Nokia Lumia 710 and Twitter app featured in new Flo Rida video

Tweet it, son!

We really don't have any idea who Flo Rida is nor how popular they may be but it's still nice to see some Windows Phone product placement.

Eagle-eyed reader Benjamin C. caught the Nokia Lumia 710 being briefly shown around the one-minute mark in the video. You can clearly see the Nokia branding as the user hammers out a Tweet using the official Twitter app for Windows Phone.  Sure, it's not a game changer but we suppose these little nuggets of pop-culture visibility help the image of Windows Phone.

Update: Evidently, Flo Rida is very popular and we're very lame for not knowing that. Whatevs, punk rock for life!

Video after the break, if you dare.


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Nokia Lumia 710 and Twitter app featured in new Flo Rida video


Right, because the only way someone couldn't like him is to like classical?  Come on man, popular only means good about 50% of the time.  I agree...not good...but popular.

He's my favorite artist right now. Hip hop stylings coupled with electronic dance is so great! He's got positive lyrics, too.

Same here, he is also living life to the fullest in every one of his videos. There is really nothing not to like about him.

Really Daniel? That's a joke right? Because he's one of the most popular pop/RnB 'singers' on the planet now. Whether he's good or not though... Is another story.

Sorry. I listen to mostly punk...from like 15 years ago, lol. I don't even have cable/satellite nor watch any commercials, so yeah, not into the pop-culture thing ;-)

Man, listening to the radio works too! Put that Zune pass to good use! Explore! I hope you don't like psychobilly...

Shi-it... There are only two punk bands. Ramones and Sex Pistols. Possibly the Clash prior to London Calling. Social Distortion, naw... OK, Dead Kennedys too.

It's more like a cave, but close ;-)

There's very little to my life that's "mainstream" these days and I find most pop music just awful, so no radio/MTV for me.

Don't worry bro. Never heard of this dude either but Zune resolved that. I can tell you that you ain't missing much.

It has a secondary effect of making Windows Phone fans watch the video. I didn't know who Havana Brown was until her video featured a Windows Phone...now I own that song.
But this is pretty big in comparsion, as Flo Rida is very popular right now. This video's going to get a ton of exposure.

Would be much nicer if it were in a video for an actual musician. But all the better for wp as maybe if this guy has many fans over 14 they'll buy the new lumia.

"Good Feeling" is a great song, dont hate! Also, the video link isn't HTML5, so it's busted for your core audience :-P

Flo Rida sucks. Mainstream hip hop is just pop music now, might as well listen to nsync, at least they knew they were pop. But always a fan of WP, whatever the marketing may be.

Flo Rida was maybe popular 2 years ago, then sorta disappeared. Any product is good though I guess! Isn't gonna get me a VZW lte windows phone anytime soon though.... Unfortunately....

Yeah, you couldn't go into a dance club and not hear him in the rotation back then, but I second that any promotion is good promotion.

"We really don't have any idea who Flo Rida is nor how popular they may be"
"lol, radio? No, no no..."
Dude... Come on man! Love the site, but this post is totally jumping the shark! Posting about product recognition in hopes to help it in the mainstream, but then do no research on what's hot in the mainstream? Flo Rida (like him or not) is one of the biggest names in music these days.
Also, the bash on radio? Look through the top 10 apps in the Music+Video category.
"IHeartRadio" and "TuneIn Radio" are bothing sitting right there. Don't act like it's an outdated medium! ;)

"...but then do no research on what's hot in the mainstream? Flo Rida (like him or not) is one of the biggest names in music these days."

I honestly don't care. It's pretty crap music and I have better things to do If I want to listen to hip hop, I'll listen to Del the funky homosapien. He's at least respectable. If Flo Rida is the flavor of the week in pop music, great, I'm thrilled. Better? :-)

no! not better! not even remotely. you pass for a complete douche. If you are going to respond to your articles, I suggest you learn how to be a moderator. jeez ! He is totally right, a little research of what is mainstream wouldn't hurt. I'm sorry you would have to do some research before publishing an article . Like him or hate him Flo Rida has been on the top 10 in the last two years, being a nasty to a reader pointing that out is not th way to go. I swear you sound like one of those douches in Engadget...Douche.

My two cents:

Good exposure for WP

And nothing more than I hate are snobs of any kind. You don't have to like the same kinds of music. Doesn't make it any less valid or viable.

Flo Rida is massive. Not my cuppa tea, but this is the type of exposure WP needs. Look what happened to BB when the urban scene got a hold of it.

Why do you guys hate on him? He got a few songs like "the club can't handle me", als he is showing a good taste in cell phones and went with the modern metro design

This is the best commercial ever made about windows phone + this commercial has reached much more people than any other WP commercial

Oh man, I might have to get rid of my WP now. I don't want to have anything in common with the people in that video.