Nokia provides 5 reasons why businesses should switch to Lumia Windows Phone

Lumia 925

Nokia has taken to Twitter to reveal 5 reasons why businesses should switch to Windows Phone. Boasting Microsoft Office (out-of-the-box), Outlook, offline navigation, security with IRM and wireless charging, the company is attempting to dive into the enterprise pool with its Lumia brand.


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It's a clear jab at the three competitor platforms (iOS, Android and BlackBerry), noting how each of them are inferior for the 5 points raised. What's interesting to note is although Microsoft's Windows Phone falls short in some areas, it's definitely a viable option for enterprise, which is reflected in the success stories shared by both Redmond and Nokia.

Source: Twitter (@NokiaAtWork)


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Nokia provides 5 reasons why businesses should switch to Lumia Windows Phone


and not to mention the number of tiles than keep increasing on the rows and columns, after every update :) :), I am really pissed waiting for the features that really matter, VPN, seperate volume control, third party SIP clients, webex(of course Cisco's is the dev here)

VPN (Cisco IPSec more than anything else) and WebEx are definitely needed here. It would also be really cool if I could see sceen sharing during Microsoft Lync meetings on my Windows Phone.

Its REALLY annoying to have separate volume controls every time I want a ringer on my iPod on but my sound off. You have to exit the timer, press home, go to settings app, select ringer, then ajust the volume, press home, then select the timer app. :P I love unified sound. Was Super efficient pre-unified sound update.

Doesn't have to be that hard. In Anroid, when you press the volume rocker the ringer volume will change by deafult, but next to the slider is a "gear" that will present you with 3 volume sliders --- ringer, music & alarms. Then of course there are some apps that will by default change the volume for that specific app when it's running. Extremely well done.

The "wireless charging" one...not really a good point. Unless they're refering exclusively to the Lumia 920 (edit: and the US-Verizon exclusive L928) which is the only one with built-in wireless charging. I hope that the L1320 also brings built-in wireless charging...but otherwise, not really a great point to make.

Well, even though you may not prefer it, I am enjoying the benefits of wireless charging at work everyday with the Lumia 925...but I do find the 920 a really business class device anyway, and you should watch the classic movie "Swingers" to fully appreciate that line! =P

I think DCJBS is not really saying he finds wireless charging useless. If anything, he is saying he prefers the wireless charging in-built rather than having to make the device wear a charging cover.

Exactly. I love wireless charging but as long as it's built-in. If I have to attach plates and covers, then it defeats the purpose.

I have the 822 and the charging cover that I have is identical to the original back cover save for maybe a millimeter thicker. I understand what your saying but the way Nokia does it with their phones it makes that feature appealing.

To be fair, the availability of charging shells and covers is quite widespread. And the charging plates, stands, pillows and in car holder are easily available too. You don't get anything like that from the other manufacturers.
Sure, there are wireless charging solutions for the other platforms but nowhere near as good as the options available for Lumia.

Imagine stuck in the jungle, lost with no help insight and all you had was your Lumia with zero juice. All through your mind you only think of death and Bear Grills. But you forgot to watch the jungle episode. You're crying like a baby. Suddenly it starts to thunder. You hug your phone and suddenly it starts to light up. You kiss your Lumia, wipe tears away, open your navigation, make sos calls, you're now in the Bahama beach laying next to two chicks and you say to them, "I got wireless charging." You kiss your Lumia.

Nokia should make Window phones with physical keyboards. 
I was going to say because many business people love them. However, I do not know that as a fact, I just know that some of the people I work with do.

I know maybe one guy at my job, its my boss and he uses that as his only argument for why he needs blackberry...and some other lame explanation of the "prestige" that the brand carries? =/

Yea they need the dell venue pro phone updated. I love that shit. Nokia has kb phones called Nokia Asha.

Uhh, no one mentioned about Plumage Windows Phone design concept? That's the one with a touch screen, and also the touchboard (touching keyboard).

Yes I completely agree. They have made some good physical keyboards in the past but unfortunately gave up.

if you are a browser then, right click on the image and click on "view image in a new window", pan and zoom and enjoy :)

This is a good list, but when Nokia (and Microsoft in their commercials) jab at Apple and say they only have onenote, or they have to pay for office subscription, it's true, but they have the iwork suite. Just saying.

To be fair, Quick Office (which is completely free on Android) can do everything on a phone that MS Office can do on a phone.  AND you can attach documents straight to email from within email.  Just sayin.

I've seen VPN connection options in some of the RDP apps that are on the store. The best RDP app IMO is just called Remote Desktop (orange logo) Plus you have teamviewer and splash apps. Logmein apparently are considering it

Coming in WP8.1 Microsoft thought people would use SharePoint and in house apps and not need VPN. I can't speak for everyone but I need VPN.

This is a big reason that they aren't penetrating the enterprise and government markets. VPN may not be the newest and best way to administer enterprise devices but its like Java - its everywhere even though its old and should die to make way for newer technologies. My Wife had to replace her WinMo device, which was allowed on her workplace's network, with an iPhone specifically because of this.

Yea, I was coming here to say they conviently left VPN off of the list. However, IRM is a big thing now so that's a great point to make.

Actually here in my place its really paying of all enterprise users are switching so fast to Lumia and Ativ for Office.
they also play Xbox games believe me its fun to see ppl switching so fast especially those in enterprise

Ah I just love these reasons. They are always so absurd, regardless of which OS it is in favour. And as usual it doesn't mention the lack of VPN support or that you can't even create a notebook in OneNote, or that you can't even center text or change the font in Word, or that you can't even create a PowerPoint presentation...

I, for one, don't need massive content creation capabilities on a phone. Too small of a screen to do serious work. What office on WP does provide is easy content consumption in the enterprise.

I wrote a comment on reddit addressing this:

I want the OS to be able to stand on its own, not just as an accessory to normal Windows. Be honest before you downvote me: have you ever gotten any work done just by using your Windows Phone? Can you imagine using your phone as the only device for at least a week? I know I can't. Without a proper computer, it's just useless.
All that is rather depressing in contrast with my previous phone, where I not only could write a big document right on the phone, I could also use a special adapter to connect a flash drive right to my phone.
I know all that isn't really important for normal phones, but it would matter on the phablet market, which Microsoft is about to enter - Lumia 1520 and all.

Just look at WP's Office. It's obviously meant only for viewing documents, making outlines, or fixing small mistakes. In Word, you can't even change the font or text alignment. Can't create a table. You only get three font colors.
PowerPoint is just... not there. You can edit some text in an existing presentation, and that's it.
In OneNote, you can't create a new notebook or a new section. Can't draw. Your formatting options are limited even more than in Word - can't even change the text size or color.
I have never really used Excel, so I can't comment on what it's like.
Look at Internet Explorer. You are limited to just 6 tabs, and you don't even have back/forward buttons. It doesn't let you upload files. There is no password sync - which works great on Windows 8.
Look at the music player. You can't skip around the song. There is no search. You can't create a playlist.

So I really hope that MS improves it all. Brings in some of those great Windows RT features - like multitasking, file API, sync (IE passwords, app passwords, wallpaper, start menu layout), productivity improvements (built-in apps that are useful for more than quick edits, RDP client, etc), device support (USB OTG - so that we could connect USB flash drives, mice, etc).
Also I want MS to integrate Skype completely - so that there's no app at all, it's all just seamless.

The OneNote thing really bugs me. Why can't you create a freaking notebook!? Ugh. And for that matter, why can't you save directly to a notebook? It seems that MS should make their phones integrated to the point that if I'm reading an article on IE, I should be able to share to a notebook. You can't do that on WP. It's dumb. You have to copy the link and then go into OneNote and save it.

Yeah, OneNote could be an amazing feature if MS integrated it into the whole damn system. Sadly, instead we get some tool that's even less powerful than a web app...

This is bullshit. There's no SD card encryption, so only devices without SD card slot are considered. Still there's no way to install security certificates. All this features work better on Android an iOS, including Lync integration. Hello from my GDR3 8x

Yup. These things are not interesting to Consumers but will give IT Admins fits. They're not going to deploy devices that can't comply with their existing security requirements. At this point the DoD considers Androids mire secure than WinPhone for just this kind of reason. Git er done Microsloth!

Why don't they talk about real business features like calendar, email, and multitasking? BlackBerry crushes WP in real business areas. I had a BlackBerry Z10 and now switched to Windows Phone but I really miss my Z10. Also the BlackBerry file manager is the most important thing I have ever used on a smartphone. I could take a file from my device or SD card and simply "move" it to dropbox or box as though those cloud storage services were actually stored on my device and vice versa. BlackBerry crushes Windows Phone in business features. Not trolling as I am now a Windows Phone user but frustrated at missing basic features let alone "business features".

Well, you can't fault them for trying, but the truth is that all current mobile platforms are consumer-centric with a couple of business features thrown in. Until GDR2 WP8 couldn't listen to .wav files that many company voicemail systems use, and it won't be until GDR3 that you can attach Office and Acrobat files to emails. This is a joke for anyone tasked with evaluating WP8 for business. Fortunately for Microsoft the competition isn't any better.

The sad truth is that Windows Mobile was more business oriented than WP8 is.
Not that I care, but it feels rather disingenuous to sell WP8 as a business phone at this point. Let's get WP8.1 out with VPN at least, and then we'll talk.

They forgot the best reason: price.
This is one of those highly selective lists so it's not all that convincing, but there are certainly plenty of good reasons for businesses to switch to WP.

Reason #5 is total BS. I gave up my 920 for 1020 just to find out that wireless charging was removed from 1020 and now I need to choose or to get wireless charging cover for it or camera grip which I really wanted. By buying camera grip I had to give up wireless charging because Nokia removed something they had in they prev version. Now I have wireless charger laying around my apt and I can't even use it. FAIL! 

I have a 1020 and also the camera grip and charging cover. The charging cover stays permanently attached to my phone until I need to use the grip. There is no way I would leave the grip permanently attached to my phone simply because of the extra bulk it adds.
I only use it if I go out on a photograph shooting session.

My company won't even entertain the thought of Windows Phone. They still haven't approved BB10, although they completed the BES10 testing months ago.  They are pushing iOS and Android (Only Galaxy S III & 4 though). I wish they would offer WP8, everything else we use is Microsoft, why not use their mobile solution as well. I HATE iOS and it sucks for enterprise. Seeing it in action is laughable. Great for media, terrible for work...

You must work where I work because that's exactly what we are doing - pushing IOS and Android (though only the GS3 and 4), holding on BB10, and not even considering Windows Phone. For now. I think we'll allow BB10 devices once we've tested managing them through Mobile Iron instead of BES10. Windows phone is not even on the radar.

Really? I have Outlook on my L920 that has the same look and feel as my desktop? Really? I must have missed my mobile: Outlook Today, Task List, Notes (the ones that have been in Outlook since 2003, not the Contact "notes"), and a decent Calendar view. I must have missed these, cause what I have does not have the same look and functionality as Outlook on my PC!

Don't get me wrong, its not a bad implementation and its far better out of the box than the Competition, but any IT person who reads that and goes and gets a WinPhone as an experiment will quickly have no reason to believe anything else MS tells them. That's not a good way to introduce yourself.

Windows and business phone!! Are you kidding me? Not being able to edit emails while forwarding or replying to mails itself is a big reason why businesses should never use windows phone. Also, the fact that you dont get inline delivery report for SMSes, crappy calendar app with limited functionality and lack of many good quality business centric apps including cam scanner, push chat for Facebook and gtalk, limited truecaller and whatsapp functionality....(the list is endless) makes windows phone completely unusable for business.

I have no problem with scanning via the camera, there are several excellent apps for that. WhatsApp and Facebook are fine. The Calendar critique is deserved, but a bit over the top. There are many excellent Calendar Apps that do everything I could want except of course being blocked from initiations of new appointments. I get around that by pinning a small tile to the built in calendar below the wide tile for a good Calendar program, but they shouldn't make me do that. My biggest beef is that none of the Appa live tikes actually update except by opening the program. That needs to be fixed!

Even i can use my cam to scan but quality and clarity wise, what i used to get with camscanner is not there. Whatsapp doesn't have audio or video sharing features and Facebook push chat doesn't work. I still feel windows is bad to be used as a business phone for these reasons and more.

I agree that enterprise support is not good at present but many of your complaints are not valid:

1.Cam scanner: There are many good cam scanner apps, try Handyscan.

2. Calender: There are many excellent calendar apps like Chronos, just check out wpcentral reviews: http://www.wpcentral.com/tags/calendar

3. Facebook and gtalk for enterprise?? These are banned in most of the enterprise environments

4. Truecaller: WTF?? This app is a spying piece of shit, how do you think they populate their records? Truecallers just scans your entire address book and uploads to their Database so that anyone can see your name and number. Hope you know your entire family and friends details are now on Truecallers database. This app should get banned soon in Europe and USA atleast due to massive privacy violation.

5. Whatsapp: Whatsapp has improved a lot in recent months with complete rewrite for WP8 and fixed many things. only need to open up Video library API in future Windows phone update.

Have you ever used camscanner? You wouldn't compare camscanner with handyscan if you had? Handyscan is nothing in front of camscanner.. Facebook chat and gtalk are not banned in my organisation and moreover, i cant have a separate phone for official and personal work...need a phone which can do both. Truecaller is essential to know which call is important and whch is not. Don't want to attend to a call from some credit card company in the middle of a meeting. Don't have problems in letting my contact details known to the whole world as long as it helps me. As for whatsapp, customisation in terms of background do help in personalise the phone and ability to attach audio and video files stored in the phone.

I forgot to mention that windows phone doesn't have any file manager which is probably one of the most important things to even qualify as a business phone

I'm at one of the largest FTSE100 companies and we use Lumia... at least in 2 divisions I'm aware of! But since the company uses Microsoft, its definitely a viable option...

Price and best integration into a Microsoft-centric IT infrastructure.

I mean what Apple charges for it's iShice devices is horrendous.

Wow, they were realllllllly reaching on this one!  This was the best they could come up with?  *facepalm*

i dont see that was the reasons,exept number 5... nokia starting to compare the thing like this??? how if android or apple do the comparison??? it must be shut windows phone to the very floor ground of competitive.... LOLz

Shame we can't edit a forward email.
Shame we can't attach nothing but picture to an email
Talk about business needs

We cannot even store the files on sd card to view them in mobile office, and phone memory is limited, thus limiting the use of sd card and restricting us to store more documents, ain't that a flaw ???
If someone is listening please fix

Our company has just officially announced we can get Win 8 phones at work.  We were BB all the way until @1.5 years ago.  Went iPhone and that will always be an option for our employees.  We're using Mobile Iron for the security and email and, on the iPhones, it's been working quite well.  WP8 has been tested in Europe and in Brazil for us and the success of the pilots have been such that we've decided to allow Lumia's.  Cost is a big factor there as well.  The Lumia's, on contract, are usually quite a bit cheaper.  
We will NOT be allowing BB10 on our systems.  It's been tested and is way too buggy.  All of our BB's will be phased out over our 2 year upgrade cycle.  They can keep what they have but no new ones will be purchased.  
I'm excited anbout it.  I've had my 928 for @ 6 months and love it.  I'll be happy to add them into my support routine.