NetMarketshare shows Windows Phone growing steadily

NetMarketshare, a web analytics company that collects data on web usage, has updated their marketshare report interface to include the breakdown of mobile operating systems as well as desktop. According to the data provided, Windows Phone is growing at a steady pace in terms of marketshare.

The report shows that the platform still has yet to overtake Windows Mobile and Blackberry is still a couple of percent ahead, but it will be interesting to see the chart again in a few months time once upcoming hardware have been released. As a bonus we can filter Windows Phone and view the platform growth on its own, as shown below.

Source: NetMarketshare, thanks Keith for the heads up!


Reader comments

NetMarketshare shows Windows Phone growing steadily


I really hope Microsoft stays the course and pours everything they can into making the Windows Phone successful. One of the main things I like about the WP community is that it's actually a community that cares about their product doing well.

With Win8 taking the same UI as WP it will draw attention back to the phone and thus help sales. Win8 tablets will then get people looking more for a WP to match. Plus if we can run Win8 apps, to an extent, on WP as well then it's even more of a reason for people who have one to look into getting the other.

Windows Phone was 0.12% behind Windows Mobile in August and closed the gap to 0.02% last month so it should overtake Windows Mobile this month.

Windows Mobile is like Windows XP. It is time to let it go (Except in the certain specific Enterprise Markets where it is used in specialty devices for now). The main death of WM was the hardware, not until the HD2 did it really get an influx of quality hardware since Dell made the X50V with a fast xScale Processor and a PowerVR graphics chip. Now with proper hardware being utilized 100% by great software, Windows Phone has a great platform to build off of and will only continue to get better as time progresses. I love my Arrive and cannot wait to see what it's successor on Sprint will be in a year or two.

I'm just not ready to give up my Imagio just yet. This is mostly because I'm on Verizon and I don't want a Trophy. However, my next purchase will definitely be a Windows Phone. I just have to wait for Verizon to release something.