Microsoft 'talking' to Snapchat about a Windows Phone app, but nothing to announce yet


Earlier this week, Snapchat announced new chatting and video calling features for their iOS app (with the update for Android coming later). Like everything else on Snapchat, conversations and videos all disappear once you leave the app. It’s yet another sign that Snapchat is becoming more of a big deal these days, and yet there’s still no Windows Phone app.

Unfortunately, nothing has yet solidified about an official app coming to Microsoft’s platform. Sure we have unofficial apps like 6snap, but nothing beats having that first-party experience, especially when new features are announced.

Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore had a terse reply to the question about Snapchat coming to Windows Phone and would only confirm that they are at least talking with the company. That’s good news and bad news, as talks mean any app development and release wouldn’t happen until later this year. Regardless, Microsoft is at least trying and Snapchat is listening.

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Microsoft 'talking' to Snapchat about a Windows Phone app, but nothing to announce yet


Actually the new Snapchat is pretty legit. Maybe Microsoft should purchase them and make it into their version of iMessage. That'll give people another reason to dive into the OS.

Rudy is looking into it... but 6Snap runs off of the Android backend and not iOS. So he'll have to wait till Android's update is released before we can see something happen on 6Snap.

He released a Tindr app too, but got it shutdown cause there is "supposed" to be an official app coming, but I haven't heard anything about it in awhile now.

Tinder ain't what it used to be. It's now full of spammers. I don't think that one is worthwhile now.

Now also many apps are not interested in wp if they don't us we have other ones to adjust with unofficial apps are doing well.. rudy :clapping: any idea of opera mini

I have to admit, as an avid user of snapchat(6snap) and will readily say that it is pretty useless social media app.....I mean literally the worst out of all the major popular ones. But in the end it's a big brand name (for younger people) to have on Windows Phone, so if the can bring it over I'd be happy for all WP users.

Up until this week's announcement, I would have agreed with you. Now with the messaging and video "calls"? Things have changed dramatically.

This is Instagram all over again. Microsoft dragging their feet getting a developer on board when in the mobile space things move at far to much of a rapid pace.

The new snapchat app is amazing. Would love to see an official version rocking my phone. However, Rudy please update your app with these features so that even we can compete out there! ;)

What is snap chat? Why I'm always so begin with this social bull crap, oh I know. all the people I care about I see face to face on daily basis.

Is it really that hard for Snapchat to make an official app for WP? Why are all these big names so against WP?


Thank god for Rudy.

Nothing to do with Microsoft being a multibillion dollar company,Snap chat and others rather devote there time with IOS and Android that's were the money's at.

Unfortunately the conversation between Microsoft and Snap chat was done through Snap Chat and has since disappeared.

Who cares if snapchat doesn't want to play ball? We have an app (6snap) that is perhaps better than the official. Besides even if there was a snapchat app, it would probably be like PayPal and never updated just a place holder for what its worth. My Huyn bring the new feature and make it an in app purchase, i will pay for it, but i will also take it free if you so choose

We need to accept that we will always be treated as 3rd class users in the eyes of these devs. Fb won't give us an official app, same with SC and if we get an app, it's far behind what iOS and Android have in terms of updates and features. Even MS's own apps pale in comparison to what others are getting.

Snapchat works differently it allows teenagers to send provocative pictures of sexual body parts and keeps no records or so they say

I know it does that but meh.. None of my friends use it anyway. And I'm pretty sure their servers must have a nice copy of every picture sent.

Who cares about an official Snapchat, Rudy's works well.

How can officials compete with Rudy's?

He is the peoples champs.

WP is developing into quite an eco system - MS should keep the momentum going and spend some money!! It doesn't matter of some people use the app or not - the bottom like is that there should be a choice.

who cares about snapchat app... what makes this a big of a deal is the official apps that WP store needs, with snapchat in more will hopefully join... thats why this matters

No matter whether you use Snapchat or not, this is not good. People want official apps, and a LOT of people use Snapchat. I know my siblings would never consider getting a WP just for apps like Snapchat, Pinterest, etc. The average user doesn't want to take time to find unofficial apps, and prefers first-party. Microsoft needs to step it up.

"...but nothing beats having that first-party experience," unless it's made by Rudy Hyun, in which case it often does beat it.

Dear god! How can we do without an official app?! A complete travesty!

I mean honestly, how can Windows Phone survive without a first-party social media experience for exchanging anonymous pictures of genitalia?


They should just buy Rudy Huyn's app and pay him to keep it updated. It's already a great user experience, plus he really understands how to write WP apps.

Snapchat is NO Instagram....funny how they have neglected WP, when far bigger names then Snapchat have made official WP apps. Snap chat is a joke...and with their latest update announcement they are just trying to stay relevant. When all that's going to happen is...they'll be going down the same road as Path.

If snapchat want to be really big they will have to support Wp. Whatsapp became huge because they supported every platform. If you miss out 10% of users ....guess what there is a huge hole in your social network. They need wp more than wp needs this niche app.

Umm, Snapchat is huge as it is. It does not "need" WP to establish that. Facebook already tried to buy them. 

Here is hoping Rudy finds a way to bring texting to 6snap, my friends keep telling me that I'm missing out.

I strongly prefer 6snap to the official app. I can pick photos from library to snap and write as much text as I like. My Android and iOS friends are dying of envy. Thanks Rudy!

Just got​ an email from team snap chat saying that they have locked my account for using third party applications, they prompted me to stop using third party app and unlock my account by resetting my password!!! What the hell!!