Microsoft promotes major Windows Phone news apps in new video


Microsoft has released a new video that shows how major news apps for CNN, USA Today and NBC News take advantage of the Windows Phone platform.

The quick video shows how those apps can give major news junkies instant updates via alerts from their Live Tiles, along with customized news items. The video also shows how the NBC News app lets Windows Phone device owners pin specific TV shows from the network to their Start screen. Finally, all those apps give users a way to quickly share big news stories with others.

While the video doesn't really offer anything new for experienced Windows Phone users, it does serve as a showcase for what exclusive features can be added to news apps via Microsoft's platform. Needless to say, you can go ahead and download the USA Today, NBC News and CNN apps from the Windows Phone Store right now.

Do you think videos like this one serve to educate people who might be on the fence in buying a Windows Phone product?

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Microsoft promotes major Windows Phone news apps in new video


They would show European news apps if only there were official ones on the platform. Speaking from a UK perspective, there is currently no official BBC News app(f****** t***) nor itv and the only official newspaper app is the Metro( though I maybe wrong on this).

Have you updated to 8.1?  I haven't had an issue since updating.  Managing background tasks in 8.1 is much better.

Yeah i have and it only increases background task limit to 20...added bing news a couple of days ago and its live tile is not updating at all


Why can't they frickin' bring live streaming to the Windows Phone app? As a news junkie I rely on it greatly. It's one of the primary reasons I won't switch to Windows Phone from iPhone.

That and the fact that IE can support background audio. I stream radio shows on websites but have to keep IE open to keep listening. Android can do it. iPhone can do it. Frickin WP can't. I also tried it in 8.1 and still doesn't work.

Mmh, still prefer apps like Bing News which gather data from various sources and are the only to be politicaly neutral by nature.

A little too much Fox News for my taste in Bing News, but otherwise, yeah.

It needs a way to get to the URL of the original source though. That annoys me, that I can't easily share articles with anyone.

Yeah I agree. Most stories I get on Bing news are from the extremely biased Fox news. Uninstalled it shortly after. Also not a fan of CNN so don't lump me in either category, lol.

Well their website doesn't do a very good job of selling it, looks pretty useless if its supposed to be news based. In fact it doesn't do a very good job of even telling you what it does,

On WP7 I preferred the USA TODAY app. On WP8, NBC is Superior to me. The pics on USA today were color coded on WP7. Now, when I open the app, I can't find the stuff on the front. Hope they update that someday.

Its nice that they are promoting these apps since they are well known brands that people will see and think "hey, I guess WP does have apps"....but why not show others like weave, Bing news, etc as well?

The CNN app has been won't for months, before 8.1 Now its quite unreliable, crashes and reverts to the smallest don't size for no reason. I've stopped using it. Hoping they will correct the problems soon