Lumia Cyan update rolling out for Lumia 920 smartphones in Canada [Update: India, UK and more]

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Update: We have gotten a number of other tips indicating the Cyan update is now being rolled out for the Lumia 920 in other parts of the world, including India, the UK, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and the UAE.

Original story: The official Nokia Canada Twitter page has just posted word that the Lumia Cyan software update is now rolling out to owners of the Lumia 920 smartphone up in the Great White North.

This means that the folks who still own the nearly two year old Windows Phone 8 smartphone will be able to get updated to Windows Phone 8.1. These over-the-air updates are usually rolled out in phases, so it may be a while before every Lumia 920 owner in Canada gets to download the Cyan update. Once again, we offer a reminder that if you're running the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers, you need to downgrade to Windows Phone 8 to be eligible to receive the Cyan update.

If you own a Lumia 920 in Canada are you excited about the prospect of getting the Cyan update? Thanks to Jacob for the tip!

Source: Nokia Canada on Twitter


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Lumia Cyan update rolling out for Lumia 920 smartphones in Canada [Update: India, UK and more]



I beg to differ.... T-Mobile is the winner (Loser) of that award... Lumia 925 already got the update on a different carrier, but here I am..waiting.....

Ditto. When 925 came out it was getting updates promptly. I don't like TMO updates ethics when it comes to devices over 6+ months old. It's not right.

Why release 8.1 for existing phones when you can promote an exclusive 8.1.1 phone from HTC that will likely NEVER receive another update (from HTC or Verizon)?!

Tell me about it! 920 was so late 2 updates ago. The last one we got was quick! At that point I did think that AT$T got all my nastygrams. Looks like it was just a fluke. Back to bashing that evil spiteful company.

You have to see it from AT&T's perspective. People dumb enough to still use a two year old phone when they're paying for it every month don't need no updates... (not calling anyone dumb, that's what AT&T thinks of their customers)

And that's still the wrong view. What's harder than bringing in customers? Bringing back customers that already left. If they abandon or heavily delay Lumia 920 updates, people will start leaving and may never look back. Look at all the HTC M8 articles' comments section, tons of comments about people never going back to HTC because of the way they ignored their Windows Phones. Same for me, M8 looks nice but never again. My HTC Surround was completely abandoned and never recieved the 7.8 update.

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It's coming out on AT&T. I've been posting for a while that someone in the know there told me Cyan would be released by the end of August. If you look at the release cadence for most other Lumia models, AT&T should start their rollout by the end of the week.

BT4 LE. This alone is good enough for me to update(when att actually releases it). Cyan is not really much of a OS-update but more of a "driver pack", that enables WP8 to better utilize the hardware in 920. 

As far as I can tell, aptX and BT4LE. And hopefully a lot fewer BT bugs.

8.1 GDR1 adds aptX, but it doesn't actually work without Cyan (I've heard it does with Cyan though).

I hope that it fixes some lag issues, like when you swipe to app list and then back to home screen, there's a bit of a latency there. Also if the notification centre has many notifications, it's really laggy when pulling it down, also there are lot of crashes on ie and on some apps. 


Rolled out? are you asking a question or telling that it's rolled out. Because there is still no official confrimation regarding that

You do not need to downgrade to Windows Phone 8. The Nokia Recovery Tool program immediately installs the Cyan update. At least, it was what happened to me.

Did your data like game saves get erased?  My understanding is using the recovery tool erases everything and starts you back at square one.  It's a small issue for, but I don't feel like playing the same levels again.

not everything will be erased, your startscreen set-up will be saved as will some settings, with regards to app/games data that solely depends on the dev

Yes you'll lose non-cloud saves and also the videos and photos. They'll be in the cloud backed up but not right there on the phone.

anyone know how to get rid of the following error message 805a0194 it showed up in the store after I undated to Cyan on my 1020 it says apps have been waiting for more than a week to be updated - I have no non updated apps

Well seeing as Nokia's Canadian sales office jumped the gun in announcing other cyan updates their no more trustworthy then the providers

Now if only the developer preview was fixed by now.  Things like Cortana not telling me when someone texts me is getting annoying.  I'm not sure if this is an issue with being on the preview without cyan, but I'm sure having the update wouldn't hurt.

How come my Lumia is great. When the sound that used to be there when changing to the next song is now gone

Why can't I just force update cyan? We have always been able to in the past...force amber and black....does anyone have the firmware that can be bootloaded! I have a Lumia Icon and I want better battery life and blue tooth for my fitbit!

I was almost happy until I saw the word "Canada".. No offense to our neighbors up north, just getting impatient with at&t... *sigh*

Congratulations Canada. According to Microsoft its now the "First two weeks of July" in Canada.

So 820 has to wait. What great customer service Microsoft has. 520,720 getting it before 820 and 920. Way to attract more customers Microsoft.

I'm cose to getting an upgrade with AT&T soon. I'm stuck between getting the Galaxy Note or the 1520, but leaning towards the Note. I was hoping this update would come soon to sway me towards WP, but Cyan may come in too late for that...

Yeah, we're already talking about Debian Red, but I have yet to fully experience Cyan. Unfortunately, I am on an 18 month cycle with AT&T, so I'm stuck with whatever phone I get. So, my best chance of getting a good idea whether or not to stay with WP is to see if the Cyan update brings in some major improvements. 

It's not that 8.0 Black is all that bad, it's just that it kind of feels dated. I can't really justify staying with WP as is, but if 8.1 Cyan is a promising update, then I can definitely bank on going Windows for another year and a half.

Lumia 920 cv India running windows phone 8 is now downloading Windows phone 8.1 + cyan firmware update. Recieved a small update which should prepare the phone for the 8.1 update.

I have a Rogers 920, but I may just continue keeping it on WP8 instead of updating it to 8.1. It's my only Windows Phone not already running 8.1 (other two are on 8.1 via developer preview).

Thinking the same thing. I find that I use the people hub with FB more than anything else on the phone. I really don't want to give that up. Also I like the simplicity of the game hub and the XBox entertainment hub with music, video, and podcast all in one place. I have a 520 on the DP, but I only use that phone when my battery dies. So I am very familiar with 8.1 and do enjoy the new tricks, but 8.0 is a more elegant solution in comparison to 8.1.

920 Rogers here , updated last night to 8.1 ,  there were 2 stages of updating I think. After the 1st one i was upset caused it's was still 8.0 but then it says there's another update, then my 920 got 8.1.

Is it your phone is came in Philippines? My co-workers' 920 got an update, but it wasn't bought in the Philippines but from UAE.

Cyan for Nokia Lumia 920 County Variant UK!!!!!


Downloading now :D


Ahh, it's a preupdate!

I hope Cyan will follow shortly ^_^

Downgraded from 8.1DP to stock WP8.0 a week and a half ago waiting for Cyan to come, finally glad it's here so I can update back up to 8.1 update 1 DP

"This means that the folks who still own the nearly two year old Windows Phone 8 smartphone will be able to get updated to Windows Phone 8.1"

Ok, but what does THAT mean? That I get Cyan, and WP 8.1 automatically rolls out after that, or do I have to still wait until Rogers rolls out WP 8.1? I only want to know when I get WP 8.1 on my 920.


I'm currently downloading.

Hopefully this year we get some new hardware from Rogers :(  Specifically the 1520.

I don't know why Microsoft can't offer unlocked phone like the 1520 at their stores.

Shit i'm like 15 min away from Yorkdale Mall, I would be over their in two shakes of a lambs tail.

No kidding.  Especially since in Canada, that's quickly becoming the only way to get a WP.  Unless you want a 630.

Interesting, I checked my 920 instead of saying Update for Nokia Firmware (like it did with Black and Amber) it said Update for Windows Developer Preview version 8.1.1. I'm guessing it's Cyan but it wouldn't hurt just to say Update for Nokia Firmware....

I checked at Nokia to see if Nokia Lumia 920 CV (Sweden) was still "Under Testing" which it was, but I still had that urge to do a manual check and thank god I did.

I can now confirm that the Lumia 920 CV (Sweden) is receiving the update. So those in Sweden with the Lumia 920, enjoy the update :)

P.S I did not have the Developer Preview installed.


Nice to hear; which operator do you use?

I'm using Telenor in Sweden, and just checked manually "2 seconds ago" - still no update...