Microsoft shares a 'selfie' to tease the Lumia 730 ahead of IFA

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IFA 2014 is just days away in Berlin and Microsoft is starting to tease its next Windows Phone announcement on September 4th. We previously looked at invitations being fired out that hinted at a special 'selfie' Windows Phone (the Lumia 730) and this morning the company shared an image, which could have potentially been taken with said Windows Phone.

Not much else is revealed about the upcoming device, but we'll be at IFA to cover everything Windows Phone and bring you all the news as it happens. If reports are to be believed, we're looking at a 5MP front-facing shooter. The Lumia 730 is set to succeed the popular Lumia 720, a mid-range Windows Phone.

Would you be interested in a selfie phone from Microsoft? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Nokia Conversations; thanks to everyone who tipped us!


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Microsoft shares a 'selfie' to tease the Lumia 730 ahead of IFA


The 830 and 730 both look awesome, but I either want the 1520 or at least the 930 to upgrade from my 920.  I do a lot of reading on the phone so the big screen is very useful for me.  I only hope stupid Rogers here in canada brings a flagship WP soon.

Based off of the CONFIRMED dimensions of the 830 it is about the same size as the Icon so one would naturally assume it has about the same screen size which is 5''. I don't feel like going and linking the article though so don't ask for proof. It was just in another wpcentral article

LOL, no proof needed. I don't know for sure. I just searched for 830 and saw a quick video saying that. I don't know much about it. I personally like larger screens anyway. ;)

I'm just excited that it is going to be a bigger screen as that is what I want. If it is a larger screen it will make me want it over the HTC One which is supposed to be coming to t-mobile as well in the fall

Yup, 6tag is better and more than sufficient.  I don't know why the app has to be the "official" app.  If there's a great 3rd party, 6tag in this case, why not just use that and be happy?  Same thing goes for MetroTube or myTube. they're both great and very fucntional 3rd party apps.

Mainly because no matter how good nikeees or rebookes are they are stil not nike or reebok and that's how people perceive things.

Oh well, I was never the kind to care for brand names or such.  I like things that work, probably why I'm on this site and use Windows and Windows Phone, cuz they work well.

You can never have enough narcissism as its very definition implies an overabundance of something. Narcissism is narcissism. But tell me, which man could truly say they wouldn't love to be the one also in that pic?

Perhaps I should have said finding people who are narcissistic is becoming all too common but I understand what you mean. ;-)

You and me both and by the time most of us wake up all the information will have been released as the event starts at 4AM Eastern Time and even earlier depending on where you live. I leave for work at 4:30AM so I'll actually get to watch everything unfold as it happens.

Why not? Selfies are extremely popular, and tapping into untapped demographics is always a nice change of pace for the mobile industry; not to mention a great way to bring new customers and converts to Windows Phone. Eventually, we'll get a Lumia 1520 upgrade, anyway. Evolutionary upgrades on existing product lines are all but written in stone in this business. But something different, geared towards an untapped demographic? These days in tech in general, and most certainly in mobile, that does not happen near as much as it used to a decade ago in the days before everything went iOS and Android. So celebrate it. And who knows, whatever new tech NokiaSoft(TM) has put into the L730, will wind up in the L1520 successor when it is finally revealed.

Looks ok... some selfies make the noses look like big blobs on the face!! Maybe the 730 will address the distortions so common in selfies!

That rlly would be overkill and impossible btw. I think the 1030 has the s400 or s800 and two gigs ram plus 32 gigs of ram

My 1020 has 64 gigs of storage and 2 gigs of RAM so that's hardly a step forward. Ot desperately needs the latest Snapdragon SoC though.

I'm not sure that's why it failed, but that is its biggest failing. I was trying to take pictures at a party over the weekend with it and the startup and between shot time are just too long. Finally gave up. Got a couple really nice shots, but missed a lot more than I caught.

I have the L520 and I have to say that launching the camera app takes way to long, and than, when you want to take a picture, the screen freezes, and than it takes the photo. Should be faster, but as it is a budget phone I probably shouldn't complain :)

Have you tried the Microsoft camera app its extremely faster then Nokia camera. Nokia camera is slow on my 1520 can't imagine on the 520.

While faster, the MS camera app does not take the 42MP shots, so it defeats the entire purpose of the phone.  May as well use a 920 (which is a great phone with a good camera, but people who bought a 1020 bought it for the 42MP).

Wouldn't it be weird if the 1020 had a better SoC than a 930?

But I do think the 1030 does need a full HD screen. Picture wise.

Agreed..HD screens will only enhance the pictures taken!!
No the 1030 is launching 6 months after the 930 which Microsoft took a lot of time to launch and probably should have given SoC 801!!

Man I am waiting for this one, let's hope that my patience my worth it :)

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Because Nokia 820 was launched in 2012. So this is a pretty young model, it's too early to launch a Nokia 830, isn't it, Microsoft?
I guessed it should have been in stores this spring or summer though...

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Well 920,,520,,620,,720,,1520,,1020 were launched in the same 3 months after and later....And except 1020 and 1520 all of em are having successors now!!

You're wrong, in a teaser announcing the IFA event, microsoft showed a bit of the 830, Namely the camera on the back. It will get a same design as the 1020 but the camera will just be less powerfull.

It means that there will be two or more phones announced at the IFA event this week.

All phone makers are going to introduce top of the line flagship models, and MS is going to introduce this? Not only the least supported OS but with no devices to show for? #sigh

The real volume is in the midrange segment. Just like the PC market, there is no real need for a flagship for day to day use, as technology advances are leveling off, and this segment will decline in importance.

The only markets where flagships will still be important are those where people are dumb enough to believe that their free carrier phone that comes with their plan is really free.

We already have the 930, now it's the turn of the mid-range. And Samsung already have their G5 so the biggest Android manufacturer already has their flagship as well & I don't see how WP isn't supported, it gets more updates than iOS and Android, so your comment isn't accurate in any case.

By the way, Rich, the site is now only called "Conversations". There's no "Nokia" there anymore.

The answer to the question though is: I'm not interested in anything coming out of Microsoft Mobile, let alone in something that is focused on damn accursed "selfies" :P

Not to be a jerk or anything, but the site clearly still has Nokia all over it. Even the URL still has Nokia. Rich isn't in the wrong for naming it Nokia Conversations when it seems that is still the name of the website. :)

Go to the site. You'll find no Nokia branding there. They themselves announced the renaming. So no, the name isn't Nokia Conversations anymore, because Books has nothing to do with it ;)

Many Microsoft executives agree with me, just fyi. Starting with the CEO.

In any case, Microsoft didn't but Nokia. If you still didn't get that, well then you're pretty dumb...

So many Microsoft execs agreed they shouldn't have bought a portion of Nokia because they too were crazed Nokia fanboys? Unlikely...

DJCBS, you should really try to put yourself in other people's positions... becoming a lost art these days. As a parent, a selfie is often the best way to get a picture with my child. Which is something that will be valuable to not only me but my child when they are older. Not all selfies are created equal. But they do all look like crap on all the current Lumias.

This may partly had to do with cancellation of McLaren. At top they were supposed to have McLaren with a unique feature and at the middle-end, a phone with high-end specs. I hope this doesn't lead to downgrade on 830.

Personally I don't need the front camera at all. The more interesting is whether they set an HD screen. Or they will continue offering old specs for new prices...

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I'm actually excited. I really like how Microsoft is now focusing on stronger mid ranges.

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Microsoft haven't launched new mid range phones in a year. So I don't understand what "focusing" you mean.

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I'm talking about these new 'info' about the 730, 735 and 830.

Though unannounced, the leaks are pretty consistent.

I hope the 830 turns out to be what everybody is hoping for, because of the look of this and other posts it's going to be a HUGE seller.

I'm also starting to wonder about the lack of informations/leaks regarding the 830. Maybe it isn't anounced at IFA anyway.

It will leave a lot of people disappointed if it doesn't, but to be fair there have been leaks of photos and even the manual recently, so it's pretty much a definite.
I'm one of the hopeful too.

MS have already posted the "Ready for mOre" photo with the 830 camera housing, it makes no sense that they would tease the phone like that and not release it. Just relax peeps it will definitely be released. 

my lumia925 has bad front facing camera it's really boring using Lumia I don't know why they had to put the blur thing ...my pictures are so bad

With all those leaks, when a lot of us already know what the 730 is going to be like, I feel a certain lack of excitement

Haha. Over at the Verge some people can not get over the fact that Apple can no longer provide secure cloud services at any price point, and yet others can not come to terms that even Microsoft is getting into the 'selfie' game. They probably know Lumia phones are going to blow other selfie phones out the water. It's just that they wouldn't acknowledge it.
Having said that Lumia 730 is the one my budget conscious brother is eyeing after having had a defective 920 for about an year. And I'm looking to upgrade to the 830 from from 720.

Young people take a lot of selfies. That's the niche this phone is for. I'm more of a Nokia Lumia 830/930 type. I'm on AT&T, so the Nokia Lumia 830 it is.

Nope, no selfie phone for me. I really don't get all the buzz around selfies.. MS should really consider a 1520 successor with a pen! That would tempt me!

The great 730 has attracted me but unfortunately I have recently changed my phone.but I think it's good for all and doesn't lack any thing and the wp doesn't either. 730 will answer all the needs.I really advise every body to buy it and I hope the IFA be attractive for all.

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I'd be all over a 730 but the lack of a dedicated camera button is a deal breaker for me. I had the 720 in red and loved it and have a 1020 now but its soo damn slow.

Funny enough I'm not awaiting any of the upcoming phones at all. 920still kicking strong. And I got myself a broken 1020 to play with and repair, the phone I always wanted but didn't get.

Happy to see that so many are exited for a new nokia. Hope there will be some killer flagships in the near future to replace 1520 and 930

When it comes to 5megapixel ffc, does it really make a difference in Skype/video chat services or is the quality indistinguishable?

You never know what the kids are going to latch onto from month to month, but I'm doubtful. Mu guess is that the majority of the selfie crowd doesn't care about the quality of those selfies.

Aren't they a little late to the game if they're going to use the "selfie" as a marketing tool for this phone?  I admit I don't keep up with the latest online fads, but was under the impression that the selfie had moved into "meh" territory. 

Anyway, poor marketing choices aside, It sound like it'll be a good phone....




I think the difference is that there is now gonna be a strong midranger that can capture decent selfies...thats for a larger market and nobody is actually promoted a phone for selfies, especially a midranger...
And selfie isn't jst a trend of capturing and posting on fb...a Lotta ppl capture selfies jst for memories...so I dont think that's gonna go outta trend...think MS is tapping into the right market...there aren't many phones in this range with a decent front cam...especially from any of the major players...

THe alleged 1525 for t-mobile ... i love my 920 and all but i'm LOOOOONG over due for an upgrade and I have feeling that the HTC ONe will hit T-mo before the "1525" will and if that happens ... well you know the rest.

I will take the Lumia 730, if its front facing camera's quality is on par or even better than iPhone 5S(But i highly doubt it is possible consideringthey are selling at different price point). I've been using my friend's 5S to take groupfies in few trips because its photo quality and capturing speed is very excellent, no doubt on that even if i'm a WP fan. Selfie is becoming very popular in Asia(well im not sure but it is in my country), its easy to notice someone taking a selfie at a tourist place. So 730 has the potential to become a popular phone if its front camera is really great. I hope that MSFT can make launching FFC quickly from lock scrren and improve its camera processing algorithm. Apple can do it, why not MSFT?

You should consider a more expensive phone if you are concerned about camera launch time. Comparing the launch speed of an iPhone to the launch speed of a 730 is like comparing a Chevy to a Rolls Royce. I have a high end Windows Phone - the 925 - and the one button push to launch/snap on this one is faster than the iPhone 5s every time- and the picture quality is way better.

I think I want this. My 630 is rad but I'd like a front cam and flash. Also it's not necessary, but I hope this has an ambient light sensor.

I am not interested in any mid-range phone. I want a high end phone that you can hold in your hand and put it your pocket. Looks like the new iPhone seems to be fitting that bill. I currently have the 925... It is a shame I am considering going back to Apple just because Nokia/Microsoft has stopped making high end phones.

I miss my iPhone also but you have to admit the "low" and "mid" range offerings from WP are really only called that because of lack of accent(I.e. Flash, proximity sensor, etc.). For me i kind of naturally assume that low end equates to performance so from that point of view WP has been stellar. Just give it some time man. I told myself as a new WP convert(iPhone 5C previously, several others before) that I would at least stick around until Microsoft comes up with a counter for the iPhone 6. You know they will. I want WP to succeed and I feel if I bail on them because they don't IMMEDIATELY have S5 killers and iOS murders then I'm being unfair. I dunno, just want to see a fellow former iPhone'r give WP a chance.

Upgrades are a little different this time. Like;
1. 530 seems to be a new release.
2. 630 to 520
3. 730 to 620
4. 830 to 720 or may be to 820 too (seems so far).
So actually this year it looks like they have actually have downgraded the successors of the lumia lineup except for 930 and may be 830 too.

I want either the 730 or 830: whichever comes with dual SIM and hits the world market first so I can use it with my Saudi SIM and my AT&T SIM at the same time. The 630 dual SIM I bought in Saudi doesn't work in the States, unfortunately.