Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella iced, challenges Amazon and Google CEOs to do same


Who wouldn't want to dump a bucket of ice cold water on their favorite CEO? That's what happened for Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella when he participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge. Check out the video below to see near-freezing water drop on Satya.

Steve Gleason challenged Satya Nadella to the Ice Bucket Challenge. You'll remember Steve Gleason as the former NFL player who appeared in Microsoft ads earlier this year. Steve Gleason suffers from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), but also known as motor neuron disease or Lou Gehrig's disease. ALS causes muscle spasticity, muscle loss, and makes it harder to speak, swallow and breathe. It's a terrible disease and one Satya is helping to promote by getting ice water dumped on him.

When you challenge someone to the ice bucket challenge they get water dumped on them and you're helping to raise awareness for ALS. You're also encouraged to consider donating to charities that help those with ALS.

At the end of the video Satya challenged Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Google CEO Larry Page. Think they'll do it?

Source: YouTube Via: GeekWire, WinBeta


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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella iced, challenges Amazon and Google CEOs to do same


yup but he doesnt work for them anymore so he can't ... to soon? Oh well Jerry is an amazing talent and he will land on his feet.

Nice to see his cloud computing connections stay strong. He could have challenged the Apple and Google CEOs (more traditional Microsoft competitors) but instead he challenges Amazon and Google (cloud computing competitors of Azure).

Sweet and coooooold....

It's all the rage these days.

We've been icing each other here in the neighborhood where I live.

Got it from a beer cooler a week ago :(

This is for a good cause, sure, but its kind of annoying. I see tons of people on Facebook (it's waaay viral, as we all know) doing this...but highly doubt that anyone is actually donating real money to ALS. I mean, getting publicity and putting yourself on Youtube/whatever is fun and cool and all, but unless you are sending in actual cash donations, it's kind of ridiculous. It's like a "hey, I'm part of the trend loook at meee!" thing. I'm just hoping everyone who does this stunt is following through with a donation.

No, I didn't donate nor did I film myself dumping ice water for my own narcissism before the grenades come my way. Awareness is one thing (and a very good one) but the true spirit of this is to raise money. Real money. I'm doubtful most are taking this step. My opinion as any internet post.

I'm not referring to him specifically. Just the general social media spectacle that this has become. It's a "hey look I'm cool and trendy" social club not millions of people writing checks.

I understand how it could annoy you, but the bottom line is that it's creating awareness.  Any publicity is good publicity.  Even if only a small percentage of the people viewing/creating these vedios are donating or "Googling" ALS because of it, that's still improvement. 

Be it a social media spectacle or not, they are also raising awareness to ALS, that is the most important factor of all. Donation, funding, research will be following if there is enough general public awareness on the ALS.

I'd never heard of ALS before today, and now I have regardless of whether anyone else donates money. Now that I'm aware of it I can make other people aware of the condition and who knows one of us may choose to donate or whatnot. And of course if it's annoying you so much that folks are doing this I imagine that they're might be other videos or Facebook posts for you to watch and disapprove of.

Heard on the radio from someone associated with ALS foundation that they had already raised $2.3 million vs. $22K in the same period last year.  That I would call massively successful, as well as entertaining.

Great move ALS awareness all over and the fact MS CEO is bringing in other CEO‘S is awesome... Smart move Satya.. Bring it on ;)

I admit I don't get social campaigns either. Same with the whole "bring back our girls" and the whole Kony thing. If anything, I see it as a way for people to feel like their actually doing something for society and stroke their conscience.

Do people get fined if they do this in California with the drought they are having?

I think Page will accept it. Bezos probably not unless he finds a way to screw and rip off someone in the process.

That said, this is the nicest bucket of icy water Nadella will have poured on him. Worst ones will come when he gets the disastrous performance and losses of Microsoft Mobile sheets.

Wait, helping promote a disease? I think you should change that particular line to say he is helping promote awareness of the disease.

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Would've been more fun if he suddenly pull a Steve Ballmer with "ALS! ALS! ALS!" Either way, great job Satya. You weren't a boring CEO at all.

nadela hinting msft strategy!!

"from personal exp, its better to have your head in the Cloud than under a bucket of water!!" :O



Satya is "helping to promote a terrible disease"??? Where did comprehension go? I think he is "raising awareness" rather than "promoting a disease". No?

Bruce Wayne and Oliver Queen gonna join this challenge, soon. 

Btw, it's a nice move by Satya promoting fun. 

He better challenge "Goggle's" CEO with a Windows phone OS with better multi tasking ability. I really hate it each I am asked to do something outside an Application, and I have to restart the damned App all over again when I come back. Microsoft should allow atleast 2 parallel running Apps, and I am not talking about the stupid xbox music or Skype calls etc working in the background. All programs should have this function even if timed. When I change to another app, the original I had opened shouldn't close immediately. Being a long time mobile Windows user, I believe Microsoft has to put more effort into that.