Lumia 710 going to Rogers and 800 heading to Telus

Dear fellow Canadians, here's some exciting news for those of you who feel left out of the Windows Phone party. Nokia is bringing the Lumia 710 and 800 to Canada (as Nokia CEO Stephen Elop explains in the CES interview), which are to be exclusively available on Rogers and Telus respectively. The 710 is set to be on Rogers in February, but no word on availability of the 800 with Telus as of yet. 

The only thing left for us to read through is an official press release. Good times ahead anyway. Be sure to check out the Nokia Momentum Map for more details on expansion plans.

Source: MobileSyrup, thanks Spencer for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
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  • now hopefully the 900 goes to bell? lool
  • I'm glad to see Canada finally getting some love, but come on, I want the 900 or a TITAN. :P
  • wow Roger sgot the 710 so with that we won't advertise it at all and won't give any promotion so it takes someone walking into a store k nowing what they want to get that
  • Anyone know if the 800 will still have its SIM slot?
    in other words, if I buy it off contract from TELUS, will I be able to put in my Rogers SIM card?
  • Yes it will have a sim card slot as bell and telus both made the switch last year you would just have to put the son settings in Surprised Rogers didn't announce the 900 as we are pushing lte like made but that could be in the works. Found out that for the 710 its 49.99 on 3 year contract comes out mid feburary
  • Any of these carriers use AWS frequencies?
  • All carriers in Canada run on GSM if that helps
  • uh... doesn't Telus + Bell run CDMA and WCDMA? (oh and LTE if it matters at all)
  • nope....
    but i believe that if you wait for 900 its penta band
  • Next to Rogers Pro Android "300" phone lineup, whose gonna look at a Lumia 710...
  • Please forgive my ignorance.  But I am very curious as to the mobile market in Canada and never have gotten around to really asking.  There is Bell, Rogers, and Telus, and are those the three biggest?  And are they all nationwide? 
    And what kind of line ups do you have on those three?  We have like AT&T and T-Mobile really good at supporting WP, is there any carrier up there onboard?  Is Apple on all three?
    Just wondering what your markets are like.  Rather hear about it on these forums.  I trust the postings on here.  :-D
  • yes apple is on board on all 3 bell and telus share towers and Rogers is independent we just opened our country up to other networks so I think there is now like 9-10 carriers but almost all the other ones have towers in one to two citys.
    No carrier has truley supported Windows Phone.
    Rogers is pushing android as the largest carrier in canada and the most android devices.
    Telus is pushing Iphones as all commericals for iphones in canada have telus as the carrier even though all networks have it they want people to know they are the carriers to go with but rogers had it longer sense launch of the 3g.
    and bell is pushing the galaxy 2 as they have exlusivity on that device.
    Also Rogers is starting to push LTE which is why I am surprised we didn't hear more about the lumia 900 as all our ads talk about lte and our new commericals shows we are canadas largest lte network.
    But for Windows phones Rogers has the focus which is no longer available
    Telus has the lg optimus but telus was the only ones that I know who have run a decent wp7 promotion in canada, last year at xmas it was activate any new contract and get a free xbox 360
  • Thank you, Terrin.  I truly hope WP is making a move up there.  Yes, I understand the Nokia's they are offering are tier 2 style devices, but if you do not miss the front facing camera and are okay with smaller screens, the performance on them seems flawless from what I have read.
    Hope the HTC Titan 2 makes an appearence on Rogers, as well as the 900.  Those will make great options.
  • Bell *had* the quantum & hd7 but both have been discontinued. And I have nothing to upgrade my hd7 to.
  • I would have liked to see Rogers get the 800. Maybe the 900 later on?
  • WP is virtually unknown in Canada..
    to give you an idea, here are the main carriers here:
    Rogers: 1 device - Samsung Focus, and it's hidden under "Windows Mobile"!!! WTF!
    Bell: nothing
    Telus: LG Optimus 7 - and "Lumia 800 coming soon"!! I was surprised to see this.
    Fido: nothing
    Videotron: nothing
    Mobilicity (Toronto): nothing
    Virgin Mobile: nothing
    Wind: nothing
    Koodo: nothing
    Public Mobile: nothing
    PS. all the carriers have Android phones. Most have iPhone and Blackberry..
    and people still wonder why Windows Phone is not selling well!?! lol
    If nothing's going to work with the carriers, at least give us a couple of unlocked multi-band phones (like Nokia 900 / 800) that we could buy online (for a reasonable price)!