Microsoft shows Lumia 930 being used behind the scenes in new Katy Perry video

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Singer Katy Perry showed off the Lumia 930 smartphone in her latest music video, "This Is How We Do" just a few weeks ago. Now Microsoft has released a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the video, where Lumia 930 devices were also used by the production crew.

The clip, as posted on YouTube, shows the crew using the phones to keep in touch with each other while the music video was being made so they could get everything done on the shoot that needed to be accomplished. Since the Lumia 930 showed up for only a second in the music video itself, this behind-the-scenes clip does give the device more screen time.

What do you think of Microsoft continuing to use Katy Perry as a spokesperson (sort of) for its Lumia smartphones?

Source: Nokia on YouTube


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Microsoft shows Lumia 930 being used behind the scenes in new Katy Perry video


They are both the same exact phones. Only difference is the frequency bands and backplate colors. I'm holding my Icon right now. Definitely has metal trim. 

Is the 930 LTE ready? how come I've read somewhere that the LTE on 930 does not in the US? In Katy Perry's video we can see orange and green 930/Icon so I guess they work with LTE. I'm planning to buy somewhere an 930 and bring it to Mexico but I definetively want the LTE to work. How can I make sure it will work on LTE frequencies?? 

I don't think the LTE frequencies used in the 930 as it stands right now includes U.S. frequencies. Perhaps they'll do a 930.3 at a future date.

Who cares!!.. What a waste of precious time, and resources... MS needs to get their priorities strait, and learn how to appeal to consumers...
MS needs to learn marketing!!

Product placements work if you can actually buy the phone, which you can't. I don't think anyone is going to associate the black-only Icon with a green 930. Worse still, even if the 930 were available in the States the marketing is still wasted because it's a challenge to find any Lumia outside of Microsoft stores.

I guess it's good publicity, but I doubt its really helping to increase sales or gain exposure to any substantial degree.

Nokia used to be pretty good with advertising. Back when the 920 was their new flagship I saw ads everywhere; malls, Six Flags, etc. Sadly since the acquisition I've seen almost no form of ads anywhere. Microsoft's marketing team really needs to get their shit together.

Are you kidding? They advertise the hell out of the Lumia 635 on NBC at least. The lack of sales has never been for a lack of commercial exposure. The problem is that the phones are not in the stores where people buy phones...

I agree. MSFT have to start advertising on the ground level. On my way to work and back home. 90% of billboards, subway ads, bus ads, newspaper ads and radio ads are mainly Apple or Android.
This happens on a daily basis. Can you imagine how this approach influence the minds of New Yorkers.
No MSFT or Windows Phone ads sadly.
NY gets flooded every day. Entry to the city are Midtown tunnel, Holland tunnel, Lincoln tunnel, George Washington bridge, cross Bronx express way, LIE, West Side Highway, queens borough bridge, 2nd avenue, the major degan, the Bruckner.
All flooded with Android and iPhone ads.

That might be true. In the big cities those things matter. But when it comes to TV, Windows Phones have had plenty of ads.

Neither apple or google have a smartphone platform languishing on 2.5% markershare, I think Microsoft can make an exception....

In Spain it is almost imposible to buy it. Only a stroe is selling it, MediaMark, and they started selling it a week ago. No comercials, no publicity, no carriers selling it, nothing. It seems they don' t want to get into the high performance market. The smartphone was anaunced in April. I wanted to switch to WhindowsPhone but they don't want to.
I guess is the same in most of european countries.

From my perspective in Poland, Nokia phones are receiving a lot of advertising. Orange is pushing the most by using the cast of one of the most popular family shows on Polish TV in TV, billboard and poster ads.
But Windows Phone is already popular here, maybe that helps them be more confident.

I live in Norway where Windows Phone has almost no market (mainly because so many people can afford iPhones and high-ends Androids), and the only one that has gotten good reviews earlier was the 1020. However, the 930 does very well, and has been advertised and gotten good reviews. Check the picture below. Translated it's "Everything in one place. Windows on your phone."


Little monster detected, gotcha!!! Lol jk lady gaga would made the masses buy the cellphone in a blink of an eye XD

I think is a brilliant move by Microsoft to try targeting that teenage audience. I took my daughter to Katy's concert a couple of weeks ago and the way those teenagers adore her is unbelievable! Her concert and costumes were so full of color. Nokia's lineup of colors would seem to fit right into that demographic. Hopefully it catches on!

I thought Daniel covered this already...the "who cares" bullshit comments do not belong here. Take that shit to 4chan, wppoweruser or wherever else your shameful and embarrassing browser history contains.

Microsoft isn't running any commercial with this phone in the U.S. that's bad marketing on their side.

Probably because the 930 isn't on any US carrier.

On the flip side, I have seen a Verizon commercial for the Icon.

Sooooooo, am I the only one who noticed that the 930 and a unknown WP was used throughout the new TMNT movie? Megan fox used one at the beginning to Skype call someone, and William Fichtner used a 930 sometime close to the end of the film

Tons of WPs have been used in TV and movies the last few years. Arrow, Parks & Rec, that Jack Ryan movie I remember off hand. But it doesn't matter when there are no units to buy or look at in the stores (except flagship AT&T stores).

She probably uses an iPhone as her personal phone since apple and Hollywood are BFFs. Someone needs to do marketing like Samsung and use it against them.

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Really? So if she can't even convince her fans to use her favorite phone, BB, in droves, what makes Microsoft believe placing the 930 in her video will convince people and her fans to buy the 930?

It's fine. But it seems that the Lumia 1020 was more much to did in the Roar than this Lumia 930 in this new music video. Well done.

I love my 930, only issue I have is the lock button is a little unresponsive. Something I'm sure I can sent in to be repaired for.

AT&T and Verizon reps advise everyone not to buy Windows Phone, and to buy either an Android or iPhone. No amount of marketing will overcome point of sale condemnation of Windows Phone. Instead of wasting money on marketing, target the source of the problem by offering $25 for each WP sold to the sales reps.

Agreed, only sales incentives will get sales reps pushing... I have yet to see one sales rep that is unbias to his or her preference for android or ios.

Its been the case since WP came out tbh, it just irks me the crap most of these CR's come out with. Oh Windows Phone cant even play youtube.. is the common one. I was at westfield this morning checking out the 930. When I overheard that again, I went over to the customer, showed them Metrotube and immediately the rep gave me a dirty look. When the customer left puzzled, he took me to a side and asked why did you do that!. I retorted why are you lying? and walked away before he had chance to argue lol.

Are you making that up? That would never happen. You could report him to his manager for seemingly harassing you for correcting him.

I've also seen this in most AT&T stores. I cone in asking about a Lumia device and they ask me to consider a Samsung Android device because it's "much better". Really poses me off.

Idk why, but whenever I go to the AT&T store to upgrade my phone, they actually want me to buy it. And they do say its a good OS. They've always encouraged me to buy it (which I happily do), even though it doesn't sell well. I find it pretty cool.

Unfortunately she doesn't use a windows phone she uses an iPhone as her daily driver so this is all pretty irrelevant. Short glimpse of it isn't going to help sales .. put the money into the eco system.

I personally don't care about Katy Perry or popular music in general, but if this helps sell more Windows Phones then I'm all for it.

Yay so MS target teens with piss poor taste in music to buy their 930.

I wonder how much the monkey who came up with this idea got paid?

Had anyone even been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

Totally reminded me of that meme from way back.

What's up with the "LIVE:USERNAME:?

I remember this when I transitioned my Messenger contacts to Skype about two years ago, some still show that LIVE: part.

It was a colorful video and the nokia lumia icon is a colorful phone so it was a great match! I think MS did a great job.

It's pretty nice, this tie-up; the colorfulness made me want to come up with a colorful advert for Windows Phone myself. It's early though... :)

I'm not a Katy Perry fan but I think that was good. But I'm wondering, If Katy Perry who uses a BB (she says she likes the physical keyboard of the BB that's why she uses it) in her personal life, can't even convince her fans to switch en masse to BB or even just trickle into BB, how effective will this split second exposure in the video be succesful in convincing people to switch to the 930 WP 8.1?

They are calling it the 930..... This phone will more then likely be released on AT&T and T-Mobile. I'm waiting because I want it! I have the 1520 and its a great phone....I just want something a bit smaller. :) one can dream right?

Ok, I'm a huge fan of Microsoft and Windows Phone, but I'm calling bullshit here. There is no way that Katy Pery uses a WP in her personal life. The Tumblr app for WP IS TERRIBLE. Just search for it in the store and look at the reviews. Sorry, but someone of her caliber would not stand for garbage apps and sadly would probably be using an iPhone, or worst yet, Android.

It'd be interesting to hear if they got the phones because of the marketing angle or if they really chose them due to functionality.  And how they really like them in the real day to day work.


If I was betting money I'd say it's all product placement and marketing.   I'm sure KP is being paid well to use the WP.   She seems like an iPhone kind of girl to me :)

That's very good.  They should edit that down and turn it into a commercial to benefit both WP and KP's music video