Netflix to increase streaming prices for new customers


Netflix has released their Q1 2014 earnings report today, and bundled deep in the news about numbers and dollars is a short paragraph about pricing.

Later this quarter, Netflix plans to increase prices for new streaming customers by $1 to $2 more per month. Current subscribers will continue to pay what they're paying ($7.99 here in the states) for a "generous time period."

As expected, we saw limited impact from our January price increase for new members in Ireland (from €6.99 to €7.99), which included grandfathering all existing members at €6.99 for two years. In the U.S. we have greatly improved our content selection since we introduced our streaming plan in 2010 at $7.99 per month. Our current view is to do a one or two dollar increase, depending on the country, later this quarter for new members only. Existing members would stay at current pricing (e.g. $7.99 in the U.S.) for a generous time period . These changes will enable us to acquire more content and deliver an even better streaming experience.

Netflix justifies this increase with mention of their expanded streaming library and original content.

What say you? Will you spend up to $2 more per month to keep Netflix? Sound off in the comments.


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Netflix to increase streaming prices for new customers


The Comcast agreement has nothing to do with Net Neutrality.  Net Neutrality is about denying service to certain websites or services.  Netflix is paying Comcast a premium to get priority and higher bandwidth within their network.  Google has been doing this for years. Comcast claimed they were not "throttling" netflix to their customer, just not giving them priority they needed to provide the streaming quality they wanted.  Weather you believe that or not is up to you, but they were in no way not allowing their customers to access netflix.

Giving priority isn't neutral. Further more part of Comcast's deal when they bought NBC was they GUARANTEED NET NEUTRALITY. Comcast strongly denied not slowing Netflix down. Yet right after the deal between Comcast and Netflix their speeds dramatically increased. I myself don't mind paying a dollar more but they need newer movies.

No, its paying for priority bandwith.  if you were on comcast (i was) you were never not allowed to access netflix, it was just slow espeically at peak hours. Net neutrality is about blocking access to sites like piratebay or kickasstorrents or any other service.  Comcast claims it wasnt giving any special treatment to netflix, it got the same priority as any other service or website.  Youtube had these same issues until Google started paying for priority bandwith. 

And distributed to all of the paying subscribers even though they don't all reap the benefit. How kind!

It is a big deal. Most people bitch at 0.99 for an app. This will be $24 more per year. NOTE: "An increase of $1 to $2" is code for a $2 increase.

I keep Netflix though often there's little I want to watch. If price increase goes up again in the next couple years, I'll cut them like I cut cable. I keep then now because the price is low, even though the content is mostly garbage.

Lately they've put some new stuff on. I think they used to be 9.99. And then they dropped it to 7.99. I'll still keep it because its cheaper than using cable. Some months they have good stuff and some months they don't. I usually watch some of my favorite shows online for free.

Netflix is currently not worth the $1 to $2 price increase. I will definitely cancel my subscription when they do. They don't have the latest movies etc. If they did I would definitely support the price increase.

They're providing us significantly more content than their original $7.99 catalog had, with terrific original programs. This is why I hate the internet. Y'all want everything free, and if you choose to pay, it better be on your terms. Are you going to go to their forums & say you're leaving? I hope you get treated the same way folks leaving WP get treated.

Well that's why we have opinions. If we didn't have ppl pushing for more or better things, we wouldn't have a thing called capitalism

If you like their shows that's fine. I don't and the movies they offer for streaming aren't great. It's the studios fault, but still

Having a cable subscription with all the premium channels, can certainly say, YES. Granted it's not cheap, but I never find the need to go to Netflix (unless it's a documentary). Most content I want is On Demand (free catalogue is huge espcially the premium channel's content) ir I have DVRed it and I get a complementary streaming service as well.

well said. Everything is supposed to be free now. Cheapo. If you cannot affort it, then you don't use it. I hate to sound harsh. That free mentailty is why company of al sorts are releasing subart service since people tend no to complain for free service.


You get a movie/TV streaming service with no ads and better than average original programming for $8 a month. Im sorry, but when comparing that to other options out there, Netflix is a bargain.

Yes, if I choose to pay for a service it is on my terms. If the service changes so that it isn't within my terms, I'll stop paying as soon as I can given what I've already agreed to. It is MY money after all.

The reason for not having the latest movies is because of legal action that the directors put into place to keep new movies away from online streaming services for a month and a half so they can make more money (DVD'S and Blu-Rays cost more). Don't blame Netflix on that, blame the people who make the movies.

Everything comes at a price. For $8 per month, that's what the programmers will give you.  Netflix's model isn't different than the Cable model except that Cable is bundled and Netflix is not. Netflix picks and chooses the content they want. Eventually, as more people leave cable to go to Netflix, the studios WILL turn to Netflix to get their money! Now, I feel like Netflix is the icing on top of the cake for the studios as they get the bulk of their money from cable subscriptions, and Netflix is just a sweet additional source of income. As customers shift, so will the cost!

Are you serious?....what cable company for $10 gives you as much content as Netflix? Mind you, you can watch it on ANY device.

You do realize that only new subscribers have to pay $1 to $2 more? Actually I change my mind. A price increase that doesn't effect me is the last straw. How dare they increase the amount original movies and TV shows. I don't care how many awards their shows win or how many hours a month I watch Netflix, $1 a month more for people that don't have Netflix, is way too much bs for me!

I buy all my TV shows á la carte from Xbox Video. The price raise for Netflix makes it even less likely that I'll ever choose to rent.

If it does, they'll lose new business fast, because NowTV is only £5 a month and offers significantly newer movies (basically the full Sky Movies service, including 1200+ on demand movies and the 15 Sky Movies channels) and also gives the option to add on major Sky channels for £4.99 a month. Since Sky have the rights wrapped up with the five major Hollywood movie companies, Netflix et al can only offer old movies, typically 1yr after Sky, whereas Sky can offer them as early as 2-3 months after they've been in the cinema, so all in all, for film buffs, its a much better service. The NowTV (Roku) box for £10 is a bargain and makes it a very easy and attractive proposition for new customers and Netflix defectors alike, and the advertising power of Sky cannot be matched by that of Netflix. If Netflix increase their prices, a lot of UK customers will be questioning it's ongoing value.

I agree. Now TV has significantly better 'Much better' quality, i just finished watching the new superman on Now TV but i'm pretty sure Now TV is £8.99 a month not £5, I pay 8.99, the £5 a month was a 3 month promotion. even at £3 it's far better value you then netflix

I hope it doesn't include the UK. The US price increase puts it in line with the UK price at £5.99 AND the UK selection of shows and films is terrible compared to the US version.

Hulu > Netflix more than ever now. Although Hulu lacks big movies, Netflix isn't much better half the time.

You do get ads with Hulu.. but some think you get "better content".  What everyone doesn't get is that things have to be paid for one way or the other. I don't think anyone is making a killing on video subsription nowadays. There are way too many options. Hulu is a nice hybrid model IMO. Get slightly better and up to date content for ads sacrifices.  To each his own.

Ads are okay when you're watching a show that aired recently. I prefer that than unknowingly wait for the whole season to end up on Netflix.

Its all preference so babe fun. I enjoy Hulu, I enjoy it alot. I even watch all the original content, I love it! I barely open Netflix, except for the occasional dubbed anime binge. Hulu I watch everyday though.

I'm ok with it. If it was 5 dollars, thats interesting. But since there are no ads and almost every tv show, I'm ok with it. They still need to step up new release movies though.

Netflix is a great service at an incredible rate. I feel like they could charge more very easily and I would pay it.

They better improve their quality of movies....only thing its good for its the tv shows and documentaries

I'm ok with it. And yes as the 1st comment said, I imagine this is the result of their deal with Comcast me than anything. It's still a cheap service overall.

12 coffees from Tim hortons
4 coffee from Starbucks
2 meals from any fast food place
1 porn subscription???

$7.99 to $9.99 is, roughly, a 25% increase. Do I mind? No although I am very unhappy with the limited titles available

I watch a lot of content on it, use it on ALL my devices and my mum and brother share it. Good value if its got to do up no worries still worth it

I don't get how some people look at Netflix as a place to ONLY get the latest movie releases. I see that same complaint over and over. Yes, they do not get the latest blockbuster when it hits Blu-ray (you think movie studios would allow that?). However, they have a vast selection of movies to watch. Instead of wanting to see that same new release, you probably saw at the movie theater. Use Netflix to discover films you never knew existed. My personal list is filled with great films I only found through Netflix. Fr me as a whole, its worth the price of admission. I'm a person though that hasn't had cable or satellite TV in about 10 years, literally. My parents got rid of it when I was living at home, moved out and never got it again. $80+ a month for some basic, commercial-ridden TV stations, when all I care about is like 5 of them? I'm good. I'll stick with Netflix.

Thank you for this comment this is exactly what I wanted to say. I'm from South Africa and when I was working in the USA I discovered Netflix and I was blown away, I got to catch up on a lot of shows that I couldn't keep up with when they were running (Heroes, Tudors, Kitchen Nightmares) and I discovered even more shows (and really good ones) like Skins, Breaking Bad, The First 48. For movies lets just be clear I don't think Netflix needs to worry about latest movies because it's really good watch old movies that maybe you heard were great in their time but what I love about Netflix is that you get to see a lot of very good indie movies and you get to watch some really great foreign productions and trust me this variety keeps you entertained. In my opinion Netflix is better because it has no ads, the streaming quality is really good and I get to choose what I want to watch whenever I want to watch it. Netflix is even more useful like when I wondered what the first episode of SpongeBob was like and I got to see the first episode of iCarly (some of my other favorite shows, don't judge me) I never had the chance to do so because my busy work hours. So raising the price shouldn't be that much of a big deal but I think Netflix should offer both the subscription service and an a la carte style buying of movies which would be of the latest release just to cater for those fussy people.

Not going to renew my Prime when it comes up. I currently have Netflix free for a few more months, but if I had to pay, I would cancel. I don't remember the last time we used it. (btw loving the Swype on 8.1) We don't have cable, but we use Hulu Plus for current shows and Vudu for movies. We barely have enough time to watch our Hulu queue. We only watch about 5 hours of TV a week. Netflix, if used, is probably worth $10 a month, especially if you have kids.

As someone who doesn't watch alot of tv/movies, anytime I turn on Netflix there is always something to watch. I will continue to subscribe even at 10-15 bucks a month.

I don't mind paying a little more, especially if they plan on beefing up their content before issuing the price hike

I'll keep it. It's the increased cost of broadband that concerns me. I now pay $62.99/month for internet alone, The lowest tier they have now that allows streaming (5 Mbit/s or more) costs $50 - and it's my only choice (cable), so they can pretty much charge what they want to since I can't leave them, unlike Netflix. 

Stop taking shows off or only having season 2 of a series then I'll pay the extra $2 even as an existing customer

Spoiled Americans, our satellite tv service is $80/m, we only have one provider and the content is ancient vs Netflix

Really? Expanding content? Please! It's the same crap day in and day out. I use Netflix exclusively. Especially since I have no cable in my bedroom and there is no expanding library. Oh and who cares "what popular on Facebook?" Or "You should watch this cause you watched that!" I've seen everything on Netflix a thousand times. How many times can you watch three year old Shark Week episodes and the head hunters in New Guanine? Gimmie a break!

" I've seen everything on Netflix a thousand times. "


You know you're allowed to cancel your subscription, right?

@jlb74, if you watched everything on Netflix a "thousand times", than you have waaay too much time on your hands. Best learn to paint, learn the piano or something :p.

I'm fine with even paying $15 a month for Netflix, the amount of content and flexibility of being able to watch it on pretty much ANY device is amazing. I share it with my girlfriend and I stopped watching cable TV like 2 years ago because of Netflix and YouTube. People complaining about a $2 price increase I suggest you go back to your cable provider so you can see how hard they are shafting you lol. Netflix is worth a lot more than $8 a month.

They BETTER BRING BACK THE SHOWS THEY LOST!! There are many shows i use to watch on netflix, but they are now gone. I wouldn't mind paying more if it meant that they had a more full and stable streaming library. And maybe it's time to stop trying to push DVD's on me. THIS ISN'T THE 90's ANYMORE!!

You don't mind paying more, and you want more shows, go to cable. For less than $10, this is all you'll get. And yes, it's a bargain for what you get. Want more, pay more. Most likely somewhere else though.

Cable isn't even the same thing. And by paying more, i don't mean cable prices. Cable is just stupid.

It is amazing how most everyone wants every thing for free (yet they want to charge lots of $$$$$ for their services/time), complain about everything (cause they and their services are perfect themselves) , and will do nothing to help improve themselves and/or society.

If Netflix is not that great why are you using their services, plus I would want to see you do better. Hell lets see what you have created in general so we can all pick it apart.

If with Netflix increase by a whole $1 or $2 is going to break you, maybe you need to step back and look at your priorities.


I'll wait to join and save some now...when the Marvel shows they got planned are available, then I'll join.

I cancled my Netflix a couple of months ago.

No plans to go back either

Also cancled Hulu+

I think all the streaming stuff is just starting to go up and up as it becomes more popular. Soon, to get the content we want, we'll be paying as much as we would if we had cable again. When I started streaming, I paid $60 a year for Hulu, $8.99 a month for Netflix with 2 DVD's at a time and $6.60 a month for Amazon. Next year it looks like it will be $7.99 a month for Hulu, $9.99 a month for Netflix and $8.25 a month for Amazon. That takes my $20.69 bill and makes it $26.23 a month - or a 27% increase. That's a bit painful...

Might be time to pick which service is staying and which is going...


How about this Netflix... Instead of worrying about nickeling and diming us, try getting us a real streaming library. I use to be able to go to my local blockbuster and get any movie. You convinced us that streaming was the way to go. All I have gotten is two great exclusive series and the worst library of B-movies.

Seems like with Netflix you wind up paying more for less. First the separation if disc/streaming. Now this. And like some here have said...the content isn't getting any better.

And what with all the jabs at people about a dollar or 2? Regardless of how much the increase is, its still an increase. Other peoples financial situations are nobody's business. Whether they're broke or well off, if they're unhappy, let them voice it. Geez, when did every post by every member have to be roses and puppy dogs?

I think it has to do with many who disagree with a price increase not acknowledging why the price increasing, almost like its being done to spite customers. Again, I don't think anyone likes a price increase. But on the other hand, you have to be realistic and understand this is the inevitability of the situation. And whether it's today or tomorrow, all other services will be forced to raise their cost as well.

I hear ya, but let people vent. And don't knock their station in life, especially if you don't know what it is. I mean, I have Netflix, and I think the service is mediocre at best. Especially compared to when u could get discs. Others may think its amazing. I'm just saying let them vent. Ya know?

I am not knocking anyone's station in life at all. I wont pretend I'm at any more of an advantage than anyone else. I'm lucky that my wife and i don't have the added charge of paying for internet service due to our living situation. And we do have access to some cable TV for free. I'm just pointing out that Hulu Plus and other services will increase their prices when they have to. I believe Amazon Prime will increase their prices this fall. So I guess my point is to keep in mind that while these services are great and convenient, someone's gonna have to pay to keep enjoying the convenience

I apologize...i didn't mean you were knocking anybody. I meant in general. I read some posts where people were making snide remarks.

Why do people think that content is cheap? Just because someone can download illegal content doesn't mean that Netflix, Hulu, or Cable companies can do the same :)

I know it's sarcastic, but Brad Pitt doesn't make millions of dollars based on a model where "customers" download his movies illegally.  Someone has to pay... For now, it's the people that subscribe to video services forking it for everyone else.

Fine with me. Still a great deal for the content it provides. I can understand if the lack of new releases is a deal breaker. However, there's other avenues in supplementing that with. There has got to be Redbox on every corner at this point. Or chamces are, if you have access to Netflix, you have access to Vudu or some other similar rental service

I usually watch any bbc documentary with David Attenborough... I'd take any and all opportunity to listen to this man speak.

I just wish they would fix the mobile app to add a seasons view when you select a tv show. It's frustrating to have to scroll through all those dang episodes

I'm really looking forward to Netflix arriving in Germany! I think round 7€ or 8€ is a good price, I'll pay that!

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The price increase is understandable. There is no way that they'd be able to improve service and content while still maintaining that price.


They're adding original content; and it's actually pretty good stuff.

The price increase is only relevant to what you are willing to pay for Netflix. If you think its to much and not worth paying for then leave them

As long as it doesn't include Canadian customers, because our selection of Netflix content is crap compared to US customers. Damn carrier license monopolies up here!

A dollar or two increase is not a big deal to our household and a far better bargain than crappy cable TV. We watch Netflix way more often than cable which is why we ultimately ditched cable. At $10/month, Netflix is still a way better value than basic cable.

100% not with Netflix... They do not worth a penny more for so old movies..never up-to-date with content...

I have both Hulu and Netflix, no cable. The both compensate for each others weaknesses. At least for me anyway. I'm all about TV shows so both work for me. The price hike doesn't bother me. Then again, I dont pay for neither lolol.

Wait...I don't have Netflix. So I don't care.

If I had it, though, I probably wouldn't mind paying it as long as they keep producing amazing series like House of Cards.

I'll keep Netflix if they raise the price. It will still be a good value and it's my main source for tv.

I'll gladly pay an additional 1 buck, they have improved their selection dramatically over the years. I don't go to it for instant releases of course, I use Vudu for that.

I do not find Netflix content to be worth the price increase. Most stuff is second rate. I will drop them.

Prices rise and I would stay. I would like to see them move to an annualized subscription plan to offer a month or two free. Additionally, if they increased the price, id like to see more streams available than two.

While they don't always have the latest movies, some of the lower budget comedies you find are actually hilarious and very entertaining.

Hmm... What's $2. I only pay for internet and Netflix. Compare that to comcasts monthly charges for TV and Netflix will always win in my book. Of course all u sports fans need Comcast but im a geek. No need.

In Canada the selection on Netflix is terrible, particularly for TV. It's barely worth $8 a month. At $10 Netflix simply isn't worth it.

$9-10 bucks a month is no big deal. I use to pay $300/month on Charter and found that between Hulu Plus, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Crackle...life is good. Canceled my cable. Worthless. Netflix original programming is amazing and there is a lot more coming down the pipeline! $1 or $2 more is nothing to wine about. If you don't like Netflix content...go elsewhere.

I would happily pay more for more content. I've been saying they should do this for ages. It is currently 5.99 a month here in the UK. And I would pay a maximum of 50 a month if they had EVERYTHING. So anywhere on that scale of content vs cost would be great.

I hope it isn't related to this Comcast deal though, since they don't even exist in the UK so we would be paying for another country to have a better service.

$10 a month, that's the price one movie ticket at your local movie theater. If gas is going up everything goes up. We're all gonna have to deal with it.

Meh, no big deal. I've had it for three years now and love it, I'll pay a buck or two more to keep it.

I live in Canada so we only have about a fraction of the American library. This can be quickly corrected by running a proxy server program from unblockus-US so that the American library is available in Canada. You can also access the UK, Australian, Mexican, some other South American countries and some European countries libraries. A small price increase is well worth it.