Nokia Lumia 900 headed to Rogers Canada?

Nokia Lumia 900 headed to Rogers?

We've already seen indications that the Nokia Lumia 710 is heading to Rogers Canada sometime in February. It now appears that the Nokia Lumia 900 will be joining the Roger's lineup in May.

No details on pricing but if true, Rogers will have a decent Windows Phone line up with the Lumia line joining the Samsung Focus

Rogers Samsung Focus Listing

Now if we could just get them to start referencing things as "Windows Phone" instead of "Windows Mobile".

via: Mobilesyrup; Thanks to everyone who tipped up on this!


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Nokia Lumia 900 headed to Rogers Canada?


I am happy that WP choices are at least starting to show up for Canadians. I hope success follows. It will help all WP options if these Nokia option sell well.

I hear you. I have the Quantum on bell, and I don't see it in their line up anymore. I don't want to have to switch to Rogers, but if bell doesn't get some WP soon, I just might leave.

Honestly windows phone 7.5 is still lacking. Apollo needs to add support for dual cores and quad cores, NFC, 10080p video recording, Skype intergration into the OS, upgraded facebook and twitter intergration, Better more "ALIVE" tiles (ex. tiles for wifi turing on and off and bluetooth, ESPN live tiles for specific games or sports for score updates, the ability to customize each tiles color with lots of options for colors, HDMI output, a airplay type feature (DLNA? possibly)) it also needs an upgraded camera features and settings, and improved notfication system. Once WP gets up to par on all of these areas I will buy a lumia 1000 or whatever it will be called. 

I just wish at this point that my tv could do 10080p that must be amazing resolution! :) On a further note while understand what your saying I will take this phone over any quad android out there.

@EDH COUG, the iPhone was first released 4.5 years ago, and there are still many missing features/improvements, based on user feedback. Android was released 3.5 years ago, and is far from perfect. Surprise!!! WinPhone which is only 1 year old also has many missing features. Seems to me that your plan of waiting for a perfect Smartphone is a good one. Good luck waiting.

Is this a desktop or a phone?

The 900 will run circles around most if the will android devices. I you want android features by Android...

I have the focus with Rogers. Its exciting to hear the 900 is coming to Rogers too. However, they are going to do nothing to promote it because of the android binge. Every sales rep I have talked to had no idea what a WP was. Its going to flop, not because of the hardware or OS, but because of a lack of education.
Lets hope I'm wrong.

i've been to three phone rogers stores and they all thought that wp7 was TERRIBLE. i asked them if they'd tried it, they said "well.. uhm.. no.." haha
but yea nokia will hav no chance here without salesperson incentives.

Before getting my WP7 on Bell, I checked out the phones on Rogers. The sales rep didn't even know how to open the lock screen. Clearly there's very little training at Rogers in regards to this phones OS.

Goes ask one of these moneys to help you setup BES on a BB, and they have no idea what your talking about... Synchronize my contacts and calendar please, they can't do it...
And all this is backed in to WP. And that is beyond there compression. :)

This just made my day!! Even though I'll be driving to the US to by it outright from AT&T in March. Im happy that Canada is finally bringing windows phones in. Now I can actually recommend a phone to a friend that they can actually go and buy

What's missing from WP that is keeping it from gaining market share is marketing and hopefully that will change with Nokia. I'm in Canada and can say I've never seen an ad for WP7 anywhere since its release. Customizations, although fun for some, does not drive markets. IOS is not customizable other than a wallpaper unless you jailbreak. Some of the other NEEDS you listed can be addressed by apps. I have live sports scores on my live tile so I don't need ESPN, and I manage all my connectivity through tiles also. As far as integration with social sites, which I'm sure will be improved, all I'll say is at least WP7 has it. IOS doesn't have it and although I know little about Android my guess is that social is just App based.

What features are missing on IOS and ICS that dont at least have work arounds? im not saying mango isnt a good operating system. Im just saying there is key features that is keeping it from becoming a big seller globally, especially when it comes to the live tiles which in my opinion is a great concept it just needs time to mature and has a lot of potential. There isnt enough customization in the home screen and i firmly believe customization is what makes people love their phones along with a functional and smooth UI (which they have accomplished.)  And everyone WP isnt as young as you think, they didnt actually start from scratch they started from the Zunes software and evolved its metro style into a full fledged mobile operating system. I am a huge microsoft supporter, and really believe in the company (im from seattle). any other questions im not a troller. 

I don't own any Microsoft or Nokia stock. So frankly, I don't give a crap if WP is not a big seller globally. I love my Surround. It's the best, and most stable phone I have ever owned (starting with a Motorola brick and Palm Pilot 15 years ago). And I know that my new Nokia 900 is going to be even better. That's good enough for me.

Agree that ms need to continue to improve the os and I believe they will. The os experience is already as good as competitors. The more feedback and ideas the better as far as I am concerned

im glad Rogers is getting the 900...the most WP7 users in Canada are with Rogers and maybe we are getting rewarded for this. bring on the titanII and focus s while they are at it>

Hi guys... Is good to see your interest on the firsts Nokia's WP.. I'm part of the teamwork who is bringing these phones to life... I have used different android devices an I truly prefer the WP devices... It is posible Nokia will sell phones to more Canadian carriers... By now i can tell you that all these devices will be probably sold in unlocked versions also. the 710 is now been produced in NAM unlocked version so hopefully the 900 will too. =)

That's friggin' awesome news! Now, if only I could get out of this contract which still has almost two years on it... I got a Rogers Focus when they first came out, and I doubt they'll give me a good price on an upgrade...

Rogers sucks in Saskatchewan... No coverage, terrible service, and I don't think they even have a retail location here. I'm hoping they price it as aggressively as they did the 710 off contract, and that it has 850/1900 bands. (the 710 does) If so, I'll buy it outright, unlock it, and pop my hd7's Bell SIM into it. Bada bing!