Nokia Lumia 925 goes on presale in Russia, China with delivery in July

Nokia Lumia 925

Good news for those in Russia and China who are yearning for the cool metal that encases the new Lumia 925 from Nokia. Both territories can now send in their pre-orders for that device, which promises to be lighter and thinner than its 920 sibling.

Russia Lumia 925 preorder

For Russia, we’re seeing an official July 22nd date for actual availability and pricing at around 24,990 rubles ($788 USD). Color choices are the same white, black and gray and the device reportedly sports 16GB of internal storage (as opposed to the rarer 32GB variant that some carriers are getting).

China Lumia 925 preorder

In China, the Lumia 925 looks to be available from the popular online retailer JD.com for ¥ 4299.00 (526EUR/700USD)—that includes the super cool “Superman edition” should you choose that one. No word on exact ship date that we were able to discern, but reading Chinese this early in the morning was never our forte.

Source: N-Store.ru (Russia), JD.com (China); via WPP7Forum.ru; Thanks, Rafal C., and Dmitriy I., for the heads up!


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Nokia Lumia 925 goes on presale in Russia, China with delivery in July


Yeah I've been checking every day.  What I really want to see is the price T-MO will offer.  Based on the $130-150 for the Lumia 521, I have high hopes that they can offer the 925 for a lot cheaper than I'm seeing in these articles.  Otherwise, I'll just wait until EOS comes out and drives the price of the 925 way down.

Have to wait for the Superman buzz to die down, so TMo doesn't have to carry the special edition backplates?
Fun movie, BTW, with a good amount of "obvious" product placement.

@Jabtano, I feel exactly the same way. It wouldn't surprise me if they completely fcked up this launch and decided not to offer the phone til Sept sometime. They've been slowly pushing me toward AT&T

I could not agree more they hate me on twitter every day I keep asking them...not much love for WP8 from them

Not available from AUS retailers yet, got mine off mobicity last week. This phone really should of come out 6months ago.... Same old Nokia I guess like Anna...belle n8etc. Good product still

I think people will understand the phone better towards end of this year.
You will have camera monster that is the EOS, phablet and compact high quality Lumia 925 that price will have dropped a lot.
Lumia 925 was always descriped as Lumia 920 replacement, not Lumia 920 sucessor.

Daniel, there will be a GDR2 review?? I´m crazy too see what is the "xbox music improvements" that Microsoft talked about!! Or you cant talk about this until the GDR2 update be released to all??

Daniel, 4299 is not the final price in China, Nokia just changed it to 3999 and all three stores is giving a wireless charging shell and a wireless charging plate for free. One store also added a Bluetooth headset bh-106 with the 925 purchase