Microsoft's latest Surface Pro 3 commercials target the MacBook Air

While the first Surface Pro 3 commercial showcased the best features offered by Microsoft's latest tablet, its latest videos pit the Surface Pro 3 against the MacBook Air. The three new commercials highlight the features offered by the Surface Pro 3 that are not present on the MacBook Air, which include a touchscreen, kickstand, stylus and a detachable keyboard.

During the launch of the Surface Pro 3 earlier this year, Microsoft claimed that the tablet is a viable alternative to the MacBook Air. Microsoft also launched a trade-in program that allows customers bringing in a MacBook to receive as much as $650 credit toward buying a Surface Pro 3. With the tablet launching in 25 additional countries later this month, Microsoft is intent on touting the benefits of the tablet against the MacBook Air.

What do you guys think of the latest Surface Pro 3 commercials?

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Microsoft's latest Surface Pro 3 commercials target the MacBook Air


Why shouldn't they be? Most OEMs have sat on their laurels churning out rehashes after rehashes and not pushing enough innovation. This is Microsoft showing what can be done and the what Windows 8 was made for.

Yeah but maybe the OEMs want to make something that actually makes a profit. Not all OEMs can afford billion dollar losses

And don't forget the costs of canceling the Surface Mini line just before anouncing it... that was also a write off of hundreds of million dollars. Just to keep some of there OEMs 'happy'.

I wonder what would happen if Microsoft decides with the treshold release to keep Windows only on own hardware cutting there OEMs off (only doing so if Microsoft presents a own hardware line with Desktops, Laptops, Notebooks, Hybrids and Tablets) globally availble 7 days after the anouncement was made.

Sure OEMs would jump on the Linux train, but its a (enterpirse) Windows world. This could be a massive succes for Microsoft and there OEMs deserve every bit of it. Lack of innovation, and betraying there longest software partner to team up with (s)G(r)OOGLE with the ChromeBook line.

I think lots of people would still be on Windows, buying new Windows hardware from Micrsoft, maybe Microsoft needs to go on full Apple mode!

Haha, well it does'nt hurt to keep dreaming ;)




The Mini will most likely debut with Office Gemini, rumours floating around the net say it was cancelled because it didn't offer any differentiation from the competition.

@Pedaho - Have you actually looked closely at every model churned out by OEMs previously? the only reason the Laptop market became stagnant was there was practically 0 innovation from the Big companies. Churning out rehashes every a few months is actually more detrimental to their bottom line due to unsold stock. Which is why PC shops are still selling ancient models for rock bottom prices... OEMs have to practically give away stock after a series or model reachs a certain point in it's lifecycle before stamping it with the EOL status.

I'm stunned that you even commented with out any basis for your comment.. You must be the typical fan boy of everything not Microsoft.. Funny how Crapple wouldn't even be in the game without Microsoft.

Basis are that Those commercials only interest Microsoft users, not the Apple FunBoys... they point the only things that we as the MS community are interested in, not what apple users like to use. And this is not the way the will earn money. Aim for everyday users, that are looking for a new equipment, not for ppl that will use Apple anyway.

They (ads) suck, in short sentence.

Mac users are always touting the Mac's superiority in imaging. I'd say highlighting the fact that the SP3 is a tablet with a pen running full Photoshop is a good move. Additionally, the price of the SP3 puts it in direct competition with Macbook Air.

And that's how you perceive the situation. Advertising is all about perception. The Mac has a perceived superiority in imaging among the target market of the SP3.

Mac users are touting nothing other than they have a mac and they really don't even know why other than it was expensive and it looks it. I am usually a pretty big critic about MS ads I liked the first with the korean music though lol. There are just too many delivering the same message. Like if they would have had a commercial with graphic design student the class will be full of mac books he could be the only student with the surface 3 that everyone would look at. He could double as an graphics design intern at a studio where everyone is wacom pads to do work and he could make them all look obsolete. Sure those would be higher budget commercials, but they're real world examples and apple has a monopoly at design schools.

This is just another marketing variety with a bunch of others! By they way used by Apple too. I bet some wife Mac Barbie Airs seem heavier now, so with husbands having lighter devices like SP3 and it being superior it the whole feature side! Yes, some will finally think outside a bubble!

we have a macbook pro at home as well as a couple win 8 laptops. you wouldn't believe the number of times bothe me and my daughter ieep trying to touch the screen on the mac. maybe apple users fon't know what they are missing. judging by the comments on these tech blogs it seems apple user last used an xp pc, probably budget, and still think blue screens and rampant virus infections are still common.

As someone with a top of the line Windows 8 device and an iMac, its not about which OS works better for me, its about which OS integrates better with my life. I carry a WP and an iPhone, and the difference is night and day with what I can do with my mac/iPhone vs what little I can do in continuity with my windows devices.

No, Pablo the ads don't suck and thet aren't aimed only at Microsoft users. The ads weren't designed to run on Windows Phone Central. The target market is determined by where the ads actually do run and how often. The launch ad for the Surface Pro 3 was about the first Micrsoft product ad that actually ran with a saturation and frequency similar to what Apple and Samsung commonly use. In a normal campaign, it is now time to move on from that ad which was an expensive spot with high production costs and something more simple and focused on features. If these three ads now run for a few weeks in rotation but with the same saturation we saw with the launch ad they will have an impact.

Interestingly enough, I am almost the complete opposite to what you suppose that I am. I have never owned any of Apple's products. I have owned only one Android device, and Youtube is the only Google service I currently use (merely on a weekly basis).
My digital life is immersed within Microsoft's ecosystem. My laptop is running Windows 7 SP1, and my phone WP8.1 Update 1. I use these services and softwares daily: Bing, OneDrive, Outlook, Office, Internet Explorer, etc. I am looking forward to adapt to the Surface Pro 4 powered by Intel's Broadwell with Windows 'Threshold' pre-installed.
The point which I was hoping people would have seen in previous discussions in the forums, is that Microsoft needs to make the Surface Pro line a 'first of its kind' rather than comparing it to anything in existence. I am sure people making such comment of me in this post should have read those discussions in the forums already, so I am not going to repeat the whole argument in here.

People naturally draw comparisons, so it makes perfect sense to try and at least guide them to draw the right comparisons (see all the reviews glossing over a real MBA comparison, and really harping on the fact that "it's not an iPad"). Also surface pro technically isn't the first of it's kind, it's just the first time that this type of device is truly viable using state of the art manufacturing processes, etc. It's really a modern interpretation of something like the Compaq TC1000.

Also, why /shouldn't/ Microsoft try and continue to win over it's current users with features they would want? The pen is a huge selling point to me, and I imagine it would be for students as well.

I agree. The pen is a key selling point. My daughter has spent hours playing with my wife's new SP3. She wants one of her own now.

Remember the whole "Hello I'm a mac, and I'm a PC" campaign that Apple did? I think Microsoft has the right to get back at Apple a little ;)

Well i totally disagree with you. Especially the second and third add show case perfectly the benefits of a Surface Pro 3 compared to the MacBook Air (which is the best selling high end notebook) and basically every other Windows 8.1 Notebook (the pen input makes the Surface pro 3 so much better then just any touch screen Win 8.1 ultrabook).

And in the second at they are just very funny. 'I've got a touch screen to' - grabs his iPad LOL. The second add is the best.

And its good for Microsoft to get these adds out there. People like to think Apple is this great and amazing innovator. And yes in the past they where. But lately (since the passing of the great Steve Jobs) they have been rehashing old success formulas.

Apple's next big thing is expected to be the iWatch, and it will flop badley. People buy iPhones because of the carrier subsiditions. The buy iPads because well they where hot, everyone did, and they aren't that expensive, but i dont expect people to pay hundreds of dollars to buy a watch. So it would be a real niche market and wil not be the next iPhone (in revenue success, as stockholders are expecting) and Apple stock will fail big time!

No its good that Microsoft shows of its newest piece of innovation, Surface Pro 3 is truly a hero device that can make a big difference. And they advertise it very wel. They wont sell tens of millions of it like the iPad does, but they dont have to. Surface Pro is'nt ment to be a iPad compatitor, its price is to high for it and its functionallity to big (however I would be surprised to see revenue figures could rival that of the iPad, due to Surface Pro 3's higher price tag).

Surface Pro 3 will create a whole new product category the hybrid. Like the iPad did with the tablet market, Microsoft will do with it's Surface Pro line, Windows 8.x (and the upcomming treshold) to Tablets/Laptops.

Its not tablets that wil destroy laptops (like they thought) it wil be devices like Surface Pro 3 that wil destroy tablets and laptops, in I expect no more then 5 to 10 years.
And for a first time in its history Microsoft would be doing to Tablet/Laptops what Apple did to PC's, Musicplayers and the (smart)phone market.

And how could Apple mis the next big thing? Oh well wait Steve's is gone, and  thats why!

Massive post, thanks for sharing it with us. I totally agree with you, though I would actually not be too surprised to see many people buying this iWatch as they might anticipate this could become the next big thing (personally I don't think it will).

The Surface Pro 3 is by far the best device productivity seekers can get in this day and age (Please note: If you are interested in playing games and watching movies, there might be better devices out there). But I still see so many ways Microsoft could further enhance the user experience as this product category evolves. Think about fanless chip technology that is looming and is expected to make the device even lighter and more quiet, think about a Type cover that can be connected to the SP wirelessly etc.

I don't understand why Apple is not catching up with pen input technology as far as their Mac Book series is concerned.


I actually don't like the 3rd. It kind of shows that MS doesn't know the competition well. Case in point: The MBA has 2 USB ports, the SP3 has one. Plug away?

Actually most people should be completely fine with one USB port if they make some changes to their equipment. You can hook up mice and keyboards wirelessly via Bluetooth, same holds for speakers and headphones. Printers and external storages can be accessed wirelessly either, so I just tend to plug in a classic USB flash drive occasionally.

But their not making the compairson to an Apple or Andriod tablet, their compairing it to a MacBook Air. And the MacBook Ai does infact have USB ports 

Agree.... SP3 (and SP4, SP5....) will destroy tablets & laptops.  Wait and see...

Today's technologies have become mature enough for a hybrid tablet-laptop to be highly practical.  Why waste money to buy both (and to carry both)?  Why shouldn't a laptop be operated with touch screen?  Why should I buy a tab that doesn't allow me to "do things"???

Apple will surely introduce touch screen in their future Macbooks but it will be too late...

I like the ads.  They just highlight exactly what some cool stuff MBA is lack of.  Yes, they are really cool.  I would say the Mac people, never trying Surface Pro, they never know how cool Surface Pro is.  Yes Mac is not bad, but Surface Pro is just cool.

Major problem of today's tablets:  too focused on "apps", which are primarily for fun; rely too much on touch screen.

Major problem of today's laptops: non-detachable keyboards.  Why would I bother carrying the keyboard if all I need is just the screen???  It is simply more intelligent to put the CPU & storage at the screen instead of the keyboard.

SP3 simply creates a perfect solution to replace tablet and laptop.  We really don't need them anymore.  Yes, it is possible with today's technologies.  It just comes to the market at the right moment.

@Michael B
Totally agree with your comment that the hybrid will do away with the tablet/PC/Laptop for many. Gamers maybe too as the specs improve.
I also really do like these ads, simple and precise in their message.

Using the Pro 3 on business trips has been a revelation.  Note-taking for audits in One Note, processing photos using x86 software, RDP through VPN, casual browsing and facebook stuff as a tablet, full day battery life - it has replaced a laptop (work PC) and tablet (personal Surface 2).

There is nothing wrong with these Ads, SP3 is superior compared to the Air. High res screen, touch, thinner, tablet, lower price starting point...To me its a no brainer, I don't know how apple has gotten away with selling the air with the screen from 2009.

Finally some commercial highlighting the right spots. I think they got it right this time. "you are more powerful than you think" - LOL

I honestly couldn't stop laughing when they said that, hahahahaha!!!!

Yes, these commercials are great. Trying to challenge the perception that these can't be used for so called, "real work."

MBA is "up to 12 hours" and SP 3 is "up to 9 hours" so it is a big difference, but definitely not half.

Well they need to use that free money they get from those Android Licensing deals some where :P. Joking aside, the first Gen was the write off, the 2nd Gen RT and 2nd/3rd x64 models are selling pretty well actually.

hey have been doing this. But instead of the positive response these are gettign it has been "OMG I don't like these. MS should show what's good not try to compete with anyone".

Real b*tch sh*t.

I'm always a bit skeptical about these kind of commercials. I'd buy a SP3 because I like the integration between the OS and the machine itself, not because it's better than a MBAir.

Thesame for me, and I bought my SP3 when I was visiting USA, it had the same price tag like the tablet/notebook from Dell, Toshiba and others aproaching this market. So why shouldnt i boy the Surface instead :)

With you on this point. But, will it be effective persuading others who are Apple or Android users to purchase. Possibly....

Its the largest userbase for the audience they are targeting plus it has the added bonus of not having to attack a hardware OEM partner.

Obviously there are many ways to advertise to various markets. From my experience in college, most of my friends who had a MBA simply wanted a powerful small computer. They weren't super dedicated Apple lovers, they bought the best device that was out at the time. All of them thought my sp1 was awesome. Given the fact that the sp3 wasn't out at the time of their purchase, it is possible to persuade them or the thousands of kids who haven't purchased their computer for school yet and are in the same situation. They simply want the best device out. So this type of marketing makes sense. Keep in mind, everybody knows what a mba is, but they don't know the surface. These types of commercials are good for showing the contrast.

They have the whole worlds marketing power in their hand and they are doing such lame and very not attractive ads....?! Oh boy...

This is a very crappy way of doing things. I never wanted a Mac before, even Mac Book Air...and i still bought the SP3 and using it as a daily driver for my everyday work.

Aiming for the Appleboy equipment is not a very good marketing, because You will never beat the Apple Cult. Aim for the every day user. Surface is not more expensive than a good laptop. It is not some kind of unique and elite hardware.

It made my work more enjoyable than before.

Apples like Mac Air are not something uniqe in Poland, every business does use them. From start ups to big time enterprises, but they lack of compatibility with IT worlds needs. Ppl also use Dell's, Hp's, Toshibas...

Maybe it is time to market SP3 as something normal, thats make our work easier like mine did?! I am one and only SP3 user on my work floor, and that feel quite nice, unique even - but this is because MS market limitations only....

I can assure You, that when SP3 will be sold all over the world it will be bought by everyday users like myself, nothing fancy - just a great machine that makes my work a lot of easier and more enjoyable.

Try that for a change MS, and stop using Your marketing crew...thay suck big time.


They are showing how it can be used everyday, they show OneNote with the keyboard, Photoshop with the touch screen, Word with the pen and I think the general consumer is exactly where they are pushing this. These days the general consumer probably is looking at a MacBook, at least as a benchmark of sorts if not to buy. This is Microsoft telling them 'Did you know we have an alternative?'.

I guess you are more than right on this one... MS, is not doubt they are going in the right direction with the Hardware-OS integration... But Product-Customer? Not so much... Chancea are this might be vengance from Mac/Pc adds from long time ago (LOL) But they should try more adds based on user experience and for what you say the everyday user, like you, me and a whole lot more to come.

The other ads on how the SP3 is applied in Hospitals and Schools Are More Powerful and should be in the forefront! Yet, I agree the choice of the Simpleton would be the Mac...which should be compared for what it is not - the better device.

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I'm starting to think that Microsoft doesn't need marketing to push its specific products and services, but rather, marketing that pushes Microsoft the company. If that were done then I'm sure Surface, Windows Phone, Kinect, etc, would make a lot of sense to consumers. Just recall Apple's "think different" campaign, it set the company up as a beacon of distinction, uniqueness and innovation. I haven't seen many such Microsoft campaigns, if at all.

Consider a board on the highway or airport that says, "Microsoft... Saving Lives" and showcasing Kinect at some surgery; "Microsoft...Creating Legends" and showcasing the Surface Pro 3 in the hands of a manga artist in Japan; "Microsoft...Connecting Worlds" and showcasing Skype and the universal translation stuff; "Microsoft...Witnessing Champions" and Xbox One and Xbox Live.

Put such ads in places such as airports, stadiums, malls, universities, etc, anywhere and everywhere you'd find those aware of Mac and iOS scurrying about. Then in tandem market specific products and services, bu do so once people are aware of what your brand is actually about.

Really good point. People need to view Microsoft as a whole to be an innovative and exciting company right up there with Apple and Google.

I'm sorry but I'm huge Microsoft fan owning, Surface, Lumia 930, Xbox ONE and Windows 8.1 Laptop. Not only that but by the way I act people around me always say that I should work for Microsoft or perhaps secretly am.

I don't like these ads, they target Americans and Americans "in majority" will always stand for Apple, I also believe that these ads still advertise Macs at the same time.

Since owning Nokia, Microsoft should better know how to advertise...just let the Nokia guys do your marketing!

I also see iPads come out during a flight to watch movies. It's hilarious when they try to watch them in widescreen.

When will they learn that they should be targeting Google instead of Apple? I don't like Apple, but a partnership between them against Google is the only way either survive another decade.

I have the sp2, and rarely use it in tablet mode. Touch screen is good in metro, but bad in desktop, which is bad, because I'm in desktop almost all the time. What's good about Macs though is if I want, I can also put Windows on it. Hackintosh doesn't work so well compared to Boot Camp.

Well that's your lost. It's the opposite for me given that web browsing in metro is a much better experience on a device with a touchscreen than that on the desktop.

I see you comment here all the time and I'm always in love with your profile pic.

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I think Microsoft needs to be more aloof in their advertisements. Yes, they need to show the features which are absent on Macbooks without actually comparing them with Macbooks. You don't shove it in people's face that their $1500 Macbooks can't perform the same functions as Microsoft's Surface Pro 3. Let the realization dawn on them of its own accord.

You guys sound really clueless about advertising. "Don't actual tell people why you're better, let it magically dawn on them!"

The music in the first ad was annoying. The other 2 were kinda cool though.
Quick question, regarding the photo ... Is the ability to have a custom wallpaper in the Startscreen exclusive to full W8? Or also available in RT?

From the start screen choose settings and then personalize then choose your desktop background from the select list of squares.

I'm....really surprised by the music choice in the first video, it's kpop. Definitely not something I ever expected to see in a mainstream ad in the US.

2NE1 - I Am the Best, btw.  (yep I listen to kpop :P)

This isn't just commercials saying "sp3 is better then a MBA and iPad" but also saying "look at the old way of computing compared to what a windows tablet does. Why buy two devices when we have a better solution that does everything these other devices do?"

Here's a short story without a conclusion: I was once interested in purchasing an iPhone and iPad, my reasoning behind this was that they seemed cool and desirable, later (after looking into the possible purchase more thoroughly) I decided against it as it had hardly anything other than apps and style going for it..........that's it, that's my story, but what I'm looking for is an answer to why I was almost tricked into buying something that could not compete with what I have now (Surface, 1020)? What is it that makes people crave a product that is sub-par to most other devices that are cheaper and better at most everyday necessary functions and facilities?

I own two Xbox Ones, the 1020, and a PC. Getting a surface soon once I start offshore. I couldn't agree with you more. I think it's that people just want what everyone else has because people tend to follow the herd. Especially the teenage market. Apple doesn't actually have a total ecosystem, and their ecosystem is too heavily rooted in iTunes to really offer much in the way of function and productivity, unlike Office 365 and OneDrive.

Truth be told, the term "ecosystem" (which is way too overly used now) has been skewed, changed and made to mean something that more resembles what aplle offers.

Just for the sake of productive discussion, could you elaborate a bit? Apple offers computers, a phone, and a tablet, and Apple TV- while Microsoft offers a computer, phone, tablet, and game/entertainment system-including Xbox Video. Apple doesn't have a game system, and it also doesn't have anything even close to Office 365.

iWork and iWork for iCloud is Apples versons of Office and Office 365. iWork has Pages, Keynote and Numbers witch are very similar to Word, Powerpoint, and Excel. The best part is there free for iOS and OS X. Fully compatible with Microsoft Office.

That's simple, yet still difficult to understand. Most people don't care enough to think about what they want. They rather let other people think for them, or be told what's a "good" product to buy, or even worse they buy things because they don't want to be "different". Either way most people take the easist route possible. Even those that make their chosen device their "religion" can easily acomplish whatever it is they do on another OS.

Plus, if your 3 best friends have a blah phone you are likely to get one too. Especially if it has exclusive apps that have been sold as "must have".

The me too factor....

I have a Surface Pro 3 i7 256g and I truly love it. Having said that, I think the SP3 is a lot better that the Mac Air from the hardware point of view. But software wise, I feel that Windows 8 needs to get better a bit more to bash with these type of commercials. W8 is getting better but OS X is still a better OS. However, Microsoft will get there in a year or so.

I was an Apple Fanboy with MacBook Air, iPad and iPhone. Now have Lumia 1520 and SP3. I think these ads will turn Fanboys who like innovation and are tired of the same ol same ol. Laughed at the add throwing a notebook and pen onto devices. That was just like me.

Especially that horrendous screen red on the air. I think that right now a chromebook has a better screen res than the Air.

Not to belabor the point about innovation. Apple invented color phones last year. Now they are innovating NFC, big screens, and phones made of strong materials that might arrive in customers' hands without scratches. I view these ads the same way. A Mac laptop. Yawn.

I'd like to see more commercials from Microsoft that invoke emotion. You know, like Nokia made them? Let me explain:

Instead of putting up specs, comparing it to something else or using those "lighter, faster, thinner" used in their Surface campaigns, or the wild dancing from the first ones, or the brutally honest "this is how we use surface in our hospital/school/business", couldn't we have more emotion that make me believe I'll be happy if I just bought the product? Make me think I'll be popular or show me cool things I can do with my Surface Pro. I think one of the first Surface Pro 3 commercials where he gets up from bed, into a cab and to the office in one take is cool - the problem is all I really remember is how cool the taxi scene was. It wants to showcase so much, so fast to such a broad audience that I can't connect to it.

Then what do I want? I'd like to see commericals directed and focused at different demographics and users. Show me one with a school student and really make me feel like it would replace my laptop and my notebook, invoke the feeling of how happy and easy it would be to carry around! Show me how easily I could use OneNote while recording audio from the lecture, and then watch a movie with friends at night - perhaps plug it in to that TV through my awesome displayport.

Then make another one aimed at the office, showcase the docking station, how you take notes at a meeting, show it as a travel companion with "lapability" for both work and entertainment. Perhaps showcase Skype from some hotel room where you connect with your kids back home.

There is so much great in this product, so many things that work great together but don't sell it as a product that almost lives up to another. Sell it as a truly great product that stands on its own and make the commercials help people see this.

TL;DR: Make emotional commercials aimed at different demographics that showcase the great features and how they can work together with a Surface Pro.

Yes. Aka marketing your product. Make it seem cool to own. MS ads are solely focused on productivity and comparisons. So frustrating.... Its like their engineers also do their marketing...

Yeah! Only that the things their engineers actually do (thinking about the OneNote team's side-project) is usually quite funny and interesting. Though, the song and lightning in this surface commercial invoked some serious emotions in me. Thought it looked like an awesome product - but never really understood why I would need it? With that said, I just ordered a Surface 2 for some reason...

I could be wrong - heck, I'm just a random person with an opinion. But, what would you say are examples of that? Could you name a few in recent time? Because I'm having a hard time seeing it.

I'm happy with my Dell Precision 3800, need something with a bit of power that isn't huge to carry around. I was looking at the SP3, but couldn't make the switch just yet. Needs more memory or ability to upgrade it!

The 2nd one was good. The other 2 aren't. The MacBook Air actually has TWO USB 3 ports. Microsoft stupidly decided to just put 1 on the SP3. That's the major drawback of the SP3 for me.

Biased review that does not fairly cover all aspects leads to fake results. Everyone knows they have been Apple biased for ages.

Stop with the comparison ads. This just reminds me of Samsung and apple, and all that does is remind people that apple is on top. The surface is more of a niche product right now. I have seen three of them at my school, while I can't count how many people have MacBook airs. Have you seen the new 'stickers' ad by Apple? Does it show anything that the MacBook does; no. Is it a 'cool' commercial; yes. Who does MS marketing because it is horribly out of touch. All of their dancing and weird transitional ads are dumb.

Agree with you. Why are they doing H2H comaprison? In above same ad if they remove MAcbook Air still anybody can tell yeah.. Surface has unique features lets give it try. but with these kinda of ads, MS is just creating more haters. I think Apple fans will hate MS more instead of thinking lets give it a try. 

How is apple on top?

You haven't seen a "dancing" ad in almost a couple years, so WTF are you talking (err... trolling) about??

I'm thinking this is how the push a new form factor without stepping on other PC OEMs out there making laptops. Also in people's minds the MBA is "the best". Going head-to-head with what people think is "the best" and showing that your are competitive is what you have to do sometimes to change perceptions.

I would still like to see an entire ad showing how having a tablet and laptop in the same device is useful. There are plently of scenarios where I transition from tablet mode to laptop mode then back to tablet mode in a short period of time. To me, that is the power of the surface.

That CNET review was a joke. They went in with bias that the mac would win. My 13 year old watched it and tore their review to shreds

No just no. This is not the way. You are seriously behind in sales MS. Show me why I should consider shelling out 800€ for a Surface, what is so unique about it. You spent I don't know how many months designing just the fan. Don't be cheap. Be confident.

They weren't really bashful at all toward apple or a person that uses apple products, which is good. The message is that my next laptop should be a surface pro 3 because it does more (regardless of whatever else I was considering). I think they'd probably be better off positioning themselves against google, but by not even mentioning google, they've taken them out of the conversation completely, which is a different take I suppose. I don't know, I'm not in the marketing business (for what it's worth).

There has already been similar ads comparing cheap Windows laptops to chromebooks. Why compare the Surface to one when there are laptops that are in the same price range and far more capable?


I hate the head-to-head video because of the music, but the other two are great! I don't think they're as good as the first commercial that came out earlier though.

I don't think it's a coincidence that this commercial is appearing around the same time as all of the back-to-school sales, as I'm used to seeing a sea of MacBooks in my lecture halls. That said, most of my students would be better served by a mid-range (~$600-750) laptop than either a MacBook Air or a Surface Pro 3.

Love my Surface Pro 3. It is brilliant. I hope they don't give up on the concept. It truly is the only device I use besides my Lumia 1520 (which I only bought because I loved the SP3 so much and started going into the Microsoft ecosystem). 

My mom owns the SP3. I love it. I have the RT. I also love it. But the RT is my companion to my Windows 7 HP laptop because it lags. I have a cracked Windows phone and my mom and dad have fine ones no longer used. I also broke my 925. I currently have a GS4 with my dad and my mom has 5s. I want a 1020. Also wish I had an xbox one if we had any spaces left on our TV. And like I believe Microsoft is going in the right direction with these ads but I doubt people would really switch. Macs offer the best of both worlds - Osx and Windows.

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I own a S2, S, and I've owned the SP2 and all I can is .... yawn

 Its like Apple can run all the Mac TV spots they want and show me how it could generate life from nothing and I still wouldn't buy one.  I just dont want a Mac...get it Microsoft...nothing to see here move along...move along



Perhaps it due to that I'm Dutch (whatever ;-)) but I really don't get this. IMHO MSFT should not do this kind op commercials. Why? 

One of the problems with the new Surface Pro commercials is they are comparing apples to oranges. Comparing a laptop to a tablet isn't a very accurate comparison. After all there are iPads can have attachable keyboards too. If Microsoft is so confident with their dancing tablet, why don't they do a comparison to an iPad with a keyboard?

My takeaway from the ad is that the Surface is a toy I can draw on, and the screen will come off. Kids might love it. The adults in the room who have real work to get done will stick with the Macbook.