Nokia Lumia 920 goes up against Samsung Galaxy S4 in video stabilisation test

WP7Forum.ru member Eugen Diskin has published a video comparing the recording capabilities of the Nokia Lumia 920 and Samsung Galaxy S4. Sound familiar? It should as we've seen this done before with the Lumia 920 and a Galaxy S3. This time the two smartphones were mounted on to a toy vehicle and dragged along the floor.

The end footage yet again confirms how Nokia has ensured that video recording is stabilised with the OIS (optical image stabilisation). It's nothing new and we would expect the Lumia 920 to record better quality footage with shaky hands, but it's good to see a test performed against Samsung's latest Android hit.

Source: YouTube, via: Nokiapoweruser; thanks, riffraffy, for the tip!


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Nokia Lumia 920 goes up against Samsung Galaxy S4 in video stabilisation test


Do you WP users see this commercial where Samsung will lease you a full-size Samsung point-and-shot camera for $5 a month. Seen in SE Florida ,USA.

So, if you have a Samsung phone you need to have another camera because the one in the phone is horrible?

You do know these device are suppose to take the place of a feature phone and a pda?,  so if all you have to be happy about is your phone camera,  this is a  sad day for window user; why don't you guys buy a  camera ( which had a  better picture)  so you can really be happy... raise your expectation a  little bit for a  smart phone,  even iphone user have a higher expectation then one single  feature.. lol

you already started wrong, these devices aren't just supposed to replace a feature phone and a pda... they really are replacing the point and shoot camera, just look at Apple trying to brain wash their fans because the iphone 5 has a magical/revolutionary crystal clear lens... lmao c'mon dude.

I don't know about you but I go out with my co-workers after work often.  Many times we want to take some pix inside bars or clubs, and Nokia 920 does the job wonderful.  I have a camera, but you tell me I have to carry that all the time?
The phone has many great things; however, the camera is the highest expectation of the phone.  Even the latest Galaxy phone still can't even touch it.

WP8 has everything, except specialty apps where individual companies need to get onboard and a connection for AT&T Lumia LTE supported phones.
Thanks TMO for not updating L810 with LTE.

I know, I know, megapixels isn't everything, but we need to have higher megapixels soon, even though the 920 is amazing with OIS. Like not 41, but 12-16 would be nice.

you do a lot of zooming or cropping with your pictures? If not, the extra magapixels won't help. The sony xperia has a 12 mp camera. Does any review put that camera on top.

For that since it would be useful I need 1billion gigapixels on the camera. Plus OIS etc, and huge sensors (like 1km sensor). Boom, phone camera sorted.

Haha...we are talkin about the powerful Lumia 920 here, not the De Lorean. But maybe both share the same capability to wow people...

I actually do crop many of my snapshots before I use them. Sometimes a lot. Of course they're not for print so with OIS I can usually get strikingly clear images from my Lumia 920. :)

My friend has that xperia z and he was like "my camera is awesome because it has 12 mp!" and then we battled it out ( at night outside btw) and I beat the crap out of him with my L920 xD

Not completely true. You wouldn't want a 1MP camera, would you? At some point megapixels are overkill for the size of sensors on the phone and for what data the tiny lenses can deliver. The end result can be noisy pictures with lots of abnormalities in the image processing. However, the engineering is there for more than 8MP and we can certainly take advantage of lossless zooming. So megapixels might be overrated, but they DO matter.

ATT Titan user here...patiently waiting for the EOS so I can upgrade. The thought of Pureview phase 3 has been making me antsy these days.

XCONOMICRON?!?!! Brilliant!!! Titan owner, too. Waiting for contract expiration. I'll miss the large display but I won't miss 7.5.

+1 on this. Gen1 Titan owner awaiting EOC to upgrade as well...ugh...now how much patience will I need though? Do I wait til EOC (Nov 2013) or give it a little longer for the newer phones to be released (April 2014 timeframe perhaps?). Waiting game is the key (and a killer too since I'd like to upgrade sooner). Haven't seen a lot of rumors (unsubstantiated or otherwise) regarding next gen phones and Windows Blue <grrrrr!>. Anybody have any good WP gossip to keep me entertained? Hoping Nokia has large screen (4.7"-4.8") with Pureview Phase 3 and SD card expansion in the plans...sigh...

Megapixel myth is true. My 12mp SLR will blow any camera phone or compact camera away. I have £800 worth of lens on it. A phone lens would need to be bigger and cost a similar amount to be close, not that it ever would as my SLR has a 35mm sensor. You are lucky if your phone has a sensor the size of a fingernail. HTC have gone to 4MP to improve image quality.

Nonononono... more Pixels just make the Pixels smaller, resulting in degraded quality because of a worse SNR.
What we need is optical Zoom and bigger Sensors (as in bigger chip size to capture more light). The 808 Pureview has a pretty large Sensor, but the amount of Pixels makes it a little grainy, even with oversampling.

Good for you. Now remind me again how this is related to optical image stabilization used in the Lumia 920? Oh yeah, that's right. It's not. Now GO AWAY!

Not in technology?

Screen to front ratio.
Air gestures.
Far slimmer and lighter.
Replacable Battery.
Memory card slot.

And more of course.

Yeah, "try again", clearly the s4 has technology the 920 bests. Its like an 8track, rite?

Wow, relax dude, pmsing too much, article about camera and stabilization, but if you want to go further with this, do your research and you'll see how much Nokia achieved and innovate, they lost their moment but they still keep impressing people, you know any other company as dedicated to costumers as they are? Plus till s4 comes out lumia920 will be 6 month old and they still can't beat Nokia's camera

I wasnt replying to the article, but to your comment, which didnt say anything to suggest you meant "nokia 920 har ois, sgs4 doesnt", which would be true, but rather "better luck next year" and that Samsung doesnt beat Nokia in technology.
And no, it says nothing about camera being better on the 920, just that ois beats not having ois.
Camera comparison is more than that :) .
Innovation is great, I agree. Implementing it would be amazing too, though. And keeping it up.
And yes, tons of companies seem as dedicated to their consumers as Nokia. In fact, a lot of people are annoyed at how Nokia handles customers when it comes to the slew of errors on the 920 handset.

Unfortunately, it doesn't change the fact that in the everyday real world, the 920 takes better videos than the S4.
Also, 1080p screen of the S4 notwithstanding, a screen comparison was made between it and the 920 (together with the iPhone 5, the HTC One, etc.) but the 920 still beats the S4 in brightness, color accuracy, and legibility outdoors.

Why do you keep separating OIS from the camera? 920 has a better CAMERA. Period.

It's like saying "This phone takes better pictures with its BSI sensor" like it's cheating to have a BSI sensor in comarison to FSI. "If my phone had BSI it would take good pictures too" well your phone doesn't have it.

Because this is about ois and video. I haven't seen a releaseversion s4 camera shootout vs the 920.
Do you have a link?

Even if I had a link, it would show that "Lumia 920 captures better video and has a better camera in that respect."
Just like if there were a comparison about low-light photography, you shouldn't have said "well, the Lumia has OIS so it takes better pictures" as if having OIS is cheating. THe only thing you could say was "the Lumia takes better low-light photos."

I never said it was cheating. What discussion are you taking part in?
The original statement was that the s4 couldn't touch the 920 in the tech department.
Not purely on the video sense, but in general. Which was what I responded to.
As for singleing out ois afterwards its clear that a camera with ois clearly gives a far better "taped to an RC veichle" video than a camera without it, that is a maaaajor part of this entire test.
If the 920 camera is overall worse, it can still excel in this particular area, wouldn't you agree?
And as I said, I cannot comment on the overall camera as I do not have any s4 to compare it with, nor have I seen any comparisons between the two cameras.
Personally I don't think Ive had a better phonecamera than my 920. Maybe the n8 is close or maybe even better.
But yes, Im quite sure video capture with the 920 beats the s4, so I see your point. However, I don't know that it is, even with the advantage of ois, because I haven't seen any really compelling comparisons yet.
Makes sense?

You can actually replace the battery in the Lumia 920 pretty easily. Plus, I wouldn't say that is a plus in technology... Would you consider having a removable backplate as an innovation? 

I didn't say it was innovation, just "ability to do X if desired" beats "inability to do X if desired".
Generally for a long trip with intensive use, an extra battery can come in handy. Also the ability to get a bigger battery to beef up the batterylife on demand.

Yeah I get that, but I think a better alternative would be to get a car charger, which is much cheaper than a replacement battery. 

Sure, if you drive. Personally i often fly or go by train, and though it isn't like indo this every day, whenever i travel with my 920 i must conserve battery. I cant play games for two hours and watch five hours of video, and have standbybattery left for the rest of the day.
Gaming in particular demolishes my 920s battery, but that's not necessarily the case for all users.

2 of my friends that owned S3 less than 10 months have battery life span of 3-4 hours, they formatted their phone and battery life went back to a day.
May be you can invest on a power bank instead of a battery, mine one allow me to charge my phone 7-8 times over.

Mine was fine. Did a 6hour boatride while constantly watching video, and had over half the battery left after it. No battery issues with it :/

Its not that big a deal, just buy yourself a Nokia DC-16 external charger and you now have a battery that lasts for 3 months that can safely sit in your pocket, mine sits in my coat pocket just in case.  Although most of the time when I have forgotten to charge the phone up I find I'm nearby to somewhere useful.
A removeable battery is a plus, but carrying it around without a protective case is just asking for trouble.

Yeah were not used to having to replace batteries like Samsung and Motorola and iphones so no need for removable backplate

Well that's bull. Ive had tons of Nokias that had weak/weird batteries, so don't try to make it about a weakness when it clearly is a plus, even if a small one.

Change the battery in a 920 easily ? So do you take a spare battery and quickly swap them out on a long trip ?
Popping off a back cover to replace a battery is one thing but, removing screws, poping a phone apart to change the battery is a different story...

Screen to front ratio? What?
Air gestures? What the heck am I going to do with that?
Slimmer and lighter? Why do I care when its cheap plastic?
Replaceable battery? That's a negative in my books. That's just more cheap plastic.
Memory card slot? Negative again. Let's put more cheap slots on your cheap plastic phone body.

Screen to front ratio means skimmer bezels. Basically more of the front is used for the screen. Giving a larger screen in a comparatively small frame.
Air gestures? No idea, personally i think hovering for mousehover is fairly nice, albeit not often used. Hard to say before using it over time to see wether or not its useless or somewhat nice.
If you care about plastic then yeah, the polycarbonate back is probably difficult for you.
But for me, id take slimmer, lighter, memcard and replacable battery over "none of those" and day of the week.
The fact that you don't want those for some personal reason is of course another matter.

Iunno, hover function seems nice.
The wave to scroll stuff i agree makes little sense unless youre covered in food/oil etc, which isn't that often.

After all has been said and done, it doesn't change the fact that in the everyday real world, the 920 takes better videos than the S4.

Also, 1080p screen of the S4 notwithstanding, a screen comparison was made between it and the 920 (together with the iPhone 5, the HTC One, etc.) but the 920 still beats the S4 in brightness, color accuracy, and legibility outdoors.

If they can bring it up to real time level responsiveness it's Kinect on a phone. Samsung and Nokia are both bringing true innovation to the smartphone market, and in both cases, as usual, the fanboys of the competition cry "gimmick"! I want to see WP Blue in an S4. It's good for the platform. Especially if MS lets Samsung bring some of their newest tricks...

Totally agree. Samsung even has televisions cost well over $2k with these gesture features and they don't even work half the time. They even made a nice All-in-One PC with a gesture control and same deal. Its buggy and doesn't always work. If this is any indication of what they will stuff in the S4 than no thanks.

Exynos. Gesundheit. Seriously though, an 8 core processor where only 4 work at a time isn't something I'm excited about, if they got rid of those useless 4 low speed cores and replaced them with cache it might be better. But running WP would speed things up even more ;)

Screen to front ratio- who cares. Air gestures - is touching it with gloves that hard? Far slimmer and lighter - but taller and wider, but good for people who struggle to hold a small cup of expresso. Replaceable battery - nice, but everyone else has figured out external chargers, also where is the wireless? Memory card slot - at last one feature that is useful.

A friend of mine "upgraded" to an S3, a "slimmer, lighter, S3". After owning it for a week, he bent over to pick something up and out came his phone. About an 18" inch fall. "Dude, what happened to your screen?". Have to admit though, it made a very cool looking spider web. If only he'd used an Otterbox defender. Oh yeah, no more "slimmer, lighter". But, it still works!

^ This. Both of my parents have S3 phones and both had the screen crack within a few weeks of owning them. Words can't describe how cheaply made they are. Yes, they have bells and whistles but, physically, they are truly designed to be disposable. Sad thing is they might have gone with a windows phone but alas they are on Sprint.

^This, everyone i know with the s3, save those with otterbox defenders, have a spiderweb, Slai is arguing that everything on the s4 is technilogically better, and in some regards i do not dispute this. but at what point did phones become something you pay 700+ dollars for to play games or to wave your hands in front of it. i get that people have their personal preferences when it comes to this specific point in my argument, all im saying is that at one point phones were meant to be used to maintain consistent contact with family and friends and to do work. not its like "OH IT DOESNT HAVE TEMPLE RUN 2 THEN I DONT WANT IT NYAH NYAH" like spoiled children people cry for games and features that they will eventually get tired of and will hardly ever use. You can sit here an argue which is more advance all you want but all that does is add to the unneeded flame wars that plague the internet with bias and self entitlement. i love my 920 and camera and phone calls texts and emails are what i use my phone for and occasionally a game here and there but since im an xbox and ps gamer not much of that either. so whatever to the s4 and all the spec heads fighting about it.

Well my 920 has a deep scratch now, whereas my sgs3 never had a scratch. Its merely about luck and being careful, really.

Eddie: not sure how the exynos will perform batterywise, but as far as i know its about increasing batterylife in standby mode, and from what i gather its quite good at the general stuff too. Still waiting for a comparison test between the snapdragon and the exynos, though.
Its wider than the 920, btw? I didn't know that, haven't looked into it.
But the s3 held up fine for me in terms of being sturdy etc, just like the 920 has (cept for the screencrack on the 920, but that's mishandling and not a phone weakness).
My point is really just that the s4 clearly isn't technically dominated by the 920 in any way, besides the ois (almost wrote ios) :P .
Clearly it has advantages over it in terms of cpy, ram, memorycard, battery, etcetera.
Not saying its BETTER for everyone, but saying its inferior technically is just false.
Makes sense?
Don't get me wrong, i love my 920.

As for screen to front ratio, its merely the fact that a bigger screen gives a better viewing experience, and with a smaller screen to front ratio you get more screen for less phonesize, which is great. At least for me.

I'm with you on this too WinFan. If I really want to play a game I use one of my consoles and for portable gaming I have a 3ds. My phone has nice tools but its main function is to keep in contact with family and take pictures on the fly.

Yeah, that's cool for some users. Yet it doesn't mean that the 920 outperforms or outdoes the s4 technically, which was the point.

Until the Lumia 920 variant comes to T-Mobile or we are given official unlock codes from AT&T, I'm tired of caring.lol Seriously though I'm just waiting to hear some news for us...

totally agree holding on to a red 920 until may, have it since the beginning of feb.  tried everything, and nothng has worked.  i am thinking about flashing it from one of those sites but i am nervous that i will brick it.

Yeah and they are usually cheaper than the 8X which I might buy if nothing better comes along. But I asked around about unlocking it before I purchased one and found out it was not possible.

Still using the HD7, it still works, but man does it have some bugs, plus the support blows when it comes to HTC updating your phone or given you apps.  Thought about the 8x but I can't bring myself to go with HTC again.  They have left a bad taste in my mouth.

On the plus side, you have the very device in your possession that could run WP8 and Windows 8 (if DFT ever releases a working method, of course.)

Didn't you listen? "Crashna crashna, vodka perestrojka! Komrad Tovarish!" It means: "Oh my god! The capitalist battery is dead. Long live the USSR!" Or something like that.

It doesnt though.
The s4 crushes it in all regards technically. Except for perhaps the ois bit.
Not that thats all that matters.

I doubt that, since my s3 is about as fast as my 920, "feel"wise, like in menus and launching apps etc.

I hear from numerous s3 users that their phones occasionally freeze up. My brother has the s2 (previous hardware, I know) but still freezes on him. While my old WP7.5 Radar that I now passed down to my bro still runs butter smooth... I learned from experience that it's not always about the hardware but software as well. Android has made leaps from its start but WP still runs butter smooth on half the specs.

Do you know anything about hardware?? Well obviously not, because the 920 really does blow the s4 out of the water do your homework and prove me wrong.
-Microsoft programmer/hardware specialist

How, exactly, does the 920 blow the s4 out of the water?
Processors? The RAM? The screen? What, besides ois, is the 920 soooo much better at?

Are you serious?.. it's call power! I don't understand your question.The more power the more you can achieve..duh....

Ever heard of bottlenecks? Bigger specs doesn't always equal better. Have you considered that the Android OS needs more juice to run fluidly. That extra processing power would be wasted in WindowsPhone. Efficiency is a component of "power" unless you only buy things with big numbers next to keywords on the box.

Uuuh no! Its like saying the more displacement an engine has the more power it makes? Don't think so... Power is also dependent on a number of different things and also how effectively it is used.

All I know is even now iPhone five owners and s3 owners say that my phones smooth buttery and those I've let use my phone love the call quality. I don't claim to know jack about technical features, but what I do know is that to me specs that are gonna be used to implement features I don't need and that most people won't know about isn't important. The only thing that should matter about specs is how much to you need to maintain practicality.

A movie's worth more than a 1000 words. But, I'm actually more interested in how HTC One stacks up against 920 in OIS department.

That's because they know that with both the S4 and HTC One available in the market, people would just go for the S4, so the HTC One would hardly matter. Unfortunate but true. The 920 does not need to compete with the HTC One, but what matters is that it competes only with the S4.
In any case, there were comparisons already done between the PureView camera of the 920 and the UltraPixel camera of the HTC One. In every sample, the One came out grainier compared to the 920. But on it's own, the One pictures were really very good, not just as good as the 920 pictures.

Was that with the finalized SW or the older SW which most One camera comparisons have used?

Nice to know that my 920 is still not out of date. Nokia has won me over again... MS just has to update their Os more frequently to the point that they are releasing new features that no other smartphone currently has. I love my windows phone but where's our notification center???
And I'm not talking about "unification"

Galaxy S2 vs Lumia 900

Galaxy S3 vs Lumia 920

Galaxy S4 vs Lumia 940

If WP9 (Blue) uses the new Quad-Core Snapdragon 800 series (MSM8974) Adreno 330 and with 2GB RAM the new next Lumia 940 will completely destroy the new Galaxy S4! 5 - 6 months from now?

Not the point!
If you like it or not Quad-Core Snapdragon 800 series SOC with the new Adreno 330 (MSM8974) 2GB of RAM is coming this year!

Don't get me wrong I love my ATIV S with Dual-Core Snapdragon 4 (MSM8960+) and 1GB RAM WP8!

Long live WP8. :)

He's speaking Russian. He wraps it up by saying that the results speak for themselves. Which I thought was a good way to put it. Love you Lumia/nokia/920

Don't forget it'll have 16-cores, 4GB of RAM, and like 1 hour of battery life, as well as constant stutter and phone freeze-ups due to Android.....

Exclusivity is hurting wp8. Imagine the 920 being available on all networks. Hell, imagine windows 8 tablets being available at all major retailers.

No, it really doesnt. Its only slightly taller iirc, about the same with, insanely thinner, and still manages a 5" screen.
It really isnt very different footprintwise from the 920 at all, but far better technically.

Can't wait to see the Windows Phone version of the Galaxy S4 the ATIV S2 & Lumia 940 with new hardware this fall!

Till then it's good to know that WP8 stands up to next generation Galaxy S4! :)

But it really doesn't stand up to it at all. This is just the single thing it does better and its not even a WP thing, its a hardware thing from one manufacturer.

Actually, the 920 also stands up to the screen of the S4 in brightness and color accuracy, the 1080p of the S4 notwithstanding.

At 2:08 in the video, does the Galaxy S4 freeze for a split second? 
Nice job Nokia.

I watched the video again after reading your post. Yes you're right, the S4 stuttered twice actually. Could it be because the GPU, the OS, the firmware, are not up to par running the 1080p screen smoothly?

And it still eludes me why you'd want a 1080p screen that's the same size as your hand.  Just goes to show that specs aren't everything. :)

Dunno if anyone has done any benchmark comparisons, screen comparisons, sound, etc.
If you find any, please share :)

Russian eco level : over 999. (they has a remote control but they choose pull the car than using that remote.)

#sorry bad english.

The video results speak for themselves, the difference is night and day in the Lumia 920's favour.
One thing though I have noticed, the S4 has frame rate issues, it is definitely at a lower frame rate then the Lumia 920 hence we can see the image on the screen acting oddly.  On top of that too the screen update speed looks a bit slow (tearing?  Probably just the lack of OIS though I guess, so not so sure on this one).
It looks like Samsung have quietly reduced the frame rate to keep the power consumtion down a bit, personally I'd go for the super smooth update with the full 60Hz frame rate myself given the choice :)

the camera on 920 is amazing. but anyone noticed, the video started playing faster on the S4? way faster!
i really love nokia, but i wanna see them beat their rivals in every way, not just a few.
come on nokia! \m/

??????.......................................???? i had to put extra question marks because thats how stupid this comment sounded when i read it out loud. i hope your being extremely sarcastic........and even if you are that is still one of the most stupid sarcastic comments i have ever read out loud....

Nokia is best...... Not Microsoft. We doesn't compare windows phones with android smartphones. Windows phone have lot of bugs.....

The stabilisation-test will win nokia too... and about the apps: remember the year 2011.. same comment, diffrent company (Apple)... you sir are disqualified 

I don't think a 7-inch screen phone could be classified as a phone anymore.....

.....and as far as adding more cores, that's just inviting short battery life.