Microsoft set to open up a store in Puerto Rico?

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According to a report over on El Nuevo Dia, Microsoft is set to open up an store in Puerto Rico by the end of 2012. The new store is planned for Plaza las Americas, a sizeable shopping complex located on the island.  

The software giant is also opening up new stores across the states, at locations including Boston and Orlando. Here's hoping they'll continue to expand beyond the borders, and maybe plonk one in merry ol' London to enjoy the constant downpour.

Source: El Nuevo Dia, via: MiWindowsPhone; thanks, Edwin, for the tip!


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Microsoft set to open up a store in Puerto Rico?


By company structure, does Puerto Rico's Microsoft subsidiary had the trouble in asking budget to Redmond or is this project managed directly from the HQ ?
Rather than Puerto Rico is part of US or not, I just can't imagine the more budget-tight subsidiaries doing these kind of thing, especially in places where they throw almost all the consumer side's real selling works to retailers.

Don't whine about this issue, folks.  Microsoft's US is "the 50 states and the District of Columbia", as stated so many times in their sweepstakes and offers (I wonder about indian reservations...).  I couldn't even make a WindowsPhone shaped cake a while ago.  The "Anytime Upgrade" wasn't available neither, and on, and on...
I bet my trusty Windows 7 rig that they will keep National Geographics Aproved borders when it comes to pricing their products.

This place, Plaza las Americas is the caribbean's biggest shopping mall. The MS store should be big here. Add to this that Apple store cannot open in the same mall because of legal matters with others stores that carry apple products. Im exited about this.
They will also need to coordinate with both Claro (nokia 710 800) and att (nokia 900) so we can play with the phones.
Dudes, chill, it would be the first store overseas( including Hawaii)

¡Yes! I want a store in PR, that would be great. Mi isla Puerto Rico tiene que saber la elegancia de Windows Phone (My island PR needs to know the elegance of Windows Phone)

I still remember buying a Samsung Focus the same exact day the were offically on sale! First my Zune HD, then Samsung Focus, then the Focus S and just recently my gf's Lumia 900. I'm glad Microsoft has decided to bring a store to Puerto Rico, can't wait for it to open!

That's fantastic. I live in p.r, don't particularly care for the apple store, but I do love my windows phone.