Nokia updates Accessories app for Lumia Windows Phones, adds support for new car charging stand

Nokia Wireless Driving

Nokia has updated its Accessories system app, which enables compatible Lumia Windows Phones to connect with compatible devices and offer unique functionality. Version is quite the update, implementing numerous new features and functionality that will please those who utilise official hardware from the manufacturer.

So what's new in this latest release?

  • Support for Car-Holder CR-200
  • Additional battery status on Live Tile
  • Renaming of Bluetooth Accessories
  • Centralised adding on startscreen
  • New design refresh

Nokia Accessories Update

The Car-Holder CR-200 is the official car stand from Nokia that sports NFC and wireless charging (see above photo). It's a cradle that holds the Windows Phone and displays details on-screen, as well as providing handy links to numerous Nokia apps. This update adds support for the accessory.

You can check for Nokia Accessories updates on the Windows Phone Store (only for Lumia Windows Phones). Thanks, zeni, for the update changes!

QR: Nokia Accessories


Reader comments

Nokia updates Accessories app for Lumia Windows Phones, adds support for new car charging stand


Sigh** Why is it that people here need justification for every damn question instead of just answering the bloody question??

I have my own car mount currently. I put my own NFC tag on it which is programmed to open HERE Drive+ beta. What I'm asking is if it is possible to program the NFC tag with the program ID of the car mount "dashboard" app to open that instead?

I'm definitely buying the car mount when it becomes available, but I'd like to use the app with my current set up.

I know right! So annoying! If you can't answer or add more to the question, resist the urge to comment, please!

I have the exact same question. I am not sure if there is a seperate "dashboard" app.... or yet to be released?

I have a suspicion on how to do this. In approximately 2 hours when I get finished work and can get to my car, I will try my idea. If it works, I'll post how I did it here.

I can confirm what GCrane1982 said.  Use NFC interactor and swipe over to the Tag Composer.  Press the + and select Nokia Accessories from the list.  Ignore the serial number, but put cr200 as the product name.  Write to the tag.  Then use the tag.  Worked like a charm.

However, it is bollocks that you cannot open a playlist from Xbox Music with the app.

Thanks for letting me know. I'm gonna try it tonight...
BTW, do you know if there are any car chargers to which I can connect my wireless charging plate? I don't know what is that port called... 

What you're looking for is an inverter.  It connects to a cigarette lighter/accessory 12v port and converts it to a 110/120 wall plug. 

However, many common newer vehicles give off less amperage from the 12v ports.  I know my 2000 chrysler charges my phone faster than I can drain it, yet a friend's 20010 Toyota Matrix can't output enough power to charge the phone while using navigation.

Won't work because the power plug portion that the little plug connects to contains the transformer for the charging plate.  You need to use an inverter or build a custom transformer.
At least I would suspect that is the case.

I found the similar connecter in amazon, not able to post the link here- I searched with keywords "nokia original car charger"
The charging plate has exact same connecter. I believe, it should work, as long as the charger outputs 12V & 0.75A. I have to run to bestbuy and grab one to try it out...

If it's Nokia branded it's worth a try.  I have an inverter mounted under my dash anyways, so it's not a problem for me either way.  The inverter I have will automatically alarm when the battery gets to 11volts and it will shut off power at 10.5 volts.  This way, you can use devices and not have to worry about your car battery dying... when not driving of course.

Yeah you can, just use NFC interactor, select Nokia Accessories and use CR200 in the product name field and it works like a charm. One thing I noticed is that you can change the 3 apps to anything except XBox Music and Video which is a bummer

Ah, so is that the JBL Pro and Purity PlayUp tiles above in the image?  And 77 and 72 are the battery levels of the accessories?  That's pretty cool... I wish the Play360 had that.  I like it much better than the PlayUp.

anyone knows why I cant pin the the battery level indicator of the purity pro headphones to the start screen?
When I go to accesories a message pops up saying make sure you have the lastest version of extras+info. But I have ckecked and I have the lastest on.......

It won't allow you to select XBox music as one of the 3 apps so basically you are limited to only using Nokia Music whilst driving through this app.

Well this is kinda bizzare... I've installed the app, it says it's installed, but for the life of me, I can't find it on the phone itself. WTH???

I found something in the Settings called Accessories. Thanks for the tip. All it let's me do though is pair NFC devices to the phone. Not at all what the screenshots look like. Is this a UK think only? Not US yet?

I have a Lumia 920 and I have the same issue. The Store says the app installed but I can't find it anywhere on the phone.

When are they ever going to include launching the alarms app using the charging stands NFC chip? Seems its the only app I can't launch.

The NFC on the car holder, would it also work with a Galaxy S4? I have a Lumia 820, but my wife has the galaxy.. So would be nice if it worked for both :-)

Worked great with the NFC tag however there is certainly a bug with the weather gps. I have it set for location, but it messes up the location with similar towns in other states. For Lindenhurst and Wheeling, instead of it giving the weather for Illinois, it gives Lindenhurst, NY and Wheeling, WV. Obviously some type of problem in the app.