Nokia Lumia 520 priced in Australia, set to be released later this month

Lumia 520

Are you in Australia and watching out for the Lumia 520? The Nokia Windows Phone has finally had its price and release date confirmed by the manufacturer. When will consumers be able to purchase one? April 30th, but how much are we looking at here? $179 locked to Telstra, or $225 from Allphones and other retailers.

The Lumia 520 sports a 4-inch LCD display (480x800), dual-core 1GHz chip, 8GB internal storage (with SD support), 512MB RAM and has a 5MP rear shooter. What's unique about the Lumia 520 is how Nokia has managed to include Sensitive Touch, much like what's available on the Lumia 920.It's a perfect choice for those who are new to the platform.

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Nokia Lumia 520 priced in Australia, set to be released later this month


yes its unlocked. they notified me it will only ship next week. they have it in black and yellow

That's 'an outstanding price for an unlocked phone. Thanks for the headsup, I'm super interested at that price & unlocked. 

All well and good to get you to the table to buy the Nokia phone - in this case the 520. But what happens about ongoing firmware updates? I have a Lumia 920 and there is nobody at Telstra that knows anything about when or if the firmware upgrades that are being supplied around the world will be supplied here in Australia.
Nokia should learn a lesson form this and do as Apple does - control its own firmware upgrades. It is not benifical to the carrier to upgrade software. After they have made the sale they care very little about after sales service. Telstra is a case in point here.

Price seems reasonable, and it would be the ideal phone for anyone that is prone to losing or breaking their devices. I'm also very interested to see the pricing and availability of the 720.

Yay for Australian news! Very interested at that price as a 920 baby brother. I'm even considering it as a SIM free phone, you know iPod touch like, heck the iPod touch is $300! And this is better in a fair few ways.