Nokia's Cyan update will let you further tweak brightness levels to your liking

Windows Phone 8.1 brought numerous new enhancements to the table, enabling consumers to take full advantage of Cortana (depending on region settings), a Notification Center and more, but there's more to come if you own a Lumia smartphone. Nokia will be rolling out a forthcoming firmware update, titled Lumia Cyan.

One of the improvements in Cyan, according to an image published over on Reddit, will be the addition of a brightness slider, perfect for those power users who require more settings to configure and reach a perfect Windows Phone experience.

These sliders enable you to tweak the screen brightness level to your liking at each level of intensity, be it high, medium or low. If you don't like the presets available on Windows Phone in their current form, these new sliders will let you dig deep and configure them individually.

Lumia Cyan Slider

The update is set to arrive this coming summer and Nokia is preparing for its release. We'll have more details as they come to light moving closer to the release of Cyan.

Source: Reddit, via: WinBeta; thanks, Zapella Tiag, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
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  • Sweet
  • @WPCentral you guys already have a 630- so these facts can be mentioned in the review of the device itself.....So, when's the review coming?
  • I wish that they implemented a way to dim the brightness of the capacitive buttons. Completely blinds the hell out of me when my screen is dimmed at night.
  • Totally agree! Let me turn them off - it must be possible from a technical perspective.
  • +920
  • They go off in power saving mode!
  • No they wont go off in powersaving mode, I tried... But we can disable its vibration.   i have more pics  
  • Mine goes. 920 here. 8.1
  • Mine go off on the 1520 and the 920... as well as my roommate's 1020
  • Thank you for this!
  • Thank goodness that with power saver, the lights turn off, even if I have 80% battery, I turn on the power saver when I'm watching Netflix in bed.
  • If WP moves towards on-screen buttons, this may be less of an issue in the future. Right now I rely on battery saver mode to kill the capacitive button lights while reading at night. Of course, it would be nice if they could just be dimmed on their own.
  • Here
  • I think the 630 is with the developer preview cuz I'm not hearing anything from it.
  • Did you miss your flight because of the slow report ? Any monetary loss ?
    Dont blame them for such things, it happens in journalism.. You dont need to know such simple stuff the second it arrives, wpc is always (mostly) the first for important info..
  • Then Do U Know About The 3 Apps   19,20,21 Of May
  • Which three apps???
  • Yeah,reading wmpoweruser too have it's own benefits.
  • no
  • I read it only once in a day, and that too because:
    A) i love to use magnify
    B) i love to read the (nokia) conversations blog, and i thought why not add wmp too ? The list populates a lot when i add wmp, mostly with junk.
    C) while wpc reports nice stuff, it carries spicy articles.. :P means, dev promos, rumours good for laughs and all..
    D) why not read the headings once in a day and see if you find an app worth your while ?
    Anyway, I'm a wpc loyalist, never even commented on wmp ever, i dont like that site for some reasons..
  • Wmpoweruser is a clickbait site. They don't take the time to check their sources as thoroughly as WPCentral does. Irresponsible journalism is apparently faster than responsible journalism... I haven't clicked a wmp link in almost two years.
  • ^THIS Many of their news (especially so called leaks) have proven false and I just stopped reading wmpu almost a year now... SOMEtimes I feel WPC is slow but then, their news / leaks are always (say 99% of the times) correct because they have good sources, some from Microsoft itself.
  • The only thing that I'm waiting on is Bluetooth 4.0 LE so my treasure tag will work again.
    Edit: Fixed haha
  • Nice typo you have there sir.
  • I managed to give up treasure fags, took a few tries but I quit!
  • Thank god he had not written fap :p
  • Lets just smoke a fag and enjoy a fap....... Sick people these days :D
  • That's what I love about this forum, a guy makes an honest and simple typo, and within minutes there are four other users ready to pounce on it. ;o)
  • You double and maybe even triple checked your post before submitting it, didn't you ;)
  • Nah I never do that. I just say what I think and edit later, if its needed. Fag = cigarette. Fap, well its needed sometimes to take away pressure. OOHHOOO! ^▽^.. I'm sorry.
  • Hahaha...and here i am..
  • LOL... The harsh reality. Sometimes its good to make a typo intentionally and enjoy your popcorn isn't it?
  • It's about time to have more control over brightness. Good on Nokia! Having only four options wasn't ever quite enough. I never use the auto-brightness as it's usually way to dim. Jumping from medium to high, and back, can be a pain. Hopefully this will allow me to find a sweet spot inbetween. Looking forward to the update in summer.
  • Just a hint: The auto setting changes its behavior depending on what setting you have selected in manual mode.
    I.e. With auto OFF set brightness to LOW then turn AUTO ON. This gives you a screen that dims more in low light but stays comfortable in a brighter environment. For you, with AUTO OFF, setting brightness to HIGH and turning AUTO ON, should be ok.
    Give it a try! ;)
  • Thanks man. I was thinking how nice it would be if they have implemented this, and never tried to see if there is really any difference. Now I tried and see that auto mode really does depend on one of three manual levels
  • Thanks! What a strange and contrived auto brightness system. No wonder I never knew this.
  • You're very welcome! Nikolas88 you too.
    Switching manually to LOW and then turn on AUTO is an official tip from NOKIA to help you save some "energy juice" :P
    I just tried that with the other two settings to see if it makes a difference, and eventually it did :)
  • No it doesn't. Auto-brightness is independent from the low, medium, and high settings. Not sure where this misinformation started from.
  • Yes it does.
    Open NOKIA CARE app, see the tips section -> battery saving
    This "misinformation" is in the manual too.
    For example OFFICIAL NOKIA LUMIA 925 manual, page 28.
  • You're incorrect, it does and if you tried the settings, you'd know.
  • Any additional news on if Cyan will bring Miracast to the 1520?
  • Yes it will, its posted on Nokias home page.
  • Miracast running on L630:
  • If only miracast was coming to Lumia 920, its not like they promised anything though
  • :)
  • This helps out the 630 and the autobrightness, u can now set ur own brightness settings, there are reasons behind some things
  • The most accurate comment. They support the absence of an ambient light sensor with this setting.
  • Waiting for WPCentral review of Lumia 630. Then we can see more cyan update features.
  • And this is why I chose Nokia over the other scraps from the OEM. Small stuff like this always makes a unique experience .
  • In other words, we have to choose Nokia to make up for missing or poor functionality in the OS.  Gotta love it.
  • Lol I don't have a problem with that!
  • Nothing more??
  • Since the 630 is now out there in the wild, I am surprised we dont know more about Cyan already, or is the version on the 630 not the final release?
  • Precisely, i havent heard any more features with this update until now
  • This summer eh? T-mo will push it around December.
  • Unless you have an 810, in which case they'll push it around Never.
  • Awwwwweeeeeeee yeah baby!!!!
  • Should be included in the OS, not an exclusive OEM feature.
  • Agreed.
  • I'm sure if other OEM's decided to give WP the proper attention, then MS would be more than happy to let them do their own thing as they did Nokia.... Others don't want to spend the resources to support the platform at a higher level..... Kinda makes you wonder why anyone, who reasonably has a choice, would buy anything other than MS's Lumia devices that they are obviously trying to differentiate...
  • What we need now is a Microsoft implementation of F.lux, then O could use my phone all night like my computer.
  • +1 - love F.lux
  • I wish I could turn off the backlight of the capacitve keys.
  • You can, battery saver mode. Just turn the apps you wish to have backgrounds tasks running, to run when battery saver is on.
  • I know that already, but I don't want to use battery saver just to disable the backight.
  • If you have a Nokia phone go to the settings. It's somewhere there.
  • I really hope that they fix the auto brightness. As it stands now the auto brightness is far to dim when in a dark room and is even dimmer than the low brightness setting. That said though, the addition of a slider to control the brightness levels is a very welcomed addition to the platform. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I agree. At the very least it dims for about 5-6 seconds and thr sensor readjusts again.
  • Try this:
    1) Turn AUTO off.
    2) Set brightness to HIGH
    3) Turn AUTO on. Auto brightness depends on the manually selected level.
    (Source: Nokia Care app + Nokia Lumia manuals, under "extend battery life" tips) So the way I told you, auto prefers a higher level of brightness in some situations that medium dims too much.
  • Come soon Cyan!! Having serious issues with my 925 :(
    8.1 developer preview and the Lumia 925 don't seem to be gelling well together...
  • what kind of problems? i have a 925, and 8.1 isnt giving me any problems... aside from the oocasioonal jumbled lockscreen that it fixes itself after a couple seconds
  • My phone freezes in the locked state when left unattended for some time and it happens everyday. Then I have to give it a soft reset to turn it on again and reset the date/time as well. Really annoying coz I have to check every now and then if my phone is on our not. Tried hard resetting as well, twice, but the problem still exists. Even tried using the Nokia Repair Tool (US and UK both) but it says "software package not available for this phone", I don't know why, maybe because I'm not from US or UK, I don't know.
    Well, basically, I seem to have run out of options now and really don't know what to do...
    Cyan is the only hope left for me now and I hope it comes soon!
  • Well, if its not American or UK, I'd place my bets on your firmware, strange how problems can vary so widely on the same model phone
  • Great
  • That's true.
  • Put that brightness slider in action centre. And do add rotating actions so that we can have more than 4 (5 in case of 1520/1320) toggles.
  • Yes please.
  • Question, why does it take so long to release? New phones already have the update, so why does it take months to get something that is already ready and tested in the hands of consumers?
  • It could be a , IMO poor, strategy to boost sales of new hardware.
  • It shouldn't take so long but I assume they need to test the OS and then firmware on each device (starting with new ones), then the carriers want to test each individually and make sure there's no issue. They can't assume that once a new device is out and working that every older one is all set. That said, it should be faster- but carriers (and hardware makers) have an incentive to sell new devices.
  • Hey guys.does anyone know the release date of official win 8.1
  • June 24 
  • So would that replace the current display setting on handsets with the light sensor? (ie the page where you can control the colour intensity and all that malarkey) - or supplement it?
  • In the picture it looks like it would supplement it
  • You can see it better here: Here:
  • Well that's rude of them... apparently they don't like people linking directly to the images.  Quick, where's the hammer?
  • About time. I want something way lower to use in my room at night!
  • 1) Turn AUTO off
    2) Set brightness to LOW
    3) Turn AUTO on Thank me later :P
  • But I want way more...   thank you
  • Sorry,but which dual sim device is that?
  • Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM
  • Can you confirm that it is coming to all Nokias? When I looked at the thread yesterday there was some uncertainty if they would all get out out just the 630 since it is missing the ambient light sensor.
  • If this slider actually takes place in the Action Centre, it'll be a welcome addition. It would be kind of pointless to have it buried in the settings.
  • I second your notion.
  • Perfect...
  • This only???
  • I just want to use my phone at night again without having to cover it in car window tinting.
  • Whens this due
  • Love this one.
  • I hope cyan update squashes all the bugs on the 1520.
  • Hope so too! It's a great phone but a shame the bugs it has.
  • Wat does a summer mean? July
  • It would be more awesome if we had the ability to control the RGB color level settings like we can do in our computers.
  • What about non-Nokia users? -.- always Nokia...
  • Man , its nokia who make these features, so it will be exclusive to Nokia Lumia owners
  • Blame your oem for being lazy or get a Lumia
  • Another reason to replace my HTC 8X with a Nokia (1520).
  • Though, automatic setting is perfect!
  • When it will be?
  • Great \o/
  • I needed it so badly... Thank you
  • Unless they bring back the true max brightness setting it's all a load of bull. Since 8.1 I cannot see a thing on my screen in bright sunlight no matter what brightness setting I use. I have a Lumia 1020 BTW in case someone knows a fix...
  • Have you tried automatic brightness? I suggest that you try it. I have no problems even in bright sunlight at noon
  • Not so much a necessity for me, always set brightness to low and make it automatic it works great thanks to clear black tech.
  • I backtracked to a stable release before Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview. Waiting for this official update.
  • Just see what can they do to cameras, photos look well when the picture is just taken, but it gets terrible after processing it
  • What they need to do is fix this screen sensitivity issue!
  • Amen. The 1520's sensitivity issue is driving me nuts.
  • Yes, but when?
  • Hopefully they will admit that the camera processing needs fixing and possibly bring RAW support to the 920. Still got till November till I can up upgrade.
  • "admit that the camera processing needs fixing" : Nokia announced [sarcasm] revolutionary [/sarcasm] camera firmware update for 920 in GDR2 and also some not-so-clear-what-in-fact-has-been done update in GDR3 for the 920 (note: the 920 received something, but Nokia only highlighted the 1020 nw features, and the press release was blurry about what the outdated phones will gain from GDR3 camera update). Not sure what else are they planning to do in this topic for Cyan update on the outdated 920 phone. I guess nothing. "bring RAW support to the 920" : the 920 is an already end-of-sale product, it didnt get RAW support at the relase-to-market time, so dont expect Nokia will spend money on an outdated phone to introduce a feature that is a differentiator feature of the 10201520. You have to udnerstand: the market made the choice: new phone release every 6 month. If you have a brand new flagship model today, it will become obosolete in 180 days. Sheeps (=the average consumer of planet earth) vote with their wallet, when they happiliy buy and buy and buy and buy and consume and consume and consume... As long as the trend is not broken, consumers of planet earth will not see a different approach from vendors, then buy new phone every 6 months to have new feature. You have a 7 month old phone? Forget about software improvements, buy new phone.  
  • Finally!
  • Yes!
  • I prefer to have the brightness slider on the action center, instead of using profiles.
  • I just need faster camera shots for my 1520. By the time pushing the button to actual photo shoot, smile already gone...
  • Summer of what country? :P
  • WP is getting personal, more and more! 
    Good work, Microsoft!
  • Hello everyone! I have a question about brightness. I have a new Lumia 925 and from the begining, my screen seems to be a little greyish (especially when white color is displayed) and also a little yellowish. Yesterday I compared my 925 with my friend's 1020 and on maximum brightness the 1020 was quite brighter. Also, the buttons under the display were brighter on 1020. Is that normal? Can anyone confirm/refuse that display on 1020 is brighter? P.S. I must say, that I have an WP 8.1 PD verison and my friend has WP 8, but that propably doesnt matter. Thank you for your answers!
  • Flash alerts,please,
  • Need brightness level in action centre & notification lights blink for all notifications if possible.
  • When lumia blue released in india...
  • Just saw the actual 630 comes with Cyan update.
  • When is cyan coming
  • Why 1520 has brightness control in auto mode but 1020 doesn't?