A barrage of top magazines launch official apps on Windows 8

NME Magazine

There have been a bunch of new magazine apps and newsstands launching on both Windows 8 and Windows Phone and now we have some more official apps available on the app store for Windows-based PCs and tablets. Today, we'll be covering the likes of Cyclist, Look Magazine and T3. Pass the break to see if your favorite magazines are now available on Windows 8.

Since today's collection contains a fair few new apps, we'll not dive into too much detail and save you all some time by simply passing on the links. Each app offers an enhanced viewing experience, perfect for reading while on the go with a laptop or Windows 8 tablet.

It's worth noting that in-app purchases (issues in this case) and subscriptions can be processed when required. Any magazines in the list above one of your favorites? Let us know in the comments.


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A barrage of top magazines launch official apps on Windows 8


NME! Now if we can just get a Daytrotter app and I'll have all the music I need.

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Flipboard for Windows 8 is official, while for Windows Phone is unofficial. This article is about Windows 8 magazine apps. So in keeping with the topic of Windows 8 apps, Flipboard is official.

Agreed. However, Flipboard for Windows 8 is buggy as f*** and the Flipboard team has forgotten to update it. I deleted my account and uninstalled the app until an update comes out.

Microsoft needs to make a news stand for subscriptions and allow for Apple and Google subscritpitons to be imported. They could just buy Barnes and Noble and make dedicated universal apps that would work on Xbox One, Winodws, and Windows Phone. The lack of this part of the ecosystem is why many businesses and schools are defaulting to Apple as they have a more cohesive ecosystem at the moment.

Well said.

Just like Xbox Music, reading is kind of a broken experience on Windows Phone and Windows tablets.

It's getting harder to recommend these devices as 'multi media content devices', knowing that users are in for frustration and lots of hoop jumping, when on iOS, they can have a better, cohesive experience.

Hmmm what is wrong with using kindle in WP? It works very well between synchronizing between my 1520 and surface.

There is a comixology app for Windows 8.  It refuses to remember what I've downloaded and has to be reinstalled all the time, but it is there.

I downloaded the Cycle app but they don't seem to offer any kind of free trial or even a sample. I suppose this is a nice value add for existing subscribers, and it's fine if you're willing to buy a $6 magazine without seeing anything except a photograph.  Uninstall for now.