Microsoft Store Lumia 900 pre-order offer withdrawn

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Last week Microsoft was offering customers the chance to pre-order the AT&T Lumia 900 4G Windows Phone for a $25 up-front fee. The Verge has reported today that the software giant has retracted this offer, so those who are eagerly awaiting the handset will no longer be able to act now. A Microsoft spokesperson has stated that those who are interested "should stay tuned to the Microsoft Store Facebook Page".

Microsoft has offered no reason for the withdrawal, but sources have told The Verge that Nokia has plans to announce a price and launch date 'shortly', though it's not known if this has any relation to the offer closure. The rumoured date and pricing of the Lumia 900 were set at March 18th for $99.

Source: The Verge, thanks Brian for the tip!


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Microsoft Store Lumia 900 pre-order offer withdrawn


I imagine that they will still honor it. Especially if you don't get your money back immediately. In fact this may only be a temporary suspension of the pre order program

They're probably not allowing preorders anymore because they plan a release on February 14th and can't guarantee delivery on that date for new preorders.

I really want the 800, doesn't anyone else thing the new phones are just too big? I'll probably end up getting a 900, but I'd prefer the 800....

Well personally I like the 4"-4.7" displays, I use my phone for showing off my artwork, websites and music videos. I also am constantly on Netflix (wish they had Hulu) and YouTube. Perfect for my needs.

I actually just got an 800 today, I won it from Microsoft. I LOVE it, but I will upgrade to the 900 when it cones out, and pass thus one on to a family member. I want a bigger screen, and dual cameras.

I wonder if MS is trying to create a Apple like atmosphere taking down pre orders. I really wish MS and Nokia had definitive dates and models/colors. Its hard to get excited not knowing exactly what's going to be available and when.

Oh, I'm absolutely sure it was a marketing ploy to calculate interest in the phone, why else would they do it? Out of the goodness of their hearts? :-)

If so it's a really dumb ploy, because how many MS stores are in the US?  That's like hoping you have a blockbuster weekend for your new movie, but you only release it in three theaters.