Nokia Lumia Windows Phones available at Orange in the Dominican Republic


Nokia has released a number of Windows Phones in the Dominican Republic. Mobile operator Orange has the Lumia 920, Lumia 820 and Lumia 620 smartphones listed on its website. A number of markets now sport the Windows Phone 8 handsets with the Finnish manufacturer further pushing the platform to more consumers.

The Lumia 920 is available from RD$27,790 ($680), while the Lumia 820 and Lumia 620 are priced at RD$20,290 ($500) and RD$10,290 ($250) respectively. Contracts are also available with multiple packages supporting each Windows Phone.

Source: Orange; thanks, Carlos, for the heads up!


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Nokia Lumia Windows Phones available at Orange in the Dominican Republic


Keep it coming, I am pleased to see Nokia rolling out to new nations. Looks like supply is increasing. Where are HTC, Samsung, and Huawei with their roll outs? The silence is deafening.

Nice the country where I was born, even if I'm currently living in the US I'm glad to see Nokia is being released everywhere!

Hey Rich,
Do you know if these come unlocked? I have family in the Dominican Republic and would definitely have them buy me one if it is.

The price for the 920 and 820 is high..since they come locked and with a 2 years agreement, Also u only have 1GB of data and 100 minutes paying 1200 pesos (30 dollars)

Actually, the data plan with Orange Dominicana is 5GB. And yes, Lumia 920 and 820 are way too expensive, considering that the 620 is 50% cheaper than 820.

Finally you've hit the Caribbean... Next stop, Trinidad & Tobago on Digicel's network... Now don't fuck it up Nokia. We've waited long enough... Red LUMIA 920... ah seeing dat...

I can picture Dominicans walking around with lumias saying; "Diablo manin, esta vina esta d cache! Ya tu sabe!!".. lmao

The previous Lumia generation did not create a good customer base here in DR. Maybe because those smartphones came out when WP8 was about to be launched (Q3 2012), and knowing that they were not getting WP8 upgrade, people did not find worthy to make the jump to WP7 devices.
Now, the situation is different. WP8 is a fresh product and Nokia is well known for producing excellent hardware.

Same thing happened here in Panama. Lumia 610 and 800 came out just a few months before WP8 was released, so there wasn't much adoption. WP8 hasn't been released yet, sadly :(

I ve been to Dominican republic. Puerto plata its sweet over there that would be awesome I go again and other wp8 lumias in my boys hand would be sweet

SO EXCITED! might convince some of my family members to get the 620
Unfortunately most people in DR have there phones unlocked and buy cards for minutes, so they're probably not trying to hit the mass market yet, but aiming for the middle/upper income..its going to be tough competition between Lumia and the latest craze iPhone,...if im in tuned correctly Android hasnt had a foothold in DR yet, that'll deff be a edge for the Lumia!

Actually, a lot of ppl in DR are jumping from Blackberry to Android. Not because they are aware of the advantages of Adroid over Blackberry, but just because they love to have cool games on their phones.. and get pirated apps of course.
Still Blackberry has a BIG chunk of marketshare here.
Still, if Orange Dominicana (and Claro DR) make smart moves with Lumias, WP8 could gain a lot of traction here.

Thats great to hear! Didnt know Android was so prominant! I really hope Lumia gains traction that'd be awesome!