Nokia Lumia 800 tops the sales charts in France

Even before their marketing team has had a chance to start working in the country, the Nokia Lumia 800 is already topping sales charts in Phonehouse.Fr in France. As you can see from the image above, the brand new Nokia WP7 device is trouncing on Android and iOS devices alike, making it the first WP7 device to do so well in the country since... ever.

It's a great sign to the potential future of the relationship between WP7 and Nokia, and shows how a good name, great design and good timing can go a long way towards the success of a device. Now we wait to see how well it performs once that marketing push starts to happen in the country; from the looks of things in the early stages of the race, the Lumia 800 should do quite splendidly.

Source: Windows Phone Blog France; Thanks for the tip, Stephane!


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Nokia Lumia 800 tops the sales charts in France


This is a good news. Marketing always has snow ball effect. I hope more application in English language has more Continental European style and more British, instead Americanish. A progress into variation.

I knew wp 7.5 was gonna be a great phone to use and since iphone arrived and android my mind was still set on wp 7.5. I dont know what people see in iphone and android the UI is so ugly and terrible. I just love the wp 7.5 interface which totally blows away iphone 7 android.

This says a few things:1. Good Marketing Pays off2. People recognize how MS a high tech OS simple & beautiful4. Apparently the sales people demoing the phone knows all its features and how to use themOkay America: ATT,Sprint, T-mobil,Verizon; take notes and follow suite with this OS like you do with Android And Apple. you may be able to triple your revenue.

That's a little misleading. It should also be pointed out that each color and carrier for each device is split up on the list, so the Lumia 800 came in #1, and #9, while the iPhone 4S came in #5, #8, #11, #13, #15, #37, #39, and #46. So, it's likely that once you add it all up, Apple likely had more sales combined. Still, it's nice to see WP7 getting some adoption.

As misleading as when iPhone numbers were good only because there was just 1 iPhone.On a dutch site (biggest tech site) the Lumia is very populare too even before it is officially for sale. Yesterday it was even the most wanted hardware of all hardware! (tweakers.net). I predict great sales :)