Magenta Nokia Lumia 900 dummy phone shows up in Italy

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A non-working, magenta Lumia 900 for Italian Nokia stores

Although the rumored Magenta Lumia 900 never materialized on AT&T for Mother's day there is still plenty of evidence that the pink legend exists and someone will be getting it soon. Whether it's from Nokia's own Facebook page, a Finnish online retailer or Australia, the magenta 900 is certainly on the horizon.

Now, magenta "dummy" phones have begun appearing at Italian Nokia stores suggesting that Italy may be one of the first areas to get the device. No word on availability of anything else for that matter, just the above picture of one.

Our guess is Nokia still working to fulfill orders on the cyan, matte-black and glossy-white versions and ramping up production for magenta is taking some time. Hopefully though we'll see it soon enough here in the US and elsewhere.

Source: Nokia HD Blog; Thanks, simone, for the tip


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Magenta Nokia Lumia 900 dummy phone shows up in Italy


I really was hoping T-Mobile was going to get the Magenta L900, once AT&T exclusivity ran out. Would've been like a 1-2 punch for Nokia & WP, stateside market anyway.

Uh "TMO needs another high end windows phone"
What are you talking about? TMO only had a high end first gen. the hd7. The lumia 710 is low end. So is the radar. TMO has NO HIGH END 2nd gen.
I'm sure we both agree TMO needs something HIGH END ASAP. ( at least 4.3 screen, 16 GB memory, front facing camera, gyroscope)

I'm beginning to think that by this time next year Verizon will be competing with at&t for the WP stock. I dont really have very much faith in T mobile, or Sprint,...Yet!