Nokia Lumia 928

Nokia Lumia 928 for Verizon finally revealed in mockups

There’s not too much to say about this one except here are the first almost official images of the Verizon Nokia Lumia 928 aka ‘Laser’ that is due sometime this month (which was revealed previously in our forums).

The images were leaked by @evleaks, so we’re sure they’re legit.

The Lumia 928 is supposed to be the Verizon/CDMA counterpart of the Lumia 920 but with some minor updates, including a supposed Xenon flash, which is clearly visible next to the adjacent LED and a slightly thinner frame (though not as thin as ‘Catwalk’). Otherwise, it shares the same 4.5” LCD display, 1.5GHz dual core CPU. Current memory allocation is unknown though it is thought to be 32GB.

Thoughts? Sound off in comments and remember, there will probably be more colors than just boring black, so don’t be too hard.

Source: @eveleaks; Thanks, B_Rad89, and everyone else, for the tip!


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Nokia Lumia 928 for Verizon finally revealed in mockups



Somebody will try to see similarities to the 8x, or any other device that is not a Lumia;  But the reality is, is that this render follows the design language of the N9/Lumia 800 from 2011.

No, the front doesn't have the ugly colourfull speaker and the back is Lumia more than anything, with the metal around the camera.

I know the Lumia 810, I personally own a Lumia 810 and I'm here to tell you this phone looks nothing like the Lumia 810.

Are you saying the 8xx series is better than the 9xx series in terms of specs (minus microSD and removable back)? You are very wrong.

personally i don't like curved screens. The curved screen of the L800 was nice because it was only 3.7 inches, making it ideal for one-handed use. What would be the point of a 4.5 inch curved display?  I prefer flat displays. Minimalism just like the UI

I understand your preference but curved screens look premium when the light hits an edge. Its why they've been hot since HTC first started with the concave screened Sensation.

The speaker is on the back and the mic is on the face.. That is interesting I never liked the speaker on the back of the samsung focus it was easily muffled if laid on its back I hope they took this into account and made the body elevate it a bit there.

Odd that it doesn't have stereo speakers. Be nice if it had stereo mics for video recording, but I only see one of those, also...

"Update: The Verge can confirm that the image is in fact genuine. We understand that Nokia will not be using an aluminum frame for this particular device as originally reported. Instead, the company is said to be using a thinner polycarbonate on the Lumia 928, reserving its aluminum frames for future Lumia devices including the EOS and Catwalk. The Lumia 928 will also feature a slightly curved back. Microsoft and Verizon are said to be in the final stages of testing the Lumia 928, which includes the second General Distribution Release (GDR2) Windows Phone 8 update."

And wireless charging?  Really liked idea of aluminum frame, oh well.  Better have micro SD slot.  May not give up 822 if it doesn't.

This makes way more sense than using aluminum for a refresh... a change like that would better be reserved for an all-new phone I would think.

another phone without a user replacable battery or sd upgradability.  sucks.  on the bright side......maybe this one won't freeze and restart all the time.

I believed you, although I got too antsy and went with the L920 on ATT and switched carriers.  I did believe you though!  :)

I see a speaker grill at the bottom on the back. The phone looks almost like it has tapered edges going towards the back similar to the 8x. May just be my imagination though. If they can get the weight down to like 145g it would be fantastic.

Nice catch on the speaker grill... That will be nice for the business crowd. That's one thing I really missed about my Touch Pro 2

Except for the much larger Flash, the larger lens and the name plate saying Carl Zeiss | Pureview.
It looks more like the back of the 920, but with the bigger Pureview camera and flash and a visible speaker grill, which we can assume has better stereo sound output. 
(Nokia and HTC usually do well with usable onboard speaker output, especially the HTC WP models.)  It is sad when an older HTC Trophy phone has better onboard speakers and sound output than some laptops/macbooks. And I still truly feel for all the iPhone users I know that would kill for onboard speakers that are useful for anything beyond a bad speaker phone.
Besides the grill, which is less attention grabbing than the camera area, I do not see why everyone is comparing it to back of the HTC 8x.

I am a bit surprised, I wasn't expecting them to make the xenon work so soon on Windows NT. That means that it has a mechanical shutter as well!
We just have to find out how big the capacitor for the xenon is.. hopefully at least as big/powerful as the one on the N8. Or.. they might be using a different way to power it.

Didn't the HTC Mozart (wp7) have a xenon flash? I would think that the xenon capability wouldn't be so hard to integrate in the OS. But yes hopefully it has a powerful xenon like the n8.

Hey, how DOES that work between Xenon and LED, how the differences change the quality? Just curious, thanks! =D

This is awesome. I'm so happy to see a premium WP device from Nokia to come to the nations Largest carrier.. This has to boost WP market share in 2013.. Great news!!!

Yes, good point. Although I wouldn't piss on Verizon if it were on fire, I'll happily sideline my prejudice for the good of Nokia and WP. Glad you chaps are getting something other than a Dwad. Dwoid? Hroid? Ok, putting my stick down now. Roll on BIG RED!

I have a friend who is in law enforcement. He wants this phone, but he can only use it if it has a microSD slot for photos. We keep hearing that this phone does or doesn't have it. What's the current thought?

Yep, I'm aware of that. But he's going to be paying full price for this phone out of pocket so he can keep his unlimited data. If he's getting a new phone, he wants the latest and greatest. If you forgive the pun, the whole hog.

Has anyone ever told you that you're a "dead" ringer for the guy that played George Jefferson?
Say what I will about Quagmire but, he sure gets a LOT of Putty. Tat, that is.

I'm disappointed with how much they made it similar in looks to the 720 but I like it. I very much think we'll see this sold out when its finally starts to be sold. Nokia is making alot of right choices. Better late then never. Also I bet the guy who got his iPhone throw by elop is pretty excited :)

I need to buy now. Trophy has been good to me. Red would definitely be an option for Verizon. Just hope they announce all colors available on release. Yay! My WP8 is here!

Phones always look better when they are officially announced. Show this bad boy in some color, and at a few different angles its sure to catch some attention.

I guess you're right. Perhaps im spoiled with the unique and bold design of 900 and 920 and I was expecting another unique design from Nokia.

You can't call them unique when there was an N9 and a Lumia 800 before the 900 and 920. I like the design but I would no longer call it unique

Agreed, although I would elaborate that phones always look better when you see them in person versus in photos online. I wasn't feeling either the 810 or 822 when I saw them online, but they look REALLY great in person.

The 8X is a Nokia N9/Lankku rip off. So, no.. this doesn't look like the 8x, it looks like the Nokia N9, and all the designs that followed that design language: 800, 900, 920 ..

The 8x look better than the n9. And don't pretend like HTC hadn't been making colored phones. I had a California blue HTC wing 6 yrs ago running wm5

It might look better to you, but that doesn't change the fact that HTC took a very, very close look a the design language of the N9.. which came out more than year before the 8x.

Actually those tiles look photoshopped, and I've never been a fan of how the tiles look out of the box. Its what you do with it once you take it home that makes it sexy!

FYI the whole image is fake and so is all of the MS products you see in their marketing campaign for WP8 / W8. They are all renderings with PS tweaks. Yes that includes the tiles.

Despite it being a "rendering", can't tell if it is real or fake yet......I would expect Nokia to be a bit more distinctive.

You guys are worrying about what is photoshopped or rendered and I'm just talking about the "idea" of how they have the tiles set Anyway you think Nokia is distinctive all the time eh, have you seen the most boring phone in the world aka the Lumia 810 they basically just threw together for T-Mobile? Uh, yeah.

It is surrounded by red tiles, while those are surrounded by a dark frame...colors tend to change hue depending on what they are close to. On T-Mobile phone, there are two identical Magenta themes to choose, but since theirs is in addition to the stock, it appears different as it is not surrounded by colors but whatever you have set as theme (light or dark) #ArtClass ;)

The Verizon logo kills everything.

Other than it looking similar to the 720 I think it looks ok. 920 is way more distinctive though. 

They sure know how to put tacky tattoos all over perfectly classy hardware.

In case strangers are confused, yeah, this has 4G LTE.

I like the look but I need to see it in another color that's not black to be sure. But I'll stay with att since they took WP serious from the start. But they really need to improve the hardware a little since its a new year.

The black kinda drags the overall appearance down a bit. But I bet it looks amazing in red or cyan. Cant wait to buy this, hopefully preorders pop up on Verizons website any day now. 

I love my yellow 920, but I'm starting to like white as my favorite WP color, because every tile them matches with white. There are a lot of tile colors that I just can't use with my yellow Lumia, unless I'm in the dark lol

What an incredibly diverse community we have. There are braniacs, HIGH brow, low brow, the erudite, Spocks, trouble makers, tinkers, tailors, soldiers, sailors, rich men, poor men, beggar men, thieves. Spies. Funny men, sarcastic men, morons, bushwhackers, hornswogglers, train robbers, bank robbers, cattle thieves, horse thieves, bull dykes, ass kickers, shit kickers, and METHODISTS! And now? FASHIONISTAS!!!!!

And old English nursery rhymers! It's funny how people obsess over their phones to the point of even referring to them as "sexy." And it's design is this or that. It's a fucken black rectangle for geezus' sake. So I would add Obsessers and Rectangle Enthusiasts to your list...

Someone said that T-Mobile Sims worked in the Verizon 8x because it has a micro SIM slot and that Verizon LTE phones were shipping unlocked. Can anyone confirm this?

It was painfully slow but I didn't spend much time with it. Could be the way it was or the location I was at. I recommend trying before if possible.

Why don't all the carriers get all the phones ? Why is it so sporadic, who chooses which carrier gets what phone?

There's so much bureaucracy involved. Trust me, exclusivity is never sporadic. Nokia doesn't sit around pulling names out of a hat to determine which carrier gets an exclusive phone next. Its normally a mutual relationship/ agreement and the big bucks seal the deal...

i'm glad i didn't wait for this phone on verizon.
so glad i switched to AT&T and my red 920 and my wife got a yellow 920 my bro got a black 820 because he wanted the sd card slot. which is what the 920 needs.
they could have used a removeable door like the sim card door.
ive started buying everything flagship figure i'm buying the best like my pioneer AVIC Z-140BH in both my cars, just wish it supported WP8.

So much home screen is wasted in wp8. Between the top gap which makes no sense at all. Its such a huge negative. And the 1/8 on each side

Yeah I agree with the wasted space at the top. I think its for notifications. But I say close the gap and when a notification comes ur way, just have everything slide down that 1/8 inch. An oversight I'd you ask me.

i hate the top gap too. And it's not just the two of us. Use the User Voice app in the store to tell Microsoft that they need to change that

That's silly, it doesn't stay there, that's only when you have it all the way down...if you MOVE it it goes away. You all have no idea what you are talking about, in design everything is deliberate!

Hope Verizon owners waiting for a high end phone will be happy with this. I own the Lumia 920 on AT&T. Only negative about the L920: no MicroSD expansion. Am I the only one unhappy about this?

With 32GB onboard. I'd speculate that 95% of 920 owners are unconcerned. Unless you're regularly capturing hours of HD video without access to a computer, I don't know why this would be a concern.  

10GB of music is roughly 100 albums at 320kbps. That equates to 1/3 of the onboard storage on your 920. If you can't make due with that, you might be making excuses. Have a little discipline. :) 

I'm sorry, I forgot to mention that I'm a gamer. I planned on on making the SD storage for music and the onboard for games. As for discipline...I'LL SHOW YOU DISCIPLINE!!! *SMACK* :P

Heheh. Again, have a little discipline in managing your storage. Uninstall the games you're done with, and remove the music you're not going to listen to. I'm sorry, but you're being lazy if you can't make a 32GB phone work for you. :)

@MediaCastleX: If you were talking to me, check my previous post friend. I said "I planned on making the SD storage for music and the onboard storage for my games". If you were talking to Kooosh, disregard this message.

Fake. Buttons look photoshopped and the back exactly like the 8X with some clever branding and speakers and camera addition..not to mention the side buttons....I do these kinda things..I know how easy they are....
but then again..i have been wrong in the don't jump on me.

I'll jump. Are you sure you do these kinda things. These are clearly renderings, and every image you see of MS's WP/W8 products in the marketing campaign are renderings (Software: Keyshot) with some kinda PS touch being it glare or other tweaks. 

But then I could be wrong because the mic under the Windows logo and placement of the Verizon logo is hideous :) 

If anything makes this plausible, it's Verizon's penchant for requiring black phones and worse design than their competitors. 

Sorry but it looks much worse than 920, I think nothing beats 800/920 design and never will.

Hope it comes in colors. Just something about that black is such a turn off now that there are these vibrant colors out there. Will never go black if I can help it.

Because think about ur thumb will be hitting that spot daily the ear hole one on the 900 & 920 gets dirty oven if u try to keep it clean just imagine what one would look like if u hit it every day with ur thumb

What's up with the two mail tiles? Is that really the Outlook icon in the top left? I've heard rumors this week about Outlook for Windows RT, is Outlook part of GDR2 for WP8?

The top left icon is for Exchange accounts. The one that I am confused about is the 3rd one down on the right. It looks like a voice recording button of some sort. I thought it might be for voice mail, but I don't see a way to do that.

It's for their advanced paid voicemail. Regular voicemail is still accessed through the phone app. At least that's my understanding.

Maybe you got the short end of the stick design wise... but feature-wise... FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU...! Curse you no Xenon Flash on the Lumia 920...

For some reason I can't get THAT excited for this. Having an 8x for my work phone currently and a trophy for personal. I'm happy to replace my trophy, just not "wow'd" by this, maybe when I hear more details.

-a little off-
On lumia 820 when i want to play music i get an error code instead. This file cant be played on the phone. Error code:80070002. Well i dont really know what to do with this. This is the first time when it happened.

I'll be replacing my Trophy with this phone, but after all the wait, I have to say that I'm disappointed that there's isn't more differentiating it from the 920; even the same internals, as seen here, with the aluminum body would have made the wait more palatable, but 6+ months for a mildly warmed over 920? 

Do the images of this phone resemble the image of the phone from almost a month ago where the woman took a picture of her family in front of a mirror at Sea World San Diego?

Its cause Verizon called Nokia and "design us a boring phone so we can sell more Android devices" in fact we'll be all buying a dummy phone so we have no choice but to switch to them

Looks very much like the Lumia 810, especially from the back. It's nice looking...but I thought it was supposed to be made with an aluminum unibody - or is that just the Catwalk?

...and in true wpcentral form, a photoshop mockup is obviously legit. What part of mockup do you not understand? It is an artist's (using that term very loosely) representation of something, not an actual device. Anyone with minimal photshop skills can create theirs in a few minutes. Oh, for those who think this is real, why do you think, VZW and Nokia would both reverse course on conservative branding with the  alleged next generation phone? Mockup = fake = tool to get web hits. That is the beginning and end of the story. This all, of course, also ignores the biggest issue. The 928 has been neither announced nor confimed by anyone in either company. Until it is announced, it does not exist. As for the rumored April launch, does any one really think VZW, will launch a high end Windows phone with all the necssary marketing in conflict with the roll out of  its Samsung Galaxy cash cow? If it is even real, it will not see the pight of day until well after the Galaxy 4 roolout, and if Apple is close to pushing out a 5s, it will be even longer. The only alternative would be a shoved in the corner of the store, slated for failure, launch like the BB Z10.

You have no idea what you're talking about.  At any rate, the GS4 will most likely have luke warm sales, just like the ip5 did.  Why, because It's not a huge uprade from the GS3.  The GS4 will drop, as will the price of the GS4.  Customers will flock to the cheap GS3.  At any rate, I've seen your type on here before.  Heard the same thing about the 822 and 8x for Verizon.  A few said, "I will believe it when I see them on Verizon shelves.  The 928 is definitely real, and will be released this month.  Perhaps a wager?

Quick glance, it looks like a HTC 8x. Might be a cool phone and i like the specs but, with out a MicroSD slot, it's not something I think I will buy.  Even with 32gb it's too limited, I want to use my phone as a MP3 player as well as gaming machine, and if your into it, having a ton of games and a ton of music means you need a lot of space.
I really hope for 32gb and a MicroSDXC slot, this would be the perfect phone (You can't install apps to the SD card and 16gb internal is not that big for games)

I also had a tp2, hands down best speakerphone, used it to conference so many times, have yet to find a phone that holds a candle to its speakerphone.

I still have a touch pro 2 sitting here, I wont sell it, I still play some old games time to time on it. Figuring that if my devices all broke, I still have a backup phone that can be activated.
I have a TP2, a Trophy and a HTC 8X.... and out of all of them, form and function, the TP2 was the best with the best speaker phone, a great keyboard (this is the only slider where I could type an entire email with being 98% accurate with out looking at the phone)