Nokia Lumia 900 officially set to be released on June 16th in China

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WPDang has reported that the Lumia 900 is set to be released in China on June 16th, which will please those who skipped past the 800c launch to see when the manufacturer was looking to release its more advance brother. The flagship Nokia Windows Phone will be priced to match the iPhone, which is currently around 4,988 CNY (about $780).

While the Windows Phone has been unofficially available since its launch in the U.S., this version will be stripped of certain services and functionality (Xbox LIVE, etc.) Priced at 4,688 CNY (about $730), the fairly expensive Lumia 900 packs a 4.3" display, 8MP rear shooter (with FF camera), 512MB RAM and 16GB storage.

Source: WPDang; via: WPSauce


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Nokia Lumia 900 officially set to be released on June 16th in China


I don't understand. How is it that the phone is priced so much higher yet has been stripped of so many features? That's a significant price markup compared to how much it's usually sold for off contract (~$450).

It's almost the same outright price as in Australia, despite an almost 1:1 exchange rate. Everything is cheaper in the US :(

You should care about every country and not just the US market. Nokia cannot possibly survive if it doesn't get massive market share in a few countries soon, and that does include China. Basically, if they fail that means no more support, updates, and future Windows Phones from them, so this is really important.

Who cares about TMobile getting it? The world is your oyster - buy it online or buy it unlocked from another carrier. I don't see why completely unrelated articles *always* have people moaning about US mobile carriers >_

The world is my oyster.
P.S. can't buy it unlocked and get the real value of it as it does not support the frequencies that are being used in my oyster :)

Sorry for offending.anybody. That was not a serious comment. People are taking things too seriously. I know I can change cariers etc. and yes I care that people everywhere have the phone. I do wish I could get the phone I want on my carrier of choice and that would be true no matter what carrier I am on, but as I said don't take things so seriuosly.

Microsoft should give the bigger most populated countries the lumia 900 not the 800. Give 800 to small little populated countries the 800. Geez so simple. Dam it.....

Asian culture and people are used to bargain for prices. Thus the higher markup I think. Not for sure how telecom companies deal with pricings though.