Microsoft Research releases "Asky" onto Twitter - promises to love humanity

Microsoft Asky

A new bot has made its way onto Twitter and this time, it’s created by Microsoft. A new project from the Redmond company’s Research FUSE Labs, dubbed “Asky”, is described as a “project about understanding people’s motivations and satisfactions when they ask questions using Twitter hashtags”.

Beyond the above, we know nothing more about the secret little bot. Does it plan to really learn about Twitter interactions or is world domination in its future?

A single tweet marked the start as the project and tells us nothing more than the bot “loves” us and hopes “not to bother”.

Any guesses on what Microsoft is up to? The Xbox Support Twitter account is already the leading account for customer support and satisfaction – is this just a tool to help improve their own customer service?

We have reached out to Microsoft Research and hope to update you with more information about the project in the near future.

Source: Twitter, Microsoft Research


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Microsoft Research releases "Asky" onto Twitter - promises to love humanity


I wanted to reply to you by taking an image of Ballmer with his tongue out and turning it into ASCII art, but it's not coming out well. I have failed you.  :-(

I see trademark issues already. I did a Bing search on asky:
ASKY Airlines, ASKY.com, ASKY.net.....
Maybe MS was thinking of Clippy from the early Office days. But, doesn't anyone at MS think about doing an Internet search before coming up with a name??
We're losing SkyDrive. We lost Metro.
I've lived Microsoft (not a fanboy though) since I purchased a Microsoft SoftCard (Z-80, CP/M) card for my Apple II+ in the early eighties. Now have Surface Pro 128, Lumia 822, MS keyboards and mice.

This isn't a product yet. It's just a name for a bot for a research project. I don't see any lawsuits in the future unless they decide to make this into a product and market it.

I think it will be used to dig through hashtags on twitter and find out what people are asking and saying for MS's immense knowledge database. I read an article about them building the database for a few years, something to do with their next release of a voice command personal assistant that's actually helpful. Started with an S, can't remember now.