Nokia Lumia Windows Phone also spotted on The Neighbors

Lumia the Neighbors

"What?! How do I use this alien technology?!"

The Nokia Lumia Windows Phones seem to be making the cameo rounds these days.  Earlier what appears to be a Lumia 800 showed up on the set of the upcoming movie "The Wolverine" and now a Nokia Lumia (we believe it's a 900 in costume) has been spotted in the U.S. television show, The Neighbors. What's great about the above capture is facial expressions and the ability to add an alien-related caption to bring it in line with the storyline from the show.

We've previously looked at Windows Phones being featured in a media, particularly the music video for Fun. - We Are Young, which we to this day still receive tips on. We're going to need OEMs and Microsoft to go out in a full scale attack with product placement when Windows Phone 8 launches.

The advertisements, not only for Windows 8 and Microsoft's Surface, but Windows Phone will be on the big screens, where couch potatoes will be able to enjoy the sight of new Lumias or HTC hardware. Who knows, Samsung might even ... actually, it was wishful thinking, I know.

Thanks, Steve, for sending in the tip!


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Nokia Lumia Windows Phone also spotted on The Neighbors


This is cool hope more and more tv shows will show more windows phone. I guess they love the awesome look of the front screen compare to iphone or android ugly boring icons.

Aw thought that was the 'real' Neighbours show. Harold Bishop with a Lumia, they'd sell like hotcakes.

Hold on, are you seriously saying that the US version of The Office is better than the UK version? I know a very large number of people that would disagree with you :D