Microsoft teases smartwatch tech in latest patent finding

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Rumors have been floating around for a while now about a smartwatch offering from Microsoft to take on Google's Android Wear, and while we've yet to see anything solid, some new patent applications have turned up that show off what looks to be a new smartwatch. According to the documents, the device itself looks to be sporting an assortment of fitness-tracking features and also a removable body. Much like the long-awaited Kreyos Meteor the watch body seen here could be removed from the band and used in other accessories like a belt clip or lanyard.

Tapping the different icons on the device would in turn display relevant information — running icon for run length, heart icon for heart-rate/pulse or the fire icon to show calories burned. Other apps like messaging, music, alarms and phone would also be expected.

Microsoft Smartwatch

Included in the patent is also a dock for the smartwatch, most likely used for charging and/or synching the device. We've seen a variety of specific charging docks for watches like the Galaxy Gear and Qualcomm Toq before, a dock like this is standard fare at this point.

Of course a patent is just a patent, but it could mean that we're one step closer to seeing an official smartwatch or fitness band offering from Microsoft sometime in the near future.

Source: Patent Bolt; thanks, Kev, for the tip!


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Microsoft teases smartwatch tech in latest patent finding


That is WPC specific, it started few months back when we were getting FB update every other day, but no change log to show what was changed. If I remember correctly, Daniel made a comment in the article that it had no change log but it seems faster and that's how it started.

There has to be more originality in these designs. Every company is thinking about the same user profile. I own watches with compass, altimeter, barometers... that are solar-charging, set themselves... even GPS, without requiring a connection to any other gadget. These are truly smart watches.
These proposed smart watches should be called 'terminal watches' because they just provide a small screen to another computing device. O yeah, and also step counters.

I will use to see how much each session with sigificant half burned calories.
Each day varies a lot and weekends should burn the fat...
At least the heart rates go up in preparation = just by thingking of taking the gift-wrap off!

passioned  peaks easily to 120...130 beats per minute

glasses, maybe, if they aren't as bulky or as useless as google glass. watches? ugh. I suppose we'll see once apple releases theirs what the reception really is to something like this. I'm not going to buy any such thing but the idea of google glass could work once the technology is there (maybe 10 years). What google does is really pointless at this time and not usefull at all. Maybe an area for MSFT to innovate.

Dats wat I tot but the other day I say a football coach using it to receive live stats of the game and other stuffs like that...broadcasting hooked us to his viewing perspective and we could see wat he was focusing on an any point in time....b4 dey switch back to d live game

would be nice if the watch can connect to XBox Live and work with the XBox fitness apps... This could be interesting, but I don't expect this to be huge. At least Microsoft won't be the last person in.

I don't often say this BUT if they were to deliver on a really well thought out fitness/smart watch I actually think I'll be first in line to buy it! Let's hope to see some real innovation here... and expediency!

With onboard storage for music would be awesome. I could use Bluetooth ear buds and leave the phone at home.

That sounds like a feature I'd buy for. leaving the phone at home yet getting the texts and calls + music. this would be perfect to go for a jog/ to the gym while the phone charges at home.. XD


I would like to seem them develop the software to be used by OEM like what Android is doing now. That way you have variations with a streamlined OS. The problem I Windows is still pushing to get their mobile back out and OEM might not want to bite on a smartwatch. So surface watch would be fine as ling as its not killed from poor sales a la Kin. They should buy Kreyos.

I'm trying to compromise and justify (to myself) buying a smartwatch, but I could never give up an analog watch. I need moving parts!

To me smart watches seem to be a gimmick. When you have a smart phone and a PC/tablet, another device seems unnecessary.

It has its benefits hence the reason why lately they been geared toward fitness. Me I'm a tech junkie that haven't found the right one yet. The Moto 360 would have me if on WP.

Agreed. I don't think we can afford to be anymore "connected" to our devices and yet "disconnect" from what's going on around us.

Some people (including me) like the thought of being able to simply lift your wrist to see the time, who's calling/texting, alerts, change music track, etc. Especially if you're in a class or a meeting where you can't use your phone.

Got your idea, but you aren't supposed to be checking your calls/SMS in a meeting/class.

Probably not for a while. I don't see how most of them would be of any use during a test anyway. And it would be about as obvious as a phone if the teacher sees you touching and swiping your watch while taking an exam.

I haven't yet had a Surface, but comparing what I've had, my Lumia 1020 has dropped a few times when I try to put it into my pocket, yet it is perfect. Not a scratch. I dropped my iPad once like about 2 feet and it got a huge dent. Is the Surface that great to prefer it over a Lumia?

They were late to the smartphone party...then late for the tablet party... Now it seems they wanna be little less late to the smartwatch party...

Late to the smartphone party? They created the smartphone party, got the beer in, sorted the DJ and made the delicious nibbles. Unfortunately they did this a long, long time ago, way ahead of tgeir time and other trendy kids came along with modern music and shots and a pool and all the cool kids went there. My Fujitsu Siemens Loox T830 was the first ever smartphone with built in GPS as far as I am aware, all others needed external modules and the iPhone? Yeah, that hadn't been invented. Windows Mobile rocked because there was nothing else remotely rocking at the time. Microsoft invented, conceptualised and / or developed the smartphone and the tablet industry and have subsequently been overtaken in both. Learn your history before opening your mouth

That's right, but they started all over again and that was late as compared to the iPhone. So yes, they were late in the modern smartphone party.

I myself have used imate win mobile smart phones, I have also used Symbian based SE P990...but you could never call it a smart phone...they were professional phones or business phones or tech savy phones... IPhone changed it all... It made a 80% cooler... 20% cuter... 50% dumber phone...called it a smartphone... And then the smartphone party started... For the smartphone party with above features... MS was definitely late...

Not Microsoft Glass. It will be call Windows Eyewear. Or Little Windows. Maybe Windows You Wear. Or Windows Peepers. How about sticking with a Microsoft tradition...a truly bad name like Microsoft Fashion Windows.

Nope. Just like Windows Phone is a device and the OS is Windows Phone OS, these smart glasses can be called Windows Glasses.

MS needs a monocle to compete with Google. An eye patch would also do. Better to look like a smart fellow or pirate than a miscreant wearing lab goggles in public.

HAHAHA... For some strange reason, I completely agree. A Microsoft Eye Patch. Heck, if you wanna look like Deathstroke AND have a smart wear, then this is IT!

I'd rather a smartwatch that would look great with a suit or something I could wear to work. This looks like something made for techies. I hope they end up doing something different than what this patent shows.

too late Microsoft! i switch now to android because there are sooo many smartwatches for WP... well and of course because of some other things ._. (e.g. US-only, ...)

Microsoft please don't make a smart band or fitness anything in a watch... Focus on what matters most like notifications first until it runs seamlessly with your phones first. I think most of your future smartwatch buyers can careless about heart tracking and fitness trackers. Make a nice looking watch that works

This will be a fitness gadget. But I think this focus will be on those that use Kinect for Xbox and the fitness games they offer. Now the developers can monitor them even more so than the Kinect already does. I say make this a niche product instead of Samsung gunning for the masses. That ain't working out for them... That and the Samsung Gear watches are dead ugly

While "fitness" watches are expected, I was hoping for something more dressy. I will not be buying something that looks like a plastic Timex.

awesome ! , it'll be great if it can read sleep patern and had vibrating alarm for waking you up in the right sleep cycle

If it's not round, low profile and with classic styling, than it is worthless. These designers really need to get it together. The Moto 360 is closest thing to something that is actually wearable, minus the googliness.


Can't even finish existing products and now they want to take on unnecessary load making stupid watches.
- Windows tablets don't have GSM phone capabilities like sms and make/receive calls.
- Windows Media Centre hasn't been updated in years.
- Outlook is a mess.

I'll only consider this as a value if they truly do something innovative together with here maps and here drive as an interesting smartwatch. There are countless smartwatches out there now. Otherwise microsoft could better not invest R&D in this venture. Waste of capital. They could better spend their roadmap and money on  improving the windows phone hardware and work on windows (phone) 8.2. There are still a bucketload of suggestions worth investing in the windows (phone) platform.

Needs to be designed like the Pics we saw for Lumia Warch that was a great design that would look more like a Wartch but Smarter....

I want a Microsoft smart watch that is pretty much my Lumia 900 as a watch, with the camera in a different spot, obviously.

what is it with this company? apple is about to release theirs, samsung already did, and MSFT is just now getting around to a patent? meaning still 2-3 years away?

MSFT needs to clean up house. If most of their employees are unable to drive the company at the same speed as the competition, they have no business holding a job there. make room for those that will.

For about the last decade now, people wear watches for either fashion or function. Those camps don't often find themselves in the same social circles. ;-) Just the other day, I was shocked to see a man in his late 50's brandishing a Casio Calculator watch. I had to immediately stop what I was doing to figure out why. I took a "highly-accurate" 5-minute survey of his other behavioral traits and found that, no, he wasn't being ironic or iconic. He actually must have believed that he needed it OR he paid way too much for it when it came out and now feels like he must wear it now for eternity, his "albatross" of a poor purchasing decision. I can see a future with more of these "smart watch slaves". I don't think that even Apple's marketing prowess could make these things "cool" to the "in crowd", to use a cheeky reference to those silly clique systems that unfortunately still persist into adulthood and are marketed with every single day. My two cents. Could be completely wrong! :)