Nokia announces Lumia 928 destined for Verizon, available May 16th

Lumia 928 Verizon

Colour us surprised, but not so. Nokia has announced the Lumia 928, which will be heading to Verizon and will be available May 16th. According to a post over on Nokia Conversations, we're looking at a new flagship Windows Phone from Nokia that confirms previous rumoured specifications. Pricing for the Lumia 928 will be $99.99 after a $50 main-in-rebate, when taken out with a two-year contract. 

The Lumia 928 sports a 4.5-inch AMOLED display (PureMotion HD+), 8.7MP camera (PureView, Carl Zeiss, OIS and Xenon flash), 4G LTE connectivity, wireless charging, three HAAC microphones and a loud speaker. It's an improved Lumia 920. Check out a quick video with Ifi Majid, who heads up product marketing in North America, showing off the new Nokia Windows Phone:

As a limited time offer, those who purchase the Nokia Lumia 928 will get a $25 credit for Windows Phone apps and games.

Update: Nokia US added this video to introduce the Lumia 928 on Verizon, showing off unique features:

Source: Nokia Conversations


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Nokia announces Lumia 928 destined for Verizon, available May 16th



Agreed Brad. NO COLOR, so the wait continues...great job Verizon, you don't have the phone I want. I want a color one !!!

It's funny so many people ask for colors, but if you look at the actual sales of any phones, the black outsells every other color by a huge margin. I am not surprised if Nokia/Verizon want to go slow on colors so that they can effectively manage inventories. Once/if it generates enough interest I guess the colors will come.

Yea that makes sense, thinkin it will be another couple months before colors come like when the red Lumia 822 came about 3 months later than the original colors. Thinkin I might cave and just get a white one, gonna be covered in a case anyway but ill give it some time

Perhaps the sales vs forum comments doesn't do it any justice. Clearly ppl talking on the forums want color and the ppl buying the phones clearly just want the phone, no color necessary. 

How about a case?  I wouldn't use a phone without one, so the color of the phone is not as important to me.  I have a blue case on my black 822.

The go to T-MO and get a color low end device...This is one nice device wish my carrier got it. rather than the low end job.

While I still think this looks like a great phone (and would possibly end up getting black anyway), I am sad to see them not offering many colors. It has become somewhat synonymous with the Lumia brand--doesn't seem like the best idea to stray from that. Just like I was sad that I couldn't get a 920 in cyan here in Europe (or the grey)!

As it says, it's a Verizon phone. Verizon doesn't want the colors for some reason and yes it sucks. Look at the 822, also no colors. Verizon is dumb hahaha

I know the guy's holding a white phone, but where are you seeing there are no colors? I don't see the color options disclosed anywhere.
Edit: Just watched their promo video as well, which only has white. Doesn't look too promising, but still wonder if it's confirmed to not have other colors.
Double edit: Even the Windows Phone Blog says just black and white...so again, I guess not too promising. http://blogs.windows.com/windows_phone/b/windowsphone/archive/2013/05/10/the-wait-is-over-lumia-928-for-verizon-wireless-launches-may-16-for-under-100.aspx

Well, if Verizon does not want enything but black or white it's their choice. This is an exclusive device. I kind of expect to see the global device announced next week Wednesday with the colours..

Its hard to offer colors on a metal body; the colors scratch off and fade making the phone look terrible which lowers its marketing value.  If you had a colored phone, dents and chinks in the metal body would become quickly apparent within a month.  Friends would look at it and be turned off by it.

Lol!  My Nokia N8 completely disagrees with you...still pristine after two years in its Blue, aluminum body.

My green N8 still looks great.  It's in my pocket as I type.  No cover, either.  :-) 
I'm jonesing for a Nokia EOS, assuming MS can iron out some of the wrinkles with WP in the mean time.  For the present, however, I'm continually amazed at how efficient and smooth Symbian Belle Refresh is.  Not the sexiest OS, but man is it functional.

White is sexy on my 920 and anyway 99% of people I see don't have a white phone. Would red, yellow, etc be a cool and welcome addition? Absolutely. Is the lack of those colors a deal breaker? Shouldn't be, especially considering how good white looks with Nokia's designs.

Everyone usually wants specs, specs, specs on here....and now I hear them whine about color options and say they won't buy this great specked phone because they can't have it in their favorite color? Oh brother....

Well, I can't say I'm not disappointed in the lack of colors, especially red, but I'll make due. I'll have to see them in person to decide between black and white.

yea those are 920's. look at the edges and also look where the longer xenon flash should be, there is only a smaller little led flash not taking up the full space.

I'm holding out for beige.
I'll be there day one.  Been waiting a long time for this on big V.  Looks awesome.

This is a pre-launch reveal so not everything is shown. Don't worry, you can always get a nice hot pink case for it.

What is the matter with people??? V finally gets a real N phone and we complain about what color it is? Holy crap we are a bunch of spoiled brats.

Why do all the good phones go to At&t. Why can't Verizon get a badass phone like the 920? what? Verizon just announced that they're going to sell a phone better than the 920? But I wanted a Henna colored one!!! This is crap. I'm switching to Sprint.

^this. Verizon could have had my money for some time and I will be paying full price as I just got the 8X in November.

I wonder if Sprint is going to play their usual game of "Monkey see, monkey do" with Verizon and release/announce their WP8 handsets soon.

As a Sprint Customer, I can only hope this happens. I don't care what causes them to release the phones, i just want it done.

Good point!  I think this device looks really good; I have a white Lumia 900 and I always have in one of 4 different cases that I use, so it's nice to see this device, in white, in all of it's glory.  I believe this device is going to sell very well.
One day I will brave it, and not use case :)

Yes Nokia played this well. If the 928 wasn't available until next month that would've been a huge disappointment.

Agree, availability next week is great. The momentum for WP is strong so I'm expecting great sales of Lumia 928. Hopefully the supply pipes are loaded with components and manufacuring capacity. Would be a pity if availability would be short.

You do realise until the media blitz starts stating only at Verizon, no one other then tech site junkies know this phone is available...

I went to my local Verizon store (company owned) and they explained that they won't have the phone on the 16th, but that they will be allowed to order one that day. Which is a bit of a let down. I don't know if every store is like that or if it is just the store I went to. Thankfully there is a Microsoft Store here that will be getting it in-stock.

I Second That, Absolutely Gorgeous plus with the aluminum body it looks like it will feel lighter and better in the hand than my slightly slippery 920.

Every preview I've read has said aluminum body that was sleek and felt great in hand. That is my only complaint about my 920 which is a little bulky and slippery slick.

Well Yea, three times... Doesn't say anything about the body, which does admittedly look like polycarbonate, but I was going by every preview I've read in the last couple of months that said it was aluminum. Now I just read at Endgadget it is indeed a polycarbonate. Excuse Me :P

Um... I thought the 928 was Poly-carbonate.
The rumor is that Cake-Walk is their aluminum model.

Says who? The 920 / 928 is still a beast of a phone, still holding onto a firm grasp against the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4

I think what you meant to say was its not the processor of a £600 phone based on a non-analogous platform.

As anyone with a modicum of sense would see an 8.7mp stabilized camera, 32gig storage 768p screen at 60fps with clear black, wireless charging, xennon flash and 4g radios a bloody good deal for the price.

But you go ahead and dismiss it because its not got 8 cores.

If you've been here long enough, you'll learn to ignore ammarmalik2011. ammarmalik2011 is the designated WP8 negative commenter on this board.

is the screen still considered "super sensitive" like the 920/820 and is responsive when wearing gloves and whatnot?

i still want a red or cyan phone lol.  the colors do make a phone on top of what else you mentioned. it gives it personality and makes it original.

Personally, I really like the yellow lumia 920s, but you could always get a cover for your phone to make it any color you want.

very true but i feel like cases take away from the design of the phone. i usually get a case for when i go somewhere where i can damage the phone, but otherwise i dont use one and just get the insurance for it in case i drop it.

Check out colorware.com, they'll hook you up with whatever color you want. Only downside is that you'll void your warranty.

have you ever gotten anything done by them before?  fine print seems to say that they will then take on your warranty instead of having to go to your carrier/manufacturer but i'd have to read it more carefully.  just curious how legit this site is.

I haven't had any work done by them, but I've heard they do excellent work. I get the same take when I read their fine print as well. Contact them, hearing the word straight from the "horse's mouth" is always the best. You could also bing Colorware results to get other customers opinions as well.

thanks! may just do this as soon as i know my phone is working perfectly without issue and confirm some of the details in regards to warranty. get the matte black one too, probably easier to cover unless they fine sandblast down the original paint job regardless of color/finish of original.  thanks for the recommendation!

yea i just saw a custom iphone purchased directly from them is over a grand. jeez lmao. think i'll just wait longer for red and cyan to eventually make their way to the shelves. if they never get announced i can always go with the black one and get a gelaskin for it (they should have a 928 template by then).

Depends on the case.  So I take it you won't be getting the Lumia 928?
You can always go with the 920 if color is that important to you....

will probably cave and get one because i dont want to potentially wait months down the line for new colors. guess i can find quality skins that fit the shape of the phpne perfectly or find some other means to differentiate it color wise. i could go with the 920, sure, i debated that 2 months ago when my contract was up, but i don't want AT&T.  have always had reliable and fast data service with verizon.

Exactly...had to scroll a while to see someone ask this. I was starting to wonder if I was the only one with this question.  :-)

Ooh I can't wait! I'm finally going to be able to walk into my store and pick up the phone I want.

Looks really good. AMOLED with the brightness capabilities as the 920? Nice. Can't wait to see what happens in the fall.

Could go either way. Nokia has used both pentile and rgb oled in the past and did not use the + moniker that Samsung uses to differentiate. To my knowledge there is no 1280x768 4.5" amoled screen on any Samsung phone currently on the market so there is no reference (the Lumia 900/820 used the screen of the galaxy s2)

Since there are pentile 1080p amoled screens on the market (which is about the same resolution as rgb 720P) there's no technical reason why it wouldn't be be full rgb but historically consumers don't care about actual resolution just specs so they may go pentile just to save money.

So in short... we don't know yet.

I wish they had some of the color on the front of the phone. But I'm afraid most ppl that would have bought it switched to att.

So the differences between this and the 920, other than dimensions, are the updated speakers, AMOLED screen, HAAC mics, and...?

Nope, it's got 3 :) One on the bottom next to the loud speaker, one next to the earpiece (it's hiden inside) and one next to the headphone jack on the top.

920 does. Can't speak for the rest... But I'm guessing (and it's just a guess), that for the whole HAAC principle to work you need 3 mics.

Three HAAC mics, does that mean that we can now record high dynamic range audio in stereo? That plus OIS would make for some killer immersive concert videos. 
Slogan:  Nokia Lumia 928 - recording on stereoids. (wait no, that sounds like an illness)

While I'd like more color options, I can be satisfied with the white one.
It's also nice that they are making it available right away.  The game of releasing it 1-3 months after announcing it doesn't work so well.

While its true that Verizon phones are GSM unlocked, I always thought that these phones will only work in Europe given that Verizon phone in US will always try to find Verizon network first.

There is LTE but it works only on Verizon band. Maybe the AWS portion of it could work for T Mobile, but don't quote me on that. It will not work on AT&T 700MHz spectrum for sure.

It seems like they chose a more narrow corner radius for the phone's edges. I like it a lot. Might just be an optical illusion though...

Evster is saying that the corners, while still rounded, seem sharper or more "boxy." I think they are as well, and I like the look a lot.

Agreed. Even with my 920, I appreciate both styles equally as much, aesthetically speaking. I must also be one of the few who doesn't mind the color selection all that much either. While I love my Red 920, either choice of black or white on the 928 is going to look more appealing than the competition, particularly with its color live tiles and all of its other hardware perks.

What is the full price without a new contract?  Used my upgrade on the 822 back in December.  Couldn't wait this long for a new phone, but now I am thinking I want this phone!

This phone looks so much better in motion than those previous pictures led us to believe. I hope there is a way to use this phone in the US without signing a Verizon contract. My only concern is OLED. Isn't OLED prone to burn-in?

from what i've read, verizon WP8's are global unlocked so you can use the sim of any other carrier as long as it supports bands the other carrier uses. i believe this phone works on ATT but won't have LTE, just hspa.

I haven't had that issue on any of my OLED devices.
Had several AMOLED MP3 players and a Dell Venue Pro which also was AMOLED.

Not a SINGLE peep from Verizon. So nice of them to make Nokia do all of the advertising. I bet if this was a mediocre Android device sharing a name with a crappy flip-phone from the late 90's they'd have ads and announcements all over the place.

Maybe, just maybe there is another reason. Maybe that reason is that they are currently having a sale and that sale ends May 12th. Just sayin.. sometimes there is a really simple reason. More directed at WheelmanForHire and anyone else that thinks the same.

The store I went to (yes a company owned Verizon Store) told me they are not getting any of the phones, they will be able to take orders on the 16th. I hope they are wrong.

Group text messaging?  Verizon's bizarrly crippled that feature on their other WP8 phones.  Anyone know if that still holds true on this one?  
It's been incredibly irritating to see WPCentral continue to ignore the issue of a carrier crippling a core OS feature that many people, myself included, rely on.

This would be the first I've heard of that feature being enabled on a Verizon Lumia.  Are you sure about that?  When you go into the messaging app and tap settings, there's an option there that says "Group text" and below says "Keeps replies in one thread using MMS"?? 

Same here, I had picked up an HTC 8X at launch on Verizon and returned it because of the lack of group texting. I picked up a Lumia 920 instead and have been using it on Net10. I'd gladly pick up a 928 and move back to Verizon but only if the group text feature isn't crippled again.

Yeah, this might be the one (admittedly small) thing that will keep me on my 8x for now. Hoping that the included GDR2 release will fix the threaded messaging fiasco, but if not, I may have to take a look at another provider. It's also why my wife is still using her slowly dying Trophy. The last thing I want is for that to die, and her get an iPhone or Android because the schmucks at Verizon screwed WP users again.

I even got Mary Jo Foley and Paul Thurott to respond on twitter and look into the issue at launch of the 822 and 8x on Verizon and they coudn't get an answer either.  I have no clue why it was disabled. 

Here are twitter blasts if you feel like retweeting



This is the main reason I left Verizon. I left before the crippled Group Messaging, but Verizon has a fairly long track record of crippling features. The big one for me was the GPS on my Samsung Omnia, and Palm Pre+. I hear so much crap talked about AT&T, but I would never leave them to go back to Verizon.

This will be the reason I stay on my 822 or switch, inexcusable that Verizon crippled this feature and nobody seems to be able to say WHY they did it.
Does anyone out there use any of the, what I would call annoying features of the messaging client such as:
Delivery confrmation
MMS acknowledgement
I could see this from a business standpoint but as a normal texter, I would find this annoying to useless.

Certainly has, and the recorded sound (and stabilized picture) are WAY better than on my video camera... Which is now retired and collecting dust...
Video recording in the 920 is just... AMAZING :)

I'm very happy for Verizon customers.....but wake me when Nokia produces a 4.8in or larger Nokia device to comparable to my ATIV S.

I'm hoping the "Phablet" rumors pan out. I want something in the 4.7-5.5 range, with a 41 mp pureview, and stylus support.

For people interested in GSM frequencies, this is from Nokia.com website spec page...I was hoping it'll work on Tmob AWS but i think not!

  • CDMA network bands: 2, 5
  • CDMA max data speed DL: Rev 0 /A 2.4 Mbps /3.1 Mbps 
  • CDMA max data speed UL: Rev 0 /A 153.2 kbps /1.8 Mbps 
  • GSM network: 1800 MHz, 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1900 MHz
  • GSM max data speed DL: EGPRS 236.8 kbps 
  • GSM max data speed UL: EGPRS 236.8 kbps 
  • LTE network bands: 4, 13
  • LTE max data speed DL: 100 Mbps 
  • LTE max data speed UL: 50 Mbps 
  • WCDMA network: 900 MHz, 1700 - 2100 MHz, 2100 MHz, 1900 MHz, 850 MHz
  • WCDMA max data speed DL: HSDPA - 42.2 Mbps 
  • WCDMA max data speed UL: HSUPA - 5.76 Mbps

Granted my area (downtown upstate NY) has 1900 re-farmed for Tmob, everywhere else will probably be EDGE and that's a no go for me.  I just hope the NL 920 price drops a bit.

If those specs are correct it is pentaband and will work on Tmo's HSPA+ network up to 42Mbps. Plus quad band GSM makes it a true world phone.

It kind of does look like it has AWS since it says:
WCDMA network: 900 MHz, 1700 - 2100 MHz, 2100 MHz, 1900 MHz, 850 MHz
But it also says that LTE uses band 4 so I'm not sure

I guess ATT HSPA access is supported from a H/W spec standpoint. I will be sure to try my relative's ATT sim card to see if it does work. :D