Magenta Nokia Lumia 900 exists, coming to Finland via Gigantti. Is AT&T next?

We've reported in the past that AT&T was rumored to be getting a magenta (red, fuchsia, pink etc) Nokia Lumia 900 on Sunday, May 13th right in time for Mother's Day.

Since that report we've had a sighting in a Microsoft Store (since removed) and Nokia's Facebook page (also since removed).

The image above clearly shows once and for all that a magenta Lumia 900 does indeed exist. What's more, those in Finland will evidently have the honors of  being one of the first regions to get their hands on it.

The retail site Gigantti has the phone listed with the SKU NOKLUMIA900MA with a release slated for an unspecified day in, you guessed it, May.

The phone is up for pre-order now but who knows how long it will be up since last we checked, Nokia has not made an official announcement on such a color being offered. Of course knowing that the Lumia 800 comes in that color choice, it's not much of a stretch to see its bigger brother get the red treatment as well.

So AT&T, your move.

Source: Gigantti; via e's PhoneBlog; Thanks, Jonne

Daniel Rubino

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  • You already have a photo of the AT&T branded Lumia 900 Magenta from the wild on your site.
  • Nah, that 900 clearly has the magenta case around it. You can see how it's taller than the Cyan.
  • You are right. Looking closely you can see it is a case.
  • I see what you mean.
  • *their hands on it.
  • This should come to Tmobile only real men use pink phones. ):
  • A monkey with a lifesize cheeto
  • Why not T-Mobile? Why should it go to AT&T?
  • Att execs must've took the T-MOBILE test drive an got wood to fly T-MOBILE'S color. Att is straight up tongue punching T-MOBILE in the fart box.
  • this is by far the funniest comment ive read all morning thank you sir for making my day :P literally laughed out loud :D
  • Lets not get ahead of ourselves. Just because L900 comes in magenta, doesn't mean AT&T will sell it. Maybe they'll decide that magenta is not cool enough for them.
  • T-Mobile's color is Magenta too no? Maybe for that too?
  • yeah, I'm thinking Nokia is working a deal with T-mobile right now, which is why the color has been pulled from US ads.
  • You said it.
    Phones4u already got exclusive rights to white L900 in UK, so no doubt Nokia is negotiating with T-mobile about the red one in the US. T-mobile should definately be more than interested. They lack the iPhone after all, and they could use some cool "Only from T-mobile" product.
  • The Lumia 900 brand is great for fashion minded people. not only a great device but a great looking device. Not everything has to be all black and white... Go Nokia!
  • I am looking to switch carries. One that supports windows phone in fashion. (AT& T or T-mo). I was told by a Fry's wireless rep that T-mobile will be receiving the 900 in various colors by the end of the year as well. Love my Trophy but Verizon shows little interest in the OS. Trying to wait for WP8 but find Nokia's device to be very attractive.
  • As an investor in NOK I say screw Finland. They need to get that phone here in the US ASAP! There future depends upon sucess in this market, not Europe. The Fin's have the 800 models already.
    The ladies would be fighting in the isles to get there paws on one of those.
  • The future of Nokia depends that they success in both sides...
  • Given there issues with getting / keeping product on the shelves its not looking good. Though I'm not an fan there is one thing they excel at. Having product on the shelf.
  • This is random but my lumia 900's screen is able to be pressed in and move in the top right corner.. Almost here a little clicking sound, every other corner it is fine. Should I be concerned?
  • Return it...
  • Hear* my bad.
  • I suggest Zune brown.  I already find brown to be my preferred theme color.
  • 900 will in tmo sporting magenta and black...but I just hope its lte
  • I have been reading hardware issues with the lumia 900.. I'm patiently waiting for the next wave of LUMIA.. We all know how they rush this phones in the market.. But if tmo doesn't announced anything soon im jumping ship to att
  • Wow, what a lovely colour!
    It'll go great with my dress the next time I'm asked to be a Bridesmaid in a 70's Sitcom :-)
  • When is the magenta 900 coming to AT&T US?