Microsoft fixes 8018830f error for some using 8.1 Update Preview for Developers (Updated)

Update: Microsoft's Joe Belfiore just commented on Twitter "It was a "packaging problem" with the update. Try again and it should work." He then goes on to say "Still working on the "low storage" install prob 80188308. Note, this is not USER storage you can clear- it's install partition. Sit tight."

Microsoft may have finally addressed installation problems with the Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 Preview for Developers. The issue initially started when Update 1 for Windows Phone 8.1 Preview began on Monday and a few users downloaded the update, but it would not install. The associated error code is 8018830f, and Microsoft's Joe Belfiore tweeted that they were investigating.

Ever since yesterday, we have received a few tips that those with the previous 8018830f error are now getting Update 1 to their phones. However, within the last hour we have received multiple tips from users who are now being alerted to the update being available, along with a successful installation. The fix may also address those with the even more rare 80188306 error.

Heading into our 8.1 Update 1 forums, there are others also confirming the fix is in place. However, not everyone with the reported error is getting the update, so it is not clear if there is a rolling fix in place or there are other factors in play. One common denominator for a successful update seems to be having Lumia Cyan installed, in addition to being mostly Lumia 925s.

We field it to you though. Let us know in comments if either the 8018830f or 80188306 errors have been resolved for you and your phone. Likewise, jump into our 8.1 Update 1 forums for more information or if you have any questions.

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!


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Microsoft fixes 8018830f error for some using 8.1 Update Preview for Developers (Updated)



i got this error yesterday, but was solved when i changed the region of my phone to united states, you could try to change the region :)

I got the error to but then I searched again and then it went through. But after the update, IE browser is lagging and not responding touch within a second. Lumia 925

That's great news for all who couldn't update their phone. They fixed it pretty quickly as compared to the Bitlocker issue which is still pending.

Still waiting on Cyan. I don't have BL but don't want to wipe my phone for an update that doesn't bring anything I need. I can wait.

It was reported here, but it was a bit vague. That updates should work as normal going forward after update 1. Belfoire posted it on twitter.

they said they will update every two weeks.....we are on third week.....no sign of update yet....seems they lost count of the weeks :/

Could you please provide a source for your information? Not being confrontational but from all the sites and firms I'm reading, that issue hasn't been resolved yet.

Fwiw... My 810 on DP 8.1 and bitlocked via corporate MDM applied the 8.1 gdr1 without issue this week. No downgrade.
YMMV, but worked for me

With the Nokia Recovery Tool I got here: http://www.nokia.com/br-pt/suporte/faq/?action=singleTopic&topic=FA142987 (that's the brazilian page, btw)

It automaticaly detected the model and reinstalled the latest official firmware, very streamlined.

it's important to DO NOT restore the backup rightaway, because it restore the WP8 backup and I think it will override the 8.1 one. update everything and then do a factory reset, and then restore the backup (factory reset in the About settings do not downgrade the OS)

Does this delete progress on apps and stuff? Like will I lose all my app data for game progress and things like that?

The downgrade process does delete everything, you should manualy do a backup (in the settings) before it.
It depends on the app developer using the new Onedrive backup feature, so probably yes, you will lose most of it. I had successfuly recovered some apps data, mainly the universal apps, I think.
But you can't be sure until it's too late, so prepare for the worst or don't do it.

I have Whatsapp, it did not recover anything, even doing an in-app backup it did not used Onedrive, it's just local and unretrievable (very stupid in my opinion). it shows the groups I'm in, but with no history, just as empty entries in recent chats.

yeah..that's what I thought. I wish they would get off their high horses and implement a proper backup and restore for whatsapp data/settings. I don't even know what the purpose of the backup setting in whatsapp does...

Probably your phone doesn't have SD card slot, because WhatsApp backup is saved in sd card and that can be removed while recovery. Once i have reset in this way and got all my chats

and can't it save in a folder on the phone itself? most Windows phones don't have SD slot. and with the new API it could be stored in OneDrive, i presume. anyways, for me it's not a big deal, I don't care that much for the chat history.

I bought L925 only to have LTE on tmobile. currently Im using 928 (no LTE on tmo). so anyway because I cant move chat history from 928 to 925 im not using 925. i need chat history and hope with future update it will be saved to OneDrive

My wife and I are getting this error on our Rogers 920s. I've tried hard resetting without resorting back up and with restoring backup only to have the same error both times.

I was having same error on 3 of my Rogers Lumia 920. Restored using Nokia recovery tool and then updated using preview and i got update 1 installed. Btw I was also getting .....308 error before.

Yeah the Microsoft forum post about the error had some people mention that this method works but at this point I'm not going to go that far to redo it. I'll try updating again when I get home and see if they fixed it.

I've seen a high proportion of Rogers 920 folks with this issue.  Actually, I'm not sure I've seen one that didn't have it.  Something specific to whatever Rogers did to the 920.  I can confirm that going back to 8.0 with the software recovery tool, and then going through all the update steps does work.  I did it myself.  I needed to make space anyway.

Well, I have country variant 920 in Australia with developer preview but i have this same problem as well. Not prepared to go through those troublesome steps to rollback just yet.

Yea same here country variant 920.. if u look at joe belfiore's tweet, he did say this: "Still working on the "low storage" install prob 80188308. Note, this is not USER storage you can clear- it's install partition. Sit tight."

if u look carefully at the error code it's just a slight difference between the last character (8 or f).


my L920 has this problem instead of the fixed one. which means our memory is not enough to update. chill out they're working hard to fix things! (:


I did the same thing (Hard Reset) on my ATIV S and now I can't connect to any app using data (except in Wi-Fi). The top icon saying 3G/H+ as now disappeared. Please someone help.

It didn't work. I tried ton contact Samsung support and WinSupport. If anyone is experiencing the same issue please share, help is welcome :) Thanks Marcos.

I have also Samsung ativ s . And the same problem you have occurred to me. What I did is , I talked to my carrier company , and they guided me to fix it by setting an APN.



I had the same problem with mine -  for some reason the phone now fails to pick up the APN settings from your carrier.

Easily resolved -you will need to go to "apn" in the phone settings and enter the details there (you carrier should have these published on their site. If not, phone them up.). That should put you back on the mobile network. It did with me..

I did a clean install. It's all working now. Pain in the ass, but it doesn't take THAT long. 8.1 helped with the backup, so that will make everything immensely easier. Make sure you go into settings and backup your 'apps+settings' again.

Yup I really hope Microsoft updates this so that we with the ...308 error can finally get it. It would be nice for some clarification what all these errors are about... Seems kind of like a mishap that they are keeping us all in the dark about. Also, im with a Lumia 920 on rogers in Canada

Nokia recovery tool. Google it, install it on your PC, follow directions, connect phone, follow more directions. Then, unplug phone from PC and apply update to phone.

Live tile for store is useless. If it would have showed download status it would have been useful. Right now instead of adding these useless features microsoft should work on battery issue and many other known issues

For me it doesn't always save my place. It can't save my place if I'm listening to multiple podcasts at a time. Its really slow. It downloads podcasts over LTE even though I have "only download over Wi-Fi" checked. Did I mention it was slow? Its slow.

Yeah, it's incredibly annoying that it can only save the place of the last podcast you listened to. I went back to Podcast Lounge which is REALLY good. I had hoped I could go back to the standard os app, but they seem to have very little interest in fixing anything wrong with it. PL works much, much better.

I think this is a space problem. I encountered that on my son's L520. After I moved a bunch of stuff onto the SD and gave it some 2Gb of space the error disappeared. It started the entire download and installation again and updated.

Ok. So where is the Cyan fix?!

What I don't understand is if the issue affects only devices with bitlocker, why not make the cyan download available to others who don't use bitlocker?

I was hoping for the same thing, but maybe there are some issues with filtering it properly to block only those with BitLocker.

Yes L625 turn off back up uninstall preview for developer soft reset button 8seconds. Go to settings phonne update it will search for a few minutes then you should be good then when completed turn on back up & back up

Why can't Microsoft store an actual error message for each code and spit that out instead?  It's not like we are still trying to conserve bytes in our 4k EPROMs for Pete's sake.

The 8X/8S "problem" is that HTC has not submitted the drivers necessary to work with 8.1 yet. Once they do that, those models will be included in the update.

We have to admit today that Microsoft's reaction is now within an appropriate timing. And they are surprising us, Lets hope HTC will rock in few hours and make us all happy again.

I've got the WP 8.1 update 1 with developer preview and Lumia black on my Lumia 925, but I reverted the developer preview installation to update to Cyan.

I have got still ..306 error on my Lumia 925 with Cyan. Hope this is fixed without FW restore, I have done that some weeks ago to fix the Bitlocker issue and now again..? :/

Turn off back up uninstall preview for developer soft rest. Check for update after you install update turn backup on & back up

Does not work on my L630, gets 80188306 ( it has both 8,1 and Cyan but 8.1 update1 it will not take), my L820 and L1020 took the update without problems, but they again misses Cyan ;-)

I thought the problem is with the build I'm not sure but I thought...12400 build was updated to gdr1.. And 12397 have problem while updating...but I'm not sure...

Possibly waiting on Carrier approval?


My 925 T-MoUS is in the same spot.


No Preview for Developer editions prevent a carrier OTA. You will get "official" Cyan when your carrier releases it even though your P4D puts you ahead of the curve.

Installed fine on my 925 when it released. So now, my question is, if they knew about and fixed this 3 dats later....what is taking so long to fix the bitlocker issue since they already know about it? It's been a week or two, right? I still can't update since tmobile is still dicking around with "testing". More like "testing" their customers patience.

They're two different issues. Let's say that you know that you have a chipped fingernail and you also know that you have a broken leg. Are you going to be able to fix one as easily as the other simply because you know about them both?

Point was have they even said anything about it? Other than knowing it exists? And instead of fixing that first, they have now had two botched updates for a small percentage of people. I'm waiting like everyone else but them not commenting further about it is not helping.

When Microsoft is fixing bitlocker issue??
I think bitlocker issue is much more serious than this one as windows phone 8.1 is much more needed update......what's say guyzzz???

Hard reset ur phone... And install the preview for the developers... Sign in and check for the updates.. No errors while installation... It works great