Fresh Paint for Windows Phone 8

Microsoft’s super cool, must-have app Fresh Paint, now available for Windows Phone 8

If you want to “unleash your inner artist” then you will want to grab the amazing Fresh Paint app for Windows Phone 8. The popular app was released awhile back for Windows 8 and it brings the ability to basically paint and create original artwork right from your phone or tablet.

The app itself is relatively easy to use and straightforward, making it a simple choice for those of you want to paint on-the-go. Likewise, with the phone version you can take advantage of your phone’s camera to snap a pic and then hand color it in. Paint your cat, paint a statue, paint your boss...whichever floats your boat, we suppose.

Fresh Paint for Windows Phone 8

From the app description:

"Unleash your inner creative with Fresh Paint – the ultimate canvas for your big ideas.  Fresh Paint is a fun and easy to use painting app. Create original artwork or turn photos into beautiful paintings automatically. From whimsical pictures of your friends to amazing landscapes, Fresh Paint enables you to create anything."

  • Realistic oil paint and brushes
  • Transform photos into paintings with artistic camera lenses
  • Easy sharing with a tap, text message, email or SkyDrive
  • Custom mix colors to create the perfect shades

The technology behind Fresh Paint is quite impressive on both the phone and Windows 8 version. It should be ideally suited for kids and adults who have a penchant for drawing or painting.

Pick it up here in the Store. Windows Phone 8 only. Free. 22 MB. 1GB of RAM required. 

Thanks, Andrew K., for the tip!

QR: Fresh Paint


Reader comments

Microsoft’s super cool, must-have app Fresh Paint, now available for Windows Phone 8


Now all we need it stylus support in WP Blue, and Nokia can release an uber cool phablet that can take awesome photos and run advanced photo editing, and the Galaxy Note would be history.

Stop being naive. It would take billions in marketing and at least a decade in order for Nokia to start damaging the galaxy brand to the point of making it "history".

And people said Samsung will never damage the iPhone brand, ever, in history. Things change quicker than you think, I remember when there was no Galaxy now look few years later and it holds the marketshare, few year people can say the same for the Lumia. Fastest growing rate if any smartphone OS is a pretty big feat.

I got a Galaxy 4 years ago, nobody knew what it was. People laughed and carried their iPhones. Now all those people have Galaxies, while i have my Lumia. Give it two years and the Galaxy will be in a very different position.

A decade? This is tech, anything can happen. Although, I believe Iphone will the one slowly blowing away like a fart in the wind within the next 2 years.

Do you still don't understand Microsoft's strategy? Apple: iOS for phone and tablet, OSX for PC. Microsoft: Windows Phone for phones, Windows 8 for tablets and PCs. To damage the Galaxy Note there is the smaller screen support in Windows 8.1, which already has better stylus support than the Galaxy Note, just look at digital inking on the Surface Pro.

Yes, most understand their strategy but they move at a snails pace and are always in catch up mode for the basic of features.

Because it's a dead platform that is being phased out. Sorry. I do understand the want for 7.x versions, but I'm not sure it's reasonable to expect a whole lot of new app dev for it.

I hate to say it man but the 7.x is not going to receive the love that wp8 gets. If it makes you feel any better I have apps that I purchase on wp7 that I can't get on wp8.

I'm working on a photo app for WP7. The plan was to then upgrade it to WP8 (easy right?)...wrong. Never again. I'm going to have to code it all from scratch for WP8. What runs fine on WP7 (and on WP8 as a WP7 app) flips out when upgraded to WP8. Complete headache.

Yea, same here, I talked to Microsoft and got a refund for all the apps that I paid for on WP7 that WILL not run on WP8....
A few games I really missed too.....

Should work on low memory devices right?
Update: Nope :( it need the extra memory for its crazy physics simluator.

Yes!! I don't like having loads of news apps on my phone. Just give me one for news and one for sports. Those apps are fantastic.

Yeah, nice going there Microsoft. Winning the hearts and minds of Lumia users, only half of your customers won't be able to use it (520, 620, 625, 720).

Its about time Microsoft creates some cross platform apps for Windows 8/Phone 8.
Now if we could get the full Bing News app on WP and Bing Music on Surface that would be something! :D

I LOVE this on my tablet.  But the phone version lacks it's most killer awesome feature: pressure sensitivity.  That is where the REAL power and artisitic capabilities of fresh paint lies.  And unfortunately, phone digitizers are not digipen and pressure sensitive.  This app seriously comes ALIVE with pressure sensitivity.  

Ever heard of the Samsung S-Pen? And the fact that you can use Lenovo's pressure sensitivity stylus on phones?

Huh?  Because you can run MS Fresh Paint on a Galaxy Note?  Speaking in the context of phones that can ACTUALLY run this app, there are no pressure sensitive digitizer options available.  The S-Pen is irrelevant in this discussion.  

What?  You can't use an S-Pen on a Nokia Lumia; it won't work!  Unless you coated the tip in metal.  And there would be NO pressure sensitivity at all, it would only register a touch just like your finger would.  Pressure sensitivity has to be built into the device.  A digitizer pen doesn't magically give you pressure sensitivity.  

Pressure sensitivy, alright, I agree that that has to be built into the device. But I can confirm that the S-Pen (aside from the pressure sensitivity) works fine on a Lumia without coating the tip in metal.

That's funny, because I had a couple people try the S-pen from a Note II on their super sensitive Lumias, and they said it did absolutely nothing.

Yes you can use it because it has capacitative screen capabilities but why spend the money on an extra one when it's main feature won't do you any good?
The main point of the S-pen is it has the "wacom" pressure sensitive capabilities built into it. That requires that the screen has the appropriate digitizer built into it. Which Windows Phones currently do not have.

Which is why my feature rich wacom stylus on my Surface Pro isn't anything more than a simple capacitative stylus on my wifes Surface RT.

Seriously? Because I use a Wacom Intuos 4 pen, and it does absolutely NOTHING on my 920, 820, 810, and 620. I also have a Lenovo Wacom pen from my X220 Tablet and same thing, does NOTHING.

Are you guys using magic styli enchanted with fairy dust or something?

Next time get a phone with at least 1gb.... so you wont run into this problem any more. OR sell it and buy a new phone wiht 1gb....
It does seem like that.... Not sure why Microsoft released phones that would not run some big apps on the platform, I know cost comes into it but, in the real world, how much different is it to put 1gb over 512mb ? Can't see it costing more than $10-20 in the cost of things...

Was just going to download it then I saw the 1GB requirement :'( although they are 1%, these apps are the high profile ones that people actually care about.

wow it neeeds 1GB while almost all games including angry birds, monster burner work fine on 512MB phones

What about the guys with 512 mb ram devices?
"1 GB" my foot!!
Over a decade ago used to play GTA Vice City on my crappy PC with 256 MB RAM. Its becoming a trend to somehow discriminate consumers with low-end phones on almost every platform except iOS, cos it have no low-end devices. Earlier,256 MB RAM was min requirement for WP7 & Lumia 710 with 512 MB RAM enjoyed all the premium apps leaving behind the poor 610 & 510. And now 512 MB RAM is the min requirement for WP8, hence the guys with HTC 8S & Lumia 520,620 & even 720 are suffering. I know that games require superior graphic performance that low RAM devices can't afford but this is not the case with apps.

Anyways, am glad that this time I bought a high end Lumia 920 over my old Lumia 610.