Microsoft 'Snaps' lets you see the company and its people like never before

Microsoft Stories: Snaps

Some could argue that Microsoft previously has had a cold, austere identity. If someone mentioned the brand mid conversation, many viewed them as a boring company with products which focus on productivity-over-design and following trends, not creating them. This was in contrast to the likes of Apple, which has been (and continues to be) seen as a more trendy and connected brand.

Microsoft has dramatically changed its image over the last few years and now we're looking at 'Microsoft Stories: Snaps' to help consumers see the company in a different light.

Since Microsoft has been altering its image to rejuvenate both itself as a company and its products with consumers, this Snaps slideshow is a handy way for the public to see what life is like at Microsoft, and perhaps more importantly, the actual people behind the scenes, all in gorgeous imagery.

The full Snaps slideshow can be found over on the Microsoft website linked below and we think it goes a long way to humanize their corporate image. It's also good for a few laughs.

Source: Microsoft, via: Twitter (@BenThePCGuy)


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Microsoft 'Snaps' lets you see the company and its people like never before


I agree. MS were way ahead of competition in most cases. Windows mobile, Kinect, x box sa complete media center, touch centric experience etc. all were ahead of the competition.

Reminds me of the Alpharetta E*Trade and State Farm Headquarters campuses. I had some great times at those places. Maybe I should apply for an IT job at Microsoft...nah.....I don't feel like moving again.

Microsoft has several great work spaces and when the work environment is pleasing and comfortable, employee moral and teamwork usually fosters.