Microsoft Retail Store opening in Puerto Rico November 1st

MS Store

Microsoft Store at the Plaza Las Americas 

Speaking of Windows Phone retail promotions, Microsoft is now set to open its first store in Puerto Rico on Thursday, November 1st at the Plaza Las Americas shopping center.

That’s a very opportune time as the Microsoft Surface will have gone on sale just a few days earlier and new Windows Phone 8 devices should be available in that store that very weekend (or soon thereafter).

From our experience with the Microsoft Store, consumers should be in a treat for new Windows 8 PCs, tablets, ultrabooks, Windows Phones and of course games, software and general accessories.

You can read more about the Puerto Rico store opening on Microsoft’s Facebook page. They will have a concert but no artist has been named just yet.

Thanks, Cristóbal, for the photo and update


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Microsoft Retail Store opening in Puerto Rico November 1st


They should also focus a bit more on the EU.. :-/ Hence, in most countries the bing services arent fully working..

If anyone has any doubts about MS making its own hardware, as more stores open, that doubt should dwindle. Not saying it will be MS only, but they will have their own line of products included.

Nice! I've been to Plaza Las Americas several times and it is always packed with people. Definitely a strategic spot as San Juan is the largest international hub in the Caribbean.

Hey Tsyokiss, Puerto Rico is part of EU. Also here in P.R. Microsoft has the company where all the software OS and Office suite is made to cds and dvds, the digital media server farm for downloadable software and the headquarters for all the caribbean. I think we deserves a MS Store.

Sorry for my English, my primary language is Spanish.

Had to look it up...in Spanish, USA translates to "Los Estados Unidos"...EU makes sense, and now we are all smarter, haha.  But yes, Euro Union was my first thought too.

Off topic, but I have to say, i just saw and advertisement for Windows 8 during the ravens/chiefs game. Just the logo and brought to you by windows 8 verbiage. Now if they would just add products and functionality

Good one for Microsoft, like preview comment Plaza Las Americas is always full. Best shopping centre in the Caribbean by far!

Lol puertoricans on the house!!!! I'm one of them too!! I'm excited that this store will open, about time!