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Microsoft Research releases Face Swap

Face Swap from Microsoft Research

Microsoft Research has released Face Swap over at the Windows Phone Marketplace that allows you to swap people's faces around in photographs. Face Swap uses multiple face detection to identify everyone's faces and with a shake of your Windows Phone, the app swaps the faces around.

Once you've created your newly arranged photo, you can save it to your Photos Hub or share it directly to Facebook or Twitter. Face Swap is a free app that you can grab here at the Windows Phone Marketplace. It is a mango app so you'll need to be running Windows Phone 7.5.  Face Swap is sure to make for interesting Holiday group pictures.

Face Swap


Reader comments

Microsoft Research releases Face Swap


About every other time I try and load a new picture it shuts the app down too. So I'm in the camp of this being a buggy app.

Works really well for me. Sent out a couple to friends and family. They all got a good laugh haha. Good app! Could be better at recognizing faces in pictures with more than 5 people.

Works great, was a good laugh at the office. My coworkers were asking me if there was an "IPHONE" version :P

This app is very well designed we need more apps like this its really promising the development that can be done to windows phone

Worked okay for most of the day. About 20 minutes ago, however, my phone restarted twice in a row when trying to open the app. So who knows. I'll keep using to see if whatver it is straightens itself out