably improved, I must say that the Nokia Lumia 920 handled the falls really well until September when something started rattling inside so they gave me a new one for free. I have a better case now and I dont drop my phone much anymore, but for me, the best thing has been that it has survived all those falls, sometimes falling as much as 5-6 feet and then tumbling. I found Windows 8 easy to get used to on phone, and I do not care much about apps to be honest, but the battery life has been very good as well. Yes it is heavy and all, but I am glad and proud of the choice I made! 
  • Absolutely love my red Lumia 920, got it about a year ago. To me, I think size and weight is perfect, S4 is too light and iPhone is too small. The materials used on the phone are crazy, dropped my phone so many times yet I still don't have any dents or cracks on my screen...iphones lol. Battery life is okay considering the time it was release but I can still get a decent full day without too much heavy usage. Camera......that low light technology......still better than IOS and Android. Front facing camera is the only problem, gets a lot of dust. Apps are also a problem. I'm glad that Microsoft is working really hard to get popular apps out in the market but it's just not fast enough. And we have to pay apps that are free on IOS and Android....doesn't make any sense. But other than that, I love Nokia and Windows (actually never Windows had an OS for phones until I got it haha) and will be buying the Lumia 1520 or any new phones by Nokia once my contract ends.
  • I was a sucker and snatched up the 900 as soon as it was available.  Not too long after, the 920 came out. Still have the 900, makes a good paper weight.
  • Still going strong, still snappy, the camera is still excellent and competes with other manufacturers as well, very reliable and durable phone. It doesn't feel like it's a year old already.
  • I was a sucker and ordered the 900 as soon as it was available.  Soon after, the 920 came out.  I still have the 900, makes a good paper weight.
  • Love the OS love the Apps but i have had a problem from the get go with my camera flash, it basically works when it wants to and often times not when i need it the most. I've taken it in for repairs to my service provider and all they did was flash the phone so the problem still persists. But other than that happy with the phone and all its features
  • Apart from a couple of niggles (beeping at me as if I've just put it on its charging plate throughout the day, and the odd strange behaviour while locked) i love it. Still going strong - and will hopefully for a few years yet!
  • I find the performance to be degrading. It seems less snappier than initially. Of course, the hw is the same, but with more apps, more live tiles and background tasks you can feel the lag in certain operations.
  • I've been getting some resets after taking a picture, rare but really annoying as i lose recently taking pics, also noticing a few apps crash and a bit of slow down, i really want to upgrade but there isn't an obvious big upgrade to the 920 yet, just lots of small upgrades.
  • I love my n920. Especially the camera and those low light photos. Since I bought it one year ago, my APS-C Sony nex-5 camera is used rarely. Unfortunately I have to send my Nokia to get repaired, since it got stuck in headphone mode somehow. It was my third WP phone and next one will be n1020.
  • My 920 has had two screen swaps (cracked it... Can you believe it) changed its colour from black to red and then to yellow (diy jobs) and now finally retired to be replaced by a 1020...
  • Mine was going great up until a few hours ago when something went wrong with the screen or the graphics or something. the features of the phone work but the screen starts tweeking out or goes to black during transitions. I turned it to high contrast mode but that only helped a little. It seems tha longer i set it aside, the longer it works before the screen starts tweeking out.
  • The 920 in my opinon was the foundation of most of the current lumia devices, it was a wel balanced phone from camera to size and the tough body. It is trully the mother of the second generation of lumia devices
  • Still as snappy as when I first got it! Actually every update has made it faster!
  • This was probablt the first time since I was a kid, where I waited for something to come out for months, reading everything I could find about it. Refreshing all news sources several times a day. And it was beautiful when ot finally arrived! Still there were problems with it. Screen not waking up after calls. Nokia in Norway wouldn't help me and referred to my carrier that didn't know how to fix it. The phone was in for repairs twice and they didn't do anything the first time. I would rather have this now than any of the new ones. If they made one with a better camera and still includes cordless charging, I would get it.
  • I got mine on day 1 and it still rocks. I haven't wanted anything else. I love SkyDrive!
  • Still loving it - albeit looking for a replacement being OOC for a month now. 1520 too big for me, so... I want that Icon!
  • I own 920 from the November of 2012. First I thought that it would outdated after a year or so. But even now it stays a proper tool for what it's supposed to be like communicator. The way better experience than I'd got on Nokia N8. And I don't want to say a word about the camera. The main miracle there is windows word flow. Far better than the camera.
  • The 920 was my first phone ever.....and simply no regrets for buying that.....it is working as smooth and great as it was on the first day....being an amateur photographer, the 920 helped me alot when i wasn't having my dslr. The best part is that...we have seen the rise of wp8 like when i bought the 920 the store lacked many apps...but gradually increasing apps was like cherry in the cake for my 920. The build quality as we all say is best compared to its competitors. I guess that's why it is called THE MOST INNOVATIVE SMARTPHONE!!! #lovelumia
  • The 920 was my first phone ever.....and simply no regrets for buying that.....it is working as smooth and great as it was on the first day....being an amateur photographer, the 920 helped me alot when i wasn't having my dslr. The best part is that...we have seen the rise of wp8 like when i bought the 920 the store lacked many apps...but gradually increasing apps was like cherry in the cake for my 920. The build quality as we all say is best compared to its competitors. I guess that's why it is called THE MOST INNOVATIVE SMARTPHONE!!! #lovelumia
  • My 920 is over one year old. Still as snappy as ever. Had to replace the screen after a bad fall. But overall I'm not upgrading anytime soon. Apart from the weight difference, i don't think the latest models have anything new to offer. Also I could never downgrade from the 32 gb internal memory now!
  • Although L920 is great device i can say that it's the worst device i ever had (maybe it's WP fault)
    It's unacceptable for a phone like L920 after running apps or mainly games to reach a massive overheating temperature and battery drain ~40%/hour!!!!
    Totaly disappoint.Except this issue the phone is amazing but this issue for me is the most important so definitely i going to switch to iPhone once again until Microsoft and Nokia will fix serious issues like this one!
  • Still rocking ny 920 not a thing wrong with the phone probably upgrade soon to something like the 1520.
  • My experience with the Lumia was kind of a mixed bag. After some three months, my battery was so bad that I exchanged my device through warranty. The next one took about five months to start misbehaving. I take it out of the charger at 7am and at noon it's at 15%. Last week it fell out of my pocket (shorts, about knee-high) and, even though I have a protective cover, the "Gorilla Glass" shattered. Nokia doesn't cover this through warranty and to change the display, I've been told, will cost me about 250 bucks. I changed to Windows Phone because I was tired of iOS never ever trying to reinvent itself. I am now waiting for a little money to be available to change to Android. It's sad... The "concept" of WP8 is good, the execution still a little lacking. The camera on the Lumia 920 is what I am going to miss the most about it.
  • I was forced to 'upgrade' to the 925 from the 920 after an insurance claim. I miss my 920 sp much. Sure the 925 is great but the 920 was a much better design. Stronger construction imo, 32gb over 16, and qi built in. And the form was much more unique
  • Got my 920 in January 2013 (had to settle for white after I had to give up on the beautiful yellow version due to availability issues, couldn't wait any longer!) and it's still in great shape. Still think it is the best designed hardware from Nokia (I do wish I had the 1020's 41MP at times but not too sure about the bulge) perfecting the 800 and 900 fabula design.. Love the screws at the bottom and the practically straight design (compared to the slightly tapered 1020 edges). Dropped a couple of times on concrete floor and the dents are not noticeable at first glance. I love taking it out when I see an iPhone 5 worn with scratches only f