Nokia pushes out minor Display update in preparation of Lumia Cyan

Nokia Display Update

Reports have flooded in from readers detailing a minor update Nokia (now Microsoft Mobile, according to the store) has today rolled out for its Display system app. The update itself is small with the store listing only 'minor usability improvements', but we can see the teams further prepping everything before the Lumia Cyan firmware update goes live.

We loaded version on our Lumia 1020 and Lumia 1520 Windows Phones, both running the Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview, but were unable to spot any visible changes. Let us know in the comments should you notice anything new in this latest release.

Check for updates on the Windows Phone Store. Big thanks to everyone who tipped us!

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Reader comments

Nokia pushes out minor Display update in preparation of Lumia Cyan


Actually Nokia Play is very much usable now (finally). Before it used to stall and crash after playing the first video. Now it's smooth as butter with my LG TV.

Mine's a 2012 LG smart TV with Wi-FI and DirectTV built-in. Nokia Play-To detected the TV instantly and I just pressed connect on Nokia Play To. That's basically it. Just make sure both TV and mobile are using the same WI-FI network with the same frequency (2.4 or 5Ghz).

I'm not an expert, mind you. What model/year of TV ? Do you have Wi-Di enabled etc ?

When you say android phone detects the TV... is it through Youtube app or some other method ?

I have the same TV too. I own Lumia 720 with WP 8.1 developers preview.
1 Update Nokia playto
2 see to the at your tv n phone are connected to the same network.
3 open Nokia playto, if your network connections are working fine then you'll see your tv listed.
4 tap on tv

Applications similar to Data sense are available on all OS (i definately have seen them on Samsung Galaxy series). Then what would ATT achieve by just limiting windows phone which does not even make up 5% of the smart phone sales in US.

Don't think they can stop those since they don't control the application store. If they allowed Windows Phone to have this built directly into the oS then they would have to allow android to do the same.

Funny you say that. I used up 4gb in 3 days and I was wtf?!
They looked at my previous usage at gave me $45 credit. I barely used 2 GB this month.

Its unfortunate how common that is with ATT, across all devices and platforms. I hope they get caught one day, but I don't know how that would happen.

Anyone having an issue with Cortana search not letting you tap the links? This happened yesterday all of sudden...

I didnt understand, what seems "faster"? :/ The 'display' setting doesn't "speed up" anything does it?

What? How? I don't think anything is faster in my phone after the update. All the update did was to let us slide the temperature and color controls more accurately, whereas before there was some sections in the sliders which would set some definite values, but now theres no section so that we can put the slider on anywhere freely.

Sure, there is only one person working in Nokia/Windows Phone and Whatsapp. He has to change his priorities.

Right, because the Microsoft employee who was going to gelp Whatsapp fix their app got pulled off to do this?

Do you guys have any info what will happen to Here apps in upcoming updates or MS's phones? will they still be free for those or will "here europe" charge us for those?

Jeebus, MS has got to do something about their hoard of publishing names... Microsoft Corp, Microsoft Research, Microsoft, etc...

Looking forward to it! And yeah...carriers will delay it for compatibility. But hey...I hate bugs, so make sure it's right first. KitKat is causing crazy issues w/ some phones, I hear...

no, and it won't happen without significant impact to battery life due to the hardware configuration. I grilled them on this at a VIP event during BUILD 2014.

An option, with a warning re: Impact on battery life would be nice... While it is on charge, in a car cradle or on your bedside table, battery isn't an issue??

Yup this is exactly how I'm using apps like Car Dash - I have it set to disable lock screen and launch when I dock my phone to the DT-910 cradle. Couple it with the new Notification Center and it's pretty much everything you need.

I still don't get it. If glance and double tap to wake are intertwined, then why doesn't the 520 have glance but does have double tap to wake❔

Does it seem like Glance doesn't show lock screen icons when in quiet hours? If so it's kind of neat, but kind of bothersome at the same time.

Are you talking about the 1520 where you try scrolling but it registers as a tap so it opens up the app where you started scrolling?

I can't even play Zombie Tsunami on my 1520... I know, it sounds horrible doesn't it? 30 year old man here playing games on his phone... Lol.

Nothing noticable here. I have an unlocked Lumia 1020 so hopefull i will get Cyan straight away and not have to wait for carrier release schedule.

Still having problems with stability on my 1520... After that last update to the WP8.1DP my phone has been super unstable.. I have to soft reset it ALL THE TIME, and sometimes force soft reset it.. It just becomes unresponsive. Text messages/calls will stop coming in, and people keep saying that they are trying to get ahold of me. After a reset I can receive calls/messages again...
Has anyone else unwilling been switched to Android lately?

@rodneyej Have you done a hard reset?  It works wonders if you haven't.

(my reply for some reason wound up in the wrong comment)

Hmm, must be your phone buddy. My 1520 does freeze but not that often. What usually happens to me is where I turn my phone on and I have to wait a long for the home screen to load. Sometimes I just do a soft reset instead. In other words, I guess I'm experiencing the same problems as you but they are rare.

1520 smooth as silk except for the tap issue. Have a M8 right next to it and I have powered off the HTC for the last time.

Agreed, I have had more stalls and reboots after the last update than I have had combined since I got my 1520.

The options in Display settings are now a slide bar with full range and not incremental like they were before the update.

Now that all Nokia's apps are listed as Microsoft mobile, are these Nokia exclusives apps gonna be available for all Windows Phone devices ?

That's a good question and I don't know if it has been answered yet.    MM may still want to use those to differentiate their products from the other OEMs.   Is that "fair", god only knows.    But no, I don't know the answer to your question.

Can this maybe be an fix for the Lumia 925 screen flickering and contrast changing on low battery or on charger?! I hope so. Lumia 925 was and is still an high end device but this kinda bugs push me away from buying the lumia 930 or 1520

No dude unfortunately i too have 925 and flickr problem still persists...the culprit is this display setting...

when i bought the phone and opened it all worked and there are no flcikering issues like now..but when i updated the display setting from then it starts and never ends the refresh line that comes at random while using multitasking...Although it is not much noticeable but still i want my phone to be perfect...Lets hope nokia oops now Microsoft mobile oy remedies it..




also i'm pretty sure glance was controlled by settings app "Glance" - not "display"

See my other comment in this article (http://www.wpcentral.com/comment/985661#comment-985661)

Nokia has said so. Multiple times. It's a hardware limitation. I grilled the *hell* out of them at a VIP event during BUILD 2014 on exactly this with the 930 and Icon. Talked to one of the engineers. It won't happen w/o significant impact to battery life, and they don't want that so... won't happen.

Yup the slider is now granual instead of 'stepped' - i never used this feature anyway, but do notice that it makes it harder to get back to "normal" state ... :(

You're absolutely right. I found out the hard way too. There should be a reset to default/last saved setting for these options.

Now we can adjust in Color Profile the the levels of color temperature and saturation manually, not by the specific compartments :)

1. 'Lumia Colour Profile' has been changed to just 'Colour Profile'.

2. The sliders within colour profile settings are now smoothly adjustable, not stepped.

It is clear that Nokia is not update any settings with out bug.....please check apps in all the devices before going to update

Well actually for me Windows doesn't matter. Nokia is the only reason I stick with Microsoft. For me Windows phone is Nokia.

It's not really minor update (from to, and Store lists 'improved usability', not 'minor usability improvements'. 

U cant see anything untill the update hits. Non related: Who decided to make Ngram the official Telegram app for WP. It's bad, very bad. Tried it today, deleted it after 1 minute. Migram is better to be official Telegram app.

They updated the brightness feature to be customisable.. Sliders for low, medium and high...

The sliders are now smooth, making it impossible to find absolute neutral. There need to be hard stops for the neutral positions and perhaps a few left and right.

I noticed one change in this latest update. I'm using Nokia Lumia 620 running Windows Phone 8.1 preview. I can now move the slider freely. Before this latest update, I only got 3 choices. E.g. Color temperature, the slider only can move to either cool or neutral or warm but now it's not .

I noticed that the first accidental touch on the 1520 seems to have gone. When scrolling any list anywhere would take an unintentional touch but that doesn't seem to happen anymore.

the update is now a free slider on both options. last time it was 7  fractions  for the two.

the bug is still there. my brightness is at auto-low. opening color profile , taping both ends alternately of one of the options (temperature or saturation) will show that the changed option is delayed by 1 tap.


meaning if you start at coolest temp, then tapping suddenly on warmest end, it will still show coolest  preview. then taping back to coolest end will now show the warmest preview.


noticed the bug on 8.0 and 8.1 devprev

My Dual sim Lumia 630 did not have Brightness profile in the display settings; instead it had the sunlight readbility toggle, which is odd because the 630 does not have a light sensor+high contrast screen mode for the sunlight readability. WPC forum member Ryan ODonnell confirmed that his single sim lumia 630 had the brightness profile in settings (and did not have the sunlight readability)

This Display update has fixed the problem in my phone! I now have Brightness profile and the sunlight readability option has disappeared. So my guess is that Dual sim 630s shipped with the wrong version of display setting and this update has fixed it.

Where the h is my Glance Screen info? It appears in green (i choosed green in night mood) But now nothing appeared on glance screen, i need my Glance Screen info back please....

The colour saturation and temperature bars can now be adjusted to any desired level manually now..previously we could only set it to the preset levels

Divide and rule.

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Nothing is straight forward at mmo!? The email has not arrived yet.

I dont know why most of the official updates by Microsoft and Nokia(earlier) don't have remarkable changes... Not even a changelog...!!