Nokia teases more colour with upcoming New Delhi event

Nokia QWERTY Tease

Nokia has a number of events lined up for the month of May, including a global announcement tomorrow in New Delhi, India. The company has published a new post on its official blog to detail webcast times for those unable to attend. What are we expecting to see from the company? We'll put some money down on new Asha products to follow the recently announced Asha 210 or even a low-end Lumia Windows Phone.

Should you be interested in tuning in tomorrow (May 9th), here are the provided times:

  • New Delhi: 12.00pm
  • Helsinki: 9:30am
  • London: 7:30am

While we won't be present at the New Delhi event, we'll be hanging out with Nokia in London next week so be sure to remain tuned to our feeds.

Source: Nokia Conversations


Reader comments

Nokia teases more colour with upcoming New Delhi event


Expecting . . . . Nothing I care about.  Just playing; it is actually really exciting to see how Nokia tackles the challenges of each country /region.  The Asha phones look sweet for the price point!  I would expect Asha plus services to be announced.  The 520 is already selling there so I doubt they announce a new WP just yet.

It would be nice to see if they would bring wireless charging technology to Asha series. I know it might be expensive...but would be great for mass adoption of Nokia's wireless tech...... :)