Microsoft opening four new retail Stores this weekend and we’ll be at one of ‘em

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Just a quick reminder for those of you lucky enough to live in certain areas, Microsoft will be cutting the ribbon on no less than four new retail Stores this weekend in the US. Those citeis are

  • Huntington Station, NY (9/28)
  • White Plains, NY (9/28)
  • Salem, NH (9/29)
  • Newark, DE (9/29)

That’s sure to keep the folks at Microsoft busy and since we conveniently live near Huntington Station, we’ll be there to cover the opening event starting at 10:30am (ribbon cutting around 10:45, we hear). From there, you can collect your wristbands for the free concert later in the day, which features John Legend and Taio Cruz. Also on Saturday, football star Curtis Martin will there too...

New Stores

The other stores all have their events lined up as well: Lenny Kravitz in White Plains, O.A.R. and Young the Giant in Salem and Weezer in Delware—not a bad day.

Of course we’ll show you video and some photos of the event soon after, so tune back to Windows Phone Central for our coverage.

For more information on these events, head to the Facebook Page of the Microsoft Store.

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Microsoft opening four new retail Stores this weekend and we’ll be at one of ‘em


Yes at last.  Glad to see the Newark, DE store open.  Living in Philadelphia, PA and being from Wilmington, DE this will be the store where I'll pick up my Surface RT. :D

When Microsoft unleashes Surface, they should have Surface (or just the lead singer, considering he's the only one still performing) sing Happy. I think of the song every time I drool over Surface Pro.

I listened to "Buddy Holly" they are pretty good, but if I get the bands I'll probably give them to someone.

I happen to be visiting Newark, de on work - staying back for weekend. Eventhough I will be working when they open the store(will miss goodies) I guess I will check the store later. I too have no idea who the weezer is. (well, I just bing'ed though)

If any of you are at the Rockingham Mall in Salem, NH ... Make sure you visit the Auntie Anne's Pretzels store too! (Company I work for owns that store.) Tell them Aaron from Home Office sent you. :)

Same GoodThings2Life that posts in ZDnet?(That puts Adrian in place and comments frequently in Mary Jo Foley's posts?)

I think one is going to open in Frisco. I know, its about 45 minutes, depending where you live, but it sure beats driving to Austin or Houston ;-)

I live west side of fort worth u kno Arlington would be a great place in the parks mall r even in the galleria very nice mall funny that some people said in Houston it was bigger then Dallas one it ain't

Folsom...I know it isn't too far from Santa Clara, but there's this really nice center opening up and its got lots of vacancies.

Wouldn't mind a MS store there...

I want them to build one in Naples, fl, right across from the Apple Store I used to work at. I think turning a Ralph Lauren into a MS store could work well.

Why are they opening now if there is nothing new to sell? Wouldn't it better if they waited until end of October and had a grand opening with Lumia 920's, HTC 8X's and Lenovo, Ativ and Surface Tablets? I think it would be more effective to open with Windows 8 products.

MS needs to open a store or popup store near Bourbon Street / Canal Street for Mardi Gras in New Orleans. A demo of the NL920 taking low light pics of women flashing would be an instant hit with 200,000 revelers.

huntington station?!  Of all the places they picked one of the worst neighborhoods huh?!  Thankfully I am about 20 min south of it.  WINNING!

Permanent MS store coming to San Antonio, TX as well at La Cantera mall across from the apple store, where forever 21 used to be. Construction has already begun. I have a feeling there are many more stores on the way and will be revealed closer to opening time or W8 launch.