Nokia launches the Lumia 710 and 800 in the Philippines with a rocking party

If there is one thing you can count on, it's Nokia throwing a great launch party regardless of the location. From London to New York, Nokia has some great flair for device announcements.

A few weeks ago we broke the news of Nokia launching the Lumia 710 and 800 in the Philippines -- an important region for the Finnish company and Windows Phone. The Lumia 710 was launching on Smart while the Lumia 800 was going to carrier Globe. Tonight that launch happened and globe-trotter Mark Guim who runs The Nokia Blog (and the always interesting Married 2 Travel site) was there to film it.

Besides DJs, a great light show and...is that the Blue Man Group?...Nokis seems to have thrown together a popular and successful launch. Kudos to Nokia and to the Philippines -- welcome to the Amazing Everyday.

Source: The Nokia Blog


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Nokia launches the Lumia 710 and 800 in the Philippines with a rocking party


Finally a proper launch of WP7 in the Philippines! Personally waiting for Lumia 900 which is scheduled to launch here next month!

Uhm, did he just say, "Nokia 800... the latest and greatest from Nokia." ?!
Talk about marketing...

Good to see Nokia keep promoting Lumia Devices and WP in other Countries. I wish they could come back in London for some extra Parties... ;)... Maybe for The Lumia 900 Launch?

could Microsoft for JUST ONCE stand some hot chicks up next to the phones at a launch party here in the US?  I see in Italy and now Phillipines that sex still sells very well :)

Gotta say, the constant "news" stories on this site about lame marketing events is offputting.
Rather just have news about the phone.  I don't consider marketing events to be news and it just highlights how far the OS has to go.

This is great place show windows phone has I know manila many Filipino people love windows phone allot. Also Microsoft and nokia always have awesome windows phone events. Compare to apple iPhone events which is boring and showing just bunch of guy trolls saying I am a genius hahahha.. Also Filipino people are cool people.