Live Lock Screen BETA

Microsoft's Live Lock Screen app now available for Windows Phone 8.1

It was teased at Build 2014 and is now finally available. Windows Phone 8.1 users can now download the Live Lock Screen BETA app to spruce up their Lock screens.

Live Lock Screen Beta

From the app's description:

"Want to truly personalize your lock screen? Live lock screen lets you choose from 6 new lock screen layouts to add a distinctive touch to your Windows Phone. Each layout has a revamped design for the time, date, and notifications, as well as a unique unlock animation. You can also cycle through multiple background images throughout the day to keep your lock screen fresh—or just get the latest incredible image from Bing every morning."

You'll need Windows Phone 8.1 to use this. If that's you, go ahead and check it out. Let us know in the comments below what you think of the Live Lock Screen app. And guess what? It does work with 512MB devices, which is a relief since Microsoft previously said it would require 1GB of RAM or more at launch. Enjoy!

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Microsoft's Live Lock Screen app now available for Windows Phone 8.1




It is laggy, takes a second or two for the lockscreen to appear. So I uninstalled it. It is still shown as beta version.

Yes, I agree it takes between 2 - 5 seconds to sort itself out.. & for me, it didn't add anything significantly great on my +720 to keep it...

Well, it seems faster... The app use for me. Too bad I can't keep using it, since my kid use the kid's corner.

The bounce doesnt feel natural, btw

The original is way better for me, maybe I'm just used to it. It has weight and that tiny bounce in the end. Why not just make it the same?

Thats the one thing that made me hold off from using it. After installing it I loved the image and nice effects it brings, but I love my weather updates more, I reverted back to the Amazing Weather lockscreen till something similar can be integrated into the app.

Well it looks awesome. But it takes some time to load and the start screen is blurred for a second.

Edit: It's blurred (or something - like a picture in low quality) the whole time until you swipe it all up. Come on, isn't it enough to have this strange effect every time when clicking back to the app from the multitasking.. What do you think guys

Edit2: It's an actual picture of the start screen under it.

This should be in the OS update not an app :) I guess then it would work right.

Yes, because is a screenshot of app's last appearance and low in resolution than screen. Not like windows task bar where everything is in realtime when you hover over an program.

I know, but it should be in real time, there is no such thing on Android, and no, There is no lag because of that :P

Well good to hear, I was afraid that MS again managed to make something not work (xbox music) .. Maybe they only support Lumia :P

I hear ya, its good that its a stand alone app, so it will work better in the future, they just had to get it out to see what problems people are facing so they know what to fix

most everything in wp8.1 is going to apps. the issue is with carriers here, ms is taking things out of the os so that they can be updated more regularly rather than waiting for carriers to approve it. if they can pull it off, it's a big win for them and us since we'll see updates quicker. windows is becoming more modular. i hope they pull it off and bypass the carriers for updates more often.

I like that too. But I hope they manage to make apps work at all then. Why don't they design an OS that can install system upgrades through an app :P

Maybe it only does this on 512mb devices, and it is real time on 1gig devices? What phone you have?

If this app is any indication or hint of any UI changes that's gonna happen in the future, then I'm pretty excited about what's to come!

I've just published a supposed fix for the lag issue for the app in the Forum for apps on the WPC app. Did you know that the great Rudy Huyn wrote the code for the lock screen beta app? Oh? You did...

I was expecting something a little groovier in all honesty. I like how my current lock screen shows the weather forecast

I was excited for this when it was previewed at Build. After trying all of them it is not what I expected/hoped for. Already back to using Awesome Lock.

Will be interesting to see what devs can do with this - hoping for better than what MS and Rudy did...

Me too, I was expecting more from this, of course this is BETA so I hope it will be way better in future. P.S. I don't like the way it bounces when you pull it half a way..

Update: And I don't get any calendar appointments in lockscreen :/

I think a picture password would be cool, but how complicated could it be? If it's a simple pattern so you can quickly unlock your phone - and given that it locks every time it's idle for X number of minutes, you'll want to keep it simple - your friends are going to know that sequence within a day.

I understand that. But your laptop doesn't lock after 1 minute idle and you're probably around friends more frequently when you unlock your phone than when you unlock your laptop.

On my 620 it's slow, better after moving on internal memory but still... Nice to have it just to see though
Edit: Restarted phone and works nicely

Oh that's a good idea, I didn't think of moving the app to the phone storage. Thank you! I've just published a supposed fix for the app I found earlier. It's on the Windows Phone app forum of the WPC app.

Nice move by Microsoft to release it as Beta so that 512MB users aren't disappointed as well as they will atleast stop criticizing about its lag...

Nice thing, even if it's taking sometime to load after pressing the unlock button. But it's really good looking.

I'm not sure why it does that either, but it does it on my 1520. Maybe it's because I have it stored on my SD card. I'll have to try moving it to phone memory and see if there's a difference.

But I do love the app!

What I meant was, after pressing the unlock/power button, the screen is black for 1-2 sec until the lock screen shows up. But maybe it is because I installed on SD and because of having a 512mb device.

I like wish the circles on the one click were smaller and cleaner but besides that no complaints yet

I don't know.  it's neat for a few seconds but I'm not that impressed overall.  More importantly, by switching to this, I lose my lockscreen weather info from Amazing Weather.

I'm sure other apps will be able to hook into it like before, just takes time, though admittedly taking a lot longer than I would have expected.

If it can't hook in other apps, I won't continue to use it.

Yeah I never looked into this, but I assumed it meant we would be able to have live info (without interactions) on our lockscreen directly from MS. Like from the Bing News, Sports apps etc.

A moving clock? That's it?

Absolutely. Kind of cheesy really. And the best way to see the animation is to scroll half way up and let it bounce down a few times.

Of corse, most of the phones running 8.1 Developer Program are ahead of the official Windows Phone 8.1 builds that are rolling out.

meh... not as great as i spected... but it's just a beta... hoping to see some improvements on the next version 

There's probably one of two I'll actually use.I hope more themes are coming. A couple of them are pretty lame.

Go to settings - lock screen and chose another app/photo or whatever. Just like any other lock screen app.

It took me a moment to realize, but select a lock app, let's say, Bing. Lock your phone. Unlock it (the lock screen should be the integrated Bing now.). Then select whatever you had previously.

I didn't even bother reading the article I just went to the app download section. Sorry Sam.

Pretty awesome so far! A couple of options are a bit laggy, and more options would be great, but it's a nice solid start.

They have finally arrived and they're available for everyone! Excellent! Hopefully these live lock screens will be baked in the next GDR or in Threshold and they'll come to Windows too.
⚠ Bug alert (on 620): try opening the action center right after unlocking, it should show the unlocking animation a second time but with whatever you have displayed on your screen.

Correction... try doing ANY swipe gesture in the first 3-5 seconds after unlocking. Device won't respond... at least, that's my experience on Lumia 1020.


Same issue. I didn't even notice until seeing your post and trying. Very annoying.

Tbh so far the app is underwhelming, a nice little feat but not worth the hype unless I'm really missing something?

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This is because when you lock your phone it takes a screen shot, what you see for a short period after swiping up is the screenshot

The compression on the underlay screenshot is hideous. Not sure why they use JPG compression for the task switcher and the live lock screen underlay screenshot when PNG is much better suited to WP's extensive use of flat colors.