Nokia dominates Expansys USA's most popular list, with help from Samsung

Lumia 520

Nokia is currently dominating the most popular smartphone list over at mobile retailer Expansys USA. The unexpected twist to this story is that Samsung is also helping the platform out with the ATIV S taking the number one spot. Following Samsung's flagship Windows Phone is the Nokia Lumia 520, Lumia 920 and Lumia 620 in second, third and fourth positions respectively.

This is pretty huge for the company, especially since the major target is North America and is where Nokia has fallen short with previous generation hardware. The Lumia 920, Lumia 928 and Lumia 925 will be available for consumers to select from their preferred mobile operators, opening up a new level of choice when it comes to high-end Windows Phone devices in the US.

What's more interesting to see is just how well Samsung is performing with the ATIV S. While it's unexpected that the company would be doing rather well with Windows Phone, we're not that surprised since we positively reviewed the ATIV S and praised how advanced the mobile device was (sporting a microSD slot, as well as generous amounts of internal storage and NFC, etc.).

Expansys USA Top Smartphones

Out of the total of 20 places in the top listing, 11 of the listed mobile devices are Nokia Lumia Windows Phones and two from Samsung (16GB and 32GB versions of the ATIV S). The remaining 7 positions are a collection of BlackBerry and Android devices. Windows Phone Italy covered this news on Tuesday when Nokia had 13 Windows Phones in the top 20 listing, but already the list has been updated.

With the Lumia 520 selling like hotcakes in multiple markets as the cheapest Windows Phone to-date, it's going to be interesting to see how the Lumia 928 and Lumia 925 flagship devices help the company push on in the US.

Source: Expansys USA, via: Windows Phone Italy


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Nokia dominates Expansys USA's most popular list, with help from Samsung


Samsung never released the Ativ S in the US (and it's still only on one carrier in Canada).  Since it's the only flagship with removable battery and SD card support, I can see why people would choose it.  Plus the price is reasonable as well.
People still forget that Windows Phone is still only readily available to 20-30% of the US, and Canada.  Heck, finding a Windows Phone in Walmart or electronics stores (Best Buy/Future Shop) was near impossible until last month...

That's amazing! Really interesting to see the Q2 Lumia sales numbers for Nokia. Would not be surprised if they are much better than expected

considering how little the ativ s sells, this means lumia's are not selling in big quantities at the retailer

By that logic, no phones are selling in big quantities at the retailer. If every other phone in their catalog is below the Ativ S, either the company doesn't move much stock of anything at all or the Ativ S and, therefore, Lumias, are selling pretty well.

Surprise that ATIS is outselling NOKIA's phones? Not for anyone that is using it like myself. Still by far best WP. Good to see that Nokia is trying to close the gap with 925. This looks like proper phone. I wish Samsung will release ATIV 2 soon.

Just checked the Expansys site for the fun of it... Windows Phone now ranks 13 out of the 20 top phones. Yay! Interesting to see how the rankings change over time.